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  1. USACE Lands DO NOT APPLY to Firearms in National Parks Rules
  2. Maloney v. Rice: The Nunchaku Case and McDonald v. Chicago (USDC Eastern NY)
  3. Dearth v Holder/Lynch remanded for trial at US DC for DC
  4. (MSLF)(USA) Bonidy v. United States Postal Service (3/21/16: cert DENIED)
  5. Maloney v. Rice (NY)
  7. SCOTUS: Vartelas v. Holder - Possible effects on Enos v. Holder?
  8. 2013-2014 Fed BILL INDEX THREAD (113th Congress)
  9. Kwong v Bloomberg: Handgun Possession In The Home Fees
  10. Post Office Cannot Ban Guns in Parking Lot, 2A (Bonidy)
  11. Starbucks Appreciation Day
  12. Good job, Paul!
  13. Anti Stand Your Ground PSA Recreates Zimmerman
  14. About that secret registry of gun owners...
  15. Colorado: Recall John Morse
  16. Starbucks boycott
  17. NRA Challenges Recalcitrant Lower Courts
  18. Forum Splits
  19. Harvard study reveals gun control counterproductive
  20. UN letter, is it real?
  21. 20% tax on guns, 50% on ammo
  22. Dem's gonna tax ammo and guns out of business...
  23. 1st Step to Expanding Gun-Free School Zones?
  24. Does LEO LTC = de facto "Title of Nobility?'
  25. For all you "non-NRA" members here in this forum....
  26. Fight HR 3018
  27. Heller : feds wrong to target Kokesh .
  28. how'd that brady campaign event go in DC this weekend?
  29. NY SAFE act update?
  30. Obama Rolls Out New Gun-Control Efforts (Executive Orders)
  31. I guess here's the end of ww2 C&R
  32. Dems target Colorado Recall Effort
  33. Origin of the NRA?
  34. Ted Nugent's Wife Arrested w/ Gun at DFW
  35. Why constitutional carry?
  36. Mississippi Supreme Court upholds Open Carry Law
  37. SIGN PETITION NOW to Fight OBAMA Executive orders
  38. Alaska Just Nullified Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws
  39. TX Unloaded Open Carry long gun are they the next to ban it???
  40. Yellowstone (WY, UT, MT) open carry
  41. Hickenlooper cornered
  42. Petition to retract EO against the re-importation of U.S. military firearms
  43. What's really going on?
  44. CT Democrat Officials Demand Starbucks Ban Legal Firearms
  45. United Nations Office for Disarmament Affiars
  46. Think It Through
  47. AL:Rep Holmes of Alabama Seeks Repeal of Law that Clarifies Open Carry Rights
  48. Vermont gun control debate heats up
  49. Obama ban on re-importing historical firearms
  50. So TX is no longer 2A friendly i guess.
  51. Idea for Civil Disobedience
  52. MUST SEE: map showing rough amounts and locations of CO recall donors, pro & anti
  53. Possession of empty shell casing is prosecutable in DC
  54. President blocking re importation of surplus rifles
  55. Will the post Sandy-Hook ammo shortage be permanent?
  56. Lower Parts Kits, Barrels, etc. being targeted in Federal Gun Bill?
  57. Chicago Police: If You Carry a Gun, We're Trained to Shoot You Read more at http://la
  58. Tyranny can happen here.
  59. NY sheriffs association won't enforce SAFE act.
  60. any word on the colorado recall election
  61. Proposed Reg on Gun Trusts Now Open for Public Comments!
  62. If the 2nd Amendment was repealed tomorrow...
  63. What Should You Do If You're Threatened By A Mass Murderer?
  64. Shoot out over gun confiscation in Boston
  65. Colorado recalls BOTH Senators!!
  66. BOTH Colorado Democrats recalled over gun control
  67. Result of the Bloomberg Tour in Ohio
  68. PA: sheriff illegaly denies gun permits
  69. Chicago Terminates Gun Registration!
  70. Colorado's Giron, who lost recall election, has a meltdown on CNN
  71. new jersey state police
  72. Appleton WI OpenCarry Stop
  73. Fact or Fear-Mongering? "What happens in CA WILL spread to other states!"
  74. still want to move to texas?
