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  1. shipping of a long rifle
  2. Would a gun shop go this far for me
  3. No longer an 01 by rule, now an 07
  4. Optics Distributor
  5. Friend has been on cruise for 6 months...
  6. Regular DROS and PPT DROS simultaneously?
  7. Handgun repaired, returned to FFL
  8. Out of state FFL
  9. Always a FFL
  10. DROSing an Upper for a Glock
  11. Copy of COE required to physically take delivery of firearm from another dealer??
  12. A question for you FFLs. I'm getting conflicting info again.
  13. Want to buy a rifle from out of state. ( Need Info )
  14. bought new handgun and used handgun...how long???
  15. Applying for Dangerous Weapon Permit
  16. After 6pm ftf transfer in Modesto area?
  17. Gun lock pricing
  18. Why does Cal do it?
  19. ffl fees?
  20. Sell handgun to out of state person in California
  21. middleman FFL needed (non-CA FFL)
  22. can a non CA resident have kel tec su22?
  23. DROS question
  24. M1A Armorer/FLL Needed
  25. new handgun in jail,can i buy a long gun???
  26. DPMS .308 Lower w/Bullet Button @ RSR Group
  27. 1 in 30 question
  28. Ship handgun to self? TX to CA
  29. 11 day wait????
  30. Reasonable FFL in Fairfield (Surrounding Area)?
  31. San Francisco FFL
  32. PPT
  33. New FFL Question (for other FFLs?)
  34. reasonable FFL in the (707) santa rosa area
  35. Gussler's
  36. So in CA is it a 40 day wait overall? (30+10)?
  37. Selling a rifle
  38. Shipping by FFL.
  39. ppt forms
  40. It has started...
  41. New Dealer Centralized List BOF Address
  42. PPT question
  43. Please need feedback with info on "Out of State" sale/shipping >Is this legit?<
  44. Wedding gift
  45. Private party shipping to FFL. Whats the issue??
  46. Need FFL for FTF in Sacramento Area on Friday 9/30
  47. WTK: Importing a SS rifle from Germany
  48. Personal Collection Question
  49. The Firing Pin Gun Shop in Temple City, CA.
  50. ATF Memo
  51. Receivers for 10/22 Magnum
  52. Downside to having an FFL ?
  53. does wife need hsc?
  54. Friend's father passed away, guns go to me
  55. ppt back to back
  56. Any FFL dealers who installs Bullet Buttons in or near SF Valley area?
  57. Interstate Tax Question
  58. Please Delete.
  59. answered
  60. New FFL has questions on Inter-familial and personal firearms collection
  61. Pistol as a gift to brother
  62. c&r shipping question
  63. FACT OT FUD?
  64. Robbery fears (against our FFL application)
  65. AR Pistol help...
  66. Hunter's Supply FFL in Salinas
  67. FFL in San Diego County
  68. 10 day wait regs
  69. G19 from Indiana
  70. shipping a shotgun
  71. Need Opinions...
  72. Amateur radio license as POR?
  73. Online purchase or out of state FFL transfer fee confusion please help.
  74. Can I ship a pistol back to the manufacturer without an FFL?
  75. Proof of legal residence (green card)
  76. Cheapest CA approved locks~ who has them?
  77. FFL's in the Ripon Calif. area.
  78. Test fire pistols/revolvers PPT?
  79. NRA endorsed CC processing
  80. Question about Long Gun DROS
  81. Re-do DROS. How hard can it be?
  82. Student living in a dormitory - proof of residency?
  83. can 2 items be on one DROS?
  84. C&R shipping
  85. Mark Up Q on Accessories
  86. DOJ approval time?
  87. Pistol Dros question?
  88. Interfamilial transfer...sort of technical...
  89. Question for selling rifle out of state.
  90. Wholesale Guns Norco
  91. LEO's Lesson on CA Roster
  92. Colt Python 4" blue help me!
  93. Storage Question?
  94. Shipping long gun USPS?
  95. Ukiah, CA FFL
  96. This gonna sux...
  97. out of state transfer
  98. DROS Outage as of 9:00 am 10-18-11
  99. Multi firearm transfer question
  100. Retail software
  101. Out of State Mag Purchase
  102. NRA Range Development Seminar
  103. Rifle shipping
  104. Reasonable ffl east bay
  105. Home Address Confirmation
  106. 16" threaded AR barrel w/ perm attach flash hider - legal?
  107. Legality?
  108. Question for FFL's ("Dealing in guns")
  110. DROS question re: single shot expemption
  111. ?? on shipping a totally stripped desert eagle to get plated
  113. Dana has Retired?
  114. Need Opinions/Thoughts from FFL's or anyone...
  115. Is google anti 2A
  116. New FFL and lost with dros
  117. delete
  118. 07 FFL Liability
  119. Looked but didn't find...
  120. Pistol reg question
  121. Legality of shipping a century WASR-10 to CA?
  122. School Project - Gun Industry Margins / Mark Up
  123. vortex optics wholesale
  124. Lower receiver not picked up within 30 days of DROS
  125. looking for a recommendation for a FFL for out of state transfer(san francisco area)
  126. Can you ship an off roster handgun for a PPT?
  127. STI Pistol Frame Private Party Transfer
  128. Obtaining an older model 686 from outside California
  129. Looking for a SSE Friendly FFL in So. Cal
  130. 4473 PT II (Green) form- When is it used?
