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  1. The New York Times Believes MoJo’s Gun-Control Myths - John Lott
  2. the term "Assault Weapon"
  3. Texas judge sentenced to federal prison on weapons charges
  4. The latest GOA email to me then passed on to you!
  5. "Judge Allows Man To Openly Carry A Gun At His Daughter’s Elementary School"
  6. NY Libertarian party/Garret files suit against NY's pistol permit (USDC, W Dist NY)
  7. Camper killed by stray bullet?
  8. BLM Shooters--ban hammer probably coming down soon...
  9. Political Pressure on Cabela's Etc... (don't release purchases after 3 days)
  10. IL: ABC7: "Conceal-carry gun owner crimes rare in Illinois"
  11. Sig vs ATF "silencer" parts
  12. You have the right to bear arms, but what about “electrical” arms or stun guns?
  13. MN: "Minnesota carry permits top 200,000"
  14. US vs Meza-Rodriguez, a huge 2A victory?
  15. Ted Cruz remains a force in crowded GOP field- USA Today
  16. 7th Circuit ruling that illegal aliens also have 2A rights
  17. AB 1134 CCW Application/Sheriff approval +
  18. Best oregon gun organization?
  19. Wow... so much for Colorado's mag ban!
  20. Walmart To Stop Selling Assault Rifles, Other Firearms Used In Mass Killings - Forbes
  21. The Donald - "I'm very much a 2nd Amendment Person"
  22. How do we de-bunk this article?
  23. Double Dare: Repeal the Second Amendment
  24. Responding to the "no change in our regulation of guns" meme
  25. Washington DC gun control 1803?
  26. Dr Ben Carson on 2A Rights
  27. "10 Insane Facts About Guns And Gun Violence In America" (List Verse)
  28. "Gun control groups accused of ‘swatting’ open-carry permit holders" (Fox News)
  29. Are we voting for Ben Carson or Trump?
  30. Exporting firearm part from USA to Switzerland
  31. Rand Paul was dancing on TV this morning
  32. Jeb Bush on 2nd Amendment Redux
  33. Study finds that Chicago criminals get guns from friends & family and prefer handguns
  34. "10 Companies With Sensible Gun Policies" (Triple Pundit)
  35. Scripted elections: Carson's threat to leave and Trump's 3rd party candidacy
  36. A 2A Video Clip Every American Should Watch
  37. What other pro-2A orgs do you support?
  38. MN: ~1 in 20 eligible adults have CCWs!
  39. Study finds criminals don't buy guns from gun stores, internet retailers or gun shows
  40. "Renewed calls for gun control laws spur sales" (USA Today)
  41. Way to go France, and there's hope for the USA yet...
  42. But Gov Cuomo gun control works.
  43. Hey Calguns Liberals! Vote For Hillary 2016!
  44. "Tim Kaine’s Gun Control Bill Is A Backdoor Ban On All Private Gun Sales" (Federalist
  45. Jeb Bush hates your guns
  46. GOA endorses Ted Cruz for President!
  47. Australia's gun ban did decrease the murders rate almost at the same level as USA
  48. "Lawmakers take aim at gun traffickers" (The Hill)
