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  1. Sacramento Roll Call - Check in Here!
  2. CalGuns Sacramento Gun Show Booth -Nov 10 & 11 2012 - ALL SHIFTS FILLED !!
  3. Sacramento area gunsmith list
  4. I like the new Public Community Subforums
  5. Don't Miss the October 27th Meet UP at Sac Valley
  6. Anyone use the El Dorado Rod & Gun Club range?
  7. Sac C3 Monthly Shoot archives
  8. FIRST ANNUAL NEW YEAR'S DAY SHOOT - Update: After Action Report
  9. New Gun Store Downtown - J&G Gun Trade
  10. Ak builder in Sacto. area
  11. The Gun Range - Monday, Oct 29th - After 5:00
  12. Auburn Trap Club - Thursday Evening
  14. Yolo Sportsman Association NRA/CMP Match 11/10/2012
  15. CCW Class in Yuba-Sutter
  16. SAC C3 Chapter "Volunteers Needed"
  18. i need of land to shoot 1000plus yards
  19. Appleseed in Sacramento - January 19-20
  20. Sac C3 Meeting December 4, 2012 UPDATE: Success!
  21. Gun shop in Roseville
  22. Galt: Animal-Control officer shot
  23. Three gun competition in Sacramento
  24. Personal Defense Weapons - El Dorado Hills
  25. SACRAMENTO C3 MONTHLY SHOOT - Sunday January 27th
  26. Please Welcome our new Sacramento Metro C3
  27. Placer county Shoots
  28. thoughts and prayers
  29. Ranges that rent CZ?
  30. Foresthill clean up - Finning Mill Rd
  31. New S&W 686P needs exam
  32. Winter Sacramento Areas to Go Plinking ???
  33. FFL in the Fair Oaks, Orangevale, CtrHts, areas.
  34. Who has the best ammo prices in the Sacramento region?
  35. Happy New Year Everyone
  36. Sac C3 Open Meeting January 9th 2012, 7pm
  37. New Member from Cameron Park
  38. Fist time CCW course/instructor recommendations
  40. Old
  41. Anyone have a Garand trigger pin?
  42. Thursday Night Trap Shoot
  43. CALGUNS-CGSSA "Emergency Action": Call and Email Glendale City Council
  44. imr4895 HELP!!
  45. Gun Show Sacramento
  46. Sac Valley Shooting Partner
  47. Need/How to register
  48. Registered lobbyists/leg staff on Calguns?
  49. Anyone going to Colusa Gun Show on Sunday?
  50. anyone carpool from elk grove to old placerville/bradshaw rd in the am?
  51. Fight Back! WE NEED YOU Calling and Emailing the Glendale City Council!!
  52. CalGuns Gun Show Booth,Sacramento,March 16 & 17, 2013
  53. Appleseed in Sacramento - Feb 16-Feb 17
  54. 916 PLEASE HELP A VET..
  55. Do you have what it takes to join the FIRST Calguns.net / CGSSA Shooting Team?
  56. CalGuns Monthly Rimfire Match Sponsored by CalGuns Shooting Sports Association
  57. Placerville Gun Show
  58. Shooters Warehouse in Rancho Cordova
  59. Shooters Warehouse in Rancho has .223 for sale
  60. SACRAMENTO C3 MONTHLY SHOOT Saturday March 2
  61. California to have the strictest gun laws soon?
  62. PLEASE DO NOT POST "Want to Sell" or "Want to Buy" threads here
  63. Local Stores That Carry Reload Supplies
  64. Looking for shooting buds
  65. Do we have any WELDERS in the group? THANKS, WE GOT ONE!
  66. Need Info On Ar Build Party/Milling Options
  67. Feb 23rd protest?
  68. .40?
