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  1. FFL Question Can a pawnshop sell a not on roster used older gun??
  2. AK?
  3. Bullseye
  4. History on buying & selling shotguns?
  5. Canada gun parts ??
  6. CA Resident registering a handgun purchased out of state
  7. Can FFL import on-list 1911 bare frame?
  8. "How To" Transaction Advice
  9. rifle pick up
  10. What does out of state FFL need to do to ship into CA?
  11. Handgun purchase question
  12. Replacement Shotgun from Manufacturer
  13. Received handgun as gift. But...
  14. Want to purchase a CA non-roster handgun.
  15. Is this legal?
  16. Need Advice
  17. FFLing
  18. bound book question..
  19. FFL to FFL pistol?
  20. Where to order posters?
  21. The 1/2 million ? question
  22. Out of state pistol sale/ PPT question...
  23. My First Sale (awww....noob)
  24. Need Advice on Rifle Transfer Procedures
  25. How to transfer a family rifle
  26. Inner state handgun transfer
  27. 07 FFL question...before I seal this envelope.
  28. New Store Questions
  29. Attention Calguns Dealers: Understand the BOE Requirements for Sales Tax on Transfers
  30. Questions about 07FFL
  31. Trying to find and can't... need help please
  32. What would be a 'fair' PPT charge?
  33. Shipping with USPS & 03FFL
  34. When CA FFLs should collect SALES TAX from consumers.
  35. Used LE Trade in Glock 22 Gen 3's with GNS and 1 mag
  36. 4473
  37. Family transfer form
  38. FFL, Attorney on retainer
  39. FFL's in San Jose
  40. AW sellers
  41. Question About PPT - Multiple Items One Transaction
  42. Gift rifle for neice and nephew
  43. DOJ Large Cap Mag Permit
  44. Background Check question
  45. First pass at a ammo log. . . comments welcome
  46. "CONFUSED"
  47. Question for FFL's re: S&W 442 no lock and roster
  48. anyone ever buy anything from AR15sales.com
  49. ID for Handgun Purchase
  50. Legally moving large-cap mags into Cali
  51. online shipping to ffl dealership?
  52. Intermediate FFLs
  53. Bullet Button Source
  54. New FFL Rocklin Ca,
  55. ATF access?
  56. Looking for a new Romanian WASR-10 AK.
  57. Passed Zero Violations *** First CA DOJ Inspection
  58. a what if?
  59. 03 Licensee buying C&R long rifle intra-state from a dealer??
  60. need some help from fellow FFLs
  61. Home Based FFL Process QuestionDELETE PLEASE
  62. ppt question in San Fernando Valley
  63. CA Roster of Handguns Approved for Sale Scenario
  64. Intra family (NV to CA) transfer of non-roster pistol
  65. Out of state FFL selling to CA residents
  66. AR Pistol question
  67. delete
  68. The audacity of some people.
  69. UPDATE: Question for FFL's
  70. 2nd form of ID
  71. XD40, came without approved lock
  72. Expired Dr Lic w/ Extension?
  73. FTF PPT - can it be shipped after 10 day wait?
  74. Store Front Location Had To Move. How Does This Effect My FFL
  75. Dealer pricing for California FFL holders
  76. Some FFL 07 questions
  77. A couple-o-Q's...
  78. BATF on Youtube
  79. BATFE to require Mutipule Sales Reports on Long Guns
  80. Can an FFL NOT allow someone under 21 to examine a handgun?
  81. PPT handgun limit?
  82. Second COE required? / Hours
  83. ? on shipping PPT handgun
  84. FFL Question about OL Handgun sales
  85. ATF is here.
  86. Selling a gun for my sister?
  87. PPT of revolver to Texas resident
  88. FFL in Bakersfield
  89. Question
  90. guns from my deceased father
  91. 2 Questions Regarding PPT-ing an AR Pistol
  92. delete
  93. Intra-familial transfer including a LEO
  94. The ATF has arrived. My agent's take on the new multiple semi-auto reporting.
  95. delete
  96. DUI and Proof of ID
  97. Question about selling guns father gifts to me
  98. FFL to personal collection question handgun
  100. Restraint order that was dismissed. When can I DROS?
  101. Oaktree proshop taken over by police?
  102. Estate Sales
  103. Never picked up firearm after DROS. Question?
  104. CDNN won't send a CD Tactical shotgun!
  105. FFL Question about sales
  106. no sir its not what you think!
