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  1. AG request granted? (No - mandate to lower court stayed)
  2. CCW - Are "We the People" out of the woods yet?
  3. Intervention and En Banc in Peruta
  4. New to state...legal/registration questions
  5. Challange the Assualt Weapons Ban and Mag ban for new residents?
  6. Interstate Transfers on Unregistered Shotguns... how?
  7. When to Expect Actual Policy Change
  8. Congratulations to CGF (Richards)
  9. What's next for Peruta and Richards?
  10. Selling 10+ magazines to free states.
  11. Baker CCW case, Hawaii.
  12. Peruta (and Richards?) intervention requests: process and time line?
  13. What Constructive Steps Can We Take? Re: Peruta
  14. Volokh on Fyock: "Are laws limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds constitutional?"
  15. Please Help With My CCW Situation
  16. Ruling on 10 day waiting period
  17. Good moral character
  18. Constructive Possession of SBR
  19. CCW Application - What constitutes treatment for mental illness
  20. Legalities of making a long gun (not a rifle)
  21. Has anyone managed to DROS a stripped AR receiver in 2014?
  22. ADW reduced to misdemeanor and getting guns rights back
  23. What's up w/Marin Co Sheriff Robert Doyle and Peruta???
  24. Supremes May Block Ban on Hi Capacity Mags
  25. What happens to existing LTC when a PD declares G?
  26. Current status and timeline on Peruta?
  27. ares armory & ep lowers under attack
  28. M1 Garand (CMP) to CA
  29. Torrance PD Shall Not Issue
  30. ATF 80% Lower ruling on build parties
  31. 1871 Gatling Gun Magazine legality??
  32. Court rules pc 242 does not trigger firearm ban
  33. 4DCA Court (CA Ct of App's): A zip gun boobytrap qualifies
  34. Micro stamping law suit
  35. New case law ????
  36. Reason.com: "Five Gun Rights Cases to Watch"
  37. Article 4 exemptions to 25400
  38. Dumb question: What constitutes an assembled firearm?
  39. DROS Application got delayed...more info inside
  40. Jackson v. San Francisco - 9th Cir. Opinion released (affirmed):
  41. Leland Yee - posts to open threads in Politics/Activism Forum, please
  42. Peruta updates only thread
  43. Going to SF can I bring HP ammo?
  44. Report on Microstamping
  45. Got a call from the San Diego Sheriff's office
  46. Peruta update, AG reply (feel free to merge with locked thread)
  47. Interstate transport of firearms
  48. Brady Response Filed (Peruta)
  49. 3D Printing Guns and the Zip gun Law
  50. Declined background check
  51. Long gun registration - Pistol Registration?? Clarification Needed...
  52. San Francisco 10+Round Magazine Possession Ban Takes Effect Today
  53. Monterey Co SO CCW GMC-background ck: Legal?
  54. Shasta Co SO: vicarious liability for CCWs?
  55. SAAMI/NSSF Req Injunction to stop microstamping. CA Fresno Superior Ct, March 28 2014
  56. Four essays on 2A: Harvard Law Review - Kopel, Gura, Blocher, Miller
  57. Johnson v. State of CA (1968)
  58. SFGate & HuffPo on GOC's upcoming Open Carry lawsuit/s
  59. NJ.com: "NJ man’s handgun case before U.S. Supreme Court on Friday" [Drake case conf]
  60. En Banc Procedure Flowchart for you guys
  61. Baker - En Banc Petition Filed
  62. U.N. Resolution 2117 (March 2013)
  63. How are we doing re. Strict Scrutiny for Std of Review?
  64. Geissele X Noveske Memorial SSF CA Legal
  65. 30 Rnd Mags and Washington State?
  66. Donnelly CCW bill
  67. AB1563
  68. any updates on leland yee?