  49. A new metric to ban gun owning
  50. AP: "Seattle enlists legal help to fight NRA lawsuit over gun tax"
  51. Meet the new Sarah Brady
  52. Texas Cops Defend Second Amendment (???)
  53. Katie Pavlich catches Terry McAuliffe doing "laws are for the little people"
  55. Another run at the 5.7x28 HR3497
  56. Hey Calguns Liberals! Vote For Martin O'Malley 2016!
  57. New article describes how Criminals get Guns.
  58. Heller 3 (Federal Ct of Appeals, DC Circuit)
  59. Trump releases policy paper on Second Amendment...
  60. Panama Loosening Gun Restrictions Due To U.S. Experience Of 'More Guns, Less Crime'
  61. Appeals court says D.C. 1 handgun a month unconstitutional
  62. Guns, medical marijuana and a new revelation
  63. A people under seige: premises underlying gun control
  64. Beware of your kids pediatrician. ..
  65. HB 2546 - Firearm Insurance
  66. Mayor: Customer justified in shooting bank robber 3 times
  67. ATF Declares Soda Can Launcher an AOW
  68. Nassau County DA's are barred from owing hand guns
  69. PROTEST: Connecticut Against "Gun" Violence, October 3
  70. Appeals Court Victory in Knife Rights' Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against NYC
  71. We Lost Our Daughter to a Mass Shooter and Now Owe $203,000 to His Ammo Dealer
  72. Post pics of Presidential Candidates Shooting
  73. "Wisdom from a gun-owning moderate" (Washington Post)
  74. "If Syrian refugees had guns, they wouldn’t have to flee" (Salt Lake Tribune)
  75. "'If we can save one child’s life, we are doing our job'" (Chicago Sun Times)
  76. "Monday event in Steamboat aims to spread awareness about gun violence"
  77. NJ.com: "Fearing for their flock, N.J. pastors seek concealed carry gun permits"
  78. "Waffle House Refused to Serve an Armed, Uniformed U.S. Navy Soldier" (Eater)
  79. "mayor says gun laws must 'reflect the values of the people'" (Chicago Tribune)
  80. Chicago murder statistics
  81. Minnesota Court says BB gun is a "firearm"
  82. New study disputes "more guns, less crime"
  83. WA state minor handgun hunting question
  84. "Maryland gun-control advocates push for nationwide adoption of state’s handgun law"
  85. BOHICA!
  86. I call for the NRA, and other Pro 2a groups to end "gun free zones"
  87. Oregon gun rights organizations?
  88. Bill O'Reily Gun about gun control
  89. Benefits of guns outweigh the risks - Bookworm
  90. "If Not Gun Control, How About This?" (Huffington Post)
  91. Gun Control Politics - link edited
  92. "The Last Thing Bernie Sanders Needs Right Now Is A Conversation About Guns" (NPR)
  93. Nut Behind the Butt.
  94. Hillary on the 2nd Amendment: SCOTUS is wrong
  95. Why the gun debate won’t change after the Oregon shooting
  96. Watch Charles C.W. Cooke cause several libs to sputter about gun control...
  97. More back ground checks = less gun murders per capita
  98. Trump re. his NYC CCW vs muggers and OR shooting/GFZs
  99. "Time For a Showdown: Why Obama Needs to Debate the NRA President on Live TV"
  100. Gun laws discriminate against the poor
  101. "Australian Gun Control Activists Propose Boycott Of U.S." (Refinery29)
  102. "People of the Gun don't care — but you do" (Chicago Sun Times)
  103. "States lead on gun background checks: Our view" (USA Today)
  104. "A List of the Reasons Cited Against Gun Control and an Effort to Think Them Through"
  105. White House: Obama Preparing More Executive Actions on Gun Control
  106. Remember when Harry Reid was pro 2A?
  107. Let the hoaxes begin: NRA purporting teachers aim at students
  108. "Obama’s tantrums won’t end gun violence" (Washington Post)
  109. Ben Carson on mass shootings: wants national database of potential mass killers
  110. POLITICO: "The Myth of the Good Guy with a Gun"
  111. WaPo: "Gun Free Society"
  112. "Oregon's Local Leaders Tell President Obama Not to Come to School Shooting Site"
  113. Florida Open Carry: HB-163
  114. FL: "League of Women Voters will lead battle with NRA over 'guns on campus' bills"
  115. "Who the N.R.A. Really Speaks For" (New York Times)
  116. "Get the NRA to license bullet sales, and you’ll reduce gun violence" (Wash. Post)
  117. Background checks are racist ploy to deny minorities 2nd Amendment rights.
  119. Good proposed laws to stop mass shootings
  120. Shutdown Gov. Over Gun Control Says Cuomo
  121. Double post sorry.
  122. 2 min. Video "How to remove all guns in America in five easy steps." ;-) The reality.
