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  1. Colt 1908 Pocket Hammerless Legal to Buy
  2. A question for kcbrown
  3. Transfer of Off-Roaster from out of state relative
  4. If I Start the Long Gun DROS Process within 10 days of Jan 1, 2014??????
  5. Reason mag: 3 most important ongoing 2A cases
  6. 3d printing handgun frame question
  7. Gen 4 glock legal question
  8. Legality of .50 Belt Links in CA
  9. Statute of Limitations for Hi Cap Magazines?
  10. Can I sell my pre-ban semiautos?
  11. LA sheriff's deputies face Federal charges
  12. NSSF Files Lawsuit Against Sunnyvale, Calif. Gun-contr (Cal Superior Ct, Santa Clara)
  13. So what's the down and dirty about +10rd magazines in 2014?
  14. can police officer purchase listed ak?
  15. Please critique my gift letter - Legal Eagles Needed
  16. Longun Safety Certificate? (*Firearms* SC, starts Jan 2015)
  17. Machine gun rental
  18. Shooting in the forest
  19. Lifelong loss of 2nd Amendment rights? - Has anyone successfully had theirs restored?
  20. Ab48 - Question on 10/30
  21. Question about bringing mag kits from overseas
  22. Hunter Safety still exempts from FSC in 2015?
  23. Sales Tax on Firearms - Question
  24. Selling a mosin without an FFL transfer is legal, right?
  25. Any case law on AFG / PRS on "featureless" builds?
  26. DOJ List "Drop Off Date" Question
  27. Locked Trunk Legal Definitions
  28. 10/30 Mags and the Gun Show this weekend
  29. ....
  30. Ca gun regristration
  31. what to do (DOJ gun buyer delay)
  32. Use of a long gun by ME after transfer to a child
  34. Fyock v. Sunnyvale:Large-Capacity Magazines (Official Thread) UPDATE 5/16
  35. DOJ denyial after purchase erlier this year
  36. Disassembled magazines in 2014??
  37. 44Mag, Copes Settle Litigation Filed by San Francisco Over Rebuild Kits
  38. Recommend a pro-2A lawyer
  39. CGF Wiki Litigation page...
  40. Fighting some charges, Will I get my gun back?
  41. Want my guns back
  42. Open Carry: status of federal civil lawsuits challenging "No Open Carry" laws
  43. After Jan 1st, can I no longer take my rebuild kits outside of California?
  44. 10 Day Waiting Period May Be Unconstitutional?
  45. PTP transfer of Off Roster pistols between LEO and non-LEO
  46. Cal Open carry law?
  47. Old story, Surefire lawsuit outcome?
  48. ammo shipping discrimination
  49. Parent to Child Transfer - an optional legal form w/ Notary
  50. If you are prohibited from owning a firearm due to a 5250 but one is illegally acquir
  51. Gun cases that do not look like it is one?
  52. Litigation to challenge Microstamping?
  53. Roster Law Suite
  54. Home Defense Question
  55. Rebuild kits post 2014
  56. Rebuild kits 2014
  57. SB 396 (Hancock) - As Amended: May 15, 2013
  58. California Firearm Laws, Are they consistent with all counties
  59. ownership during 10-day waiting period?
  60. Shooting Sports Foundation Files suit Against Pleasant Hill
  61. Confused about the 2014 magazine conversion kit law
  62. legalities in leaving a as of now cash and carry rifle as collaterall for a loan
  63. Giving a 18 year old step child a hand gun
  64. Handgun Legality question
  65. Long Gun Registration Question [Information is sent when DROS is submitted]
  66. new law re: firearm purchase delay
  67. 2014 California Registration: Transferring.
  68. Magazine question #8750
  69. What do I do now? 80% lower question.
  70. Gift of rifles to minors
  71. Los Angeles CCWs: Whatever happened to having CCWs "promintently posted" on website?
  72. had a loaded mag at lax
  73. PC 28240
  74. .....
  75. SFGate: "Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals plans audio streaming"
  76. new idea? Sue for suppressors?
  77. Valid ID to buy Ammo online?
  78. Sling as a "pistol grip" legality....
  80. Has the doj made a statement on ab48 yet?
  81. Parts kit question (searched and couldn't find an answer)
  82. Revocable Living Trust
  83. Question regarding 14th Amendment and LEO exemption
  84. 20/10 Magazine Blocks?