  75. KY mandatory firearms tracking
  76. Men Legally Carrying Firearms Arrested at Texas Capitol 9/13/2013
  77. An "immigrant's" perspective
  78. TX: Three men 'illegally' arrested
  79. Maryland GOV compromises gun owners’ privacy
  80. Morse freaks out on CNN! haha.... I mean freaks
  82. The Armed Citizen. Fight crime by fighting back.
  83. High School AP History Book Rewrites 2nd Amendment
  84. Feinstein wants another ban already
  85. "Bare" Arms
  86. Breaking - CNN: FBI Confirms No AR-15 Used in Yard Shooting
  87. Compilation Video of Guns saving Lives
  88. URGENT, Call your Rep and ask them to look at link - SSRI-Drugs and mass shootings
  89. Psychotropic drugs and mass murder?
  90. CNN Story - Gun Control is not the answer
  91. PRO-gun article on CNN!
  92. "What if" question. How?
  93. NBC writes story about the killer and AR15 is used in title
  94. RIP Gun Control
  95. Illinois getting closer to free state status
  96. Starbucks no longer wants your guns in their stores
  97. Is this confirmed? Shooter TRIED to buy Ar15 but couldn't so bought Shotgun instead?
  98. 1000 yr agreement
  99. Navy Yard Shooting - Great Article
  100. We've gone too far? Starbucks
  101. why is this CT judge even in office?
  102. CNN is that you? Gun Control Is Not The Answer
  103. Today is Constitution Day (9/17/13) - Obama (really)
  104. Feinstein: Votes lacking to revive gun legislation.
  105. In response to the Sarah Silverman "Black NRA" video
  106. Vote for a firearms company to win a super bowl commercial spot?
  107. Starbucks caves in.
  108. Very well written article about Starbucks
  109. CNN Reports Aaron Alexis Had An “AR15 Shotgun”
  110. Stock market declares ‘game over’ on gun control
  111. ..
  112. US most violent? Rebuttals please!
  113. School Teaches Students: It's Constitutional For Cops To Confiscate Guns
  114. Anyone else seen this??
  115. What P.O.T.U.S. Neglected to Mention Before Banning Re-Imports of M1 Garand Rifles
  116. Wall Street declares "game over" on gun control
  117. Addled by the AR-15
  118. Man jailed after attacking mosque with package of bacon
  119. Starbucks now a gun free zone.
  120. Starbucks?
  121. "No one should have guns" - CT judge
  122. Legally CCW in Starbucks nationwide ALL YOU WANT
  123. The David Packman Show
  124. CDC Gun Research Backfires on Obama
  125. Chicago Tops New York as Murder Capital of the United States.
  126. Journalism professor says he hopes for murder of NRA members' children
  127. STARBUCKS POLL ON AOL - Time to Hit IT!
  128. CNN Anchor Says This Is Making Him Rethink His Stance on Guns
  129. Starbucks robbery thwarted
  130. another shooting chicago
  131. More PROOF Gun Laws Dont Stop Criminals...
  132. SPD: We melted down handgun once owned by Navy Yard shooter
  133. Why were the IMI Galil banned in the U.S.?
  134. McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts (incl Baskin-Robbins) re Guns
  136. Isn't this the biden-shotgun?
  137. rebuild kits...legal???
  138. Journalism prof placed on leave after anti-NRA tweet
  139. Remember the Movie "The Day After"???
  140. Citing shootings, Obama says must 'go back at' gun-control pus
  141. Predictions on the 2014 Midterm elections
  142. Is it legal to sell and ship a 30rd rebuild kit to NY?
  143. "Russia has fewer guns, but more murders". From NPR, no less
  144. NY 2nd amendment signs being stolen....guess who the perp is..
  145. Where does your state rank?
  146. 10 year ban for first offense concealed charge?
  147. Texas Rep. Stockman Introducing Bill Allowing Military to Carry on Bases
  148. Good Guy with a gun
  149. Police Caught on Camera Removing Pro-2A Signs
  150. Its All About Going After Gunowners
  151. Dianne Feinstein gets schooled on her own assault weapons Bill
  152. Armed civilians helped save hostages in Kenya
  153. Kerry signs UN weapons ban
  154. Maryland chokes Second Amendment, then gives guns without checks
  155. Virginia is heading anti gun
  156. U.S. Senate websie on 2a.
  157. Jackie Speier response
  158. Statism at it's finest. Gabriel E. Gomez writing for the Boston Globe.
  159. Marylanders file suit against state AWB (SB 281)
  160. Biden confirms ban is as agood as confiscation
  161. Win In Conley v. United States
  162. How it SHOULD be
  163. Credit card firm cuts off nation's No. 1 gun store --- for selling guns
  164. Obama and Holder- $45MIL for cops at schools.
  165. Newsmax poll; hit it
  166. NYT article on Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll
  167. SAF sues New York over 7 round magazines
  168. "Zero Tolerance" School policy extends to student's home?