  69. Suing the State of Nevada (reciprocity)
  70. Good write-up on Peruta in NRA Magazine
  71. Question Regarding Peruta
  72. KC BROWN/IVC DEBATE (5/31)
  73. Started DROS on a AR pistol lower... Found out this is a no-no. What do I do now???
  74. How much damage can Harris do in Peruta?
  75. Gura v. NRA/Peruta?
  76. Transfering Pistol Lower
  77. DOJ bans 03FFL + COE 1 in 30 day Exemption
  78. Birdt gets solid ruling against San Bernardino SO
  79. Researching how to get a product approved by CA-DOJ
  80. Heller II loses at District AGAIN.
  81. Doe v. Harris (COE+FFL03 1-30 exemption challenge)
  82. Microstamping Arguments 5/14
  83. 9th Cir.:29 Law Enforcement & Civ. Rights Groups File 4 Briefs Opposing Magazine Bans
  84. Jon Birdt Threatens to Sue Calguns.net
  85. DENIED: SCOTUS denies cert in Kwong v. de Blasio
  86. Group Buying Ammo in SF?
  87. CGN/CGF/M&A mass texting re. Peruta and other cases??
  88. Gun Buy Back Question
  89. Is this a CCW "game changer" in anti counties?
  90. when and what law made large capacity feed devices a nussance?
  91. UPDATE: 5-4 Decision on Abramski
  92. Glock vs. CADOJ lawsuit???
  93. UCLA Con Law Prof. Adam Winkler, Gun Shy: What Happened to 2nd A at SCOTUS This Year?
  94. 9th Cir: Jackson v. SF (HP Ammo / Locked Storage) En Banc Request Filed 6/23
  95. What do you think is going to happen with Peruta
  96. hypothetical question regarding 10 rd magazine
  97. Los Angeles Looking into Ban on Large-Capacity Ammunition Clips
  98. 1 handgun per 30 days question
  99. The Gore Fiasco (Peruta)
  100. Submitting 80% samples to the ATF for evaluation
  101. 9th Cir.-Jackson (HP Ammo/Locked Storage) 40 Groups File 7 Briefs For En Banc Review
  102. Need FFL or Gun expert near whittier??
  103. Obama bans AK-47 " NEW NEWS"
  104. SWAT Blew a Hole in 2-Yr-Old Baby, worse part is they raided on incorrect assumption!
  105. White house ban guns
  106. Justice Kennedy: Interesting article which may help understand no cert
  107. Federal judge rules DC ban on handguns unconstitutional
  108. DC police grants full reciprocity for all open and concealed carry
  109. HuffPo:Guns in America: Why I Think It's Time for California to Stop Fighting Peruta
  110. Judge Considered for Supreme Court: No 2A Rights Outside of Home
  111. Recovering Duplicate CCW Fees?
  112. Time Limit on En Banc?
  113. Michel and Associates Lawyer on Radio now.
  114. WashPo: "District asks for more time as it ponders ruling throwing out handgun carry"
  115. How do I find a lawyer in Monterey to get guns back after 5150 confiscation
  116. Pena effect on AB1964?
  117. Silvester 08/25/14 -Fed District Court Rules 2nd 10-day Waiting Per Unconstitutional!
  118. Brandishing A firearm
  119. Silvester v Becerra, 2nd 10-day wait unconst. FAQ; 2/20/18 - cert DENIED
  121. Any legal recourse if 10 day wait causes refusal to deliver
  122. Status of Lawsuit Against Microstamping
  123. Lower Courts and Heller; TN Law Review Article, ALICE MARIE BEARD
  124. Release of Liability
  125. 10 day waiting period still in effect
  126. Why should we lose our CA CCW & have to apply again when moving to new county???
  127. 10 day wait defeated... so what next?
