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  1. Did ATF Open the Door for Manufacture of New Machineguns?
  2. American Spring?
  3. Hughes Amendment Didn't Pass
  4. DC gun registration upheld (US Dist Ct for DC, Heller v DC)
  5. The ATF May Have Accidentally Thrown Open the Machine Gun Registry
  6. Convicted in D.C. for having Muzzle loader bullets
  7. OH: 1st 1/4 of 2014, "Ohio issues 16,000 new concealed carry licenses"
  8. New York Times Executive Editor fired - had denied gun coverage "ideological"
  9. The Real Problem With Gun Control.
  10. Missouri to vote on Updated RKBA Amendment
  11. NRA Lures Smartphone Generation with ‘Freestyle’ Web Shows ★ VIDEO
  12. Bushmaster and Remington R1 production lines to be moved from New York to Alabama
  13. If you tell pollsters you like background checks, they say you "support gun control"
  14. Operation Choke Point - Holders attack on 2A
  15. New Jersey sued, accused of ignoring 2002 gun law
  16. Chipotle: Don't Bring Your Guns into Our Stores
  17. Nice article on becoming a gun owner.
  18. Importing a handgun
  19. PA: Right to self-defense limits government’s right to fire employee
  20. Owner of Guns & Ammo big Democrat donor
  21. Gay Marriage vs 2A
  22. End of the road approaches for prominent Boston gun-control sign (article)
  23. How do we get the LGBT community on our side?
  24. What's Jack in the Box?
  25. There is a storm brewing in NY state
  26. Constitutional Right to Self Defense: You Cannot Be Fired for Protecting Yourself
  27. The Bradys sue Gander Mountain
  28. Leo's take a stand openly in CT for 2A rights
  29. Democrat challenger to Hillary on gun control: "You control yours, I'll control mine"
  30. Missouri LEO trys, fails gun confiscation. Then trys censoring web video, fails again
  31. Ukraine is a Living Example of RKBA in Action
  32. David Kopel at "The Volokh Conspiracy": "Vagueness challenge in Manhattan ...."
  33. NC Restaurant Banned Guns, Got Robbed At Gunpoint
  34. Guns & Ammo mag.: "Best States for Gun Owners 2014"
  35. Guy shoots up ucsb
  36. OC as a peaceful demonstration
  37. A Homage to the 2nd Amendment on Memorial Day
  38. Obama: Military leaders, will you disarm Americans?
  39. Straw purchase in Supreme Court
  40. how exactly is this illegal?
  41. Pro-Second Amendment Pastor Chuck Baldwin Launches The Liberty Church Project
  42. Brian Aitken lawsuit about NJ hollow point law - cert denied 5/27
  43. 32-month sentence for WA state pot dealer for shooting
  44. Pantano (NJ Permit to carry/handgun possession) dismissed 05/28
  45. VOTE now! CNN gun control poll - about evenly split
  46. I Was The NRA
  47. "Applicant Suitability" for gun ownership proposed in Massachusetts
  48. Catholic Bishops support new gun control bill
  49. Buzzpo: CNN sabotaging gun poll numbers
  50. House Dems unveil new gun bill - National Isla Vista exploitation thread
  51. Senator Boxer Announces Federal One-Upping the Gut and Amend AB 1014
  52. Louisiana lawmakers exempt themselves from gun bans
  53. Michael Bloomberg on civil rights - Hypocrite
  54. #NotOneMore - what?: Twitter backlash. Worthless hashtag activist? crappy movie?
  55. Sonic, Chili's ask customers to keep guns out of restaurants
  56. Should there be "Gun Enhancement" on convict's sentences or even bail amounts?
  57. Why Good People Should Be Armed.
  58. John Lott - Crime Prevention Research Center
  59. We are our own worst enemy.
  60. HR 4660? Mike Thompson?
  61. New poll: "Would you prefer that restaurants allow or don’t allow carrying guns?"
  62. Bloomberg is trying to change "gun control" to "gun safety"
  63. open carry Texas is going rogue
  64. Microstamping and safe storage coming to NY?
  65. House to House search in Jacksonville
  66. DailyKoz poll: "Is OC in a bar a bad idea?"
  67. NRA calls 'open carry' rallies 'downright weird'
  68. list of House Republicans who voted for gun control last week
  69. 451,000 CCWers in WA state!
