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  1. Do FFL's Really Keep All Your Information For 20 Years?
  2. Anyone Use "Autogun Tracker Registration"?
  3. In-person dealer-to-dealer transfer
  4. $200 fee to do business with CA FFLs!
  5. PPT Inherited Handguns
  6. are the ffl fees taxed?
  7. Affordable transfer in Santa Barbara?
  8. DROS question
  9. FFL questions you want to hear, maybe?
  10. What do you do in your 03FFL wait time...
  11. Exception to 50 yr old C&R requirement?
  12. Arizona to California
  13. Shipping Sig 716 into CA and install Bullet Button prior to assembly
  14. FFL transfer for Beretta 92FS from out of state legal question
  15. When does an FFL take ownership of a firearm?
  16. New Year A&D book
  17. My first denial - Sell it to his girlfriend?
  18. Using USPS to ship handgun FFL to FFL
  19. Out of state shipping questions?
  20. Bersa and Firestorm - One in the same??
  21. FFL Transaction Paper Trail
  22. Serial Numbers Recorded on 4473?
  23. C&R handgun PPT\COE 10 day wait exemption-HELP
  24. Did you get the memo?
  25. FFL question on transfer via shipping firearm?
  26. Do I Need A Second Hand Dealers Licnese To...
  27. buying my 1st gun
  28. FFL for SSE in Sonoma county
  29. Off List Handgun Purchase Question
  30. DOJ & out of state ffl
  31. Loss/Theft During Shipping
  32. when should I get concerned?
  33. A couple of questions
  34. Distributor list
  35. How Can I Ship an AR and a 1911 From Myself in the Midwest to Myself in California
  36. Draco 7.62x39 pistol.
  37. Firearms trade and Recieving FFL question for you all
  38. Question from FFL while picking up firearm
  39. Handgun Roster database
  40. Shipping Firearms and A&D Book
  41. Valkyrie Arms?
  42. Looking for advice...
  43. Buy and ship to FFL in a different state
  44. Sig p229, dealer can't find CA model can we remove hi-caps?
  45. FFL ppt question
  46. True value of transferred firearm?
  48. DROS question re: "Open DROS"
  49. Shipping the firearm back to the seller.
  50. Doing a PPT how to exchange funds to protect me ?
  51. MIL ID question
  52. Secondary proof of residency question
  53. Any FFL
  54. Question regarding stripped lower and airports
  55. Adding a second gun to a DROS
  56. Valid CA DL becomes invalid-No Go for HG...
  57. Help!!! Taxes !!!!!
  58. Middleman in Private Sale
  59. NorCal FFl for private party ship
  60. SoCal FFL for Private Party Ship
  61. M & J Great place for a PPT in Sacramento
  62. New gun store in Castro Valley - Elite Armory
  63. Roster question: Beretta M9 25th Anniversary
  64. Any news on Ranger Doug?
  65. Inheritance Questions...
  66. traditional muzzleloaders: still a no-FFL transfer?
  67. DROS Multiple Handguns
  68. Looking for a Blank Copy of the HSC Test Form
  69. Guns Fishing & other Stuff - Vacaville
  70. Aren't there any FFL near Brentwood?
  71. Pistol transfer ?
  72. OK to make suggestions to transferring dealer?
  73. Taking Firearms Shipment From Non FFL
  74. What distributors do you recommend?
  75. RSR Site is down
  76. Glock availability issues...
  77. When ATF and/or CADOJ come-a-callin'
  78. PO Box address question
  79. C&R License
  80. Inter Family transfer
  81. Home based 06FFL help
  82. How you all doing?
  83. New laws for 2013? Regarding CA FFL
  84. Getting an ATF determination letter
  85. PPT shipping scenario
  86. Fed Law on interfamily transfer?
  87. 2nd form of ID, contractors license?
  88. shipping a rifle into california??
  89. C&R FFL with COE 1 in 30 Question
  90. Returning firearms to a relative
  91. require nra membership to do business
  92. Lower shipped without BB
  93. Out of state license, CA resident
  94. Gun serial number question
  95. Gift to Dad & ar15 lower sales question
  96. 03 FFL Question
  97. Gun resold during 10 day wait
  98. Address not on ID or other documents
  99. dealers now making up there own laws
  100. PPT in CA to CA resident from non-CA resident ?
  101. Question about selling gunpowder
  102. Sales of handgun to an out of state buyer...and limit on # of PPT's allowed
  103. Reason why FFL doesn't want p/u date to roll into 2013
  104. Non FFL in California question.
  105. PPT On a rifle question
  106. Do you ship handguns for unlicensed individuals?
  107. FFL/SSE S&W M&P Shield
  108. Shipping AK to CA, quick question
  109. Is that possible to be a FFL dealer?
  110. How many long guns in DROS at a time
  111. How long can a firearm stay in jail?
  112. Trying to locate CA assault weapons dealer in Ventura county
  113. Gun buyer vanished...
  114. 7" 1911 Barrel Needed...
  115. Shipping Out of State Questions
  116. City Arms In Pleasant Hill
  117. Price Gouging at FFL/Shop Lately?
  118. Question about FFL transfer process
  119. What NAICS # is correct for Resale Certificate
  120. Shipping to yourself when out of state
  121. DROS record retention of long rifle purchese
  122. DOJ Letter
  123. $350 DROS fee!!!
