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  1. California Underfolder question????
  2. New Firearms Dealer
  3. Info for shipping a handgun to N. CA.
  4. DROS question
  5. Legal to PPT AR Pistol?
  7. Euroarms FFL Alhambra CA
  8. Looking for FFL to help ordering a Surgeon action
  9. New Felon and PPT
  10. Looking for an FFL in the Palmdale area
  11. Type 07 Manufacturer/Dealer
  12. Does LGS have to physically have the firearm to start DROS?
  13. FFL's accepting private party (intra-family/out of state) transfers?
  14. Off Roster Sale to Fire Dept Inspector?
  15. ?'s on how to open a range.
  16. Resident alien seller and POR
  17. need some info on FFL/ working in a firearm store
  18. Selling off roster handgun to FFL
  19. LWRC Lowers in LA?
  20. 10 day question
  21. Firearms Appraisal Needed for Customer
  22. collecting tax
  23. Question for the FFL's
  24. New Gun Dealer and New to Forum
  25. Kitchen Table Dealerst
  27. Selling Department owned weopons
  28. Sale of Lower to 18 yo
  29. Bullet Button definition
  30. CA Approved Gun Locks
  31. Gunsmith and FFL
  32. Some Very Basic Question
  33. Help for an FFL new to interstate intrafamilial off-roster handgun transfer
  34. "Law Enforcement Only" required labeling
  35. Is a PPT also a DROS, Can I he add a purchased gun?
  36. SOT/AOW Manufacture
  37. FFL app questions?????
  38. Silly question for FFL's....
  39. UTAS 15 Clifornia Legal?
  40. Can this be done in California
  41. itar question?
  42. Importing a hand gun into CA from Mexico
  43. Consignments to an FFL....count as transaction?
  44. cmp question
  45. PPT- Seller from Out of State buyer From CA
  46. One in Thirty Question...
  47. 10-Day Waiting Period Multiple DROS Ok?
  48. Storing and possible purchase or sale...
  49. PPT
  50. 07 FFL Contract with Machinists
  51. Unsure
  52. (pic) New Discriminating Question on DROS Form?
  53. First Time Private Party Transfer DROS Question
  54. Calling all Gun Shop owners!
  55. Looking for a place in orange county to do a ppt at a fair price?
  56. Pre-ban rifle transfer question
  57. Selling a gun to a Virginia resident
  58. Obtaining FFL (Redding, CA)
  59. Do you ever correct customers??
  60. Dros fee question
  61. What License is Needed to Convert Non-Compliant Guns
  62. kimber SSE
  63. Which Bound Book do you recommend?
  64. Help! Need to Support CNG Shooting Team
  65. Do I DROS my wife?
  66. Gunsmith sent my gun back to Springfield to be fixed
  67. **UPDATE post #30** Sigs that have fallen off the roster, my contact with Sig
  68. Firearm Sale Life Cycle Check List
  69. Non-firearms trade for firearms. Taxes?
  70. Selling for a friend
  71. Top Selling Guns?
  72. Renewal
  73. SSE in the inland empire
  74. Beretta Shotgun Sources.
  75. What Year in CA
  76. CA COE processing time?
  77. Shipping Question
  78. C&R selling question
  79. Looking for a Bay Area dealer who can import guns from Europe
  80. inheriting guns from friend az to ca
  81. No CA transfer letter - Help
  82. what's you take on this set-up?
  83. how can i transfer the gun to my name
  84. Does seller need his/her ID to PPT a longarm?
  85. Just wanted to give props to Bullseye Shooting Range in San Rafael
  86. Expired dros question by seller on ppt
  87. Customer requested shipment...
  88. Can A Gun Store Legally Sell Factory Reloads?
  89. 4473 Proof of Residency - List with Discussion
  90. What Happens during an ATF inspection?
  91. Bump/Slide Fire
  92. Henry's H006ML
  93. gun transfer to kids out of state
  94. Is it Legal for FFL to keep gun beyond 10 Days?
  95. Black powder pistol shipped to AK from CA
  96. AR-15 Pistols
  97. DROS as a Permanent Resident QUESTIONS!
  98. Can I fix a magazine after arrival?
  99. Calculating Profit Margins On Firearms
  100. FFL and release of liablity to your customers?
  101. Intrastate Transfer (person to FFL)
  102. no C&R, i can still sell my relics right?
  103. DROS question
  104. FFL Question regarding private sale
  105. DELETE
  106. No Serial Number on Shotgun
  107. Off roster friendly dealers
  108. Ques. on C&R license and Bound Book
  109. Friendly FFL around Diamond Bar
  110. Questions regarding California Proof of Residency
  111. C&R weapon selling, pre-license guns ques.
  112. Gun "loans"
  113. Safe handling Demo - Frame Question
  114. Question for Class 3/NFA owners/dealers/FFLs
  115. FFL-03 Curios and Relics
  116. Deceased Person PPT
  117. Roster
  118. Out Of State Transfer Into California
  119. FFL Support of Assaulted
  120. C&R Woes
  121. Off roster transfer to CA
  122. Thinking of buying a shotgun
  123. Kel Tec SUB-2000 Transfer
  124. Tokarev Romanian Pistol 7.62x25
  125. 03-FFL and Discounts?
  126. Selling an off-list handgun to an out-of-state buyer
  127. ffl needed ?
