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  1. Grant Cunningham reply to Dick Metcalf
  2. Campus Housing and Self Defense In WA State
  3. Local company forced to change product because of SAFE Act
  4. What Mass Killers Want—And How to Stop Them
  5. This guy sounds like he needs help - Pinkerton v. Neubauer
  6. College Deems Self-Defense Worthy of Permanent Probation
  7. Grisham arrested again in TX for OC of antique firearm
  8. Heller I: Did Ginsburg get b*tch slapped...
  9. Federalist Society convention
  10. What cops really think about gun control...
  11. Example of a reasonable LEO stop of an open carry demonstrator ...
  12. The Constitutional Right To Bear Arms Has Outlived Its Usefulness 3:45 Today
  14. Bloomberg Radio Lies
  15. I was cited in a research paper about gun control
  16. H.R.3484 -- Airport Security Act of 2013
  17. Which Constitutional Ammendment provides the right to vote.
  18. Texas Drivers Stopped At Roadblock, Asked For Saliva, Blood
  19. BLM Land In Jeopardy
  21. Senate Rules changed - Simple Majority
  22. NPR Gun Control Debate
  24. Hidden compartment in your car?
  25. interesting comment
  26. You've never seen Matt Damon like this before
  27. OH: "Ohio Attorney General sees CCW becoming mainstream"
  28. IL: "Police training to begin on concealed carry"
  29. The nationwide "militarization" of local law enforcement continues....
  30. A great peice of pro CCW activism
  31. DOJ internal memo confirms Obama plan for gun confiscation
  32. NYC firearm confiscation begins
  33. Colorado State Senator Evie Hudak Resigns
  34. "Daniel Defense" Super Bowl ad banned by the NFL
  35. Judge Boots CO Sheriffs From Pro Rights Lawsuit
  36. TX: "Open-carry advocates see hope in Abbott proposal"
  37. Gun Control Bill Has 185 Co-Sponsors in the House
  38. Chris Christie's 2A record
  39. This is scary
  40. Support for gun control helped a candidate win in Virginia
  41. One more try: NYC Gun Letter
  42. Lefty media using Zimmerman as lever vs RTKBA
  43. Merry Christmas from the democrat party
  44. new federal undetectable gun ban law - HR 3626
  45. Once again study's prove guns save lives
  46. Backdoor DOJ Gun Grab? (NFA)
  47. NYPD shoots bystanders, charge unarmed man for assault....
  48. Army Officer: We Will Pry Your Guns From Your Cold, Dead Fingers
  49. Gabby Gifford's PAC gives money to Senators who voted for Gun Control
  50. Error in caliber on file, go to jail and we'll keep your gun.
  51. Washington’s firearm database lags behind sales
  52. ATF using rogue tactics in cities across US
  53. LAST Chance to oppose new ATF regs!!
  54. Rebuild mags 2014?
  55. gun control groups reported spending five times as much on federal lobbying
  56. Crazy Uncle Joe: A year after...
  57. "ATF reportedly used rogue tactics in a half-dozen cities"
