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  1. Can one COE choice on the application be used for other reasons?
  2. PPT transfer fee $60.00 is legal.....
  3. ppt questions
  4. Voided DROS and 4473 forms
  5. CA Handgun Law for 1961 S&W Model 36
  6. ffl fee question 2 item separate purchase
  7. Oh Where Oh Where Have All The Saigas Gone Oh Where Oh Where Can They Be
  8. Whats the maximum # of Lowers on one dros
  9. Recrown
  10. FFL refused to do PPT
  11. AR Stripped Lowers on 4473 forms
  12. Question about proof of residence.
  13. done
  14. DROS rules ?
  15. Interfamilia, PPT, and Off Roster Question.
  16. Looking for contact info
  17. FFL Transfer Fees
  18. gun still under my name?
  19. Civilian military contractor...high cap mag exemption?
  20. COE - 27 days from mailbox to mailbox
  21. Are there any other options, no CDL or ID available
  22. taurus judge
  23. FTF transaction question.
  24. Help with out of area purchase
  25. Drivers license with old address ?
  26. Intra-family, interstate transfer question
  27. Hypo Question - Pistol Shipped to FFL, But Buyer Wants Out
  28. How to handle attitudes about AW Laws?
  29. FFL license and PTSD?
  30. Can a Ca.FFL+CFD/COE ship to FFL Gunsmith w/NO CFD/COE ??
  31. FFL In Davis?
  32. Looking for an FFL between LA and Orange County.
  34. what happenns when a gun shop moves to a new location?
  35. FFL's that sell prohibited items to civilians, what happens?
  36. FFL liability insurance
  37. Reserve LEO's
  38. FFL Question
  39. Intra Family or DROS
  40. Why is it that whenever I ask for a price on a gun...
  41. Do all of you have the 4473 bookmarked?
  42. FFL ok with Fed, State and City but County says No?
  43. HAM license as proof of CA residency
  44. Mosins
  45. Firearms purchase
  46. Does a seller go thru background check?
  47. russian sks 1951 ppt dros or just cash and carry
  48. How Do Some FFLs Get By...
  49. Waiting for ATF. How long?
  50. Do I need an FFL to become a dealer in accessories?
  51. Where can i find an FFl who isnt out to screw me on transfer fees
  52. C&R Transfer
  53. Shipping C&R Pistol
  54. Legality of out of state 07/SOTs bringing items into Cali
  55. PPT question
  56. Rock Island Armory 1911 CA Okay?
  57. More DOJ FUD
  58. ATF compliance audit today
  59. Medical Weed and FFL
  60. Last gun shop
  61. can i still be able to buy a gun if?
  62. DROS thumbprint procedure
  63. Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf
  64. AR 80% lower jig rentals at your stores (with full deposit given at time of rental)
  65. Sent in for repair , get replacement gun
  66. Diamondback Firearms Dealer Pricing
  67. Unworkable (was:Unusual) Interstate transfers
  68. Can a FFL legally refuse to transfer a stripped AR15 lower receiver?
  69. Shipping long gun to Ireland?
  70. Interesting Customer Scenario/Debacle
  71. quick ffl tranfer question?
  72. involved transfer question
  73. Transfer question
  74. FDAS Question Never Answered...
  75. ppt handgun Do i need a cable gun lock
  76. Gift from Family Member
  77. Cops and their exemptions
  78. Make an illegal purchase legal?
  79. Transfer from Brother?
  80. gun lock purchase on a ppt (Gun Gallery Glendale)
