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  1. PPT handgun question
  2. Background check, hope this is the right place to ask?
  3. FFL question highoint carbines
  4. Need Help finding a FFL in Ca. (L.A. area)
  5. ffl willing ar pistol
  6. Help on understanding types of FFL
  7. Looking for an FFL in Downtown LA area?
  8. Semi Auto Browning 1919
  9. Bound Book, Out of Sequence Entry
  10. Need help with C&R out of state handgun
  11. PPT or FFL Glock CCF Race Frame
  12. DOJ just called
  13. Personal gun for FFL owner
  14. FFL near San Ramon? (need suggestions)
  15. 1 Gun per 30 Day Limit
  16. Surety Bonds
  17. Looking for a FFL near Murrieta/Riverside-ish area for a Saiga 7.62x39 transfer
  18. Glock aftermarket receiver.
  19. 50 year old handgun from out of state?
  20. How soon?
  21. Rim Fire Rifle
  22. Requirements To Purchase A .22 Rifle
  23. HSC Instructor
  24. DROS AR Single Shot Pistol
  25. Looking for OLL friendly FFL
  26. Ownership forfeit term
  27. Sales Tax on "gifts"
  28. Looking for reliable middleman FFL
  29. FFL's in Fairfield, CA
  30. HSC Exemption
  31. AR/AK Receiver Friendly FFL's in San Diego?
  32. Confused on how to buy a lower online.
  33. Do you have your ammo lined up?
  34. So I want to start my own FFL
  35. quick DROS question
  36. How will you handle AB962 ?
  37. Recipe for Ammunition Vendor
  38. dros pistol and long gun
  39. Just had my First DOJ Inspection.
  40. BATF no longer accepting Safe Afft.
  41. Expired Drivers license and DROS Question
  42. Any private FFL's in San Diego/Socal here?
  43. Am I allowed to buy a gun from some guy in another state and have him ship it here?
  44. deleted
  45. Looking for the cheapest FFL in San Jose Area.. Want to support Calgunners..
  46. purchase question.
  47. COP, INC Production Dates
  48. Private Party = FFL = Private Party Shipping?
  49. PPT of handgun, Owner is deceased
  50. DROS System - Changing Password
  51. FFL 03 and dealer discounts.
  52. Is a handgun a firearm transaction
  53. bulk receiver purchase question
  54. DROSing more than one pistol?
  55. Gun Shop Insurance?
  56. Remington 700 problems
  57. New CA Restriction...
  58. Handgun registration
  59. FFL question / looking for an FFL
  60. Do I get a discount for that?
  61. multiple handguns on 1 DROS
  62. Question regarding interstate transfer of a rostered handgun between family members.
  63. Selling Registered Assault Weapon
  64. Who is San Diego County CLEO?
  65. Reliable and well priced FFL in Sonoma / Marin county needed
  66. ...
  67. Question about obtaining a gun in my name
  68. Instruction #10 on ATF 7 form for FFL01
  69. Would I need an FFL for this situation?
  70. Any way to transfer if owner out of the country?
  71. Selling my father's revolver
  72. AimPoint Or Eotech
  73. City PD issue with obtaining FFL
  74. whats a CFD #
  75. Changing FFL
  76. FFL Dealer in a HOA
  77. Help with Shipping Question
  78. shipping a glock barrel to south africa
  79. FFL and private party transfer on same DROS
  80. Importing SA into California
  81. AB 962 question
  82. Thumbprint for Transfer?
  83. Any issues for LEO's buying Taurus Judge?
  84. How many California dealers with high-cap permit are selling "rebuild kits"?
  85. Got declined for FFL BUT...
  86. Where is a good place to do a PPT in West Los Angeles?
  87. Inherited guns from Guam
  88. quick question about shipping a out of state ppt
  89. shipping barrel extention and bolt out of CA for repair
  90. Export laws by Country
  91. Imports/discounts with Century/Sarco/Centerfire etc.?
  92. Pay Penalty for Waiting > 10 Days??
  93. SoCA FFL shipping to NorCA FFL?
  94. Make & Model of yellow Project Childsafe Locks?
  95. Delete, pls!
  96. when can i DROS myself a bday pistol?
  97. Question for you FFL's
  98. Bound Book Questions
  99. FFL and off list firearms
  101. Start DROS before guns arrive?
  102. PPT Question
  103. Easiest way to C&R?
  104. Do I need an to go through FFL to buy handgun magazines out of state?
  105. ffl in imperial valley
  106. Shipping lower receiver out of state
  107. Stupid question: can an FFL do house calls?
  108. Adding Shotgun to DROS
  109. Good Cause letter for High Cap Magazine sales
  110. Out of state rifle purchase
  111. C&R and the CMP
  112. NFA questions
  113. Calif.DOJ List ?
  114. Alt Doc vs. POR
  115. Doing PPT and CFLC
  116. Consignment Pistols
  117. Question about out of state purchase from C&R FFL holder
  118. You know how some FFL's wont accept shipped guns unless...
  119. FFL's in the I.E.
  120. Do I need to go through an FFL for this?
  121. California Association of Firearms Retailers
  122. Need to know...
  123. First time FFL - usual turnaround time?
  124. Looking for ffl that wants to make money in Sacramento
  125. At what point does one need an FFL?
  126. Preview of the new store
  127. Gah! I have a headace! CA gun law questions...
  128. FFL fee Waiver/Exemption for Military
  129. FTF transfer
  130. FFL needed for Ca. compliant AR15 in Los Angeles
  131. Looking for PPT FFL in Paso Robles/SLO
  132. Proof of Residency question.
  133. going up to idaho with handguns??