  58. Broken Trust documentary
  59. New Gun Laws in the Last Year
  60. ATF efiling of NFA forms
  61. Let's Weigh In
  62. The lies never stop bloomberg
  63. Wrongful open carry arrest at Gay event. (James Sorensen, CO Springs)
  64. It Took This Army Vet 3 Minutes To Destroy Obama’s Gun Control Plan (Aaron Weiss, NY)
  65. Gun Control Works (Front Sight vid, March 2013)
  66. Federal Judge Says California Attorney General Kamala Harris Wrong on Gun Control Law
  67. RI: recall of 4 anti Shall Issue town council members FAILS
  68. Big surprise ! Another liberal murderer in Colorado
  69. Bloomberg Business Week - Why Gun Control Is Basically Dead
  70. seattle anti's admit buybacks don't work
  71. Oposing national gun registry
  72. Arapahoe HS Immediate Armed Response
  73. Hero stops school attack and Zero recognition ?
  74. In Re: Pantano (NJ CCW)
  75. When the Right to Bear Arms Includes the Mentally Ill
  76. LA TIMES: More disabled people oppose assault weapon restrictions
  77. MO bill would nullify all federal gun laws, 'past, present or future'
  78. Would be funny if wasn't so true...
  79. MCDV And 2A Rights Restoration Questions
  80. Missing gun 'loose ends' after Death?
  81. Dartbag: Cook County Top Cop Hypocrite
  82. New Poll: Americans Don’t Want More Gun Control
  83. Virginians lose factory because of McAuliff
  84. American Exceptionalism and Gun Control
  85. PA Cop can't carry off duty.
  86. New Connecticut Law
  87. An NSSF survey Dec 23 2013 - little support for gun show background checks
  88. Some stats to think about...
  89. IL: starts accepting CCW apps this Sunday, expects 400,000 in 2014!
  90. Federal Judge upholds almost all of NY's SAFE Act!
  91. Firearm owner Cohabitating with a legal non-immigrant
  92. Another Fast and Furious gun shows up
  93. NJ Governor Christie declines to defend N.J. gun laws, sparking criticism
  94. Which president do you guys think we SHOULD have?
  95. Magpul announces move to Texas, Wyoming
  96. Constitution Free Zone
  97. 01/03/14 BREAKING NEWS Excutive Orders GUN CONTROL from White House
  98. For SCOTUS watchers: "Reporter's Guide to 'Applications'"
  99. New York Police Won’t Enforce Strict Gun Control Law, Says Legislator
  100. Expansion of "prohibited persons" in the US through pot
  101. David Codrea on Connecticut registration-join a large 2A group
  102. Arizona's upcoming Legislative Session
  103. IL: Cook Co. SO re. CCWs: Itching for a Lawsuit?
  104. I am a Civil Rights Advocate
  105. New Study Demolishes Almost Every Gun Control Myth (Mark Gius Nov 26 2013))
  106. Gun laws poll-VOTE!
  107. Gun Company turns down $15 million Contract from Obama Administration to Arm Pakista
  108. Illinois Association of Firearms Retailers v City of Chicago (US Dist Ct N Dist IL)
  109. Moving out of Ca. Is Nv good?
  110. Chicago Gun Ban is going down soon
  111. IL: Chic. Sun-Times: 4,525 CCW apps on 1st day!
  112. Oregon! Bloomberg is coming.
  113. Bloomberg Gives $2.5M to Dem Super PAC
  114. IL: Chi. Trib.: "More than 13,000 concealed carry applications get early OK"
  115. Legal Concealed Carrier in Connecticut Charged For Having “Unregistered Magazine”
  116. KS: "Kansas sees record number of concealed-carry applications in 2013"
  117. An *inter*national example of the importance of the 2nd amendment.
  118. Disabled Used in ATF sing
  119. Chicago fights guns, and loses
  120. Bloomberg's paper trail: Judicial Watch got MAIG's dox
  121. Detroit police chief: Legal gun owners can deter crime
  122. Morris v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Idaho)
  123. Al Jazeera: Carolyn McCarthy retiring from Congress
  124. Do you agree with the NRA 100%?
  125. Gun Free Public Buildings Too Costly for Kansas Towns
  126. Brilliant Judo in Kansas
  127. Chicago Trib.: "NRA offers shooters' insurance"
  128. If you Enjoyed "Fast and Furious..."
  129. Why the approach we take is wrong
  130. Boise, Idaho 2nd Amendment Rally
  131. SCOTUS "Justices to hear Tenn case on gun ban" & DV today (Castleman)
  132. Unarmed gun owner not welcome in Maryland
  133. WashTimes: "Concealed-carry reciprocity loaded in Congress"
  134. Chilling call from Adam Lanza to radio show a year before Sandy Hook
  135. Light up this article's comment section!
  136. another gop blunder of a budget bill
  137. Cuomo: if you're "pro Assault Weapons" you have "no place" in NY state
  138. Shipping my firearms to myself?
  139. Cuomo tells conservatives to leave NY.
  140. D.C. Man being prosecuted for single shotgun shell
  141. Contempt of Cop, America's Defiance Revolution
  142. Do you need to consent to searches: Agriculture Inspection Stations
  143. NRA Ballot - Who to vote for?
  144. Medical marijuana or 2A rights?
  145. So you think you can vote Democrat and claim you support the 2nd Amendment...
  146. Smith and Wesson quits California
  147. Black Folk Don't Join the NRA
  148. Common Sense Legislation
  149. Overturning Ca. lead ban?
  150. Newspaper chain plans 'state-by-state' concealed weapon databases
  151. HHS Proposes Medical Records to be Included in Background Checks
  152. Illinois forcing citizens to give up their guns if they want medical pot
  153. An In The Trenches Approach To RKBA
  154. CT scrambles for amnesty plan after realizing that citizens are refusing to reg AWs
