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  1. Gun Show Archive
  2. Ideas for Outreach Events, Campaigns and Initiatives
  3. South Central Valley Roll Call - Check in Here!
  4. Northern California Roll Call - Check in Here!
  5. Central Coast Roll Call - Check in Here!
  6. Bay Area Roll Call - Check in Here!
  7. Fresno - Madera - Kerman: Where to Shoot
  8. Lemoore - Hanford - Visalia: Where to Shoot
  9. Corcoran - Tulare - Porterville: Where to Shoot
  10. Bakersfield - Famoso - Buttonwillow: Where to Shoot
  11. Central Coast C3 Volunteer List
  12. Seeking Assistant(s) to BigCaliDave
  13. Central Coast Shooting Resources
  14. NorCal AK Build Party: After action report
  15. Time for some fun, Calguns event planners needed!
  16. Monthly shoot - I did it...can you?
  17. ¿Quien es mas Macho?
  19. Private land in Sonoma county to shoot?
  20. FFL in San Jose open on Sun?
  21. Shootin Shack Guns in Elk Grove
  22. Shooter's Warehouse Tupelo Dr.
  23. Need Help PLEASE
  24. recommend shooting clubs?
  25. Sacramento: Looking to borrow Ruger LC9 or Khar CW9
  26. headed to cow
  27. 12GA Needs shipping address outside SF
  28. G17 inbound.
  29. North Central Valley roll call, check in!
  30. new gunstore in santa rosa (to me)
  31. Guns for cash/ gift card police drop off
  32. Women's Only Defensive Pistol 101 Sunday January 6th, 2013 Morgan Hill, CA
  33. 30 cal ammo cans
  34. Best gun store in Laf/WC?
  35. California C3 Chapter "Volunteers Needed"
  36. Anyone go to the Sac Gun Show at Cal Expo this weekend?
  37. i need of land to shoot 800 plus yards
  38. RENO GUN SHOW 11/16 to 11/18
  39. TS Trade Show in Santa Clara
  40. Looking for anodizing recommendation in Sacramento
  41. BLM land near the Bay Area?
  42. Bay Area firearm shop recommendation
  43. Paso Robles Gun Show Dec 8-9 2012
  44. Looking for SF Bay Area ranges that have rentals?
  45. Looking for gun range/ffl dealer in SF Bay Area
  46. Bay Area Gunsmith
  47. Central Coast Gunsmith Needed
  48. Training in sonoma county
  49. Vallejo gun show
  50. Cow Mountain? 12/16
  51. Gun Shop near Modesto area? for PPT.
  52. BullsEye Indoor Range San Rafael
  53. Bay Area used guns shop?
  54. Need FFL to do SSE for CZ SP-01 bought at auction
  55. Please Welcome our new Sacramento Metro C3
  56. Placer county Shoots
  57. San Fran: Gun Transportation
  58. Foresthill clean up - Finning Mill Rd
  59. Appleseed in Sacramento - January 19,20
  60. Gun Shop Question in SF Bay Area.
  61. Gun Store Recommendations? Any carry Arsenal?
  62. Local teacher lectures and humiliates teen in class wearing SBR sweatshirt
  63. Templar Sports
  64. Sign if you want to stop the ban
  65. First Annual New Year's Day Shoot
  66. 1911 trigger job gunsmith recommendations, San Jose?
  67. Ffl that well receive lower for ar Bay Area
  68. Amazed
  69. Any large outdoor gear store within the bay area?
  70. First time at an outdoor range with a pistol - what to expect?
  71. What's going on at Valkyrie?
  72. Reasonably priced Saiga carbines in the region?
  73. Hotel recommendations in San Francisco.
  74. Alquist Arms, Turlock
  75. Any gun store in the bay area open today, Jan 1st?
  76. Del Norte
  77. Just FYI, Cash Loan Pawn FFL in South SF tries to charge sales tax on PPT
  78. We the People in Clovis Set to Close Permantly
  79. Best place for FFL transfer near San Ramon?
  80. FYI lowers in stock at SBR
  81. FYI lowers in stock at SBR
  82. Angels Camp GS Jan 5-6 2013
  83. Angels Camp GS Jan 5-6 2013
  84. Calguns booth at Cow Palace Gunshow this weekend?
  85. Bay Area FFL that doesn't hit you with tax?
  86. Hangun Safety Certificate - Veteran
  87. bay area ranges open on Monday?
