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  2. Bug out Vehicle?
  3. CG's Bug Out Bag thread Inventory (consolidated in one master list) NOW IN PDF 3/9/10
  4. Disaster preparedness and the difficult discussions/decisions with close friends...
  5. SHTF Scenario 1 - EMP
  6. Survival Garden with pics!
  7. BODY ARMOR: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
  8. what is the purpose of sand bags and how to use them correctly?
  9. Free CERT Training starting June 6 - Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Martin area
  10. Raising Chickens for Meat
  11. MinuteMen survival supply angels camp??
  12. Buggin out when the roads are gridlocked.
  13. Post and Share your Prepping Deals Here! :)
  14. Preppers: Philips L-Prize winning LED bulb... Edit: see post 23, new $13 CREE bulb
  15. How prepared are your weapons for SHTF ?
  16. On that September 11 - Were You Prepared?
  17. You have 2 Hrs
  18. The Old Way of Life and Survival...Great Survival Books
  19. Survival specific forums
  20. survival guides
  21. SHTF food and water, What to get and where?
  22. If you're not prepping, this might be you.
  23. Lets talk bail out bags
  24. How does one "prep" if your work takes you far away from your home?
  26. Survival/BOB
  27. Survivor Truck: For those who take armageddon seriously
  28. Run Silent, Run Deep...Black Ops Generator.
  29. Discharging a firearm during a SHTF situation - ramifications?
  30. What 22 rifle would you choose?
  31. Toyota Prius as SHTF vehicle
  32. TASC: SHTF/Emergency Management Seminar 21 Sept @ ASR
  33. SFBay Preppers - Meetup.com
  34. First aid stockpile
  35. Another good book for your SHTF collection - The Remaining
  36. I'm An Official Doomsday Radio Station
  37. 12/21/12 - Doomsday.... what to expect?
  38. Bugging out?, maybe not.
  39. Urban Bug Out v1.0
  40. Oh $h1t shopping list
  41. Scenario 4: Its so dark!
  42. I want to thank the mods and Kes for creating this sub-forum
  43. New sub forum?
  44. Exploritory trip to Idaho ends well
  45. B.O.B. Wet Weather System
  46. Post your SHTF gas masks!
  47. The place looked empty ...
  48. Best light I have bought in a long while
  49. EDC light
  50. Canning and smoke-jerky salmon
  51. Actually thought about this!
  53. Salting your food for SHTF scenario...Viable?
  54. Making good use of 200lbs of prepper sugar
  55. Review AA 12pack battery caddy
  56. Urban Bug Out v1.1 - Reboot
  57. Disturbing: Prepper raided by FBI for criticizing Obama!!
  58. As a new (soon to be) HAM radio operator, a few lessons from me to you...
  59. Which 4x4 vehicle
  60. Canning meat with metal cans
  61. if the world is going to end on12-21-12
  62. Dog Food
  63. SHTF Older Vehicle - When to replace parts
  64. Dare to Prepare (book)
  65. What are some good to have "SHTF" related Apps for a smart phone?
  66. Long walk home
  67. Multi-use review Tattler canning lids
  68. Survival and Preparedness Swap Meet
  69. Antibiotics - what does one need
  70. Thoughts on expired medications & FEMA study
  71. Staples & Surures - how to close wounds
  72. i consider this a must have for long term survival...
  73. Discreet backpack that has lots of external pockets (no molle)?
  74. Review: Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit
  75. Eneloops
  76. Anyone buying silver?
  77. Precious Metals - What Form?
  78. My primary weapon for an event
  79. 0330 12-21 , China, Were Still Here...
  80. Where to start?
  81. So back to the regular gloom and doom
  82. get it now before it's too late
  83. Went With The ESEE 5, Pics Included In Original Post
  84. Looks like silver does have value in a crisis situ
  85. Rechargeable Batteries Question
  86. Family members inviting themselves to your prepps.
  87. Review: Exotac firestarter
  88. bulletproof sheild information and suggestion needed
  89. instead of staples & Surures, SURVIVE GUNSHOT TILL 911?