  85. Effect of asking for cert. in Drake on Richards-Peruta-Baker?
  86. Seeking Legal Advice - 80% lower issue
  87. 22LR conversion, Remove Bullet Button?
  88. RV (Motor Home) and Firearm Laws
  89. NSSF files suit against microstamping requirement,
  90. PFEC DENIED...DROS APPROVED...no denial or delay
  91. Legality of vehicle LUCC?
  92. Disheartened about 2014
  93. Driving through a base/college campus with firearms
  94. Long Gun Transportation. 2014 new laws?
  95. CCW in Orange County
  96. SKS question
  97. After Passing Away
  98. HELP!! delayed delivery & new law clarification needed Please
  99. Templar Sports, back to council hearings..... AGAIN
  100. FFL Refusing to Sell Firearm
  101. UPDATE 8/15:Parker v CA (NRA Lawsuit Overturning AB962) CA Supreme Court Briefs Filed
  102. 5150 question, firearm ownership eligibility
  103. Gun confiscation for being CA compliant
  104. Please explain this graph to me...
  105. Trying to help my step dad get his guns back to him in California
  106. Class action?
  107. 5250 lifetime firearms ban
  108. When did first sales/transfer reporting laws begin
  109. Felony expunged via pc 17 and dismissed, can I get a guard card
  110. Restraining order, gun turn in?
  111. Retrieval of Firearms from LE
  112. CA court ruled in 2013 that clubs are not protected arms
  113. 10 Day Wait (Silvester v Harris: AG will appeal to 9th Circuit)
  114. Rebuild kits legal?
  115. Status: pending
  116. Is buyer in violation if sale not done through FFL?
  117. Off-Roster Sale?
  118. SB808 updated to require registration of previous 80% lowers
  119. Brother/Roommate and firearms/safe access question?
  120. Single Shot AK variant Build
  121. Ammunition vendor not shipping ammunition to specific city in CA?
  122. I work at an FFL. I need clairification about handguns falling off CA roster.
  123. interfamilial transfer re:TRO
  124. Local GS Requires ID for Purchase of any Firearm Accessory?
  125. Road Trip w/ Firearms - What Paperwork?
  126. antique
  127. Cost To Retain Legal Service?
  128. Why I applied for the NRA Visa- Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.
  129. Securing RAW
  130. Don Kilmer Vs. John Donahue
  131. Ruger Continues to Submit Guns to CA DOJ: Tom Gresham Interview with Ruger CEO
  132. Cheaper Than Dirt denied shipping ammo to Sunnyvale,CA
  133. ppt dros
  134. Got a question about pistol transport
  135. Registering firearms after inheritance?
  136. What would gunmakers do if microstamping requirement became federal?
  137. Travelling with a felon
  138. Fed Ct: CT standard cap & AW bans constitutional
  139. California SB808
  140. Can an out of state resident bring an off-Roster handgun to a CA FFL for SSE?
  141. When can you use force...
  142. Law related to ammunition deliveries in So Cal
  143. AB 48 magazine parts question
  144. What is the consensus on High-Cap parts not kits?
  145. Friend saw a psych - Legal obligations?
  146. Transport of firearms in a Motorhome.
  147. Shipping Long Gun From FFL to Unlicensed Person
  148. M.A.I.G
  149. Bay Area Labor Attorney. Preferably East Bay Area
  150. Surplus ammo ban?
  151. Blogger Savages Gun Trust Attorneys
  152. didnt see this covered, is it ok to TRADE standard cap mags and or rebuilds?
