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  1. SAF, CGF Challenges California Handgun Ban Scheme [Pena v Cid/Lindley]
  2. If you get in trouble with the law for your guns - PLEASE contact CGF
  3. Maloney v. Rice: The Nunchaku Case and McDonald v. Chicago
  4. University of Idaho Student sues for RKBA
  5. Lifetime Ban for Misdemeanor Domestic "Violence" (Enos v Holder)
  6. Bullet Button: Haynie v. Pleasanton (8/4/16 9th affirms lower ct dismissal))
  7. 7th Circuit Rules That McDonald Won And Gura Must Get Paid.
  10. CGF Sues San Mateo County Over Preempted Parks Carry Ban
  11. SAF/CGF file Amicus in 6th Circuit Embody/parks carry case
  12. CGF: Silvester v. Harris - Second Waiting Period Unconstitutional
  14. Kachalski v. NYS - Updated
  15. LTC CARRY CASE: McKay v. Hutchens // 9th affirms lower ct loss 9/15/16
  16. Kachalsky - CA2 Decision is out - Loss
  17. 9/19/2013 CGF Files New Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit to Stop DOJ's DROS Delay Policy
  18. 2nd Circuit -- Osterweil vs. Bartlett
  19. Cal-FFL, CGF, SAF suffer loss in Teixeira v. County of Alameda
  20. CGF v. San Mateo (Parks/Carry Preemption) Petition for Review Denied
  21. Woollard / Gura Denied Enbac Petition
  22. *** If you have just been arrested ...
  23. IL AG Madigan files to DISMISS Shepard-Moore as Moot: effect on Woollard?
  24. Woollard v. Gallagher Cert Petition Filed
  25. First Unitarian v. NSA (Privacy & Gun Registry)
  26. NJ Drake v Filko et al: Gura Loses, but gets us one step closer to Supreme Court
  27. Update on Palmer v. DC
  28. yes!
  29. Richards v. Prieto (CCW)
  30. Peruta v. County of San Diego (CCW) [Filed for cert to SCOTUS, 1/12/17]
  31. Peña v. Cid (Handgun Roster) **Appealed to 9th 2/26/15** Oral args 3/16/17
  32. Teixeira v. Alameda (FFL Zoning)
  33. Silvester v. Harris (Waiting Period for Subseqent Purchases)
  34. Haynie / Richards v. Harris (AW Ban)
  35. Moore/Shepard v. Madigan, 702 F.3d 933 (7th Cir. 2012) (Illinois CCW)
  36. Schoepf v. Harris (DROS delays)
  37. McKay v. Hutchens (CCW)
  38. SF v. 44Mag (Mag Repair Parts Kits)
  39. CCWs: status of federal civil lawsuits attacking May or No Issue CCW laws
  40. "9th Circuit rules against Montana law bucking federal gun rules"
  41. ACT NOW before it is too late!
  42. Jackson v. SF (Ammo Ban; Locked Storage Reqts.): Cert DENIED 6/8/15
  43. Won't Pass but they will never stop until they are voted out
  44. Dems targetting Colorado Recall Effort
  45. " No Disposition Available "
  46. CCDL Filed Injunction vs. CT B1160
  47. Asleep at a rest stop
  48. California Billing Address
  49. 09/03/2013 California State Assembly - Firearm Bills
  50. Bauer v. Harris (DROS Fees) - Appeal to 9th, 7/20/15 - LOSS June 1 2017
  51. Assenza v. City of Los Angeles (CCW Processing & Policy Availability)
  52. Davis v. City of Los Angeles (CCW policy)
  53. Bills under consideration in Cal State legislature today
  54. Woollard v. Gallagher Cert Petition Filed
  55. SB 755 if you find yourself in this situation....(DUI example)
  56. ACLU v. Clapper (NSA / FISA / PRISM) - NRA files Amicus agreeing with CGF/CAL-FFL/EFF
  57. can I own a firearm in California?
  58. Misdemeanor charges of endangerment ?'s
  59. Search / Illegal Search while shooting on legal BLM
  60. dros delay question
  61. Off roster family transfer (Interstate)
  62. CA appeals Court suggest 2A exists outside the home
  63. Shipping a C&R mosin within CA
  64. Woolard
  65. felon with firearms ?
