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  1. Need help W/ ppt question
  2. OLL Friendly FFL in Sacramento
  3. Anyone else get their invitation to move to SD?
  4. FFL's receiving from out of state individual?
  5. Transferring to 03FFL?
  6. Sales Tax
  7. Need Help Guys FFL Question
  8. AR PISTOLS??????
  9. Mauser Model ID
  10. OLL Friendly?
  11. Shipping to ones self?
  12. DROS 30 days question
  13. Quick Bushmaster Question
  14. FFL/Shop between LA and San Diego?
  15. Moving To California Questions
  16. 01 Dealer purchase of registered AW
  17. Shot Show
  18. FFL for AK pistol
  19. DROS and addition question.
  20. Cheapest DOJ approved locking device?
  21. NEED FFL in bay area 2 transfer off list ak47
  22. Where to get DOJ instructor training..
  23. California Legal Meeting at the SHOT Show 1/20/10 - 9 AM
  24. When are LEO Roster Exempt?
  25. Quick Question
  26. Out of state purchase/ transfer tax question
  27. Buying at the gunshow
  28. 30-day Handgun Question
  29. Question 11i about Domestic Violence on 4473
  30. Orange Pawn Shop FFl
  31. how long until i have to dros?
  32. deleted - nevermind
  33. Need FFL to Pick Up guns @ PD in OC
  34. PPT & 30-Day Rule
  35. What permits are needed to sell ammo?
  36. antioch ppt - where do i go
  37. Anyone tried for an 01 in Yuba/Sutter counties?
  38. New handgun buyer. Proof of residency.
  39. FFL in or near San Francisco Bay Area accepting out-of-state individual transfer
  40. FFL in Sacrmaneto?
  41. Yet Another Tax Thread
  42. PPT LEO to LEO gift to son.
  43. ak pistol?????
  44. FFL in or near Cameron Park
  45. Looking for a local FFL? Click here!
  46. how to PPT from a friend of a friend confused
  47. Benelli MR1 - Has any dealers successfully swapped stocks?
  48. 10 day wait period still apply while under the 30 day background check?
  49. DOJ High-Cap Mag Permit A/D Book Requirements
  50. any FFL dealers here willing to do a online purchase transfer local? SFV
  51. Out of State xfer from non FFL to CA FFL
  52. Applying for my FFL
  53. receiving a off roster-pistol
  54. pre 1898
  55. Lost FFL
  56. Missing POR - How screwed am I?
  57. PPT on non-roster handgun
  58. FFL03 looking for FFL01 near Santa Monica.
  59. Looking for OLL friendly FFL in Gilroy
  60. ....
  61. PTP transfer of non registered handgun
  62. FFL mailing address?
  63. Can I send my OLL through FLLs for a PPT without any face to face?
  64. FFL03 plus COE Gets You?
  65. Cheapest FFL in the OC area?
  66. Purchasing a handgun
  67. Straw Sale?
  68. Question -What happens to all paperwork if FFL closes?
  69. Missing Firearms Shipment Approval Number
  70. Customer doesn't have POR, now what?
  71. White 4473
  72. Manufacture replaces receiver during repair
  73. 55 YEAR OLD HAND GUN??