  69. Questions About Registering Guns
  70. Tru Oil and cold bluing in Sacramento
  71. Looking for a LGS with a MKIII hunter in stock.
  72. Sac Area Group Target Buy? AR500 Targets
  73. Mini 14 in stock!
  74. CalGuns Mobile Billboard Effort Moving Forward
  75. The Tavor
  76. Range for holster work?
  77. AR 15 80% done, need mill out
  78. Sac Valley Shooting Center - Range Clean Up Day, Saturday, June 29
  79. Nothing to see here, move along.
  80. Crossroads Show - Mar 16th & 17th
  82. Places to shoot closer to Stockton
  83. CalGuns Gun Show Booth ,Sacramento, April 20th ,2013
  85. Big 5 on Sunrise in the Bird Cage Shopping Center has .45 JHP
  86. Long Range forest spots
  87. Online and Mail-Order Ammo in City of Sacramento? Yes, you can do it...
  88. Just Canceled a CCW Appt for the 21st
  89. Sacramento area machine shop recommendation?
  90. Orovile conditions
  91. Ami Bera (D) Town Hall Forum (March 23rd & 24th)
  92. First Aid and CPR for gun owners
  93. What Sheriff's Station for CCW?
  94. Volunteers needed for April 20 Gun Show table
  95. Anodizing and Engraving
  96. Sticky for Calguns Sacramento Area Monthly Shoot
  97. Proposed Anti-Gun Bills - Shoot Em Down!
  98. Rancho Cordova SC
  99. Asm. Richard Pan (D) ....breaking the law?
  100. APRIL 17 -- C3-MEET - GREET - EAT ... (** Please RSVP**)
  101. Sac County CCW appointments
  102. Legislative hearings at the Capital
  103. APPLESEED FOR WOMEN ONLY in Northern California - May and June
  104. Anyone in the Sac area need a CNC (mini) mill for CHEAP? (found on craigslist)
  105. Can anybody run the April shoot?
  106. Seeking Gun Club & Ranges info
  107. Need to finish my wood stock
  108. Calguns Monthly Shoot - April 28th - Auburn Trap Club!!
  109. COUNT DOWN To SHRED 2nd day!
  110. Sports authority has 308 and 45
  111. BBQ and Shooting
  112. River city gun exchange has 9mm
  113. Firearms Attorneys in Sacramento ??
  114. 80% build parties in Sacramento?
  115. ** DELETED**
  116. glock 19
  117. Any 22WMR near Folsom, Roseville or Rocklin?
  118. Walmart (Bruceville Road) has ammo
  119. AR tools avail for loan'
  120. Discount Shooters, Roseville has some primers
  121. Sacrament CCW Chief's name?
  122. Free .22 LR ammo
  123. A journey to te gun room tonight
  124. CZ75
  125. ccw appts available
  126. SBR has a ton of stuff.
  127. Reno this weekend
  128. LPK replacement Parts Quest in Sac (Quest Over Item found at GST)
  129. roseville gun show this weekend
  130. Shoot & Clean-Up Foresthill 5/11/13
  131. Blue Label Glock
  132. .40 S&W Ammo Prices
  133. Barnwood Arms in Ripon ca. Great customer service.
  134. Loaded gun in home?
  135. Gun register
  136. Sac IDPA
  137. anyone know moa
  138. walmart in woodland
  139. Cant find benchmark, imr 4895 or varget
  141. Looking for: Mossburg 930 JM Pro
  142. Need to find a local FFL to do a transfer.
  143. Lying on your CCW app
  144. Shooting Related Swap Meet
  145. AR prices are coming back to earth!
  146. Looking for a Gunsmith in Sacramento
  147. New to calguns and found a good place to buy ammo in sacramento
  148. Good locations for Tac Gear
  149. S&W M&P 9c in stock?
  150. Going shooting at mormon emigrant trail
  151. CCW Interview: What to expect?
  152. Assaulted Movie - Sacramento Screening
  153. Online ammo purchases in Sacramento
  154. Converting a Saiga
  155. Go see ASSAULTED: Civil rights under fire! 6/20 7:30 pm
  156. Flying Out of Sac Int'l with a Firearm
  157. ASSAULTED movie playing in Sac. 6/20
  158. Mcmanns Roadrunner gun show this weekend 6/15-6/16
  159. .22lr at Walmart in Folsom!