  107. FFL near Concord for single shot transfer?
  108. Min Num Of Sales Required?
  109. Receiving FFL and Buyer Never Comes in to DROS
  110. Buying a firearm from a not-so-free state from a free one?
  111. selling reloading supplies
  112. Kimber Nomenclature
  113. Shipping a DE to get it chromed
  114. FFL: Adding 2nd long arm to DROS?
  115. Dros on Different color frame?
  116. Bass Pro Shops Manteca FAILS again.
  117. Shipping Handgun out of California
  118. Did I get hosed? $85 PPT
  119. Buying a offlist handgun from CA FFL Dealer
  120. Is DROS/FFL required on C&R rifles?
  121. Handed down Revolver FFL question
  122. FFL Refuses Money--Why?
  123. non rostered pistol
  124. maybe moving out of California
  125. Ca limits on toys??
  126. Do you need a FFL to ship a rife?
  127. Any FFLs in Southern California that can ship an UZI for me?
  128. SS exemption, what if the pistol make is not listed?
  129. Middleman Transfers?
  130. FFL or Permits to Machine Parts
  131. 07 Application Process
  132. nevermind
  133. recommend FFL in Bakersfield
  134. Unlicensed Person Shipping to FFL
  135. Can a complete AR built on an OLL be shipped in two halves?
  136. Any FFLs get instructions on how to handle AB 962?
  137. 4473 Question
  138. Legality check
  139. Out of state ffl/gunsmith to convert revolver to single action
  140. LEO selling or transfering off roster pistols questions
  141. Looking to start a at-15 build ASAP!
  142. BATFE Accepts BB Equipped Rifles as "Non-Detachable Magazine" Firearms.
  143. Two issues...PPT's
  144. Delete
  145. How to get a non listed .22 revolver??
  146. BATFE/DOJ inspections - Home FFL
  147. Question?
  148. Handgun transfer Question
  149. I need your help for new law
  150. FFL in Temecula area.
  151. M1A national match to California
  152. BATFE FORM 6 Needed for a STOCK ??
  153. DOJ hold on gun
  154. Are out-of-state intrafamilia transfers limited to 1/30?
  155. SOT Question
  156. Thoughts on This DOJ Response
  157. Private party long gun transfer from out of state
  158. I want to be FFL
  159. Dros During an Address change
  160. How to become an FFL (gun dealer) in California
  161. Rebuild kits
  162. What's the name of the stupid used run reporting system
  163. DROS Cost
  164. Total PPT Fee
  165. PPT DROS involving two used revolvers
  166. Ammo sales
  167. Change of address.
  168. PPT Custom 1911 - Brand??
  169. Sharing Space with non-FFL business
  170. FFL 3 and Los Angeles (downtown)
  171. PPT subject to 30 day waiting period
  172. Transfer question...
  173. 10th Day Phone Call
  174. Tricky Gun Transfer Question
  175. dual residency question.
  176. Class 7 in Nevada?
  177. Suggestions from the experienced?
  178. Stupid question of the day
  179. Transfer charged on Upper AND Lower
  180. Need a little help with first purchase...
  181. Sales by private party questions..
  182. PTT Question on a FNH P90
  183. Manufacturer Warranty Replacement Question
  184. Transfer to Son in Oklahoma
  185. Selling a rifle in Calif?
  186. shipping
  187. Would it be possible for me to..
  188. noob questions about PPT (CA)
  189. multiple handguns, would you charge duplicate transfer fees
  190. Firing blanks and the law
  191. AMMO dump bakersfield
  192. Pistol transfered as Rifle?
  193. ATF Study
  194. DROS options
  195. 03 07 FFL.
  196. FFL CFD Shipping Question
  197. Buying a handgun with a military ID
  198. pick up with a passport?
  199. Type of FFL
  200. AOW FFL's
  201. Can't Ship Older Non-Roster Pistol, Right?
  202. P250, On DOJ or not?
  203. Bushmaster Carbon AR15 Pistols legal?
  204. "Closed" Thank you for the input I received...
  205. FFL in Kern County. Any issues getting local business license?
  206. Winchester Model 70
  207. Buying handgun frame?
  208. any FFL's in LA/OC/ IE that sell single shot conversions?
  209. Can a Sig Dealer order me parts from Sig?
  210. Military IDs and background checks
  211. Military ID magnetic stripe busted, but good gun deal ending soon
  212. HSC expired.
  213. C&R 03FFL
  214. Handgun Purchase
  215. Odd CFIS Caliber Listing
  216. New Question...Post #3
  217. Military Customer Question
  218. how much cash should I have to open a gun shop
  219. FFL in San De eggo
  220. Anyone have a Waiver Form for Transfers?
  221. BOE: Transfer Fees ARE Subject to CA Sales Tax
  222. long arm serial number recorded on federal form for ATF?
  223. FFL selling personal gun.
  224. Another Roster Question
  225. Can I purchase and sell the same day?
  226. out of state sks
  227. ATF 3310.4 Question
  228. CFD issuance time frame?
  229. Stripped AR Lower count toward my 1 in 30?
  230. Received 03 SOT...have questions
  231. Fellow FFls - What would you do?
  232. DROS'ing question
  233. Purpose of CFLC as it relates to out of state dealers
  234. HK93 OLL
  235. Is there an importer on here?
  236. saiga 12...who in oc has them for sale??
  237. FFL "limbo"
  238. FFL - Change of address requirements?
  239. $80 out of state handgun transfer/dros?
  240. One business entity, FFL's in California and Arizona?
  241. CA approved handguns question
  242. For FFL's shipping Frequently Asked Questions
  243. Quick question re purchasing firearms in vegas ffl 01
  244. Applied for my FFL in NY on Jan 12th
  245. Off List PPT
  246. volutary registration form question
  247. Another off roster PPT question
  248. What distributors ship to middleman?
  249. OLL iter family
  250. Off roster handgun transfer from out of State