  131. Are CA AR pistols restricted to less than 10rds?
  132. Obtaining non-DOJ compliant handgun for Out-of-State Source
  133. How do you verify an FFL by name?
  134. .
  135. C&R or FFL??
  136. BOE Reaches Out to CA Dealers
  137. starting a parts business
  138. Orange County FFL willing to accept from non FFL?
  139. Shop/Store's name and location
  140. Form 4473
  141. DROS question
  142. AR registration question
  143. FFL Review - Michael Suchar - Socal South Bay FFL
  144. Indefinite loans
  145. Interfamily transfer state to state
  146. Need NorCal FFL willing to transfer a semi-auto M2HB
  147. Out of state handgun transfer
  148. Another out of State transfer question
  149. DROS'ing an AR Pistol stripped lower
  150. trying to get my FFL need help with a ?
  151. Private Parties and FFL Copies
  152. Just Passed My 4'th ATF Complience Inspection and you know what she said...
  153. Shipping a Ptr or sar8 springfield
  154. 01 FFL...Do I need a Secondhand Dealer License?
  155. Bay Area ffl to accept shipped rifles.
  156. Who collects sales tax on DROS?
  157. BOE Sales Tax? PLEASE Define This for Me!
  158. HSC req for PPT???
  159. Correcting a DROS
  160. Is it legal to build a pistol in california?
  161. Change of address and DOJ Centralized List question.
  162. Expired CA DL... How can buyer pick up his gun??
  163. Q about Placer County and obtaining an FFL
  164. MidwayUSA is on the ball!
  165. Stockton FFL - EBR/Saiga Friendly
  166. Any reason for a C&R (03) AND a 07 FFL??
  167. DROS pistol and rifle same time, pay DROS fee twice?
  168. gun shipping question
  169. Any SLO County FFL's at the Costa Mesa Gun Show This Weekend?
  170. Leica wholesale
  171. Sales Tax on "Dealer Fee" for DROS
  172. Newb 01 FFL Questions
  173. FFL Safe requirement?
  174. M1 Garand Tanker C&R???
  175. looking for a Bay area FFL to handle out of state transfer
  176. Multiple lowers in 2012?
  177. Any way to get this gun into my name?
  178. Can NOT Find an FFL dealer in the LA area who'll accept this AR15 Pistol!!transfer
  179. COE questions
  180. Custom work question...
  181. Has anyone got their FFL by using a virtual office?
  182. Need info about OC Armory
  183. Repairs and customizing.
  184. large-capacity magazine permit
  185. Derringer question
  186. FFL in Merced for PPT
  187. Multipal long gun reporting
  188. Newbie FFL Question about estate handgun transfer
  189. Bay Area Attorney w/FFL knowledge??
  190. Need help for non-resident PPT
  191. Interesting info about Buds Gun Shop
  192. Sports South- won't ship off roster *UPDATED*
  193. CA FFL- can we bring in non compliant AW's?
  194. ffl in fremont area for ppt
  195. Coloseum Software Aimi Ebook
  196. Diary of a Would-Be FFL
  197. Far Northern FFL needed...UPDATED
  198. How would you proceed?
  199. Would I pass the DROS under these conditions
  200. DOJ called and wants to do new dealer training is this normal?
  201. Private Transfer from out of state
  202. FFL to FFL
  203. Class 7 FFL/2 SOT licensing
  204. Dealers Beware! tis the season for criminal element.
  205. Seller Question About 5 Sales a Year Limit
  206. Can I buy a handgun in cali from a seller with a texas Drivers license
  207. Stripped lower- pistol or long gun?
  208. Help, suggestions, and support
  209. DROS with a non-CA Address
  210. Help with an out of state transfer
  211. Shipping/Bringing In a Ruger LCP
  212. Polish P64
  213. Firearms Sales Person
  214. Buying a handgun from a dead man.
  215. Bay Area FFL advertising
  216. can an FFL start DROS without the handgun ? with the serial number only ?
  217. selling a handgun
  218. POR Question
  219. Military Parts Kit Partial Rebuilds
  220. Cheapest out of state FFL transfers in Bay Area
  221. Process to buy a gun; FFL perspective please
  222. Stripped lowers reort as multiple rifles
  223. Beware of "Straw" purchases!
  224. Re Printing old DROS
  225. Anyone in Norcal do SSE
  226. FFL Fee question for Newbie
  228. Failed PPT
  229. AW Permit/Registration paperwork--FFL record keeping requirement
  230. question about PPT payment procedure
  231. Need distributors for Benelli.
  232. FFL - Handgun w/o a clip?
  233. MidwayUSA Purchase. ADDED: Citation Request
  234. Slanderous TAX comments against FFLs
  235. Announcing Cal-FFL, California's Premier Firearms Industry Assocation
  236. More confusion about PPTs
  237. COE - before or after 03 FFL
  238. Importation fee ? through local FFL
  239. Delivery to Purchaser's residence and demos to civilians?
  240. Moving handgun to CA
  241. HSC expiring. Can it be renewed?
  242. Almost there...
  243. FFL must notify ATF for multiple long gun purchases, what does this mean for me ?
  244. Call from the FBI today
  245. What is the procedure to sell and ship an off rosster handgun Cal. to Georgia
  246. ATF is rescinding the 90 day residency proof requirement for legal aliens
  247. Buying C&R longgun from Turners
  248. Out of state purchase who can install bullet button?
  249. Single Action Conversion.
  250. Finally