  153. conceal carry discusion
  154. Are black powder guns legally guns?
  155. 4 Qs re. Lu-CGF v. Baca-LASO
  156. Which handguns are falling off the approved roster and when?
  157. Self manufactured AR15; still legal?
  158. Is it legal to open carry a rifle while hiking in national forests?
  159. Another Thread on 80%'s!
  160. Self defense outside my home?
  161. Could Indian Reservations Sell Off-Roster Handguns?
  162. 9th Circuit - Peruta
  163. Peruta LTC FAQ - CERTIORARI DENIED 6/26/17; Thomas dissent
  164. I WAS WRONG!!!!
  165. Did the Ban on Open Carry Help?
  166. Has Peruta Been Stayed? (by rule, en banc not later March 7)
  167. Exercise a right lose that right
  168. brady's response to the 9th's decision
  169. Can one obtain a CCW at the age of 18?
  170. C & R transfer within California
  171. With new court Concealed Weapons ruling...Now what?
  172. Made my appt for SD application submittal
  173. Heckler & Koch SP89 Questions
  174. CA Private Party Transfer Question
  175. Who here has written to their San Diego county supervisor?
  176. Q re. a possible future of Peruta
  177. san diego en banc = route to nationwide reciprocacy
  178. Hot off the San Diego Sheriff's Desk
  179. Imperial County - Peruta Ruling
  180. Legal ownership to Lifetime Ban
  181. And a Shout out to Sheriff Gore from Ed Peruta
  182. Not upholding oath, can we go after them?
  183. post-Peruta: How do we win LOC???
  184. Article: Anti-2nd Amend groups comment on Peruta
  185. Why an opinion on Peruta and not on Richards/Sykes?
  186. Gov. Brown, OC and Adam Winkler on the 9th Circuit ruling
  187. If 'shall issue' passes, won't it be impoosible to obtain...?
  188. What's the latest on the lead bullet ban?
  189. How many CA carry cases remainb
  190. the future of Peruta speculation thread
  191. Morris + Peruta != 11.04.180
  192. OMG This HAS to go viral - Hitler on the Peruta Case
  193. Shall issue and previous medical history (outlook)?
  194. Time limits to issue LTC
  195. Oral Argument Recordings Peruta v San Diego & Richards v Prieto
  196. Drake v. Jerejian
  197. Handgun DROS Question "30 days" calculated from date and time of DROS
  198. Historical gun legislation list passed, proposed
  199. Couple of rimfire legal questions
  200. Update on Microstamping?
  201. Wa. Times: SCOTUS considers gun cases Fri.
  202. DROS requirements proof of residency question
  203. Scocca unleashed?
  204. NCC: "A look at Friday’s three gun cases ...Supreme Court" [Results MONDAY]
  205. Ventura County CCW
  206. Another approach...
  207. Sheriff Gore will not appeal, and will not answer the court. Updated April 4th, 2014
  208. LTC/CCW "Appointment Dates" and other delay tactics
  209. San Diego will not appeal
  210. Have unfinished 80%. Can I buy a pistol upper?
  211. Guns in the workplace?
  212. State Sen. Ron Calderon charged with corruption
  213. Riverside: Two CCW Applications?
  214. Support the 6 California's initiative
  215. 80% Build and Being Questioned By LEO. Steps?
  216. Post-Peruta: no more "virtual" Shall Issue (vSI), but "judicial Shall Issue" (jSI)
  217. Bernhard Goetz and a SCOTUS case?
  218. CA AG Kamala Harris requests appeal of Peruta 2/27
  219. Background check speed and why hasn't it been made an issue yet
  220. No resident has the right to a license, nor is the Sheriff required to issue a lice
  221. charges dropped, gun seized, fountain valley
  222. Wall Street Journal; More Guns = Less Crime
  223. Something seems to be consciously overlooked in the micro stamp law
  224. Pinnacles National Park
  225. Santa Clara County Lawsuit?
  226. CCW and 5150
  227. U.S. v. Castleman - What's next?
  228. needing some legal help
  229. Returning stripped lower to manufacturer for replacement
  231. Legality Question
  232. Why hasn't the DOJ changed the wording?
  233. Exclusion to Possess a Firearm In Calif
  234. We need a CCW Forum with a bunch of sticky stat!
  235. If SCOTUS Denies Cert for Lane, Other NRA Cases(Updated - Which Already Happened)
  236. Peruta and LA County
  237. Ventura County CCW policy out of compliance with penal code
  238. Peruta and the North Bay Counties
  239. Can we get a California version of this for support?
  240. O.C. Sheriff Article
  241. Armalite AR180B Banned or Not?
  242. Need written proof of ability to build own gun
  243. CPOA/CPA request for EN BANC on Peruta Filed
  244. Publicizing Permit Holders
  245. renting out a milling machine
  246. AG has filed requesting CCW En Banc
  247. Effect of Peruta en banc petition/rehearing on Richards v. Yolo case?
  248. Dual Residency - Bringing firearms into Ca.
  249. Will Cali take guns away for prohibiting arrest without conviction?
  250. Santa Barbara Sheriff on 9th Circuit Peruta