  66. CGF has 13th complaint in a row thrown out of court before trial
  67. Delete please
  68. Is "Inundation" a possible response to the impending AW ban?
  69. Use statewide PROP. ballot measures to counter gun control
  70. If Only California Had The Balls to Do This. I Hope We All Unite Like Colorado did!!
  71. People v. Aguilar (Ill. Sept. 12, 2013) (2A extends beyond the home)
  72. Illinois Supreme Court Rules Right to Keep and Bear Arms Extends Outside the home!
  73. Stupid question: Could my dog carry a concealed weapon?
  74. 5150 question
  75. Do I have this right
  76. SB 374 question
  77. Placing guns in a trust?
  78. Direct descendant inheritance Hi-cap mags
  79. Still Waiting on DROS
  80. Home self defense legal question
  81. SB 374
  82. Any litigation planned???
  83. FFL Requires seller to have proof of residence for PPT
  84. On Hold
  85. SCOTUS' 2013 "long conference" results in . . .
  86. Self Defense in Apartment
  87. Have tried to call gov brown...
  88. Starbucks
  89. CGF Sues AG Kamala Harris, DOJ's Stephen Lindley in New Federal Lawsuit
  90. Why are they not here overturning the most obvious unconstitutional laws?
  91. SKS legality question
  92. ATF can come to my home and take away my firearm!
  93. is this legal (way to transport handgun)
  94. IF this new law passes requiring registering long guns...how is it done?
  95. Gifting a gun out of state
  96. CRPA/NRA need to stay out of Nichols v Brown case if they are not going to help.
  97. Calgunners, Im in need of some legal Info!
  98. Seeking recommendation for lawyer for consultation re:LEGR
  99. Confirming I understand 5150/5250 before correcting law class...
  100. Self Defense On Private Property
  101. Potential Huge Wrinkle In Pending Gun Bills
  102. -
  103. Pleasant Hill City Council Mtg on 9/30
  104. DROS Delay - how/who to contact to resolve?
  105. McKay v. Hutchens CCW - The judges are...
  106. DV / Domestic Violence firearms question - FREE BEER..!!!
  107. PPT from another state?
  108. Central district magistrate denies sbso mtd
  109. SB 374 and Unconverted to Converted Saiga
  110. why is this pushed on the back page
  111. SCOTUS takes U.S. v. Castleman
  112. Family transfer questions - interstate curios and relics
  113. The NRA is working for California
  114. anyone have first hand experience with ccwsafe dot com
  115. Gentry v. Harris - CGSSA and NRA lawsuit Challenging DOJ Raid of DROS Fees
  116. Re-manufacture/ re-print 80% lower
  117. Shepard v. Madigan oral arguments
  118. This makes me sick
  119. error on my automated firearms system record
  120. SB374 Barrel Length and Overall Length
  121. SCOTUS Grants Cert in Guns & Drugs case - GOA files Amicus
  122. AK Pistols
  123. DC vs KOKESH
  124. Jackson v. San Francisco
  125. Confusion on carrying in a motor vehicle
  126. done
  127. HSC Required for DOJ Firearm Ownership Record form?
  128. crossbow
  129. Recall of CA legislators over gun rights?
  130. Petition of the Day: Lane v. Holder
  131. Thanking Gov. Brown.
  132. Charge Finklestein?
  133. New California laws
  134. Court Cases
  135. SFGate - Jerry Brown signs 11 gun-related laws
  136. Nugget from Miller decision regarding AB711
  137. simple mag rules - maybe a sticky?
