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  1. Who are the San Jose People in here?
  2. Recommend any good gun stores around here
  3. What is the closet public land to go shoot out at? Is there any?
  4. Has there ever been an 80% build party in San Jose?
  5. Ammunition by mail?
  6. How to build an AR in San Jose for under $600
  7. CCW in San Jose?
  8. Recommendations for San Jose mayoral election
  9. Friends of the NRA Banquet
  10. Gun Ranges in SJ south bay area ?
  11. Deleted
  12. San Jose rent help/advice appreciated!
  13. WTB Six Flags Discovery Park tickets.
  14. Any Gun Shows worth going to anymore?
  15. delete
  16. If you're looking for 9mm Federal HST 147gr...
  17. XD40 FOR SALE: Please advise.
  18. Moving to CA - H1B holder
  19. anyone in San Jose do camo hyrodip or camo paint for a shotgun?
  20. Looking for gun clubs in San Jose
  21. San Jose gun show gone?
  22. Good recommendation for pistol class in SJ area?
  23. Santa Clara Field Sports Park meetup sept 6th
  24. Need about 100 -150 rounds of brass tumbled.
  25. Anyone, 20's, 30's, 40's want to hit the range in San Jose?
  26. Super Secret Zombie Shoot 5.5.Nov 7,8 & 9, 2014 Barstow California!████
  27. Metcalf 10/10*****updated 10/10***and a chance to meet up again on tues 10-14
  28. LGS in San Jose that sells stripped lowers?
  29. Diane Ritchie Stops Campaigning
  30. San Jose Gun Show -- October 4 & 5
  31. Lodging recommendation for Stoic Ventures
  32. Scotts Valley Sportsmen
  33. ***Edit 10/14 Another chance for a get together, reeds indoor range, Santa Clara.
  34. Anyone have a spare room for temporary lodging???
  35. Question regarding purchase of firearm
  36. Shotgun smith in san jose?
  37. **Update 12/15*Let me try this again! Tues 12/16 meetup at reeds in Santa Clara. 6pm.
  38. Cheap hotels in SJ that take cash
  39. San Jose Sharks
  40. Gun safe stores? in san jose?
  41. WTS: Smith & Wesson SD9VE
  42. Diane Ritchie got the BOOT!
  43. What do you have to hide? SJPD DRONE USE - City Hall Open Comments on Dec. 6
  44. 1911 work
  45. SJPD Gun Buy Back Fundraiser
  46. Panoche & Tumey Hills BLM questions???
  47. Archery range or land with hay backstops?
  48. Deleted
  49. Air gun range near Cupertino? Clubs?
  50. CALGUNS “Official” 501 (c)3 Public Charity - CGSSA.Org
  51. Cheapest FFL for online purchases?
  52. Santa Clara meet up...again!!
  53. Any shops in SJ that still rent their mill for 80% lowers?
  54. BLM Shooting Near Pismo Beach
  55. Local hard chrome??
  56. Newbie Metcalf Trip Report
  57. Brought your AR pistol to Metcalf range lately?
  58. AR15 Build Help/Assistance?
  59. CGSSA: Chapter Volunteers Needed - 2015
  60. CGSSA: Chapter San Jose Roll Call
  61. CZ 75 P-01 and CZ 75 SP-01 9mm availability
  62. Hopefully be shooting at Metcalf Sunday morning 1/25/15
  63. 5th consecutive monthly meet-up at Reed's!