  134. Hi, want to know if this p226 is Ca. legal.
  135. Looking for FFL in east bay that wont rip me off for a transfer.
  136. What all does it take to get a FFl for ammo
  137. My First Private Party Transfer
  138. Looking for a FFL in San Diego
  139. Out of state AR Lower
  140. Group Buy on KelTec SU16CA
  141. P226 and SRT
  142. Derringers
  143. Mossberg 590 Serial Number Location?
  144. buying a firearm from another store in another state, SOCAL help
  145. handgun registration
  146. DROS and PPT within 30-days?
  147. need CA FFLs that'll handle interstate intrafamily transfers of nonRostered handguns
  148. Shipping a Firearm
  149. Looking for lowest transfer price on an LE AR-15 from MN in Fresno/ Bakersfield area.
  150. Tax on Guns
  151. What's it cost to get your CA FFL?
  152. Sales tax on consignments
  153. Any recourse against a city that refuses to issue a business license?
  154. Transfer fee?
  155. PPT between 2 LEO's
  156. PPT fee question.
  157. Sales Tax on FFL Fees?
  158. Moving to California
  159. Question about legally selling and shipping gun
  160. Clear Model Number Stampings
  161. Bring family firearms into california
  162. Lease Agreement for Proof of Residency?
  163. FFL in Valencia and surrounding areas.....
  164. PPT and buy a gun within 30days?
  165. Modesto Area FFLs'?
  166. Assault Weapon?
  167. Single Action Revolvers Exempt from Roster?
  168. Looking for FFL in Corona or 20 mile circle
  169. Educating an out of state FFL about CA OLL's
  170. Thank You Snellings Firearms
  171. Pre Ban question
  172. School Me on Out of State Purchases
  173. Questions on FFL 03 Application
  174. Another out of state transfer question...Sorry
  175. FFL paperwork.
  176. Decent priced reliable FFL in or around Santa Cruz County
  177. ...
  178. Placing a handgun not on CA DOJ's list on consignment?
  179. quick few questiones
  180. Recording CFLC's
  181. DROS time frame versus A&D book entry
  182. Handgun Safety Demonstration
  183. Loans For Gun Stores
  184. Question Regarding "Restricted" Rifles
  185. FFL in Morgan Hill or Gilroy?
  186. PPT 2 handguns
  187. Need LA Area FFL for Interstate Intra-Familial transfer
  188. No Mag extension on shotguns?
  189. Delete
  190. LEO's & RAW's
  191. Bay Area CalGunner Needs FFL for PPT
  192. New FFL in Citrus Heights Area??
  193. Series FFL question.
  194. Shotgun transfer
  196. Single trip transfer?
  197. Manufacturing or not manufacturing?
  198. Chico FFL?
  199. Lower to 18 year old
  200. As an FFL dealer Do you need a AW/Dangerous Weapon Lic/permit to sell AR/Ak style rif
  201. SBR OLL group buy
  202. AW Lic/Permit
  203. Transfer of parted Single Shot AR
  204. Group buy on Mosin Nagants using my C&R 03
  205. I'm Sure I Already Know the Answer, But...
  206. ATF Inspection - Bound book entries...
  207. certain BATF inspectors saying CA FFL consignment sales are illegal...
  208. Do i need to go through FFL NEWBIE?
  209. DOJ Laws and Out of State AW Sales
  210. Far West Gun and Supply - Santa Barbara ca State str
  211. Family transfer from out of state
  212. my dad wants an 01 ffl
  213. ""NO Sales to California"" FUD or Truth
  214. FFL near San Marcos?
  215. Consignment Sales
  216. Colt LE6940 CA legal?
  217. Can a customer bring in a lock to use for their firearm purchase without a receipt?
  218. How about this alternate proof ?
  219. FFL San Fernando Valley
  220. FFL Near Pomona CA
  221. NRA Firearms Record Book for 03 C&R?
  222. FFL near Lancaster/Palmdale?
  223. Private Sale of Long gun and DOJ
  224. inherited guns ?
  225. Exemption to 1 in 30 for sequential serial numbers?
  226. Any FFL near Pasadena for a stripped lower transfer?
  227. What if a Family Member Tells You...
  228. FFL in Apple Valley, Hesperia, or Victorville
  229. Question about new laws taking effect
  230. Redding FFL
  231. Dealer Purchasing Firearm from Consumer
  232. New Logo/Brand
  233. How To Get an FFL03 Licence???????
  234. Transferring a shotgun to my ex
  235. Tax on DROS
  236. Stuck needing FFL in Eureka area
  237. do long arms get reg. with d.o.j. ?
  238. Crap! Dealer screwed up my DROS form
  239. FFL IN SAN DEIGO THAT WILL DO A TRANSFER FOR A 50 M3HB right side plate
  240. Shipping Handguns
  241. Shipping handgun? lock or not?
  242. Syncing online orders and Quickbooks.
  243. Please Help! FFL Issues
  244. California: Proof of Residency
  245. Cabella's rifles into CA
  246. Chico FFL
  247. Need FFL in Vacaville/Fairfield OLL Friendly
  248. Out of state gun purchase
  249. sig 522 22lr
  250. Contra Costa FFL for PPT