  90. Cheap fire starting option.
  91. What else is lint good for?
  92. Interesting Survival Website
  93. Old-Fashioned Prepping Item...
  94. New to prepping and could use some advice.
  95. What Did You Do Today To Prep?
  96. Storing water then purifying question??
  97. A Magazine For Preppers!
  98. Long term rice\pasta\oatmeal storage. Mylar Bags and O2 absorber. Need recs
  99. FEMA Active Shooter Web training
  100. Christmas gift preps
  101. Prepping for a possible AW ban
  102. Satellite phones
  103. How Big Should A B.O.B Be.
  104. Gravity powered light
  105. How to bolt safe to floor?
  106. Electrical Transformer Mineral Oil as Fuel
  107. Imagine if the panic buying wasn't just guns...but food
  108. In a survival situation where would you shoot a larger animal with a .22?
  109. Aquarium as a source of water
  110. Survival Kits Online
  111. How to Make Char Cloth
  112. Nice Little Bit on Backyard Farms
  113. Need help picking a folding saw.
  114. Anyone storing nickels?
  115. two types of people, thinkers and robots
  116. Quick, newby comparison Yaesu FT-60 vs Baofeng UV5R
  117. ICOM718
  118. Bugnuts, You Would Love This
  119. This could be nice to have in B.O.B. Biolite
  120. Knife Suggestions
  121. Son off to college w/ 1st B.O.B
  122. Why are you prepping?
  123. Here to help
  124. How many propane tanks do you have?
  125. Preppers Swapmeet (Irwindale Jan 13th)
  126. Gear selection - BOB
  127. building a BOB
  128. Storage ideas
  129. Prepping with free 55 gallon drums
  130. MRE in your BOB?
  131. Power Options
  132. Two Way Hand Held Radios
  133. Rayovac Batteries at Sam's Club
  134. Treating pool water for drinking?
  135. Will "QuikClot" work / safe to use on dogs?
  136. Yikes hate to say it but I dont know how to Organise all the things I have
  137. pretty decent survivl book
  138. Food prep stores between Stockton and Bakersfield?
  139. good book to read
  140. San Andreas Fault
  141. What food can I keep in my garage from Costco?
  142. 15 FREE Kindle eBook and back issue downloads from Backwoods
  144. 8 Foods That Will Never Expire
  145. Stove made out of a log
  146. Free Security Awareness Classes
  147. Freezing in the apartment...so out comes the $2 space blanket!
  148. Good deals thread.
  149. How much cash do you keep on hand for emergency?
  150. USMC ILBE Main Pack & Assault Pack
  151. Paracord2L on kickstarter
  152. Amazing Candle Powered Space Heater!
  153. How's this for a B.O.B.?
  154. Expiration Date
  155. BOB for wife and baby
  156. Heat
  157. Where are you bugging out to?
  158. now they say don't reuse plastic bottles?!
  159. Grocery store canned food prepping
  160. what books are you reading (fiction)
  161. USFA .22lr ZipGun review
  162. Torn on Bug Out Vehicle
  163. TASC: History of Civilizations and Perspective
  164. Are these still good?
  165. Stashing Firearms and Ammo
  166. Anyone Ever Eaten Hardtack?
  167. Rocket stove
  168. US Mint Out Of Silver Coins - Suspends Sales
  169. Reviews? Any for this survival coarse?
  170. Rain Catcher Thoughts
  171. Why prep, why store food/water, ammo, guns?
  172. Prepper's magazines
  173. Egg storage w/o frige
  174. I need help finding the name of a survival tool
  175. Minimal human contact for 40 years
  176. TASC: Surveying interest in other SHTF/Prep Oriented type classes?
  177. Fish Antibiotics for Humans?
  178. Question on buying silver from Kitco...
  179. Time to learn skills
  180. Just ordered a Wise 72-hour food supply to try out
  181. Getting Home - A carrying question
  182. Just signed up for CERT training
  183. Emergency food (Gluten free)
  184. IT'S FREE..... well sort of
  185. 24x7Kits is open to bartering
  186. Soldier's Load Solution (somewhat related to BOB)
  187. Fenix PD32 Ultimate Edition - $65 + free shipping
  188. Tactical Black Powder Assault Rifle???
  189. I can't decide on a water filter...
  190. Expired WMD 40mm Filters
  191. Solar Charger
  192. Solar panel & wind turbine
  193. Gadget corner
  194. Dang Armenia, Isreal, English Skinheads, &
  195. Interesting Blog: Prepared Not Scared
  196. Global Sun Oven
  197. Personal drones
  198. jerry can question
  199. New Prepper Theme Song
  200. Start a Fire With Your Pee!
  201. Beyond a Camper....
  202. Building a Peterson press
  203. The Disappearing Gold
  204. A good compass on amazon under 15$?
  205. Have we lost the war?
  206. Gas Mask Question (semi-prepper related)
  207. going to start an aquaponics setup
  208. 50 Of The Best Prepper Websites And Blogs On The Internet
  209. How to start a fire....#14
  210. Toilet for SHTF?
  211. DIY Survival Food Bars
  212. The original survivalists
  213. 10% off Emergency Supplies
  214. Where to get gear? Surplus stores in SoCal
  215. Is living off the Grid now a crime? In LA County it is.
  216. PMAGs for sale at Quanticotactical
  217. Survival tour.
  218. Iriquois Fire Pump
  219. FREE E-BOOKS -- Survival, Prepping, Bug outs, Camping, Home Medicine
  220. flashlight suggestion
  221. Ham Radio
  222. HAM Radio "Go Box"
  223. Strap & Crap Essential Bugout Gear?
  224. Busse Combat Nuclear Meltdown Fusion Steel Heart
  225. Emergency food and where to order it
  226. Learn to treat minor/severe/ life threatening injuries.
  227. Do I have to use food grade buckets?
  228. Dorners Bug Out Truck, Broken Axle
  229. Alternative Feed Corn Uses?
  230. Calibers More or Less
  231. CME Coming Our Way?
  232. I've got a food sealer and a Dehydrator! Now what?
  233. Real life Lucifer's Hammer?
  234. Show This To Anyone That Believes That "Things Are Getting Better" In America
  235. I want a leather wrapped kydex sheath (Martin Swinkels SUCKS)
  236. body armor
  237. Crossbow or pellet rifle?
  238. Belt set-ups
  239. I'm new and can use some advice
  240. Does Anyone own a Pro Pur water filter?
  241. Flare Gun
  242. Have you ever Bugged Out?
  243. Modding a VX6R
  244. The Ultimate Bug Out Bag Weapon
  245. Russian meteor, just amazing
  246. Power Outage questions
  247. Preparedness & Survival Expo in CA. June 2013
  248. Grid Tie Solar owners I have some questions
  249. Lord of the Flies at Sea
  250. Help Me Outfit My Small Go-Bag