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  1. Great transaction with De Chiel Firearms
  2. Delete
  3. who does what & when
  4. Economical FFL near WLA?
  5. East Bay Area FFL
  6. nm saw the sticky post
  7. CAI CETME questions
  8. kriis sdp
  9. Sale of old Unregistered Pistol
  10. Loaning a Firearm through a FFL
  11. C.O.E.
  12. Huntington Beach FFL's for a half-decent fee?
  13. How do you verify a Gun is not stolen?
  14. Live scan question
  15. military question
  16. Stripped lowers shipped to dealer must include lock?
  17. What is the process when a FFL reports a stolen firearm?
  18. PPT by non CA resident?
  19. Dealer pricing on AR pistol uppers?
  20. Question about selling a handgun
  21. Question about OOS transfer
  22. question about C&R and COE\DOJ
  23. DROS verification
  24. Guns required to be shipped from FFL??
  25. 07 lic.
  26. Sale of Registered AW
  27. Question on DROSing shotguns and rifles together.
  28. intratec ab10 /dc9. FFL TRANSFER QUESTION
  29. Looking for Ebay FFL for out of state FFl-FFl transfer sans Cal Sales Tax
  30. ********
  32. Purchasing handguns in advance of "rostering"?
  33. PPT Question
  34. Could dealer take an off roster pistol & make it an on roster CA legal?
  35. Delayed DROS/Delivery?
  36. steps or requirements to registering a gifted handgun
  37. Credit card processing - Don't use Square if you're an FFL
  38. gun show situation
  39. Question about private party transfer
  40. overall length for a shotgun
  41. Question about 30 day wait period.....
  42. PPT Gun Lock Question
  43. 1 year wait before ffl sale exemptions?
  44. Help with NICS Denial on handgun purchase
  45. FTF/PPT
  46. ATI
  47. School me on SBR laws specific to California.
  48. HSC instructor
  49. eForm 4473 - keep instruction pages?
  50. Was told something Im not sure of and want advise.
  51. Can anyone recommend a FFL near Torrance that I can ship an online purchase?
  52. 01 FFLs aren't 1 in 30 exempt are we?
  53. Drosing a shotgun
  54. PPT within L.A. "city limits" question.
  55. FBI at the door wifes home, not me!
  56. Quick AR pistol question
  57. Any FFL in Fairfield that doesn't charge an arm and leg?
  58. Lowers shipped as "Long Guns" from vendors
  59. Socal FFL
  60. Who's everyone using for Cal legal guns shipped?
  61. FFL01 assembling firearms ??
  62. Thinking about getting an FFL license. worth it?
  63. Came in the mail today! (Finally!:D)
  64. *Need* HSC instructor class
  65. OK, Here we Go, another Transfer question..
  66. Worker's Comp. Insurance for an 07. HELP!
  67. FFL with assault weapons
  68. Proof of residency question
  69. My experience with Ten Percent Firearms...
  70. Alert to FFLs from NRA
  71. Ar15 80% legal issues
  72. Question about a PPT from out of state?
  73. Out of state military purchase
  74. CA DOJ providing a computer to FFLs for DROS
  75. can i legally own a FN ps 90 in ca.
  76. Benefits of an employee coe
  77. DROS denial reasons
  78. Yugoslavian M57 Tokarev Pistol C&R?
  79. Out of state private transfer?
  80. Dealer won't send copy of FFL.
  81. ppt?
  82. handgun transfer, father to son
  83. Expired DMV documents
  84. Pistol lower?Transfer
  85. Tom Reese Firepowerdepot (Riverside)
  86. delete
  87. Calculation of FAET
  88. PPT & AR 15 pistol
  89. Shipping FAL to CA
  90. Closed: Thanks for the help
  91. FFL FAQ Master Thread (all dealer questions look here first!)
  92. Highbridge Arms reopen
  93. Person visiting from out of the state PPT?
  94. ppt stripped lower/completed lower
  95. New law on border states and multiple assault weapons sales question.
  96. What is legal to ship into California?
  97. Private party limits on sales
  98. Looking for an FFL in the Bay Area
  99. careful in the shop
  100. Permits needed to bring Class III weapons into Cali for LE demo??
  101. PPT of stripped AR pistol lower & HS demo?
  102. Getting a Permit from LAPD as a Firearm Vendor
  103. Interfamiy Transfer is it worth it?
  104. Customer points his muzzleloader right in my face.
  105. New FFL in Los Banos
  106. Clarification Need for C&R ship to San Francisco
  107. Intrafamily Transfer
  108. Question about of roster and hi caps
  109. Working on getting my FFL, a little confusing
  110. CA non-compliant gun from out of state
  111. No CFLC Benefit
  112. S&W 1911 SKU # 108303 on CA approved list?
  113. Requirements for shipping from non FFL in CA to FFL outside CA
  114. Incapicitated Dealer transfer question
  115. BOF Not Answering Their Phones...
  116. Question about transfer fees
  117. Long gun shipping options
  118. how to obtain an appropriate FFL question/s
  119. father to son transfer?
  120. (im) patiently waiting...
  121. CA to NY legal sales transfer?
  122. FFL Transfer from Arizona
  123. Stripped lower
  124. Father/son transfer after death?
  125. Closed, got info... thx...FFL to FFL
  126. 03 FFL Time Frame?