  128. Shipping high caps from TX to CA FFL - Minimum documentation required?
  129. Intra-familiar/ long gun?
  130. LEO status?
  131. Good kitchen table FFL for transfers in Los Angeles?
  132. Virgin PPT transfer on Rifle! HELP ME
  133. What are you doing for powder storage?
  134. Is a Colt 1911, made in 1918 or 1919 importable as a C&R?
  135. Can a C&R rifle be shipped ground?
  136. What distributor has the best stock and pricing
  137. CA sales tax on PPT from out of state?
  138. How to ship long gun out of california ?
  139. How to transfer...?
  140. Transfer From Deceased Husband To His Widow
  141. What POS software do you use
  142. Building and Selling Pattern Rifle Questions
  143. Short-Barrel Upper with Barrel Extension - What are the rules?
  144. Non resident selling guns through FFL to CA
  145. Non roster handguns
  146. Single Action Roster Exempt?
  147. So-Cal FFL where you can purchase 80% lower and "push the button"?
  148. Distributor you can recommend?
  149. Need help!! Best place to do a PPT in San Carlos or San Mateo
  150. Convoluted FFL/Suppressor question.
  151. How do you really feel about doing PPT's?
  152. Kevin Smith of Martinez
  153. Looking for FFL to help with Non Profit fund raiser.
  154. COE + 03 FFL and One-per-30-day rule
  155. SSE. Who did it first?
  156. Pistols through USPS
  157. Please help! FFL asking for proof of residency for long gun?
  158. Question about off roster handguns/SSE.
  159. Deleted
  160. What's up with FFL transfer fees?
  161. Interfamilial transfer of Sig 516 with bullet button installed out of state?
  162. Intrafamilial Transfer
  163. PPT - NorCal SoCal 1 meeting only?
  164. Avoiding entrapment in FFL transactions
  165. FFL01 - Issues with changing from Sole Proprietorship to LLC?
  166. SSE: "Manufacturing" and Complete off roster Frames
  167. FFL won't respond, been over a month =(
  168. Renewal
  169. Obtaining handgun varient not mentioned on DOJ Roster
  170. FFL/Second Hand Dealer
  171. Need FFL Transfer in San Fernando Valley
  172. Permit to work on AR's
  173. PPT question for FFLs
  174. Yet Another Tax Question for OS Transfers
  175. SOT, cans and featureless builds.
  176. Converting saiga at request of customer
  177. AW dealers in calif
  178. ....
  179. Legal for FFL to charge storage during 10 day wait?
  180. Forming LLC for FFL business - suggestions for legal representation?
  181. Shipping Options
  182. Peace Officer 1 in 30 exemption
  183. Delay
  184. Selling a 50 BMG
  185. I need a dealer in Newport Beach
  186. Dealer Transfering Gun from Inventory to Himself
  187. Transfering ownership from outside the country.
  188. A question about my 03 FFL
  189. CA FFL requirements to transfer pistol into CA
  190. Looking for current information on ITAR
  191. Importing Rifles from relative in Canada
  192. Hello all new here...primers question
  193. Purchasing more than one gun in a month
  194. Borrowing or Renting a long gun from out of state Dealer
  195. Colt Army Special .41LC allowed in California?
  196. DROS'd the Wrong Serial number
  197. Becoming knowledgable on ca legal AKs
  198. Can you be registered under ITAR but not pay the annual $2250 fee?
  199. FFL in San Jose open on Sun?
  200. ? concerning Blank HSC cards
  201. FFL Shipping rules question
  202. Quick question on my recent purchase
  203. Gun Store Security
  204. Question RE: Henry Mare's Leg Rifle
  205. EGOSS Online Bound Book
  206. Ink color
  207. Cheap place for transfer in OC?
  208. ethnicity
  209. PPT handgun, but! Can't remember if its registered to me or my wife! Help!
  210. Consignment owner passed away
  211. Parts kit for single shot exemption (SSE)
  212. Intrafamilial AR pistol transfer, please help...
  214. Requesting help locating a FFL with assault weapons permit
  215. What Permits are required to import "assault" weapons and convert to CA legal
  216. 07 ffl sse
  217. Receiving of a stripped lower
  218. Do I need an FFL for modifying stocks as a service?
  219. Question re: Receiving off list pistol from my Father who resides out of state
  220. COE Requirements
  221. do you make 03FFLs fill out a 4473 when buying a C&R firearm?
  222. can ca. ffls recieve..
  223. Do you need an FFL open a shooting range?
  224. California Canceling C&R license
  225. won't trans to Cali
  226. Looking for Northern Cal FFL to do intrafamily transfer
  227. Federal Correctional Officer, roster exempt?
  228. Convince an FFL to ship to CA?
  229. Looking for Sacramento area FFL to handle NFA items
  230. Molot VEPR 12 CA legal?
  231. ffl near long beach
  232. I want a job at a FFL.
  233. in a PPT does dros check firearm history
  234. DROS Down right now?
  235. FFL buying and reselling firearms
  236. Can I Ship a Non-Rostered Handgun to a Receiving FFL
  237. First long rifle purchase
  238. How Do FFL's In CA Get Bullet Buttoned Rifles
  239. do sundays count as a day
  240. Best FFL ever
  241. D License and Registration
  243. PPT at OC Indoor Range - thumbs up!
  244. Hypothetical question regarding SSE/FFL
  245. procedural question on purchase
  246. FFL,El Dorado County
  247. Transfers
  248. Acquiring an Off-List Handgun
  249. FFL Question Regarding Price Accuracy on website
  250. 4473 and 03FFL