  123. Reid Starts New Gun Control Push
  124. "Sensible" solutions from The New Yorker
  125. Vote against Hillary and the Democrats... VOTE REPUBLICAN.
  126. "To get gun safety, we need to talk to gun owners" (USA Today)
  127. Fact Check Article on Gun laws vs crime rates
  128. "Armed guards protect Senate Democrats as they demand new gun-control laws"
  129. 2A defense, and gun store defense, Virginia-style
  130. "A new approach on gun violence" (Boston Globe)
  131. A nice Political Cartoon of Reality
  132. Personal Gun Dealers
  133. " Comment How One Man Is Redefining 'Responsible' Gun Ownership" (Huffington Post)
  134. NO Correlation between gun ownership, mass shootings and murder rates.
  135. Bernie Sanders says he wants to ban semiautomatics
  136. "What public health researchers want you to know about gun control" (Huffington Post)
  137. Assault weapons ban before US Supreme Court
  138. "Donald Trump: ‘Sometimes’ I carry a gun" (CBS interview video)
  139. Our votes need to protect the conservative majority of SCOTUS
  140. A good read - - A Harvard University study on guns and crime
  141. "Sorry Ben Carson, the Best Gun Safety Strategy Is Not Owning a Gun, Period"
  142. Massive blow from Psychology Today to antis calling for more gun control per Oregon
  143. Do you liberal gun owners REALLY trust Hillary Clinton?
  144. "Liberal Manhattan Legislator Proposes Infiltrating the NRA With Gun Control Backers"
  145. 80 Percent (Or Not) Question
  146. AZ Citizens Defense League - Join!
  147. Law Enforcement may start to begin reaping what they have sown...
  148. Gun shop ordered to pay millions to injured police officers
  149. When do we get an 2016 Election Forum?
  150. gun control
  151. Partially watched the Progressive-Fascist Presidential Candidates Debate Tonight
  152. Liberal Manhattan Legislator Proposes Infiltrating the NRA With Gun Control Backers
  153. Rise of the Militia a Novel idea
  154. Gun ring busted for running weapons to Brooklyn from other states using Chinatown bus
  155. Personal Injury Attorneys One Step Closer to Banning Gun Sales?
  156. Gov. McAuliffe signs executive order on gun control measures
  157. 31 seconds of stupid/Inflamatory video
  158. Missoula MT City ordinance attempt at requiring background checks stopped
  159. My problem with anti-gunners and their "common sense gun laws"
  160. Hillary Clinton praised the gun control measures Australia adopted
  161. LEOSA Equal Protection...
  162. Why silencers should be decriminalized.
  163. We are Soooo Polite when we lose
  164. "Guns control groups forging alliance with Black Lives Matter" (Politico)
  165. Washington Post Cheers: Mass Immigration Will Destroy the NRA and the 2nd Amendment
  166. NY State Rifle & Pistol Assn. v. Cuomo
  167. Press release: Wrenn v. District of Columbia
  168. Maine Constitutional Carry and Free Online Training
  169. Hillary gun Confiscation. Would it fly?
  170. A cartoon explaining gun hating progressives the futility of "gun free zones"
  171. "Renewed push for smart guns could trigger a new furor over the technology"
  172. Suppressor removal from NFA
  173. Virginia needs our help! Bloomberg Pouring $Millions Into Virginia Election
  174. Manufacturers boycott states?
  175. "The NRA didn't tolerate dissent well': how the gun lobby stays on-message"
  176. Importing Firearms Parts (vacation purchase)
  177. Ben Carson's 2A Comments on Meet the Press
  178. Outright loss at Supreme Court.
  179. "Congresswoman To Introduce ‘Very Narrow’ Gun Control Bill This Week" (ThinkProgress)
  180. #AimingForChange hashtag
  181. Voisine v. United States (cert granted)
  182. "Amish man sues to buy firearm without photo ID" (Washington Post)
  183. "Like Prohibition, the fight over guns is about something else" (LA Times)
