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  1. FFL with Transfer Fees posted
  2. FFL needed for a new business question:
  3. Tracking ammo amd Hi-Caps
  4. C&R Collector
  5. Question for an out of state friend
  6. FFL "Storage/Insurance" & "Admin" FEES???
  7. what do you guys think gun store employees carrying firearms?
  8. I dont know?
  9. Short AR barrels - FFL01
  10. Velocity Firearms VMAC-45 Single Shot Pistol
  11. Expired DL and DROS Q
  12. Question regarding consignments
  13. Lookinf ro an AZ transfer dealer?
  14. Can I personally ship a rifle to Ca. FFL?
  15. Alameda County Sheriff CLEO???
  16. What is the going price for a LWRC PSD in a 6.8??
  17. When FFL expires, what to do with inventory?
  18. The waiting game...
  19. taking in used handguns
  20. Question on PPT transfer for handgun and registration
  21. Beretta Competition Conversion Kit
  22. Question regarding an FFL shipping for me.
  23. Praise for TDS Guns in Rocklin, CA
  24. Question about proof of residency.
  25. Out-of-state brother to brother transfer
  26. Sacramento FFL at SF gun show?
  27. damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. Interstate Intrafamilial Transfer question
  29. Need FFL in Castroville for Transfer
  30. Yet Another Interfamilial Question.
  31. Simple question(s) on shipping handguns...
  32. Question for FFLs regarding home built guns and PPT
  33. Screwed?
  34. DPMS LR-308 Panther OK?
  35. Home Based FFL Dealers
  36. Exporting of mag Kits to Sweden???
  37. Not Registered???
  38. Restriction on Threaded RIFLE Barrels?
  39. Rude Gun Shops ?
  40. Selling and Shipping Handgun From CA to Out of State
  41. coe's??
  42. Supporting documents for current address
  43. How do you think this would play out if it had happened in CA?
  44. S&W 5906
  45. shipping gun without stock?
  46. DROS Forms
  47. Question for Robinsons Armament dealers
  48. A Bushmaster question...
  49. DOJ approved RIA 1911?
  50. 1 Gun every 30 day rule
  51. PPT DROS Delay for Buyer
  52. PPT question from out of state friend
  53. Spousal gun transfers - Question
  54. Receiving FFL question: Threaded barrel
  55. Display Cabinets and Slat Boards
  56. Can't sell Marijuana with my guns
  57. Handgun size requirements Los Angeles County
  58. Secondhand Dealer Reporting Requirements
  59. Can FFL buy guns out-of-state?
  60. DV conviction, life time ban?
  61. ATF visit this Friday.. (UPDATE)
  62. Help please with transfer DROS sale
  63. Can you sell a pistol with a high capacity mag. in Calif.?
  64. Driver's license strips that don't read
  65. To tax or not to tax those out-of-state transfers...?
  66. need an answer
  67. ordering online
  68. 50 bmg
  69. got my c&r ffl...yey
  70. Guns handed down by father
  71. Guns under your name
  72. coe's??
  73. any one no where i can get a bound book??
  74. Question re how to deal with "illegal" charges
  75. Has anyone used there Gunsmith cert. for HSC instuctor
  76. recieved my 03 ffl today in the mail what next???
  77. Need help with an out of state FFL dealer
  78. **FFL/PPT question!!
  79. 07 FFL - Anything CA Specific?
  80. What are the laws ?
  81. FFL From Home
  82. Types of "Proof of Residency"?
  83. Transfer ?
  84. 30 day wait before buying from a Pawn shop?
  85. 03 ffl question
  86. Selling more than XX guns= DOJ issues?
  87. using COE for more than 1 handgun purchase in 30 days?
  88. Best and Worst MFG to do business with?
  89. Secondhand Dealer License
  90. Demand copy of dros.
  91. A question about asking questions of the DOJ
  92. FFL building kit/ar guns no says ATF
  93. Sig Blacwater Tactical on the DOJ List?
  94. FFL receives DROS delay
  95. In the process of moving DROS?
  96. Process of shipping a long gun to a FFL up north?
  97. FFL in Sacramento Area for out of state xfer
  98. can i ship my handgun to FFL in CA?
  99. Another Sales Tax Question
  100. Ruger 4R Program for free Ruger Guns (Retailers only)
  101. so got my coe approved....
  102. Inter-state, Inter-family transfer.
  103. Pennsylvania Gun Dealer says NO TAX, period!
  104. FFL w/ no CFD needs to ship Pistol
  105. FFL C&R personal firearm?
  106. Web Site for FFLs
  107. Appraisal? Mauser Oberndorf Skeet 610 Prototype
  108. Tranferring a M3 50 BMG for repairs.
  109. Ammo Ammo More Ammo...Fe Fi Fo Ammo....AMMO
  110. Passport ok with utility bill to DROs a handgung
  111. Shipping Handgun
  112. Post Paperwork Exchange
  113. In need of a dealer near Eureka for in-state transfer...
  114. Need a FFL in the ARROYO GRANDE, CA 93420 area who will accept a transfer
  115. Does a handgun need a mag?
  116. FFL buying handguns question
  117. Interstate Transfer Fee
  118. FFLONLY
  119. qusetion regarding PPT and a new resident
  120. Daughter Ex LEO, Does she need a safety certificate
  121. ammo purchase out of state...