  70. Justice Dept., Banks Put Choke Hold on Gun Dealers
  71. Az. Republic "Journalist" Asks For Help To Rid Us Of Guns.
  72. January 2013 - Mother loses fourth child to Chicago gun violence
  73. Gangster's Perspective on Gun Control
  74. Open Carry Texas are morons
  75. Another reason to ban guns: you might shoot someone while ODing on legal pot brownies
  76. Crossing Over to Fight Belinda Padilla
  77. This is real bad. Pause for Safety Act (Boxer)
  78. 6CA: Employer may fire employee for armed self-defense
  79. Memo outlines Obama’s plan to use the military against citizens
  80. The 2A- defense of or against the state?
  81. Sign the petitions.
  82. How guns made the civil rights movement possible
  83. Daily Beast Anti-Gun Article Spins a Web of Lies
  84. Interesting USA Today Report - Behind the Bloodshed
  85. Koch brothers give $25 million
  86. Anti 2d Amendment Libs: Let's Take Over the NRA and Eliminate its Political Influence
  87. Las Vegas Will Change Things
  88. June update: FiveThirtyEight midterm predictions
  89. The Las Vegas shootings firing up Harry Reid (Nev)
  90. "More Tennessee women get handgun [carry] permits"
  91. Is one dead enough to call a mass shooting? Who cares if you're from Portlandia
  92. Obama: My biggest frustration = inaction on gun laws
  93. Examples of guns saving lives
  94. Koch brothers are pro gun
  95. Debunking "School Shootings since Sandy Hook"
  96. Open Carry Etiquitte / 2A Manners
  97. Neat little invention to help secure class rooms.
  98. Study: Corruption Ranking per State
  99. School Shooting Claims Debunked
  100. The descent into lawlessness. What does it look like?
  101. Sugar Daddy Bloomberg funding rally
  102. Bloomberg backs NRA A+ rated Republican in Mississippi
  103. Reaffirming the Second Amendment
  104. Costco asked me to leave or conceal
  105. PEW research findings re gun violence. PLEASE SHARE!
  106. Abramski v. U.S. - SCOTUS Decision Released: Loss
  107. Suicide increase in EU and NA
  108. A Plan :Moving Beyond The Court.
  109. Jerry Miculek On OC vs CC
  110. Is there such a thing as a....
  111. Las Vegas "right wing" murdering couple turns out to be left wing Occupiers
  112. Hillary just fired off a major shot. (pun intended)
  113. From WSJ Blog: Gun-Control Advocate: Snowden, Obamacare Hurt Our Cause
  114. Leftists: The Devious, NRA-Backed Plan To Turn Missouri Into The Wild West For Guns
  115. KnifeRights.org: Last 10 Days of Life Membership Sale!
  116. House Report: "Choke Point" Targets Legal Businesses for Asphyxiation
  117. Colorado Geovernor Apologizes For Gun Control Measures
  118. Gun Control Groups Deliver 'Not One More' Cards to GOP Sen. Jeff Flake AZ
  119. Physicians and Testing Competency for CCW Permits
  120. KY: 11,000 CCWs in 2004 to 60,000 in 2013!
  121. Need Info re: IL. Laws (IL. forums?)
  122. The ACLU documents almost everything you've read here about SWAT teams
  123. CNN OpEd: The real gun problem is mental health, not the NRA
  124. What the Supreme Court still doesn't understand about guns
  125. SAF sues NC over gun law
  126. Colorado Outfitters et al vs Hickenlooper
  127. For Those That Think Other States Follow California's Lead
  128. "Evolve" Gun Contorl Group or Firearms Educators?
  129. Detroit: Armed & Determined | NRA News Ginny Simone Reporting |
  130. Cool piece on being pro gun by former NYPD officer
  131. HuffPo: "Thank You for Your Service, But It's Time to Go Justice Ginsburg"
  132. Who Came Up With "Not One More"?
  133. could this happen?
  134. Patiot Act II did you know, I didn't.
  135. Guns welcome in Rifle Resturant
  136. Metcalf is at it again
  137. New York's Handgun Law Under Fire in United States District Court
  138. Another Open Carry Victory
  139. Looks Like Target is Out.
  140. Christie vetoes mag bill
  141. "Ask the ACLU" event now on FB
  142. 2A Question
  143. Support for "stricter gun control laws" lowest in six years
  144. Get um in the pocketbook
  145. Chicago must pay $940K legal fees for gun store ban
  146. New Jersey, California Lawmakers Consider Seizure of Guns From Dangerous Persons to I
  147. Bloomberg anecdote
  148. SportsMan act of 2014?
  149. Vet in Chicago with CCW Defends Himself From Shooter
  150. Countering Gun Rights Haters on the Street and in the Press
  151. Blame weak gun laws for holiday Violence...
  152. Sportmen's Act Sails Through Senate
  153. Another win for the NRA
  154. Interesting take on #hashtagactivism.
  155. New MSNBC Poll on Background Checks
  156. What party to register with? (For elections)
  157. Do Gun Owners Have Any Rights Which Liberals Are Bound to Respect?
  158. Target Customers are the Latest Victims
  159. Singing Karaoke With A Pistol On Your Hip!
  160. Gun confiscation in NY under SAFE Act.
  161. Veteran police officer union rep insists that gun owners are safer (video)
  162. Chicago shootings cover of MSN, preparation for presidential action?
  163. Measures Strengthen Second Amendment Rights and Limit Federal Ownership of Land
  164. Access to dangerous yet protected weaponry
  165. whitehouse.gov petition
  167. wyoming laws?