  128. For the court-watchers and tea-leaf-readers, 9th and Henry v Ryan
  129. Self defense legality subject to interpretation of local DA?
  130. I have an idea for a law suit...
  131. Is There a Good Firearms Rights Attorney in Monterey County
  132. Rationality and AWB
  133. I've just renewed my GOA membership today.
  134. Thought of an idea:
  135. Is a lawsuit needed for DROS overcharges?
  136. Getting rights back after a 5150 - hearing
  137. Yolo County CCW Updates?
  138. Liberty1 back in the saddle!!!
  139. Brady Campaign Sues Ammunition Dealer for Aurora Shooting
  140. SCOTUS 2014 - 2015 term: any RKBA cases???
  141. Looking for a Patent Laywer!
  142. HI Ban on Legal Alien Acquisition of Firearms
  143. 9th Circuit: Wolfson v. Concannon going en banc
  144. United States v. Bryant - Using prior uncounseled convictions to deprive 2A rights
  145. Win in Morris
  146. December 31, 2015 last day to buy new handguns?
  147. 2014 CALIFORNIA LEGISLATIVE WRAP-UP: What Passed, What Didn’t, and What Does it All M
  148. (10/27/2014): Gun Owner Defended by CGF Not Guilty of Federal Conspiracy Charge
  149. CCW and Public records access.
  150. 4 Briefs Filed w/ CA Sup Ct in appeal of NRA/CRPA Suit Overturning AB 962 (Parker)
  151. HuffPo: "Second Amendment Lawsuits Expose Rift At The Top Of Gun Rights Movement"
  152. Another One Bites the Dust
  153. Ventura County Sheriff Dean /Moral Character /CCW
  154. Tracy Rifle v. Kamala Harris || (Wait for result after oral args on injunction)
  155. Intervention DENIED (Peruta / San Diego)
  156. Peruta - what happens next?
  157. Where we go from here on Peruta
  158. Yee's raketeering case on fast track for trial..
  159. 1600 CCW applications in process in San Diego
  160. What if Sheriffs decide to disobey a court ruling?
  161. Attend Pleasant Hill, CA Court Issue Fri Dec 12 (DATE CHANGE)
  162. How will we know if a court mandate has been issued for Peruta?
  163. NOTE: Ferguson posts go to the open thread in OT - No Exceptions
  164. No more 10 day waiting period for people with guns already? (Silvester v Harris)
  165. Jedge rejects Kamala;s deklaying tactics regarding 2nd waiting period
  166. Gun Trust, worthwhile or scam?
  167. Was Peruta decided like this in your opinion?
  168. Tyler V. Hillsdale 922 challenge 6th circuit ruling
  169. Can I carry(in any capacity) in Yosemite
  170. Stop Gun Violence PSA : Steal parents gun, bring to school, give to teacher
  171. Regulate guns like we regulate cars? Might not be what they expect.
  172. sb 683??
  173. Nichols: Loaded Open Carry Case?
  174. CLE for Lawyers Re: CA Firearm Laws and New 2015 Laws & Practical Firearms Training
  175. Silvester v. Harris
  176. Litigation strategy - spin-off from Peruta thread
  177. "WI AG joins 25 other states in asking Supreme Court to nix SF gun lock ordinance
  178. Thread process: Lets try this ...
  179. A note on court timing/schedule
  180. "For California gun-rights advocates, hope rests in U.S. Supreme Court"
  181. Exemption 10 day waiting period - proof of ownership registered gun
  182. Magazines questions
  183. Copy of your CA gun trust
  184. CRPA, CGSSA, and other state 2A orgs file brief in case challenging CO magazine ban
  185. Belemjian v. Harris (FSC Lawsuit)
  186. H.R.378 - Responsible Body Armor Possession Act
  187. Peruta Information Source
  188. 9th Circuit grants Yolo's motion to terminate stay (Richards v Prieto, 2/2/2015)