  81. Hunting rifle transfer question
  82. Out Of State Private Party C&R Transfer
  83. LEO private tranfer?
  84. Federal Tax on firearms and ammo sales
  85. Proof of residency
  86. FFL's and restraining order transfers
  87. Assembling complete AR uppers & lowers is manufacturing/secondary markings required??
  88. d.r.o.s/serial number
  89. More FUD?
  90. Becoming an FFL
  91. delete
  92. New out of state purchase
  93. DROS & DOJ question
  94. Dear FFL's...
  95. RAAC IZ-104 SAIGA 410 shotgun
  96. When you do a voluntary DOJ handgun registration, what do they send you back?
  97. 30 Day wait
  98. Question to FFL's reg. out of state sales.
  99. After you get your FFL?
  100. Costs???
  101. C&R FFL Questions
  102. (Roster) Go Away
  103. Nor-Cal - FFL Transfer Costs From out of State Purchase?
  104. What distributor is carrying Saigas now?
  105. CFLC shipment approval number
  106. YES! I am now an FFL3 C&R!!!
  107. S&W 1911 SKU # 108303 on CA apporved list?
  108. Sales out of the US
  109. ATF FFL meeting went well
  110. Looking for FFL near East Bay/Walnut Creek
  111. Roster Q about Kimber
  112. FFL close to san francisco
  113. Off list transfer
  114. Can FFL refuse to do a PPT?
  115. using W-2 for secondary and CCW
  116. WWII P-38's exempt from the 1 handgun a month?
  117. Cheapest FFL in sac area? and question?
  118. Can I Ship A Rifle To A Buyers FFL Without Going Through A FFL?
  119. 30 day question
  120. FFL paperwork
  121. Interstate Family Transfer (Father to son)
  122. FFL Shipping to CA
  123. Making the move from home base to storefront
  124. DROS for MUZZLELOADER??????
  125. FFL 07, SOT, supressors and California
  126. DMV address change.
  127. New out of state FFL trying to sell to a Californian
  128. Intrastate Family Transfer from Father to Son
  129. Question about shipping out of state, to self
  130. Sac area ffl at the vallejo gun show this weekend?
  131. FFL3 C&R newbie questions
  132. How much?
  133. How much?
  134. 2 rifles stolen
  135. CA Assault Weapon Dealer
  136. Waiting Period?
  137. New CDLs and DROS'ing
  138. FFL nearish Hollywood/Downtown LA
  139. What to expect from DOJ?
  140. Dumb question about COE
  141. Transferring a firearm from family member to self
  142. FFL has been issued
  143. shipping out of state for refinish
  144. Out of State Family transfer (Deceased owner????)
  145. Expired PPT of off roster handgun????
  146. FFL Retail Store front cost?
  147. Location Question
  148. SSAR 15 Stock - Legal to purchase?
  149. Sale blocked by DOJ. Can I??? *UPDATE*
  150. FFL Question: Is the Buyer at risk
  151. LEO Dros Question
  152. delete
  153. DuraCoat my hand gun in another state
  154. Sig P226R Elite Stainless on roster?
  155. CFLC program? School Me....
  156. dealer FFL question
  157. Ruger Letter...How does it affect you?
  159. Ruger Serial Numbers & BATF
  160. Selling a LE gun to pivate party?
  161. So Much for DROS Fees Being Reduced
  162. S&W 686 CS-1 3" not on roster
  164. FFL for PPT???
  165. Information needed on a current 01 FFL becoming a 07 FFL
  166. FFL Proof of Residency
  167. Denial secrecy...
  168. Dros started. Can I add another rifle???
  169. Does anyone from Anaheim have an FFL??
  170. Large Capacity Mag Permit A&D?
  171. KEL-TEC SU-16CA Legal?
  172. Complete lower ar pistol from out of state
  173. building a rifle ?
  174. Question on Personal Collection and getting FFL
  175. Question on a PTP Handgun Sale 16 years ago non FFL Transfer just Bill of Sale
  176. Split PPT for off roster handgun
  177. gun pick up day
  178. Ades Gunshop
  179. HSC Card Question
  180. Delivery location other than licensed premesis?
  181. Private FFL sale
  182. hand gun Question
  183. Rock Island 1911 .45 ACP Tactical
  184. FFL to FFL shipping after 10 day wait without buyer present
  185. Drivers License Address
  186. Trying to get a gun from out of State
  187. Handgun Transfer from outside Cal. HELP
  188. closed gun shop
  189. BATFE Email Response to "Brown Card" Question
  190. Out of State FFL & CFLC shipping to California FFL07
  191. PPT and lock sales.....???
  192. Engraving requirements for 07 FFLs
  193. Wholesale ammo?
  194. Made our fisrt sale! (FFL pending)
  195. Which FFL's have what fees for gun transfers?
  196. Out of State sales of C&R long guns to CA 01 FFL
  197. Antique receiver Q
  198. COE / Livescan Question
  199. FFLs Receiving Guns From Out Of State
  200. Can you clarify this for me? CA legal Features on Saiga 12
  201. answered
  202. Looking for a FFL in Sacramento Area
  203. Locks - what is 'best practice' according to DOJ/BATFE?
  204. CFLC system is down, CA DOJ is blaming ATF
  205. Out of state transfers?
  206. Question from out of state FFL looking to sell gun to CA
  207. New BATF requirement???
  208. gun on roster question
  209. Help! Need a new FFL for out of state
  210. How to determine if a handgun is or isn't registered?
  211. Consignment issues
  212. Applying for FFL 03. Help
  213. I need a Bakersfield area FFL for interstate intrafamiliar transfer
  214. Glock 19 gen 4 frame.
  215. Secondary proof of residency
  216. Conundrum
  217. Good FFL in the San Diego Area
  218. HELP! San Bernadino/Riverside/IE FFL
  219. To Self Register or Not?
  220. How?
  221. Straw sale..
  222. PPT documents required for non-US citizen
  223. ?'s about transfer of (un)converted .50 BMG
  224. Private transfer
  225. Best California FFL Transfers Dealers??
  226. Taurus/Rossi/BrazTech Circuit Judge
  227. Middleman FFL needed for out of state auction
  228. Who has a sample good cause letter for an AW permit?
  229. Cheapest FFL in LA?
  230. Prevailing Sales Tax Rate...
  231. proof of residency
  232. Single shot conversions in Cali by FFL07
  233. **Attention FFL's**
  234. FYI: CDNN will not send to Ca.......
  235. FFL in Santa Barbara area
  236. NICS Denial Questions
  237. Help finding bulk/wholesale CA OK Gun locks
  238. Savage Striker Bolt Action Pistol
  239. FFL near Vacaville Area?
  240. im thinking about getting my 01 FFL..
  241. Where did you find your manual private party transfer form?
  242. So Cal PPT trans FFL needed today
  243. In-state DROS Transfer from a non-California resident
  244. Getting an out-of-state rifle in state???
  245. 03 FFL pre-application inspection?
  246. Online out of state handgun purchase
  247. Another question about out of state pistol transfers
  248. Large Cap Mag Permit
  249. Warranty Returns
  250. ID requirements for PPT transferor question