  184. Hialeah, FL, PD has set up license plate scanners outside a public shooting range
  185. A letter from Di-Fi to me.
  186. Scalia: The Supreme Court is “liberal,” not conservative
  187. Senate “Sentencing Reform” Bill Could Crack Down on Gun Owners
  188. Interesting article in the Examiner
  189. Gun Owners Targeted With No Warrant By Local LEO and Feds?
  190. "What 60 Minutes Didn't Tell You About The Silicon Valley Investor Behind Smart Guns"
  191. Other than the $$$, what are their purpose?
  192. 2A for Uber/Lyft drivers
  194. What is the 2A really about? This is a reality check. (Atlanta TV reporter 11/2015)
  195. "Knife Rights' Oklahoma Knife Law Preemption and Switchblade Carry Bills Take Effect"
  196. Instagram blocking 2A related hashtags
  197. Dick Heller of D.C. v. Heller to Speak on Google Hangout Tomorrow
  198. Volokh on imitation guns and the right to self defense.
  199. Kentucky Elects pro2a Governor
  200. Well Coos County Oregon takes a stand.....
  201. A Reporter That Understands The 2nd Amendment
  203. So I heard on the radio 6 straight months of record gun
  204. I'm a little confused on background checks.
  205. Ezell II - Ezell et al vs City of Chicago, 7th Circuit, ranges in the City
  206. AP: "Clinton wants to make gun control a 'voting issue'"
  207. H.R. 3926, Honda: gun violence research
  208. Article about Gun Control
  209. Maryland Ends Ballistic Fingerprint Program
  210. Democratic legislators back away from restrictive N.J. smart-gun law
  211. Hulet radio
  212. Rasmussen 11/4/15 "Voters Doubt Sincerity of Politicians Who Raise Gun Issues"
  213. Wisconsin Dems call for ban on most semi-auto
  214. H.R. 3830: Velazquez, 2015 - $100 firearm tax
  215. "When Ryan supports hunting, he turns his back on American values" (The Hill)
  216. This is what voting Democrat gets you....
  217. Goodyear Tyres fired Australian sporting shooter
  218. Pro Active 2016 Candidates vs Keeping the Status Quo
  219. The First Amendment is now outdated - gives the 2nd Amendment company
  220. NRA tested the Armatix iP 1.....LoL
  221. "4 in 10 Democrats favor banning handguns"
  222. How Gun Traffickers Get Around State Gun Laws - NYT
  223. Assault weapons ban works - just ask France
  224. Support the Hearing Protection Act (HR3799)
  225. Time to Shoot Down Restrictions on Suppressors
  226. Paris Tragedy Can Happen Here
  227. Why the 2nd Amendment is so important. America needs to be prepared to protect from.
  228. Moms demand action, ooops!
  229. Texas passed open carry
  230. Usage note: "National 2nd Amend. Political & Legal Discussion" means what it says
  231. Obama Doesn't Believe Gun Control Works
  232. Philadelphia mayor calls gun violence" domestic terrorism.
  233. He's (President) coming for everyone's guns.
  234. Gun owners for gun control rally
  235. Maryland Bullet ID, didn't work there . . .
  236. Urge Democrats to pass Suicide Vest Control Law
  237. Rand Paul Pushes ‘Defend Our Capital Act,’ Requires D.C. to Issue CCW
  238. Marketwatch.com Suggests Drafting Gun Owners
  239. LA Times Op-Ed: "Black Lives Matter and Michael Bloomberg: the oddest couple?"
  240. RICO case filed over NJ's obstruction of gun rights!
  241. "Which American Gun Laws Aren't Being Enforced?" (Quora)
  242. DC Police Chief admits the unspeakable...
  243. Petition for Hawaii "shall issue" CCW law
  244. Obama is super serious on gun control
  245. NY SAFE ACT
  246. Trump: CCWers have an "obligation" to carry
  247. (NSFW hashtag campaign)
  248. compelling principle
  249. Lawsuits Filed As Chicago Denies Black People Concealed Carry Licenses
  250. MD AG caught on tape telling his true views on 2A