  160. Looking for Legal Advice
  161. Springfield XD subcompact .40 for sale.
  162. invite to private action pistol bay (sacramento valley range)
  163. FREE sacramento "assaulted movie tonight "
  164. New Gun Owner from Sacramento
  165. Sacramento Valley Shooting Center cleanup - June 29th
  166. Looking for M&P 15-22
  167. Shipping ammo to Citrus Heights?
  168. The Gun Range (North Highlands) Anniversary
  169. El Dorado County sheriff curtails Forest Service officers' authority to enforce state
  170. Sac FFL that will accept shipment from out of state Private Party
  171. Pump for Mossberg 590A1
  172. Pump for Mossberg 590A1
  173. where to buy LWRC M6A2
  174. delete
  175. Local AK Build Party/Assistance
  176. Sacramento Black Rifle
  177. Resigning as Sacramento C3
  178. local HVAC parts needed ASAP, open on the 4th?
  179. CCW at Cal Expo during Fireworks
  180. Can you legally shoot a weapon on BLM land
  181. Where to shoot outdoors..?? (near Sacramento)
  182. Trying to milled out 80% AR lower
  183. Please Delete
  184. Sacrament CCW appt now open
  185. CCW modification appointments no longer available?
  186. New AR Owner
  187. test msg. tried to delete but it won't let me.
  188. Shipping to Unincorporated Sac
  189. Sac CCW
  190. Checking in
  191. Saiga 7.62x39mm for trade/sale SAC AREA!!
  192. Cal Expo Gun Show - Sept 21/22 - Volunteers needed!!!
  193. Is The Gun Range okay for taking a newbie shooting? UPDATE: Had a great time!
  194. Sacramento Cal Guns Legal Aid-Attorney Needed
  195. sac ccw!!! Few as of 5am
  196. curious..ccw "good clauses"
  197. sac ak build party
  198. CalGuns Gun Show Booth ,Sacramento, Sept.21&22 ,2013- CANCELLED
  199. Looking for an M&P9 in the sacramento area
  200. CalGuns Gun Show Booth ,Sacramento, Sept.7 & 8th ,2013
  201. Duty Gear
  202. CCW Permit denied
  203. CAFIGHT4LIBERTY Coalition Event: Sept. 7th Rally at the Capital
  204. HK USP 45 COMPACT 500$OBO
  205. German Shorthair for sale
  206. Gun shops who buy firearms and ammo.
  207. CA FIGHT 4 LIBERTY Coalition CALL to ACTION - Wednesday
  208. Any sales for Labor day?
  209. Where's the best place to zero my AR-15 in Sac?
  210. McManns Roadrunner Gun Show has moved!!
  211. All you Hunters - Be CAREFUL out there
  212. Wild Bill's Old West Trading Co ... How are they still in business?
  213. CCW Class
  214. Prices going down.
  215. good deal on 9mm luger in Sac?
  216. new guy from sac
  217. Placer county ccw
  218. Local Shops with .308 Lowers
  219. What ranges allow steel core ammo?
  220. reloading club
  221. Blumanthals
  222. crossroads gun show this weekend
  224. Traded
  225. Anyone in the area with a Mosin 91/30 headspace gauge set?
  226. Brass trading??
  227. Sac Reptile Show
  228. Air Rifles
  229. LGS that stock c&r rifles
  230. Where to buy AR lower?
  231. Sonora Gun show 5-6 October
  232. Assemblyman Ken Cooley Flip Flop against 2A
  233. Looking to trade
  234. Gun Show Oct. 12 & 13 Placerville Fairgrounds
  235. AR15 Lowers Spotted in Sacramento
  236. Sacramento AK Builder (Roseville, CA)
  237. Best Sacramento FFL to transfer AR-pistol (single shot sled + bullet button)
  238. Looking for Sacramento Area FFL willing accept/transfer a featureless RPD build
  239. Need a gunsmith to install muzzle brake
  240. Sac AR-80% needing finish
  241. Surewest Internet
  242. FFL willing to receive a crate of Mosins
  243. Need help with STI USPSA
  244. Build Parties In Sacramento, CA. and The DOJ/ATF
  245. Gun Point Robbery a couple blocks from Sac State (CSUS)
  246. delete
  247. Local safe movers\hand truck rental
  249. CalGuns Gun Show and Bake-Off Booth ,Sacramento, Nov 16 & 17 ,2013
  250. Thoughts on Wild Bill's over in Elk Grove?