  138. Raddlock legality question
  139. background checks
  140. Heller and the Cal AWB
  141. War Trophies......
  142. Ab48....can somebody explain it
  143. The Difference with "Drake"
  144. Threaded Barrel on a Rim-fire rifle legal?
  145. Firearms Trust
  146. AK / AR pistol laws
  147. Legal interpretation and Q&A on AB 48 - Michel and Associates
  148. Analysis-Supreme Court 2A Action/Inaction
  149. Explanation and breakdown AB48 and other bills
  150. SRM 1216
  151. Interstate interfamilial transfers in San Bernardino Co?
  152. Am I limited to purchasing 5 handguns per calendar year or every 12 months?
  153. Semi-auto Ak47 same as machine-gun says CA 4th Appellate [Zondorak, 2013]
  154. College Response to the GRAY area of the Constitution
  155. Dad has a large gun collection and wants to give it to his son...
  156. self defense 911 related injury
  157. Carrying 10/22 Takedown In your Car?!
  158. The era of the 80% party is OVER...
  159. Rimfire magazine capacity
  160. "Dangerous and unusual", please explain
  161. why was my thread locked
  162. Re- DROS, after delay release? Beyond 30 days from original DROS.
  163. Friend moved from California to Texas.
  164. Am I limited 1 hangun / month: 1 is C&R?
  165. 1 gun returned but not ammo
  166. Proposed Sticky - Legal Education Resources
  167. Question on ppt legalities
  168. CA Semiauto Ban (AW) chart Appendices A&B
  169. How do you legally obtain hi caps/kits (as a business/manufacture) post SB48
  170. Please summarize effect of new CA laws for me
  171. AG Opinion #10-504: Unlicense firearm applications completed by both parties a crime
  172. Shipping M-1 Carbine magazine to CA
  173. How Bonidy SHOULD be fought
  174. felony (transfer of guns owned by prohibited person)
  175. Looked but just to clarify.
  176. For Counsel, et al - CA9: Vasquez v. Rackauckas - Burdens against Due Process
  177. A potentially relevant case?
  178. Legalities of side folding buffer tube on AR pistols?
  179. delete
  180. CA Appeals Ct. Confirms AB962 Void; Applies Heightened Vagueness Review to Gun Laws
  181. Who do you contact for law calrification?
  182. Sherrifs Dept Robbed me again/Update: Charges filed
  183. Is it still legal to own parts kits?
  184. Deserved or not?
  185. Does private security has the power to confiscate firearms?
  186. Blank receivers and concerns
  187. Can someone explain to me why this person wasn't charged for shooting in public?
  188. Legality of flying with firearms in an expandable hard-sided suitcase
  189. Wilson v. Cook County, IL
  190. rebuild my legal hi cap mags
  191. special class
  192. Why individuals require the 2nd Amendment
  193. Any news in Drake v. Filko carry case challenging May Issue in NJ?
  194. Drake v. Jerejian (NJ CCW) [cert denied 5/5]
  195. hutchens stayed
  196. 10/30 Pinned and blocked P-Mags still OK after the new year?
  197. AW ban help
  198. Legal to PPT ex-husband's guns?
  199. I want to build a .450 bushmaster, magazine question.
  200. Shooting in the open ocean
  201. Out of state AFS request possible?
  202. Magazine Rebuild Kits
  203. NAA .22 and Bayonet?
  204. ...
  205. 50 bmg
  206. buy c&r hangun out of State thur FFL legal?
  207. State AG Sued Again Over Expungement Exception To FPP
  208. Home Defense Question from My Wife
  209. CCW in Orange County, Ca
  210. SFVPOA v SF (2A Protections for 10+Round Magazines)
  211. In state ID card (CA) - out of state drivers license?
  212. What law prevents me from shooting a gun in my front yard?
  213. Qs re. the Lawsuit that got Solano Sheriff to Issue CCWs
  214. Cause I know you guys love hypotheticals so much...
  215. Californian Gestapo?
  216. The right to be a blabbermouth
  217. USPS. - anyone can ship a rifle, FFL can ship handguns
  218. Question About Gifting a Handgun
  219. Serializing 80% Homebuild
  220. Long gun registration in 2014 - NOT guns you already own!
  221. target practice ban.
  222. 1910 small ring mauser sportorized transfer question
  223. SF/Sunnyvale Mag Bans Force Cops to Surrender Off-duty & Personal Standard Cap Mags
  224. new to Cali, magazine laws
  225. Why unqualified non-2A attorneys should not file 2A legal challenges
  226. Can FFL forward a rifle that I have sold to newBuyer's FFL without me having to DROS?
  227. Two Questions concerning DROS
  228. Do I need serial # for DOJ legr?
  229. Gift CA rifle to son in AZ
  230. CGF (Nov 26) "Second Amendment Case Update (Richards v. Prieto, Silvester v. Harris)"
  231. .....
  232. New oversight for LA Sheriff
  233. Buy now and gift to minors?
  234. FFL Store won't do PPT's.
  235. Can minors shoot unaccompanied by an adult on BLM?
  236. Legal to carry at any home or private property where owner permits?
  237. Carrying unassembled rifle
  238. Question? (RAW on BLM land?)
  239. Moving to ca, selling ar15 lower as pistol
  240. If someone was charged with a misdemeanor and they owned a handgun, what would happen
  241. Is it legal to photograph a rifle with a 30 rd mag body inserted?
  242. Can a potential landlord ask if you own firearms?
  243. Gun Trust for AOW..
  244. delete
  245. 80% Lowers in 2014
  246. Gun Inheritance Process
  247. Possession of Mag rebuild kits after Jan 1, 2014
  248. Misc legal questions
  249. After a home invasion, what happens next?
  250. Interesting 2nd Amendment Read