  168. CCRKBA/Mance v Holder (TX: Fed Dist Ct, Ft Worth Div)
  169. Bye-bye Saiga/Vepr rifles? (Exec Order 13662, July 16, 2014)
  170. Proposed Bill Bans Use of Cartoon Characters to Market Guns
  171. Esther J. Cepeda and Chicago.
  172. Gun Control Vs 2A Responsibility
  173. What other guns do you think Obama will ban?
  174. Obama Executive Order: Ban on AK imports
  175. Gun Show Myths
  176. Detroit police chief on Firearms and the Public
  177. everytown.org on mass shootings
  178. Diane Feinstein and H.R. 578 (CCW reciprocity)
  179. Rolling Stones article: "Top 5 Most Dangerous Guns"
  180. VA Gun Store and NO respect
  181. Gun Control Manifesto: The Hopes and Dreams of The Democratic Party
  182. Help Support Concealed Carry.
  183. Upcoming 2014 elecgions.
  184. Congress votes on overruling DC gun regulation
  185. IA: City of Burlington weighing carry ban on TOY guns
  186. Vepr Mags
  187. Repeal “The Hughes Amendment” as part of the Firearm Owners Protection Act
  188. 'New Bullets Mean Certain Death' thanks G2
  189. John Doe v Philadelphia, major LTCF reform
  190. Beretta USA Announces Decision to Move Its Entire Maryland Manufacturing Capabilities
  191. Bad shoot? (Video/Albequerque/Lawyer)
  192. Doctor Stops Shooter in Philadelphia Hospital
  193. Fotoudis vs. Honolulu - Hawaiian resident alien RKBA ban now litigated
  194. FL 'Docs v Glocks' law upheld by 11th Circuit
  195. District Court Victory in Palmer!
  196. JUST IN: Victory in Palmer v. D.C.
  197. Liberal Journolist Hit Piece on Beretta ARX100
  198. Appeal court upholds 'docs vs. glocks' gun law
  199. Florida- yes- Something good from Florida- LAW BARRING DOCTORS FROM ASKING GUN QUESTI
  200. Another Lieberal Journolist Anti-Gun Hit Piece...
  201. Bloomberg releases pro gun message
  202. "Gun rights advocates are winning in the debate over gun control"
  203. "Ginsburg on retirement: ‘People know I’m here to stay’ "
  204. Dems' use of "nuclear option" helps Obama to pack fed cts
  205. There's Always A "But" With Democrats And The Second Amendment
  206. 3 of the 4 "View" host say 'Get a Gun in Your Home!'
  207. Fed. Court Orders Obama Administration to Release Fast and Furious Information
  208. Gun Owners - Stamp Your Money
  209. Interesting analogy drawn between guns and abortion.
  210. Mass Out of Control - Police Chief Final Broker of Gun Posession Rights?
  211. AB 1014
  212. I just sent GOA this email: restoring gun rights
  213. Obama ignored gun lobby's bid to help rid illegal guns after Newtown
  214. Missouri constitutional right to keep and bear arms passes
  215. HR 5344 Responsible Body Armor Possession Act of 2014, Honda, CA-17
  216. Challenging stereotypes about the NRA
  217. Bill to ban armor - contact your congressman
  218. FOPA-2
  219. Philly resident Shaneen Allen arrested in NJ for carrying in her car
  220. Bloomberg Goes After Milwaukee Sheriff
  221. The Big Compromise in America
  222. The 7th Circuit Says it's ok to kick your door in as long as it's FYOG
  223. Vaughn v. City of Chicago (Duty To Protect)
  225. "Maryland's assault weapons ban argued in federal court"
  226. Why waiting periods are bad....criminals won't WAIT!
  227. Fed Court upholds MD AW ban - Kolbe v. O'Malley
  228. The ABA is not on our side
  229. Handy Summary of SCOTUS Gun Decisions
  230. Carrying a gun for God.
  231. Egregious assault on the first amendment
  232. David Gregory fired from Meet The Press. Standard mag possession listed as cause
  233. Perfect Example of SHTF & Being Armed - Furguson
  234. Gun questions at Canadian Border
  235. Congressman's Push to Curb Police Militarization Gets Big Boost After Ferguson
  236. I591 and I594 in Washington
  237. Please delete.
  238. Police tell citizens of Detroit: Buy Guns!
  239. Trust The Liberal Media To Truthfully Report About Guns
  240. HuffPo: "Kroger Under Fire From Gun-Control Moms"
  241. Flying to Michigan with Handguns
  242. Calgunners seem anti-gun for policemen in Ferguson?
  243. NRA or pro-2A credit card
  244. Donating to pro-2A organizations
  245. More open carry activity in Texas
  246. Huey P. Newton Gun Club Pushes #BlackOpenCarry to Protest Police Violence
  247. Is there a legal theory similar to "death by a thousand cuts"?
  248. Palmer being appealed
  249. Looks Like The First Test Case
  250. IL: 69,000 CCWs issued between Feb & July!