  127. Once Again I'm the Villian
  128. Death of a consignee
  129. Question on interfamilial transfer
  130. PPT from long distance
  131. Type 7 Class 2 SOT in California???
  132. Looking for a broker
  133. Ffl help needed
  134. High Cap Magazines - Can I keep them?
  135. Reserve Officer Status
  136. Multi-Longgun Reporting
  137. Reno gun show
  138. FFL in Sacramento area for out of state transfer
  139. Can I pick up from an out of state gunsmith in person?
  140. Can my wife pick up an pistol at the end of my DROS with a full POA
  141. I want to get my FFL license.
  142. Sales tax on DROS?
  143. Looking for Gunsmith in SF Bay area with assault weapon permit
  144. Single Shot Exempt LCP Barrels
  145. Transferring Long Guns and Receivers between siblings.
  146. Help with Filling out 4473 ATF Form
  147. selling a black powder revolver
  148. Anyone remember center valley sports from pomona circa 1990?
  149. 4473 abbreviations/eForm
  150. Dealer Insurance
  151. ATF considers PPT guns "used" guns/ requires 2nd hand license
  152. BATF Compliance Inspection
  153. C&R
  154. MPA 30 (Mac 10 clone) PPT transfer question
  155. FFL problems.
  156. What to do?
  157. Need local ffl to receive handgun shipped from private party.
  158. Where Can I learn how to do a Person to Person Transfer
  159. Clarification on 30 days between handgun purchases.
  160. Couple questions regarding buying/selling guns
  161. What are the perks of being an FFL in CA?
  162. Why FFLs possessing AOWs and Silencers is legal.
  163. OK, OK, Out of state purchase?
  164. Gun Broker Transfer from Individual
  165. So I'm getting divorced
  166. New Buyer Question
  167. Buying a handgun with a whole lotta drama.
  168. Having a handgun passed down
  169. Transfer from VA to CA
  170. 4473, C&R FFL and COE
  171. IF transfer, not sure which way to go.
  172. Pistol Transfer Documentation Question
  173. Question about PPT with an out of state FFL
  174. Question on Dealer buying guns for self
  175. Best gun Suppliers/ wholesalers for FFLs
  176. Long Distance FFL transfer
  177. inherited a gun how to make it legal
  178. Sellers concern over PPT *update
  179. Getting a copy of the DROS paperwork
  180. AR15 Upper Question
  181. Single Shot Exemption Configuration Question
  182. No more Excel for A&D book entries?
  183. Intrafamilial Transfers
  184. Another AR pistol question...sorry
  185. Can a CA FFL do this?
  186. Saiga 12 question????
  187. Getting DROS software to download and work.
  188. Transfer of firearm with no seller present?
  189. Texas to CA (handgun buy)
  190. Looking for information regarding a long distance PPT
  191. xxx
  192. Smokeless Powder Log, Records . . .
  193. Seller Says Don't Release It
  194. NFA question - AOWs/4473/DROS
  195. Question about FFL licensing
  196. Getting my stripped lower receiver shipped to an FFL dealer in LA.. help a newbie plz
  197. Confirmed, multiple stripped/complete receivers don't need to be reported
  198. How does FFL Handle 4473 and DROS?
  199. LEO proof of residency
  200. C&R Mosin Nagant - 10 day wait?
  201. Baklersfiled Area Sig 238
  202. God, I hate the USPS..
  203. Moved
  204. Paul Schaffer and Hi Cap Mag Kits - My Experience With a Santa Barbara FFL
  205. To cut or not to cut? (Sig Sauers, not circumcision)
  206. What is a CA FFL required to display or post?
  207. LG Firearms Sacramento Area FFL
  208. Question on CA pistol frame shipping out of state to FFL
  209. Start of DROS without firearm present
  210. Reserving a new handgun If I am on 30 day wait
  211. delete
  212. Question for the FFL's on here, how many of you do lay-a-way?
  213. PPT for a coupe of Homeland Security Dept guys
  214. M1911 considered a C&R ??
  215. FFL Cheat sheet for transfers
  216. FFl in San Diego transfer fees
  217. Do transfers with out becoming a dealer.
  218. Printing DROS on a Single Page
  219. ATF/DOJ audits - what to look out for....
  220. Old revolver and dros
  221. Rifle Loan Shipping
  222. PPT Deal Normal, FFL Not Normal?
  223. sacramento FFLs open on saturday?
  224. delete
  225. Can I have a private party ship to my FFL?
  226. Looking for an FFL in Oceanside.
  227. A "split ppt"
  228. COE Benefits
  229. looking for best handgun transfer fee in bay area
  230. Card reader issues.
  231. straw purchase
  232. delete
  233. Shipping a Colt SAA out of state for sale question
  234. Private party shipping out of state
  235. FFL personal firearm PPT , sales tax ?
  236. On Activite Military Duty, Handgun Purchase
  237. store closes??? and ffl paperwork
  238. Need help with senario FFL only
  239. Single Shot Exempt Market Research
  240. Locks and Long Guns
  241. Dealers's Reort of Handgun Acquisition
  242. Question on the 4473 form
  243. Buying firearms for Dealer's inventory & personal collection
  244. PPT, in state but at a distance...
  245. Kodiak, AK
  246. LEO only pistol
  247. Why doesn't the label on the box match the gun?
  248. ppt question
  249. MIL ID Numbers
  250. PFEC - Personel Firearms Eligibility Check Program