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  1. Connecticut State police "sounds like you're anti-American"
  2. Illinois' first concealed carry licenses in the mail -- 5,000 of them
  3. IL CCW landscape - a complex mix of prohibited locations
  4. Something about Connecticut guns I did not know
  5. SAF Congratulates First 5,000 Illinois CCW Permit Recipients
  6. 1/2 Century ago
  7. WA State Senate panel approves gun-control bill
  8. Exporting 2A rights
  9. http://www.twincities.com/localnews/ci_25247609/minnesota-handgun-permits-nearly-doub
  10. Anti-Gun Senator Kevin de Leόn Makes Complete Fool Out Of Himself! Full Video
  11. Is this what things are coming to?
  12. Surgeon General nomination and related questions
  13. A little help for our northern brothers
  14. Connecticut Patriot Group Fights Back Against Confiscation Order: ‘We Are Armed… And
  15. IL: CHA bans guns in housing
  16. IL "First 5,000 concealed carry licenses being mailed out"
  17. Crisis in Connecticut, confrontation looming? With Ed Peruta
  18. Fed-Up Navy Veteran Forewarned Conn. Lawmakers on Gun Registration: ‘I’m Telling You
  19. Palmer vs District of Columbia
  20. Connecticut first?
  21. Another story from Connecticut
  22. View From The Ivory Tower
  23. Facebook Petition
  24. Yup SC bailed on made in Montana
  25. Women Against Gun Violence takes credit for end to LA's crack war
  26. 68% of CT Police are 'on the list'
  27. Connecticut Citizens To Lawmakers: "We will not comply"
  28. NY State Judge Orders Release of Gun Owner Information to Media
  29. Connecticut legal challenge?
  30. The Independants on Fox Business Channel talk guns
  31. SBR's now legal in WA
  32. NY Church AR-15 giveaway
  33. 14.5 pinned legal question.
  34. CPAC 2014 ?
  35. Conn. Cop said 'I cannot wait to get the order to kick your door in'
  36. Connecticut Peace officer Association is not real.
  37. No duty to retreat in Missouri !
  38. Idaho lawmakers to keep special gun privileges
  39. Feinstein hearts 4A infringement - except against her!
  40. Poor marksman stops home invasion " Detroit"
  41. Michigan man gets proned out at gunpoint for exercising 2A rights
  42. open carry in TX...
  43. A new low from the Communist here in Missouri
  44. Idaho governor signs campus gun bill into law...
  45. Supreme Court sanctions No Knock raids against gun owners
  46. Bloomberg says he's going to outspend the NRA
  47. What we can learn about the Second Amendment from the Ukraine?
  48. How to argue like the LCAV
  49. The Gun Is Civilization: THIS IS THE BEST PRO-GUN ARGUMENT EVER.
  50. My CCW proposal made it to D.C.
  51. 40 Sheriffs asked to disarm? Oklahoma
  52. Idaho bill effectively nullifies new federal gun control measures
  53. Great outcome in Washington city council meeting
  54. He's back: Joe Scarborough
  55. MSJ for Maryland Assault Weapons/Magazine Lawsuit Filed (Kolbe v O'Malley USDC N MD)
  56. The Hill: "Gun control supporters turn to new front"
  57. NRA Defeats Surgeon General nominee
  58. If you are such a loser that you feel a need to carry a gun... SC pub bans LTC
  59. DE Supreme Court Rules RKBA Extends Outside the Home
  60. (Seal Veteran) Benjamin Smith, Open Letter Mar.15 2014
  61. Bravo NY! NY Officials Are Demanding They Register Their Guns – Here’s What They Did
  62. Gun Rights on CNN
  63. Rhode Island Firemission
  64. Baristas hope packing pistols will discourage robberies
  65. Oregon Poll: Lead Ammo Ban
  66. Ashland Or, votes toward no open carry
  67. Obama Confirms Executive Order Covers Entire Russian Arms Manufacturing Sector
  68. BBC How the civil rights movement changed black gun culture
  69. So Hawaii Is Also Going Shall Issue?
  70. "CIVIL WAR"...