  88. SSE shops in Fresno.
  89. New Guy to the Bay Area, and Calgun.
  91. International Sporstman Expo
  92. Ammo for S&W 327 - Where to buy?
  93. Who is going to protest at the capitol JAN 19
  94. Where to buy Socom II M1A in the Bay Area?
  95. Ammo question for you East Bay Folks
  96. Apartment Hunting as a Gun Owner
  97. Housing Market vs AR in the Bay Area.
  98. NorCal Events - Sacramento surrounding towns
  99. CALGUNS-SSA-FIRE DRILL: Call and Email Glendale City Council Members BETWEEN 12 and 3
  100. Who can tighten an AR barrel nut in the Bay Area?
  101. Where to shoot on open land bay area?
  102. 37 state CCW?
  103. Any shops in sac stock s&w spring kits?
  104. Hello
  105. Looking for a Bay Area SSE shop for Glock 26 Gen 4
  106. Looking for Training Recommendation
  107. Hello from the BLM... Hollister Field Office
  108. Where to buy an M44 in NorCal?
  109. New SIG 2022
  110. Need some help/info on AR in Sac.
  111. how much ammo do you buy?
  112. Idea for a CG sponsored shoot---> The Mega-Shoot
  113. Purchase ammo from a private seller ok?
  114. Question about concealed carry in sac
  115. Looking for a gunsmith in the bay area
  116. CNC engraving for fire control icons near Sac
  117. Looking for someone to split cost for 54r ammo
  118. Appleseed in Sacramento - Feb 16-Feb 17
  119. New To NorCal
  120. CGN Booths at Gun Shows
  121. Anybody have a .416 barrett in NorCal?
  122. STS Guns in Folsom....how not to treat a customer..
  123. S&W M&P 9/40
  124. shooting an ar15
  125. 2013 Modesto Friends of NRA dinner
  126. Places to shoot near Fairfield/Vacaville
  127. San Jose TS Gun show?
  128. gun shop list
  129. Custom Gun Finishing
  130. Intro new member!
  131. New and Looking...
  132. BLM Advisory Council, 6 openings
  133. Do you have what it takes to join the FIRST Calguns.net / CGSSA Shooting Team?
  134. El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe, Baja Ca
  135. CalGuns Monthly Rimfire Match Sponsored by CalGuns Shooting Sports Association
  136. Placerville Gun Show 2/1-2/2
  137. San Jose - Bay Area ACR/Bushmaster
  138. Looking to buy glock 21 or 19
  139. Shooting locations
  140. Buying ammo online to San Francisco - what's the deal?
  141. Ammo in Norcal (9mm)
  142. SACRAMENTO C3 MONTHLY SHOOT - Saturday, March 2
  143. Bass Pro Shop to open in San Jose in 2015
  144. Anyone do custom finishes in sacramento?
  145. Militia groups in NorCal?
  146. Bay Area Pro 2A: meet up to organize and plan proactive protests/resistance efforts?
  147. Looking for FFL near Solano County for out of State Private Transfer
  148. Policing your brass at Reed's Indoor Range.
  149. powder in south bay?
  150. Was anyone else at the RKBA Rally today in Sacramento
  151. looking for a good gunsmith in mendocino county
  152. Reno gun show this weekend
  153. Match Trigger Kit
  154. Anyone going to the Chico gun show this weekend?
  155. 80% Engraving
  156. Bakersfield Preparedness/Survival Expo
  157. Los Gatos / San Jose - Where to get ammo?
  158. Welder in NorCal?
  159. Hot wire foam cutting
  160. Yolo Sportsman Association NRA/CMP Match 03/09/2013
  161. Cordelia Gun Exchange has lowers in stock.
  162. California Ammo Laws / Restrictions?
  163. Day of Resistance 2/23
  164. Experience with AMMO from Bulletman911?
  165. looking for 1000 yrd range
  166. Slow month for me, savings for you!
  167. Where is a good place to shop gun belts in Bay Area?
  168. Night sight
  169. Willing FFL near Modesto?
  170. Anyone here a member of the Visalia Sportsmen's Association?
  171. Jackson Arms, San Francisco/San Mateo Area
  172. Ammo in Contra Costa County need Legal input
  173. San Jose Gun Buy Back
  174. Delete.
  175. 80% lower to be finished in San Jose?