  189. BREAKING! Residency Reqs for Handgun Purchases Unconstitutional
  190. Firearms in Backpacks (People v Wade, CA 2nd App, 2/2015) Aff. 5/9/16 by CA Sup Ct
  191. Fed Judge Rules Handgun Transfer Ban Illegal
  192. FOXNews: "Gun rights groups await judge's ruling on California's 'microstamping' law"
  193. Micro-stamping case a "strict scrutiny" vehicle?
  194. Federal Judge Holds GCA '68 Gun Ban Provision Unconstitutional
  195. Peruta speculation: Dissent from Denial of En Banc Review
  196. Question about standing
  197. California Superme Court Rules - Cant ban sex offenders near schools...
  198. Mance v. Holder as applied in CA
  199. Mance v. Holder - Stay Denied
  200. Fyock v. Sunnyvale (9th Circuit Opinion: Preliminary injunction denial was correct)
  201. Guns on roster
  202. BATFE backs down on M855 ban, what about 7N6?
  203. Napa PD (ETA: and SO) not issuing based on "no mandate".
  204. CA9 Court: Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign v. King County
  205. Peruta En Banc - Granted ( as well as Richards )
  206. My thoughts on the CCW issue
  208. Thoughts on latest NRA email? Be excited or prepare to be disappointed?
  209. They're going to turn the clock back to 12/31/2011
  210. Government files MTD in Ares Armor Suit (USDstCt, Southern Dist of CA)
  211. 2A-1 v KH/TPD-0 (Roberts v Matsuda, Torrance, destroy surrendered guns)
  212. Begin to make your voice heard, Peruta/Richards En-Banc.
  213. Please join me on April 25th
  214. Ninth Circuit Courts link to Peruta v. San Diego filings
  215. Peruta and the NRA
  216. Peruta/Prieto en banc thread
  217. Solano Co. 2008 - 2009 Grand Jury findings re. CCWs
  218. Aurora theater victim’s family may pay $280,000 in Lucky Gunner lawsuit
  219. OC Sheriff Hutchens Responds
  220. 9th Circuit enbanc track record
  221. Restoration of 2a rights after court case tossed
  222. Update 3/9/18: NSSF v. State of California (Microstamping): ORAL ARGS 4/4/18
  223. Legal Question on Constitution Violation
  224. Very Serious Legal, Need attorney
  225. Which case did DOJ say what the "minimum" 2A right was?
  226. Should the supreme court allow us to go to hell?
  227. Need a sticky for "CA Firearms Lawsuit Index & Summary"
  228. Should Gura or Clement mention open carry during Peruta Orals?
  229. Plain English - En Banc
  230. 5/13/15 Update from the OC Sheriff (CCW policy)
  231. post-Peruta orals CGN/CGF meet up (i.e., food, drinks & discussion)?
  232. Court agrees with CRPA & NRA in Henderson v. United States
  233. BREAKING: Washington, D.C. “May Issue” Handgun Carry License Law is Unconstitutional,
  234. Judge stops DC from enforcing part of 'good reason' gun law
  235. One more push by Obama
  236. Doe v. Harris update?
  237. Help downloading the Peruta oral argument
  238. Karl Rov "The Second Amendment"
  239. Silveira v. Lockyer Redux?
  240. CA Court Upholds Restraining Order Provision (Altafulla v. Ervin, 2015, CA 4th)
  241. City of LA bans possession of high cap mags
  242. Wright v. Beck - USDC-CD Cal (LAPD firearms retention policy)
  243. SAF/CGF/Lori Rodriguez Sues San Jose In Federal Court (US DC Norcal)
  244. Fire mission now, for Monday Aug 24 vote on AB1134
  245. Liability Waiver sample?
  246. Hypothetical legal question
  247. Marilley v. Bonham, Privileges and Immunities violated
  248. We Lost Our Daughter to a Mass Shooter and Now Owe $203,000 to His Ammo Dealer
  249. Bosenko v. Los Angeles (Preemption Challenge to Magazine Ban) Filed 10/23/15
  250. State Response to Pro-2A Peruta Decision?