  124. FFL in IE? Any recommendations?
  125. FFL transfer fees in San Diego
  126. Transfer Fees?
  127. Kel-tec ksg
  128. shipping PSL-FPK to CA
  129. Question for FFLs about getting started.
  130. Stripped lower dros
  131. Ok to ship off roster firearm for ppt?
  132. What does it take to get a 07 FFL in Bakersfield
  133. Can an AK resident ppt me firearms while in CA?
  134. Another FFL question?
  135. Off Roster & Dealer Inventory
  136. Bringing in guns from NC
  137. Looking for FFL who can receive a firearm from non-licensed shipper in 93906
  138. Gun buy back programs. Lets do our duty calgunners!
  139. How do FFL's transfer shipped firearms w/out owners sig?
  140. paying tax on a used gun purchased from lgs
  141. Banned list for shot guns?
  142. Who hasn't received Large Cap Mag renewal?
  143. can a CA FFL with AW lic. receive an AW then de feature it for me?
  144. what ffl can ship my gun to another ffl out of state
  145. FFL transfer from Cal to Texas
  146. A question on out of state purchase
  147. What do I need to Manufacture ammo and sell it legally?
  148. Type 7 FFL sf bay area ?
  149. Pws pistol
  150. Excise Tax
  152. Internet purchase question
  153. Need So Cal FFL for interstate intrafamilial xfer
  154. FFL doesnt run the serial number on PPT ?
  155. LEO Long Gun Purchase and 4473
  156. Can a complete NFA lower without a bullet button to California?
  157. PPT of A15 pistol lower only
  158. PPT, 2 sellers, 1 purchaser question
  159. Can you PPT a KAC Rifle in CA?
  160. shipping rifle to an ffl in 209 area
  161. FFL to FFL transfer at gun show questions
  162. Agency selling off firearms. How do I handle the transfer?
  163. What items are exempt from sales tax for an out-of-state transfer?
  164. Transfer ak without magazine?
  165. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? CA DOJ letter for transfers
  166. New shop opening in Manteca
  167. ATF EZ Check: 413 Request Entity Too Large ?????
  168. want to buy a new gun but I just moved
  169. BOE Tax Question
  170. Active Military from Texas buy from pirvate party?
  171. SHOT Show Get Together
  172. Question on off roster handgun
  173. Receiving long gun from a private party by mail.
  174. Rossi Ranch Hand
  175. FFL holders, are you seeing many DROS delays?
  176. Pistol Drop in Conversion Question
  177. Tax on DROS
  178. FFL Transfer between buyer & Seller in CA
  179. Got a question for dealers
  180. Can I sell a pre ban AR out of state?
  181. Traffic ticket effect DROS or PPT?
  182. Trade firearms to FFL for new handguns--30 day wait?
  183. RSR bad experience
  184. Buying S&W Model 36 for CCW
  185. LLC vs. sole proprietorship?
  186. Browning .50 semi auto M2 california legal for DROS urban legend??
  187. Chico FFL
  188. Sold converted Saiga-12 on GB to a Cali, legal to ship to FFL?
  189. Safe affidavit or...?
  190. FAQ: Shipping
  191. SHOT Show
  192. MAJOR Newbie question sorry - DROS and PPT fees
  193. can I sell a PPT handgun to someone for my Uncle
  194. Mental Health
  195. KAC SR-25/M110/MK11 in CA
  196. Glockmeister.com...horrible......
  197. Legality of individual shipping lower within California
  198. Late Husband - spouse transfer to new buyer QUESTION.
  199. Are there any stripped lowers that can not be shipped to CA?
  200. Looking for an FFL to do a PPT Sunday Morning
  201. shippinghandgun from out of state from private person
  202. Quick Question, quick answer please
  203. homebased FFL question, "valid for retail sales"
  204. Issue with an FFL, potential for being reported to the DOJ...
  205. DOJ List
  206. Add Another Rifle To A DROS In Progress ?
  207. Proof of Residency
  208. out of state transfer of firearm to CA FFL
  209. Out of state buyer fails DROS. What happens to rifle?
  210. Out of state SKS transfer
  211. Private Party Purchase Out of State
  212. Body armor?
  213. Assault Weapons Permit
  214. Grandson to Grandad transfer of handgun
  215. New "Rules" for PPT?
  216. Out of State Intrafamilal Transfer Question
  217. PPT of an AR pistol made from 80%
  218. Can my FFL add a bullet button?
  219. Convoluted intra-family-ish transfer question
  220. PPT Buyer Dros Denied Return of Firearm to Seller
  221. Vacaville Area FFL Recomendation
  222. Logging family C&R guns in bound book?
  224. Giving my dad a AR
  225. Had my ATF interview (01) yesterday..
  226. (second) ID Requirements for handgun purchase
  227. Daughter wants a handgun!
  228. Multiple handgun reporting question.
  229. SSC and military purchase
  231. Check my work: HI to CA resident M1 Garand shipment
  232. Issue with shipping FA BCG to CA
  233. Selling a Rifle to an Out of State Buyer
  234. Can I do a PPT at the Crossroads Gun Show
  235. CA card for PTP
  236. Reserving HSC?
  237. Question about Delays
  238. UPE problem :-(
  239. Selling a AR w/off list lower questions
  240. Savage 24 bound book Q
  241. Importing Yugo SKS into CA?
  242. I sold a gun Now What?
  243. FFL near 22902 Charlottesville, VA?
  244. Trading in an off roster handgun
  245. Ammo stolen off front porch
  246. Insight Shooting Range refuses to do PPT
  247. Net 20 or 30
  248. Eagle Arms AR-10 stripped lower, Banned or OLL?
  249. Adding a long gun
  250. Selling a long gun that does not have serial number