  176. Anyone Pin/Weld Flash hider in Redding Ca?
  177. Sac/Winters/Vacaville Area Group Target Buy? AR500 Targets
  178. Need a MI Free Float Rail installed
  179. SF Bay Area Range Suggestions?
  180. S. San Francisco "Shoot & Meet"
  181. Mountain Tactical Training Center
  182. South Bay handgun training
  183. CalGuns Sacramento Mobile Billboard Effort is moving forward
  184. Water Tranfer / Hydro Dipping
  185. Bay Area Chapter sub forum
  186. Norcal Eastbay airsoft indoor arena largest in world
  187. 300 blackout
  188. Trinity Gunsmithing now open for business
  189. East bay range meet
  190. Getting ammo by mail in Sac
  191. Procedure for Mailing Pistol?
  192. Range etiquette query
  193. New Indoor Range in Chico
  194. Anodizing lowers/uppers South Bay Area (need others)
  195. Anyone Fresno/Tollhouse/Clovis?
  196. First Aid and CPR for gun owners
  197. Livermore-Pleasanton Rod & Gun Club Question(s)
  198. CalGuns Gun Show Booth ,Cow Palace, April 13 &14,2013
  199. I'm an idiot
  200. AK BP in Redding?
  201. Vallejo area FFL for PPT
  202. APPLESEED FOR WOMEN ONLY - in Northern California - May and June
  203. MAP TO Nor Cal Shooting Ranges New Owner ugimports
  204. Wine Country Chapter
  205. Nor Cal Ak build parties??
  206. Emergency Medicine Course ***UPDATE***
  208. WINE COUNTRY RESIDENTS!! CCW's for all!!
  209. Where to shoot in Humboldt county (along the coast)
  210. Costa Ludus HE01 Class (06/12-14/13) - Anyone else going?
  211. Sonoma, Lake, Napa and Mendo chapter leaders needed!!
  212. locating a Glock 23
  213. Does WalMart sell airguns in the local stores?
  214. To trade in,trade, or sell?
  215. Looking for cerakoting and bead blasting near Mendocino Co.
  216. Not sure if I'm north or south
  217. get out the Vote Vidak on Tuesday 21 May
  218. Heads up - Grizwold bathroom area closed to shooting
  219. Locating Glock 19 or XD9 compact
  220. Missing person - San Francisco area
  221. "Free" Door To Door Carpet Cleaning???(Humboldt County)
  222. shouldn't "San Jose" be deleted?
  223. Vallejo Gun Show
  224. Hunting near Sacramento
  225. Open your Windows Tinight
  226. Can anyone recommend a good AR gunsmith in the Bakersfield area
  227. Looking for a handgun class for the wife
  228. jd machine upper surplus lower
  229. Where Can We Refinish our Firearms in SF area?
  230. Political Activist volunteers needed soon
  231. Yolo Sportsman Association NRA/CMP Match 07/13/2013
  232. Where to Shoot in Fresno
  233. San Jose gun show July 11&12. Did anyone go????
  234. Is the Northern Central Valley roll call dead?
  235. Zeroing at 100 yards.
  236. chico area
  237. Shooting near Lake Camanche
  238. Yolo Sportsman Association NRA/CMP Match 08/10/2013
  239. AR - 15
  240. Bay Area indoor range that allows rifles?
  241. Stockton Gun Show...Anyone gone to it?
  242. Why is the San Jose Chapter forum blocked?
  243. did mods combine my FS posts?
  244. Looking for a major retailer in N. California
  245. Some one in the Redding area help me out with an 80% lower?
  246. Any good places to shoot in Paso Robles?
  247. Attention All Forest Walkers - Be CAREFUL out there
  248. free duck hunting?
  249. Good Service for PPT from Bay Area Gun Vault in MtnView
  250. Milling for 80% lower