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  1. hk parts kits
  2. DROS denied...
  3. PPT Gun Lock
  4. What do you guys think??
  5. P-mags...CAUTION!
  6. Form FD 4542A
  7. Pechanga Gun Show cancelled?
  8. Need FFL for OLL ppt on a Sat. near LaPuente
  9. My CA FFL Proof of Residency Cheat Sheet.
  10. Sale from out-of-state private party - reposted to general discussion forum
  11. Gunbroker transfer
  12. My guns shipped to me.
  13. FFL transfer question
  14. Storing mothers handguns, put in log book or not?
  15. Hypothetical Question
  16. DROS'd Stripped Rcvr., 2nd DROS if built up?
  17. Inital Store Stocking Order(s)
  18. Transfer to stepson
  19. need firearm friendly merchant account
  20. FFL that would buy an AW
  21. Secondhand Dealers License?
  22. Any FFL's storing firearms ?
  24. Manufacturing?
  25. ATF spreadsheet of all 61,000 FFL holders in US
  26. Question RE: 18 year olds and handguns.
  27. San Jose FFL, UPDATE: Question on DROSing parts
  28. FFL Long gun transfer....(lock)
  29. Handgun recovered by law enforcement, what can I expect?
  30. WTB: Cheap and reliable FFL near Corona/Riverside
  31. Is the cost of a in state transfer the same as FTF?
  32. Help with drosing a 7.62x25 mdl57
  33. transfer questions
  34. Help in ID and Price of Firearm
  35. A couple questions
  36. cal approved hanguns
  37. FFL in SGV (Socal)
  38. New 07FFL, any advice?
  39. DROS fees changing?
  40. Up for consignment??
  41. DOJ FUD question
  42. Gander Mountain Fishing??
  43. Addax 07 FFL, and we were just added to the Centralized List of Dealers by CAL-DOJ
  44. Gun Lock Receipt Quesiton
  45. looking at becoming new FFL
  46. Ordered online 10 day wait period
  47. C&R Two Questions??
  48. Florida to California
  49. Mag in magwell to PPT a OLL ?
  51. Shipping to California FFL's?
  52. Intra Familial vs 1 handgun per 30 days...question
  53. .