  122. Web Hosting Cancelling my Website
  123. Wrong forum...
  124. Is this a dealer transfer?
  125. how do i make a gun legally mine
  126. My DOJ Inspection is over, I survived.
  127. I Need An FFL's Knowledge Please
  128. linda 9 mm
  129. Can I DROS this in CA?
  130. Thx
  131. FFLs in Santa Clarita area for PPT
  132. dros processing question
  133. Transfer of guns that were obtained from an estate
  134. Best way to transfer handgun from uncle in AZ to me in CA?
  135. CCR and transfer of older long guns?
  136. RIA Roster Question
  137. Looking for a FFL in Walnut Creek, CA
  138. PPTing handguns to yourself as an FFL
  139. Legal Transfer of Unregistered Firearms
  140. Handgun transfer
  141. Good Cause Letter for High Cap Mag Permit
  142. FTF PPT with out of state seller
  143. Any FFL in Corona/Norco Area?
  144. PPT/Dealer Transfer Questions
  145. DROs and the 30 per hadgun
  146. questions about 01 03 07
  147. Roster Exempt for LEOs
  148. FFL north sandiego to temecula
  149. 10 day wait???
  150. Question for Victorville/Barstow Area FFLs
  151. Subletting guns for repair
  152. purchases from an auction/event conducted by a 501(c)3 exempt from PPT requirement?
  153. Received High Cap Mag Permit
  154. Stolen gun
  155. Long guns and the 10-day wait
  156. High cap mag Question/Centralized list Question
  157. In a PPT how does the FFL know the seller DROS'd the gun originally?
  158. Waiver Of Liabilty? / DOJ Inspection
  159. Selling a pistol to an Idaho resident in Ca.
  160. Why do many FFL's dislike online transfers?
  161. FFL Help. 10 Day wait-Change of Address to pick up Firearm
  162. shipping a pistol
  163. One handgun every 30 days law????
  164. DOJ inspection
  165. Deleted
  166. Long rifle Gift
  167. Benelli wholesale
  168. Gunsmith vs Dealer?
  169. serial number tracking
  170. registering a lower into a pistol lower
  171. Do I really need to ship a rifle through FFL?
  172. Out of State Manufacturer, CAL DOJ registration?
  173. FDAS website trouble
  174. Calling any FFL's
  175. Thinking about applying for FFL in SD
  176. Is a FFL required for work on non-serialized parts?
  177. Is there a way to find out who owns a particular gun?
  178. is there any law against this
  179. PPT, OLL question
  180. 30 day limit on used gun?
  181. adding additional long guns to an exisiting DROS?
  182. FFl Transfer
  183. How to do a ppt?
  184. Az. 07FFL needs Ca. FFL in Lemon Grove area
  185. 01FFL located in CA, but unable to sell in state?
  186. Father-In-Law Interstate Transfer??
  187. Need help finding FFL in Truckee area
  188. CA DOJ Approval # for an Airgun?
  189. Looking for an FFL to transfer an AR pistol in Lodi
  190. Thinking about an 03FFL...
  191. WHAT CAN WE DO?!?!
  192. Looking for an FFL in Orange County to handle my transfer
  193. Mag requirement on a pistol for PPT
  194. Need FFL help between Fresno and OC
  195. mpa930
  196. Thompson 1927A1
  197. CA Dros Question - Handgun and Rifle on same DROS
  198. Resident Alien Residency Requirements.
  199. Why out of state FFL dealers do not sell firearms to California
  200. Suggestion for FFL's
  201. I need a AW FFL Dealer in Orange County
  202. Buying handgun from out of state?
  203. Need an FFL in Fresno
  204. FF Dealer in the SF Peninsula area
  205. Intrafamilial transfer to get non-roster Sig P226 E2
  206. Please help!!! Colt pre 70 series 1911
  207. trying to get rid of a safe queen..
  208. Accounting Question
  209. Is this Legal/OK?
  210. Want to purchase multiple Complete Lowers
  211. How to get my rifle to me in CA
  212. Former Military and HSC requirement
  213. FDAS required info
  214. Deactivating a Firearm, Paperwork Requirements?
  215. FFL in Ventura for PPT on Sundays?
  216. Sacramento-Who can take delivery of a rifle without a bullet button
  217. DROS Question
  218. Buying a handgun from out of state from Private party, how to get to CA.
  219. Cal Legal Help
  220. lock
  221. Handicapped PPT?
  222. FFL in Santa Monica?
  223. 1st tax stamp came back
  224. Help please, ship rifle out of state?
  225. need a gun value for this handgun
  226. Master Lock 106
  227. Buying Handgun
  228. Got my 03 application in mail... afraid to start!
  229. FFL fud or truth?
  230. Off-roster pistol question
  231. Intra state sale?
  232. Private party transfer
  233. I want to start a business restoring firearms. What are the legalities?
  235. FFL01 sale of C&R to FFL03
  236. PPT of a registered AW at FFL
  238. Question on shipping out of state.
  239. Which office...
  240. Out of state PPT
  241. FFL
  242. DROS question about serialized upper, not lower.
  243. Can I receive a M&P15 then convert it to legal? DOJ AW APPLICATION ADDED!
  244. Opening a Gun Shop in Santa Clarita - Thoughts
  245. Neighbor wants to "keep it legal"
  246. Is an FFL and CFD needed to sell Parts?
  247. Replacing 1911 frame
  248. Are Calif C&R's the same as ATF C&R's?
  249. Transferring a 101 yeard old Handgun??
  250. DROS Stripped Lower?