  74. HSC Certificate Set
  75. Thinking About Getting My FFL
  76. "LIMITED" Peace Officer and Roster Exemption
  77. 30 day rule, soonest I can start another DROS
  78. How to get a california COE after FFL3
  79. armorers course
  80. Define a Gun Show Sale
  81. Pistol Grip Shotgun -- Other on Question 18 of 4473?
  82. Weapons on ban list?
  84. Urgent help needed on a C&R transaction
  85. FFL03 Question
  86. Does this sound right?
  87. Shipping to HI, C&R ques.
  88. Short Barrel upper
  89. Need CA Friendly Portland Maine FFL01
  90. Need an FFL who can import firearms from Canada
  91. Questions about zoning and getting 06 FFL
  92. What is wrong with this picture-Black Rifle Friendly FFL won't transfer a CA Legal AR
  93. FFL non roster / single shot pistol import
  94. FFL friendly banks for expanding our business?
  95. Why are some FFLs such a PITA?
  96. Tax Collection Documentation / Records for BOE
  97. OLL purchase question...
  98. Inter family gun transfer question
  99. Inter family gun transfer question FROM SON TO FATHER
  100. Credit Card Processors
  101. Glock owner lost his gun to local PD
  102. Private party trans?
  103. Lost Reciept
  104. Question for the experts
  105. What should I expect to pay for FFL transfer and DROSS
  106. off list gun bought out of state PPT transfer question
  107. O.C. Armory just got it's SOT
  108. ATF: Complete lower receivers with buttstocks can be utilized for pistol builds.
  109. Behind the counter display system for the new gun shop.
  110. Son (wa.) Dad (ca.)
  111. Can and FFL check status of my handgun?
  112. Private Party TO FFL transfer - whats required
  113. FFL in Vegas that ships to CA?
  114. Dan Wesson revolver not on DOJ list??
  115. Pawn License. Who has one and what does it take to get one?
  116. Saiga 12 Friendly FFL dealers?
  117. Taurus Judge
  118. Priate party shipping
  119. Private party transfer of off list pistol
  120. Routine Reminder: Please Inform CGF of Any Unusual DOJ Activity
  121. The DOJ stopped by for an audit today and....
  122. Canceling handgun DROS after 30 days.
  123. Chinese SKS ???
  124. Exporting Ammunition
  125. Scheduling or refusing to perform PPT's
  126. FFLs near San Francisco and pre-1899/C&R handguns
  127. Card Reader ??
  128. Sig Trailside
  129. If you live in the Antelope Valley
  130. Agent?
  131. Urgent...
  132. Gun Purchase Question C.A.
  133. Gun Locks
  134. FFL in 580/680 Corridor who handles PPT Pistol Transfer?
  135. FFL changing address
  136. Registering an off list handgun
  137. Shipping pistol for a trigger job....How to ship?
  138. need Socal FFL for roster exempt pistol
  139. Faxed CFLC Number Question
  140. Legal Age to Work?
  141. Requirements for picking up a Long Gun
  142. Are there any FFLs in southern California with an AW permit?
  143. Class 06 FFL
  144. Fees - So Confused
  145. CHP DROS in 5 minutes
  146. ONE FFL, two Stores
  147. CAFR Application, please join.
  148. Tax questions to send to the BOE via CAFR.
  149. FFL01 father passed away. who owns the guns?
  150. Beat the Roster?
  151. Importing a P1 or P38 into California
  152. Out of state transfer
  153. Out of State/In State transfer.
  154. Out of state handgun transfer
  155. Daily time cutoff to do a ppt?
  156. CTD FFL list
  157. C&R from CA to CO
  158. Filling out app for 03 FFL
  159. How to sell a handgun...?
  160. Can I sell a CA AW out of state?
  161. New to FFL usage
  162. Purchase from out of state
  163. Looking for FFL in SoCal - IE area (forum recommend)
  165. how to buy long gun intrastate
  166. C&R PISTOLS
  167. Taking back possession of a consignment rifle
  168. Changing a DROS once it's submitted?
  169. Trades and paperwork
  170. PPT's
  171. FFL Transfer question.
  173. FFL07 Warranty Work Question
  174. Secondhand Dealer/ Used Guns - What Regs Apply?
  175. C&R license....where do you get fingerprinted?
  176. CA Drivers License - New York Address?
  177. shotgun laws
  179. Being an FFL, seems to run in my family (Opening Finally)
  180. DOJ list and expired listings?
  181. Help! Do I keep Copy 3 and Copy 4 of the 01 Application?
  182. Any FFL's have OD Glock 19 new/used near Loma Linda?
  183. Not on CA Roster of CA Handguns
  184. 001 FFL how do you buy things for yourself?
  185. AR pistol lower question
  186. Out of state sale to CA resident?
  187. CA definition of a C&R Handgun?
  188. Non-stripped lower Out of State transfer
  189. Juvenile record
  190. What happens on a PPT if the buyer fails DROS?
  191. Kimber SIS
  192. thinking about ffl
  193. PPT in Sacramento with stripped lowers
  194. 1993 Sig 226 xfer
  195. Interstate family transfer question
  196. Yet another lower/upper question.
  197. LAN World & Middleman transfers
  198. returning a gun
  199. deleted
  200. Looking for reasonably priced FFL in OC to receive from Bud's
  201. Hi-cap mag request
  202. Finally Received My Class 3
  203. Question about power of attorney for gun sales
  204. Dealer Info Needed - New FFL
  205. Got a SOT status I didn't apply for.....
  206. FYI: 4473 Color change
  208. SoCal FFL help urgently needed
  211. All handguns listed on the roster are approved with or without night sights.
  212. FFL Needs USGI 30 rd mag body only!
  213. Looking for a hand from a nice FFL...
  214. CA Approved Lock Question and Safe Affidavit Question
  215. cutts compensator
  216. A few question about filling our form for C&R
  217. 1st Firearm Purchase Online FFL Transfer Fees?
  218. 1st DROS Rejection
  219. Consignment
  220. Selling an OLL and need help
  221. CFLC amusing CAPTCHA phrases
  222. Can I do 2 pistol PPT at the same time?
  223. Bound Book Question
  224. DROS 10 day... on 7,8,9,10 day denied possible?
  225. My friend just got a ticket, can it interfere with DROS?
  226. Question for the group Encore rifle to pistol
  227. question about stolen firearms
  228. OC Armory
  229. Crazy question drosing just the frame...
  230. doc requirements for CA Legal OLL rifle?
  231. High Impact Tactical... NEW SHOP!!
  232. Dealer pricing on BBs
  233. last stand Shop
  234. !!!SAN DIEGO FFL!!!!
  235. FFL School Zone
  236. quick question
  237. Hi cap mag sale question
  238. PPT's
  239. Looking for an FFL in Palmdale area for PPT
  240. Question about C&R sale - gun registered in your name
  241. Torrance/Redondo/South Bay PPT
  242. Boycott of Lancaster Arms Resellers?
  243. Intra-Family Questions.
  244. Dealer can't give me a copy of the 4473 that I signed?
  245. ATF and Cal DOJ Safe Affidavit
  246. Can someone please explain all the jargon?
  247. Out of State FFL Perception of CA Laws
  248. cobray m11/9 question
  249. ergo shure stop....on a AK pistol????
  250. starting DROS while upper and lower enroute...