  71. Feinstein Mar 2014 - The Beast Is Back, Same Goal Different Angle
  72. "Common Sense" Gun Control breaks out in Georgia
  73. Tattoo brings out police with assault rifles
  74. Billionaire dem finances libertarian pays off
  75. The Giant Will Vote...
  76. Ukraine Sets Deadline for Militias to Surrender Illegal Guns
  77. A Well Regulated Militia...
  78. Major Gun Rallys in April...
  79. HuffPo piece on the 2nd...
  80. New Jersey Senators and Chris Christie need Mass Emails before Thursday!
  81. Good Morning Patriots!.!. The Singing Patriot Strikes Again...
  82. Quote Contest..The Prize? Freedom of Course! what were you expecting?
  83. Conn. officials tell gun owners to relinquish or destroy banned assault weapons
  84. Indianna teachers enjoy RKBA
  85. The New York Times is at it once again!
  86. Rhein v. Pryor: Speaking freely resulted in RKBA litigation
  87. Common core indoctrination
  88. RI State Senator Josh Miller(D) tells pro-gunner to F-off
  89. **Mike Vanderboegh vows Mass Smuggling into Northeast Tyrannical States
  90. Do you really need guns in 2014?
  91. Man OC Mosin Nagant at Manchester-Boston Airport exercises 1st and 2nd amendment
  92. "National" Calgunners - the big news today is in the CA 2A forum
  93. BREAKING: Idaho governor signs emergency legislation nullifying all future federal gu
  94. (Castleman) Supreme Court upholds gun ban for domestic violence
  95. New Airport/Gun Regs?
  96. Should gunowners boycott Google for blocking firearm ads by sites like Webyshops.com?
  97. connecticut gun owners standing up to connecticut
  98. Impassioned NJ lawmaker does epic takedown of magazine size limitations
  99. 5.45 surplus ammo banned from import
  100. RI: Second Amendment Rights Reprieved
  102. Hunting Season starts in Detroit - 10 Thugs bagged this year!
  103. FBI and EPA Agents Raid Company That Buys/Sells Spent Brass
  104. Help the good folks of Connecticut
  105. "Challenge to Colorado gun laws begins in federal court"
  106. The many faces of Murica's gun owners.
  107. AP: "Trump rallies against Cuomo, New York gun control"
  108. MI: SBRs and SBSs now legal to own & sell
  109. Tasered for openly carrying rifle in Texas
  110. Guam introduces shall issue bill
  111. Legalize Concealed Carry for Soldiers on Military Installations
  112. Davis v. Grimes- LTC challenge in MA
  113. Harry Reid calls for expansion of gun background checks in response to Fort Hood shoo
  114. SAF Wins Permanent Injunction Against New Mexico’s Citizen-Only CCW Law
  115. Moving to "shall issue" as economic "stimulus" plan?
  116. Ever since IL upheld "Shall Issue" law, rivers of blood run on the streets of Chicago
  117. Will Not Comply - III% is growing
  118. Kansas pushes for LOC and nullifies all city/couny gun laws
  119. Kansas preempts local laws infringing upon right to open carry
  120. Youtube of Olympia Gun Rally...
  121. Feinstein urges import ban of rifles...
  122. Are Veterans 2A Rights Being Targeted By Obama Admin?
  123. Guns - Texas Vs California
  124. Eric Holder: Gun Bracelets?
  125. ATF Releases Official Statement Banning 7N6 Imports
  126. First Lieutenant Patrick Cook's letter on Ft Hood
  127. Tennessee Senate votes in favor of PLOC
  128. IL man uses his CCW to defend himself!
  129. Pro-gun Rights March Against Mainstream Media
  130. Fort Hood Shooting Proves Once Again that GUN FREE ZONES DON'T WORK (VIDEO)
  131. Newly Revealed ATF Letter Explains Why Ares (and EP’s) 80% Lowers Are Illegal
  132. Suspect drops machete after warning shot
  133. Is this something that we can effectively use to tell congress what we think?
  134. This Iowa candidate certainly doesn't obfuscate!
  135. NY’s SAFE Act: Seizing Firearms W/O Warrant
  136. Obama Wants 1.1 Billion For Gun Control
  137. HR 3199 - Safe Military Bases Act
  138. Links on how to sell long gun in Nevada by Nevadan
  139. 2A review as of today by Glenn Harlan Reynolds esq.
  140. Democrats urge President to ban modern sporting rifle imports.
  141. ‘Conservative Hero’ Ben Carson To Beck: You Have No Right To Semi-Automatic Weapons
  142. Justice Stevens: The five extra words that can fix the Second Amendment
  143. "Real Americans Are Ready to Snap"
  144. Harvard Study [Kates/Mauser, 2007] (possible duplication but worth revisiting)
  145. The Fourth Branch of Government...
  146. Groundwork being laid for universal gun registry
  147. NRA endorsment?
  148. Sales tax on firearm sales.
  149. WI governor protects shooting ranges
  150. Another Excellent Read by Constitutional Professor Glenn Reynolds
  152. AW ban lawsuits
  153. Police refusing to enforce gun laws?
  154. Tax Day, Laws, Consent of the Governed and Violence.
  155. 80% Lower story.