  64. In need of a gun
  65. SAE work in San Jose?
  66. Mini Mags at Reed's and CCI Rebate
  67. Anyone have a P30 and/or P30L I could try?
  68. Friends of NRA Dinner May 1, 2015
  69. 6th consecutive montly meet-up at reeds
  70. Need a Lawyer for 5150 hold
  71. metcalf and los altos range
  72. 7th monthly shoot/meet up at Reeds Tuesday 4/21 6PM
  73. Seeking Hunting Buddies in the Bay Area! Skills Trades?
  74. San Jose District 4 council
  75. New CGSSA Team Leader - San Jose
  76. Two weeks....
  77. San Jose Zouaves hosting Memorial Day Benefit Match (@ Metcalf 200yd range) 4/23/2015
  78. SJ class/training that offers cert to add a weapon to CCW?
  79. ISO Reloading Mentor
  80. San Jose Chapter meet n greet
  81. San Jose monthly meet up at reeds. Tues 6/9 6PM
  82. Bi-monthly Action Pistol club
  83. Monthly meet-up at reeds Santa Clara! Tues 7/21 6PM
  84. NRA Instructor course
  85. Reeds
  86. Firearm Storage in Santa Clara or Nearby
  87. Young Americans for Liberty Shooting Event
  88. Monthly Santa Clara meet-up. Tues. Aug 18, 6:00pm. Reeds indoor range
  89. Public place for a knife meet in San Jose
  90. Santa Clara meet-up: Reeds indoor range: Tues Sept 8th 6PM
  91. Anyone interested in going down to do some target practice in the BLM??
  92. Santa Clara meet-up Tuesday Oct 13 at 6 PM***UPDATE
  93. Intra-Familial Transfer
  94. GS2AC Monthly Meeting Thurs. Oct. 29
  95. Metcalf Sunday Nov 1st
  96. Santa Clara meet up! Better late than never!
  97. Scholastic Pistol Program
  98. Santa Clara meet up. Reeds indoor, 12/15/15 6pm
  99. Stolen Guns
  100. Indoor range? Gun shop?
  101. Rifle Range closest to Monterey
  102. Well it's that time of the month...again. Monthly meet up!
  103. Sales thread for san jose
  104. Here we go...again!
  105. Pistol shooting tonight
  106. Has anyone heard about the American Marksman Competition?
  107. Friends of NRA Dinner - May 6th... Going?
  108. Better late than never. Santa Clara monthly meet-up
  110. Monthly meet up at Reeds Santa Clara
  111. South Bay FFL that will ship firearms
  112. Moving to San Jose
  113. Monthly meet up at Reeds. 6/21/16 6pm
  114. Slosa Thursday night steel
  116. Santa Clara meet up. Reeds 7/19 6PM
  117. I want to DO something!!! But WHAT??
  118. Need to build my upper and looking for a place to do it
  119. Shotgun Skeet class at Metcalf Sunday 8/7/16
  120. Delete
  121. Santa Clara monthly meet up...
  122. WTB XDm San Jose, Bay Area
  123. New gun store in Gilroy, Ca
  124. Santa Clara dinner meet up
  125. Need volunteers for VETO effort
  126. Santa Clara meet up
  128. VTA LE, What do they do?
  129. Any ranges in SJ that do 22lr competitions?
  130. Santa Clara monthly meet up.
  131. October 19th the Rules and Open Government Committee
  132. Santa Clara monthly meet up
  133. Moved to South San Jose. What fire arm store do you give business to in your area?
  134. Gun Buy-Back Dec 3rd South SJ
  135. Swap Meets and flea markets
  136. NRA Marksmanship Program??
  137. Places to shoot/collect brass near San Jose
  138. Gun store/Range in Belmont
  139. Newbie first handgun
  140. Santa Clara monthly meet up
  141. Friends of NRA Dinner San Jose May 5th
  142. Drop Ship Near Fresno?
  143. Gun store that is willing to order m1 garand from CMP?
  144. Santa Clara meet up. Tues. Feb. 28th 6PM
  145. FFL knowledgeable in SKS transfer
  146. Advice for Varmint hunting/target shooting
  147. What gun store should I check out while visiting San Jose
  148. No Santa Clara meet up in March. ***updated*** 4/14/17
  149. Local gun smith that works on CZs
  150. Getting unregistered confiscated shotguns back from sjpd
  151. Cerakote
  152. PSA: indoor range courtesy
  153. Anybody know of a restaurant/bar to watch the Canelo/Chavez fight tonight? (San Jose)
  154. Gun smiths in San Jose.
  155. Gunsmith to check headspace near Santa Cruz
  156. question about outdoor ranges and kid
  157. HAs anybody been out to Williams Hill BLM?
  158. Any FFLs that release on "undetermined"?
  159. Field Sports Park closed June 21-25
  161. Engraving in Bay Area
  162. New Member from Scotts Valley Saying Hi
  163. Griswold Hills cleanup, then shoot our steel
  164. JOIN US: AR-15 Firing Pin Lapel Pins ($6 ea)
  165. HOG HUNTING near Santa Cruz
  166. Markley’s
  167. Reloading
  168. BB Rifle Practice Locations
  169. Removed
  170. Sad day, Walmart Milpitas stopped ammo sales
  171. Santa Clara County Sheriff meet the candidate forum for Election June 5 2018
  172. Gunsmith for a savage axis ii
  173. Safe mover in San Jose?
  174. Lazo Firearms In Gilroy CLOSING it’s doors soon
  175. Anyone Going to the Gun Show ?
  176. Friends of NRA Dinner San Jose May 4th
  177. Santa Clara County May Ban Gun Shows from Public Fairgrounds
  178. SC sheriff candidates' forum TONIGHT (Tues, 4/24), in Mtn View!
  179. only S.C.sheriff candidate thats pro CCW
  180. favorite shooting spot near San Jose
  181. Any gunsmith that can do scope mounting?
  182. Removed
  183. Toastmasters
  184. buy CAT tourniquet locally
  185. Lessons for Santa Clara Co CGNers: How SDCGO got San Diego Co to liberally issue CCWs
  186. GS2AC meeting last night, Aug 30th....
  187. Santa Clara County Sheriff Candidate Forum Sept 12th 6:30 p.m.
  188. Who is helping Hirokawa beat Sheriff Smith on Nov 6th?
  189. Who has contact Sheriff Smith via FB re. CCWs?
  190. BLM near me
  191. Local 1911 basic gunsmithing / problem solving
  192. FFL transfer?
  193. 10th St Range in SJ closing at end of 2019