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  1. Shipping to a CGN buyer question for FFL's
  2. Cancelling a DROS?......
  4. What happens if..
  5. Selling Off the Accumulation
  6. Anybody licensed in LA County or unicorporated area of LA?
  7. Question about PPT (used gun listed as "new")
  8. Al FFL's un my area are price gouging
  9. Customers who ask to see every one of your guns and never buy anything
  10. Before interview questions
  11. another interstate intrafamilar transfer question
  12. Trigger Locks for Long Guns
  13. C&R License question
  14. Who are the main Gun Distributors?
  15. Seeking Placer County FFL to transfer a 50+ yr old gun to CA resident
  16. Question for FFL's /Store owners
  17. Collecting Sales Tax on out of state sale - my head hurts...
  18. PPT?
  19. Got a question for the ffl's
  20. 2 rifles ordered from 2 sellers, 1 DROS?
  21. no one responded
  22. Manufacturing ?
  23. Selling and transfering the same ?
  24. Rules for Full Time Paid Peace Officers to Skip the Ten Day Wait.
  25. Question concerning the Validitiy of an HSC
  26. Question Sig P226 European Mag
  27. COE - 6 days later...
  28. Pinole Desires to ELIMINATE Home FFL's, Plus Add More Restrictions on All FFL's
  29. How many guns can you sell guns per year without a FFL?
  30. Okay any help is GREATLY appreciated...
  31. New Gun Back From Repair
  32. 870 registration help
  33. barreled action
  34. Found
  35. Seeking Help Finding Regs for Ca Based FFL's
  36. Do I need an FFL?
  37. Looking for Specialty Gunsmithing FFL
  38. Should I apply for the FFL 01 or 07?
  39. Botach won't accept Large Capacity Magazine Permit
  40. Does a Person-to-Person transfer require an Affadavit of Gun Safe or Lockbox?
  41. large capacity magazine permit
  42. AFT FORM 3310.4 Mult. Handgun Sale - who in CA does Copy 2 go to?
  43. Looking for a SoCal FFL that knows the ins and outs of CoEs and C&Rs
  44. delete
  45. Cobra Tactical - FFL Launch Party - March 31, 2012
  46. Simultaneous DROS?
  47. Shipping my long gun out of state and recieving it back, FFL required?
  48. FFL Opinion KSG
  49. military moving to Cali
  50. C&R at Gun Shows
  51. question about ppt
  52. Single Shot DROS, HELP!!
  53. PPT - Seller's ID is PO Box
  54. Transfer to yourself???
  55. Got a call from DOJ today...
  56. Help with C&R pistol transfer
  57. HSC Card Copy vs. HSC test
  58. Transfer question- my brother is going to Germany
  59. Thinking of getting an FFL.. Is it worth it?
  60. Question re. Private Party Purchase from Out of State Individual
  61. Lost an FFL in Ontario/Upland?
  62. Mossber 500 aftermarket stocks.
  63. Who does Insurance ?
  64. Average Wait for Centralized List of Firearms Dealers Listing?
  65. What say you????
  67. Do Pawn shops have different rules than others?
  68. Ruger 380
  69. Unbarreled .50 BMG receiver?
  70. bidgunner.com and sales tax
  71. Brain Fart
  72. Info on sale of registered Barrett m82a1cal 50 bmg
  73. Question for you FFL's
  74. 2nd form of residency for LEO
  75. C&R handguns and sales tax
  76. FFL - Out of state order TAXES question
  77. Sig p229 in Ohio, CA legal?
  78. Off Roster Handguns for Sale?
  79. 1 in 30 question
  80. DROS resubmision. Buyer present?
  81. Answered in SSE thread, thanx.
  82. New High Capacity Magazine Permit Holder Questions
  84. Type 1 FFL and used guns
  85. SSE and FFL issues
  86. F F L in Humboldt
  87. Can I legally purchase a handgun or not?
  88. Cobra Pistols
  89. FFL Bay Area Complete lower AR with out BB
  90. Looking for information regarding...
  91. Obtaining C&R License in Calif.
  92. firearm sale question
  93. What are your big sellers?
  94. question
  95. PTP Transfer, 2 Handguns, 3 Longguns?????????
  96. Tokarev Transfer FFL question
  97. vepr-308
  98. Kitchen table ffl and safe question.
  99. Looking For FFL in Napa/Lake Co
  100. Etiquette Regarding PPT
  101. LEO 30-day 1-gun exemption
  102. The Judge
  103. Question about ppt
  104. wrong entry on dros
  105. 50 plus Year Old version of gun still in production, is it C&R?