  169. Denver getting rid of 1000 ft rule-syringes
  170. Judge rejects DOJ request to dismiss ‘Fast & Furious’ lawsuit
  172. Judge Refuses to Block MD Gun Law
  173. MO: Supreme Court Finds that Removal of a Constitutional Right is not Punishment
  174. Tom Clancy's View on Guns/2nd Amendment
  175. Maryland Dems admit that they caused rush of gun sales
  176. Another Colorado Senate Recall Petition!
  177. Could the Govt. Shutdown open the door to Gun Control in 2014 Elections?
  178. ATF tries to block whistleblowing agent’s Fast and Furious book
  179. Almost a year after Newtown, does anyone care about gun control anymore?
  180. Stop the UN Gun Ban Treaty! Sign Now!
  181. Open carry educate me
  182. The other side of gun control
  183. A little OT, Interview with Justice Scalia
  184. The cost CO pays for trying to GUT the 2A
  185. Law suit challenging NV ccw acceptance policy?
  186. Armed gun rights activists rally at the Alamo (3 threads merged)
  187. Oath Keepers is Going "Operational" by Forming "Civilization Preservation" Teams
  188. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder: "I almost wish bad things upon these people".
  189. Connecticut Police Seize Citizen’s 274 Guns after he reported a break-in
  190. D.C. police chief covers up giving Feinstein illegal ‘assault weapons’
  191. NFA branch is shutdown
  192. Selective Memory
  193. Governor Brown Signs Some, Vetoes Some
  194. Gabby Giffords crusade against the NRA.
  195. NRA-NSA lawsuit, privacy, and event?
  196. CO Gov to Bloomberg..better to stay away..
  197. Price of Armed Guards in Schools
  198. IL Expects 400,000 CCW Applicants in 1st Year of Shall Issue!
  199. Ohio - New House Bill for "Stand Your Ground"
  200. Mississippi Legalizes Open Carry
  201. Was this a straw purchase? SCOTUS hears arguments 1/22/2014
  202. Senate Strongly Rejects UN Arms Treaty
  203. Whatever happened to national CCW reciprocity bill?
  204. Lock and Load Radio - Maryland
  205. Vt, inch by inch
  206. NJ, father violates no law, takes 7 year sentence
  207. Giffords.
  208. Defendant wins back wages, other costs in ‘stand-your-ground’ ruling
  209. DOJ warns Federal Agents they could face firing squad
  210. what areas can we make progress in?
  211. NBC rewards another anti rights chump
  212. Random Thoughts About Hoplophobia in San Antonio
  213. Texas Concealed Handgun License Murder Rates
  214. After Westgate, Interpol Chief Ponders 'Armed Citizenry'
  215. July 26 2014: Palmer v. DC; US District Court rules in favor of Gura/Palmer
  216. businessman faces two years in jail for unregistered ammunition, brass cassings
  217. NRA helping Virginia gun owners
  218. MOLON LABE: How the Second Amendment Guarantees America’s Freedom. TODAY ONLY 5-9 PM
  219. NRA Email: Obama signed the UN Gun Ban Treaty, NRA requesting petition signatures
  220. H.R. 3018
  221. So how is all this gun control panning out?
  222. WA Man who killed 2 home invaders pleads guilty to drug, firearm charges
  223. Gallup: 74% Of Americans Oppose Handgun Ban
  224. Anti-Gun group [ in D. C. ]“Gets Religion” for latest gimmick
  225. Interview - Colion Noir to pursue being 2A lawyer
  226. Man is now a felon in NYC after flying with guns.[Keenan Draughon of TN]
  227. Ore. School Board Votes to Allow Staff to Pack Heat at School
  228. Texas Come and Take it Rally
  229. Too funny, epic fail moms demand action.
  230. Why Heller and McDonald mandate strict scrutiny of 2A cases
  231. They may have gotten quiet, but they're still working against us.
  232. Want to see some biased reporting.
  233. Democrats target "Stand Your Ground" again
  234. International Treaty
  235. NYC Airport Traveler Arrested After Checking Firearms
  236. New Gallup Poll
  237. Why the Second Amendment must be read to protect carry outside the home.
  238. Hallow's Eve, Political Correctness, and Pondering...
  239. Atlanta Fed Court - open carry is enough to detain - Proescher v Bell
  240. Guns news article on gun control strategy
  241. December Guns & Ammo
  242. ATF not really coming after owners with technical violations
  243. The lengths they go to in order to ban AR-15's
  244. Feinstein's reply UN Arms Treaty
  245. GA Supreme Court, Hertz v. Bennett, Nov 2013
  246. The "Biden Defense"
  247. SCOTUS Declines To Hear Schrader v. Holder
  248. SCOTUS Orals today on Bond vs US
  249. WA has gone the way of the CA
  250. Bloomberg/MAIG FAIL