  156. New Yorkers Shred Registration Papers in Protest
  157. bloomberg to spend 50 million
  158. AP: "A year after background check defeat, modest goals"
  159. No "arsenal" mentioned when PA sheriff has his 700 guns taken
  160. First Person Charged Under Conn. Gun Registration Law
  161. Does the 2nd Amendment even exist anymore?
  162. Woman killed while on 911 waiting for police
  163. Should another FOPA, Legislative federal actions and smaller acts be attempted?
  164. New mutual support organization beginning...
  165. Someone setup Bloomberg's latest anti-2A facebook page...
  166. How Americans Die… courtesy of Bloomberg.com
  167. Arizona Passes Pro Gun laws
  168. Retalliation to Bloombergs Everytown for gun safety campaign.
  169. Bloomberg already a failure....
  170. Drake v. Jerejian, Next SCOTUS 2nd A case?
  171. UN Office For Disarmament Affairs
  172. Breaking April 19 - Terrorists Attack Government Troops in Massachusetts
  173. I like this Guy!
  174. Bkgrnd Checks: How far is too far?
  175. Issue Policy Map - Nationwide by County
  176. Legalize Concealed Carry for Soldiers
  177. I have SEEN the Future of SCOTUS!
  178. Bundy Ranch Showdown Proves Militias Can Stop Government Excesses
  179. Everytown Ads And Why We Should Be Clicking On Them
  180. RE: Thermal imaging searches
  181. MA:Federal Court Rules in Favor of 2d Amend. Right for People with Old Pot Conviction
  182. Whats wrong with this picture?
  183. Bloomberg's Anti-2A Facebook page being blown up!!
  184. GOP senate candidate intolerant
  185. Kopel: The First Amendment Guide to the Second Amendment
  186. Bloomberg View interview with John Pierce, co-founder of OpenCarry.org
  187. CCW statistics?
  188. Proposed Georgia law
  189. ABC Nightline video: "Homemade Guns: Legal, Unregistered and Can Kill"
  190. Missouri Legislature impeaches Gov on 2A infringement
  191. CBS News: "New law allows Georgia residents to carry guns in churches, schools, bars"
  192. Maryland cop detained family for 2 hours for having a CCW
  194. Everytown FB Page - 362k likes?
  196. What's faster than a speeding bullet?
  197. Interesting article about Venezuela.
  198. "America is Exceptionally Dumb When it Comes to Guns"
  199. I wish the NRA had an 'opt out' for their USPO mailers.
  200. Knife Attack: "Connecticut high school girl killed in apparent prom dispute"
  201. Looks like the GOA has finally arrived...
  202. Ukraine Pres Candidate Urges Mass Arming of Ukrainians
  203. victorville candidate poster
  204. 10 Thoughts on the 2d Amendment by Laurence Vance
  205. USAT: Cops responsible for holes in FBI warrants database
  206. "Michael Bloomberg Shoots 50 Million Blanks On Gun Control" - The Blaze
  207. Leftist media strikes again!
  208. McGovern New Jersey appellate court on handgun licenses
  209. NSFW--Trolling Level Infinity, Todd Kauranen--NSFW
  210. Scottish Independence and New Constitution
  211. Mayor stands up for a taken oath!!! Whoops, dupe
  212. Finally some good news...
  213. Head of leading MAIG to step down
  214. Does The City of Detroit Have A Justified Homicide Problem?
  215. Trip to Free America, questions, serious.
  216. Al Jazeera slams Bloomberg for anti gun stance, civil liberties
  217. Dana Loesch confronts Shannon Watts!!
  218. Maryland's Anti-Gun Governor is doing an AMA on Reddit on 5/5
  219. Biased headline: NRA crowd cheered story of Milwaukee janitor killing two teens
  220. Pentagon to destroy $1B in ammunition
  221. Bloomberg a Free Thinker?
  222. Padilla at UN
  223. Deleted
  224. Gun Laws Have Gone Nuts!
  225. Florida bill to allow residents to CC during a state of emergency *defeated*
  226. SCOTUS DENIES Drake vs. NJ CCW case - even though it was a perfect time for it
  227. Supreme Court denies certiorari in Drake
  228. S.F. Gate story on Governmental Power
  229. New York Gun Crackdown Marked by Protests, Lawsuits
  230. "Rise of the 'Glocker Moms' " (growth areas for 2A supporters)
  231. Legislation to change antique status from 1898 to 1913 - HR 4547 May 2014
  232. Hillary Clinton: Gun culture 'way out of balance'
  233. TX: "Gun Advocates Spook Fast Food Workers Into Hiding in Freezer"
  234. ATF to expand multiple rifle sales reporting
  235. GOA Presents A Realistic Offense
  236. Newest NJ ban moving along
  237. Interesting report I found on reddit
  238. Proof that guns are dangerous and...
  239. FBI Investigating BLM Protesters
  240. CT Man Charged with 49 Counts of Failure to Register High Capacity Magazines
  241. Gun rights of convicted felons argued before Louisiana Supreme Court
  242. Price of Freedom, old pics combined with new
  243. Arizona court overturns ruling on bus-stop gun ads
  244. Will the issue of Gun rights/control ever be 100% settled?
  245. Traveling through O'Hare to LAX
  246. Pennsylvania DROPS Utah! - Update Post #11
  247. Guam: Legislature OKs concealed firearms
  248. SAF Wins CCW Case For Legal Non-Citizen In Arkansas
  249. I'm not one to call a fellow countryman a traitor, but...
  250. Defeat for Democrat anti-rights zealots