  54. safe list differences question
  55. Transfer from California non-licensees to other States
  56. Is ATF Trace Information Confidential?
  57. PRE 1898
  58. Assault weapons permit container
  59. A+ CS for Ammo Bros!
  61. FFL transfer question.
  62. Looking for ffl to do out of state transfers into ca
  63. Weird Scenario Question
  64. Buying a Springfield XDM at Bass Pro Shops
  65. out of state sales
  66. What does everyone do with their "extra" gun locks?
  67. Location of Firearm Delivery?
  68. PPT using a temporary CA DL
  69. DROSing off listed handguns with "hi capacity" mags
  70. Well My FFL Web Site is up!
  71. Safe affidavit question.
  72. FFL receiving a serialized upper.
  73. Shotgun DROS??
  74. handgun dros Identity question
  75. Consignment sales count against PPT total?
  76. Cost of DROS For Out of State Long Gun?
  77. buying handgun from an ex CA resident
  78. FFLs - Your Input Requested on DROS, Buy/Sell Transactions
  79. off roster guns
  80. One handgun a Month Question??
  81. question about sending product into CA from NV
  82. Getting a gun in a trade question for FFL's
  83. Selling Handgun.
  84. 30-Day Wait Question
  85. M1 Garand - need FFL to sell?
  86. Requirements of FFL and recourse against?
  87. Adding a handgun/Pistol to a DROS for a Rifle, Possible?
  88. Soon to be a Military spouse
  89. worth getting ffl if moving
  90. Need C&R FFL Service in SF Bay Area
  91. Need advice: FFL from home
  92. Thanks
  93. thread moved--FFL in sj/south bay
  94. San Francisco's only gun store to keep permit
  95. leo hand gun dros
  96. **Imposter using Last Stand Gun Shop, Inc**
  97. Delete
  98. Can anyone recommend a nice gun store near Santa Moncia airport
  99. Non Immagrant Alien - Which FFL will assist
  100. Proof of Residency for CA and Feds
  101. Gun Rights Study
  102. Applying for an 01 FFL, what to expect from BATFE?
  103. Are AR-15 lowers legal?
  104. Looking for an FFL to transfer an AR lower near Victorville, CA
  105. FFL registration question
  106. Seller's Thumbprint
  107. brining in C&R handguns into Calif
  108. How do I ship a pistol to a buyer and good FFL in Orange County to ship
  109. Need Modesto/Manteca area FFL
  110. Looking for a SFV FFL
  111. What does "DRO" stand for?
  112. Intra-Familial form question
  113. Recieved a lower ordered by 20 yr old
  114. PPT Question
  115. Can someone please explain the DOJ's
  116. Thanks guys and I more ?
  117. Anyone buying direct?
  118. 20yr old wanting to purchase a AR 15
  119. C&R FFL PTT question.
  120. Expired Green Card with VALID STICKER.
  121. How are out-of-state sales handled?
  122. Moving from LA County to San Diego County
  123. PPT walkthrough, and etiqette?
  124. Out of State purchase, FFL installs BB?
  125. Single shot pistol transfers?
  126. What documentation do I need to ship HI-Cap mags into CA?
  127. Q regarding FFL01>FFL03 transfer of rifle
  128. C&R Handgun shipped into Calif to 01FFL
  129. Single shot magazine lock question
  130. How long after an FFL registers for a CFLC letter...
  131. OAL and California requirements?
  132. I have a PPT question, any help would be great..
  133. Shooting range = ffl?
  134. So. Cal./OC Gun Store Refusing to Release Handgun
  135. Card Readers
  136. New FFL Question
  137. Whatever happened to Arrowhead Outdoor Sports
  138. legality of trading a derringer
  139. PPT with an out of state seller
  140. reno gun show
  141. Instate mail transfers of non-roster handguns
  142. the less than 6 handguns per year "note"
  143. FFL near Manhattan Beach
  144. Supplier for Rock Island Tactical 1911, Stainless?
  145. ppt fees??
  146. LEO exempt from 1 in 30? son was told he had to wait?
  147. A question to the FFL's please
  148. husband -wife transfer question
  149. Transfer question regarding deceased relative's shotguns
  150. Fees for buying handguns on the internet
  151. Need a PPT in Gilroy or Los Banos
  152. Drivers License Problem
  153. DROS question
  154. Dangerous weapons permit Q's
  155. saige ak47
  156. RAA Saiga - Good to go Right?
  157. Need a San Francisco FFL Recommendation
  158. AO PKZSE vs PKZA vs PKZ
  159. looking for an FFL in San Jose
  160. FFL dealer for a PPT in the OC?
  161. FFL need in the Oceanside area...
  162. looking for wholesale(cheap) app.gunlocks
  163. FFL Dealer with Fair (not ripoff prices)and great customer service near Los Angeles
  164. Bay Area FFL to help with shipping a handgun
  165. can I purchase a beowolf .50 in Ca.
  166. Off List or Not Off List? (a grey area?)
  167. Intra-familial transfer question
  168. Looking for Resident Alien Friendly FFL (Bay Area)
  169. How does FFL 01 buy in-state from another FFL 01?
  170. Corn-fused
  171. Affordable business space to base a new FFL
  172. Law enforcement letter to register AR-15
  173. My Gun Trading Website - Looking For Advice
  174. Check your Beretta 92's for high caps
  175. Pistol purchase requires Proof of Residency
  176. 2011 SHOT show
  177. Considering getting my ffl
  178. WWII pistol, PTP transfer?
  179. online ammo sales
  180. FTF handgun transfer
  181. Placer Tactical...New 01FFL, just received our CFD#
  182. Educate me on Requirements for 2nd Hand Dealer's License
  183. Second hand Dealer License
  184. New FFL looking for advice
  185. Pending AB962 Silliness
  186. Armed FFL employees
  187. Becoming a Firearms Dealer
  188. How could we of handled this better?
  189. Looking for FFL to do single-shot pistol transfer in LA area
  190. Credit Card processors for FFLs
  191. PPT question
  192. FNH PS90 info
  193. Retired LEO and off list handgun clarification
  194. advice for new ffl
  195. How to DROS off list?
  196. How to sell handgun to out of state?
  197. Firearms and apartment living
  198. Are out of state intrafamilial transfers 1 in 30 days exempt?
  199. FFL in San Diego County
  200. How long can the state delay a purchase
  201. AR15 into California
  202. LMT AR w/BulletButton&Mag. FFL transfer to the greater bay area
  203. out of state off list/hi cap handgun question
  204. FFL inquiry
  205. Swap 17 round mags for 10 rounders for California???
  206. Retired CA LEO Purchase?
  207. San Jose area FFL for PPT?
  208. Handgun safety certificate
  209. Can I ship shotgun/rifle through USPS?
  210. Need an 07 FFL to build ARs?
  211. Question for Gun Store owners/employees or FFLs
  212. how does a NV resident purchase a PP long gun in Ca
  213. DROS?
  214. Transposed Serial # on DROS
  216. Clarification on PPT and IFT of off-list handguns
  217. Question for FFL about the CA Roster on Gun Model Detail
  218. pmags
  219. FFL mailing address change
  220. CA ID Question
  221. C&R Handgun from Out of State
  222. Question on Intra-Familial transfer
  223. Out of State Handgun purchase questions
  224. DROS QUESTION for FFL's about Actual Approval or Denial Timeline
  225. Gun not on CA roster question
  226. FFL help in Kentucky?
  227. Moving from MN
  228. Shipping Arsenal AK into Cali
  229. USPS form 1508 question?
  230. Antioch Armory
  231. New address on brown card?
  232. Shipping to an ffl with only the ffl# and not copy of fll
  233. The C&R Holder amd Average-Joe
  234. question regarding the roster Pink Sig Mosquito's
  235. Layaway's
  236. Tax on the purchase price?
  237. FFL Dealer Honest or not? (Transfer Fees)
  238. Help
  239. New FFL Questions
  240. Buying off list handgun from stranger
  241. Can an FFL import an off list gun?
  242. FFL near Marina Del Rey or Beverly Hills
  243. Can primed brass be shipped via USPS?
  244. How do I buy a gun privately from someone too far to meet?
  245. Some get it, some not so much!
  247. Private sale of used shotgun--Waiting period?
  248. CA Compliant SIGs
  249. Contacting FTB
  250. New Dealer Posting Requirements