  155. Now were reporting "near" school shootings!
  156. Black people THANKING the NRA!
  157. Floridia May Ban Cooperation With Federal Gun Laws
  158. Embody moves to SCOTUS, per se
  159. Removal of firearms, and MMJ
  160. Author Nicholas Johnson: Negros and the Gun
  161. Shooting at school in Hawaii (1-28-2014 Ofcr attacked and shot attacker)
  162. An amusing correlation study: more murder in Democratic-voting precincts
  163. Mexico legalizes militia
  164. Amazon cracking down on firearms gear?
  165. Interesting article about violence, from HuffPo of all places.
  166. State of the Union - Yesterday and Today
  167. Anti-Gun Mayor Who Held Gay Crush Hostage W/ Gun
  168. Article: ABC Hides guns in candy to push gun control
  169. Rep. Waxman to retire after 20 terms...
  170. U.S. Judge Upholds State's (CT) Tough Assault Weapons Ban
  171. Will Colorado go Constitutional Carry?
  172. Carolyn McCarthy to retire
  173. The Socialist Gun Review
  174. Gallup 1-30-2014: Americans' Dissatisfaction With Gun Laws Highest Since 2001
  175. A different approach?
  176. NRA Board elections: please vote *exclusively* for Joel Friedman
  177. ATF abuse: Brinks receives four new FFLs after dropping revocation appeal
  178. A Graphical Argument
  179. Active Shooter Action Program presentation in Los Angeles
  180. A lawsuit on interstate commerce to watch
  181. cop killers lawyer/black panther supporter nominated by obama
  182. Guam Passes Castle Doctrine law
  183. SC: push for Con Carry
  184. NRA companion cases at SCOTUS conference
  185. What are the firearm manufactures doing
  186. Nancy Pelosi Calls for Changing the Constitution
  187. Obama loosens import restrictions
  188. ScotusBlog: all 3 gun cases Cert Denied Feb 24
  189. Article: Dirty little secrets about gun control
  190. Colorado nearly reinstates private party transfers
  191. Trying to buy a gun in Massachusetts (animated video)
  192. 2AToday - latest: 2A panel #2 featuring TTAG's Robert Farago, Chip Bennett and Kevin
  193. Constitution Check: What does it mean that there is a right to “bear” guns?
  194. Feinstein is now involved in the sniper power substation attack investigation. Going
  195. No Government ever voluntarily....
  196. Volokh: OH State vs Shover: 2A applies in cars
  197. Gabby Gifford's Gun Control PAC Outraises All Other Super PACs
  198. Anti-Gun activist breaks Gun Free Zone Law
  199. Straight-faced man makes epic mockery of city council over gun ban (Ashland OR)
  200. when is enough, enough?
  201. Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreation Enhancement Act HR 3590
  202. Poll Bob Costas
  203. National Guard Trains to Fight 2nd Amendment Supporters
  204. New AR-15 Design is Compliant with “SAFE Act”
  205. South Carolina SB 308 is now law!
  206. TRO and Black Powder Revolver
  207. *Mississippi* House Bill 485 passed unanimously; is this true?
  208. Hundreds of Thousands Ignore Forced Registration in CT
  209. Missouri: De-facto Gun Owner Registry
  210. Lobby to remove suppressors from NFA?
  211. AZ making a bold move.
  212. Ohio National Guard drill's villain was school janitor who supports Second Amendment
  213. Registration. Bosnia. 1992. Result.
  214. Moms, mayors offer misguided message on guns: Column (USA Today)
  215. CBS television shows villifying the 2nd
  216. The original gun toting Tea Party radical
  217. Minnesota police associations sue NFL
  218. Elizabeth Warren for President!
  219. Mom opens fire on home invaders in Detroit to defend children
  220. My Representative replied to me today (<24 hr turnaround time)
  221. Sen. Markey (MA): new proposal for mandatory firearm ID technology
  222. DHS Contracted to Purchase 704 Million Rounds of Ammo Over Next 4 Years: 2,500 Rounds
  223. ". . . when serving in the militia . . ." (Retired SC Justice Stevens)
  224. Gun Control and the Constitution: Should We Amend the Second Amendment?
  225. Fox Poll - Hit it if you can
  226. Texas Tells NFL Their Gun Laws Don’t Apply Here
  227. Add red state Idaho to anti fed gun laws
  228. Legal issues with "lapel cameras"?
  229. Cook County records office stays open 2 extra hours
  230. Ray Nagan off to prison
  231. Happy Birthday President Washington
  232. Connecticut gun owners revolt
  233. CNN is axing gun hating liberal Pierced Moron. But that's not the real surprise...
  234. Missouri: Second Amendment Update from Jefferson City
  235. Former Supreme Court Justice Wants To Alter The Second Amendment
  236. anybody from CO able to chime in on this?
  238. Remember what Obama said "I Can take your guns"
  239. For the record with specific background facts
  240. Connecticut sends out the first confiscation letters
  241. SCOTUS RULES ON WARRANTLESS SEARCHES.... Fernandez v. California
  242. What's the LBGT movement's general view on Gun Rights?
  243. List of gun confiscations in America
  244. Is the Safe Act enforceable?
  245. CT Lt. Vance takes a call from a woman re AW letter
  246. Cali resident selling a rifle to someone in Az..
  247. Liberal professor blasts Obama for making the Constitution and Congress irrelevant.
  248. 2nd Amendment - The bedrock of liberty
  249. Connecticut State police "sounds like you're anti-American"
  250. Illinois' first concealed carry licenses in the mail -- 5,000 of them