  106. M4 Barrels
  107. getting yugo sks from utah
  108. Ventura - Island View Enterprises
  109. Off Roster
  110. FFL won't respond to calls or emails
  111. Threaded barrel question?
  112. loan/storage registration question
  113. PPT of 1919 RSP
  114. Question about shipping ppt
  115. Lwrc pistol
  116. Looking for FFL for PPt of 2 AR Lowers in Sacramento Area
  117. ISSC Pink 22LR
  118. Springfield Armory XDM
  119. Blocking a 15rd Mag to 10rd
  120. Does "owner" have to be the seller?
  121. Inheriting a Pistol.
  122. New DROS Delay Process...
  123. Did something change about the requirement of locks for handguns?
  124. FFL received today
  125. Penal code for amounts of PPT's allowed
  126. Proof of Residency
  127. How does one buy a gun from the Internet?
  128. Looking for a transfer dealer for Cow Palace gun show
  129. STI/SVI
  130. Gunsmithing Insurance
  131. Simple Way to mark personal collection
  132. Seperate DOJ notification
  133. Is a military Leave and Earnings (LES) statement good enough to prove residency?
  134. Ordering a rifle?
  135. Is HSC needed for voluntary registration?
  136. found
  137. FFL question for you experienced gun dealers
  138. Stripped AR15 Lower Built into Pistol
  139. Handgun Roster question
  140. FFL status of Bright Spot Pawn in Riverside
  141. HSC Vs. PC832
  142. Customer says Ruger LCR .357 is titanium.
  143. Anyone in OC apply for 03 FFL?
  144. Just got my FFL 07, Help with good cause for HI CAP MAG STATMENT
  145. What are some of the better cities and or counties to start a ffl in California?
  146. Q: Within CA, trading firearms, shipping, and how to do it?
  147. "By Appointment Only"
  148. Roster derringer get around it deal question?
  149. NFA trust questions
  150. FFL 03 and CoE Update
  151. How to receive inherited guns
  152. Question for an FFL about a Purchase
  153. CoE
  154. Customer wants to PPT to himself
  155. When does the 30 days start? ANS: Timestamp on the DROS
  156. FBI AGENT = NOT LEO in CA
  157. First Time Internet Buyer Questions.
  158. eCommerce Gateways, and Merchant Processing
  159. Legal for out-of-state 01 FFL to install "Bullet Buttons"?
  160. Any FFL in LA/OC that's a GSSF dealer?
  161. COE Privileges
  162. PPT in Studio City and Requirements
  163. Can I buy a handgun AND rifle at the same time?
  164. Please Report All CA DOJ Firearms Issues to CGF!
  165. Interstate transfer OUT of California.
  166. WTS Registered 50 BMG.
  167. FTF Sale, etc. to an FFL, at another FFL
  168. Just got my FFL 07 and waiting on my CFD, what can I buy while I wait.
  169. Ruger SR22 Pistol Crimson Trace & CA DOJ Roster Question
  170. Gun Safari is now an FFL
  171. ATF inspection
  172. FDE Gen 3 Glock 17 on roster?
  173. Reasonable FFL in Sacramento Area?
  174. Shipping to an FFL
  175. 03 FFL at 18?
  176. Advise /input on opening a gun store in Monterey county
  177. Can my father sell my rifle for me?
  178. 30 day hand gun rule los angeles city
  179. First Time DROS
  180. Any ffl's in Chico Area that do online transfers?
  181. PPT question
  182. Shipping handgun out of state question
  183. Legal transfer of Mauser C96
  184. PPT question - Colt Model 02071ELC2 Colt Custom Govt 38
  185. DROS question for US citizen born on US base oversees
  186. My dad wants to give me a pump shotgun, what's the paperwork required for that?
  187. Any FFL's that do SSE Transfers near the I.E.?
  188. Charge for an Out-of-State Transfer
  189. Ca resident gets handgun from father out of state
  190. looking for SS Barrels kits
  191. Owner Purchase of Long Gun Procedure
  192. Colt LE6940P Legal?
  193. FFL in OC to receive purchase within CA?
  194. SSE for CZs in SoCal ?
  195. need legal info on hand gun
  196. FFL to FFL Transfers
  197. Can I buy two handguns thru PPT at two different FFL dealer on the same day?
  198. Buying Gun Online
  199. FFL that accepts private party shipments in OC
  200. Class 3 questions
  201. WTK what are your rules/fees regarding storage
  202. Using 03FFL as proof of residency...
  203. nevermind
  204. SSE Barrels and Kits
  205. Proof of Residency For Handgun Purchase
  206. ATTN CA Dealers: CA Compliant Kriss Vectors available at great pricing.
  207. 03 FFL and COE application question
  208. FFL question?
  209. Need Info on C&R rifles
  210. How do I trade a ca compliant rifle in ca
  211. NFA California "Transferable"
  212. Tricky FFL Question. Need some help.
  213. Goin to JAIL: No 2 day shipping.
  214. Disposition of Prohibited Persons Firearms
  215. FFL Question
  216. FFL DROS Long Gun Serial #
  217. FFL 03 able to ship a handgun to an FFL 01?
  218. In state double tax question
  219. Gunsmith requirements in CA
  220. Shipping a stripped lower to FFL in California.
  221. Out of State to FFL in Orange County: Tax?
  222. 10 day wait exemptions
  223. New 4473's Are Here
  224. Handgun transfer from Montana to Calif.
  225. RIA 1911 tactical duracoat version list question
  226. Selling "assault weapons" to law enforcement: What additional licenses are required?
  227. Best way to correct an illegal sale of handgun?
  228. Dual Resident
  229. Look for a FFL dealer in the north bay area.
  230. FFL03: 2 months and counting
  231. 4473 for 03/FFL
  232. DROS Fees
  233. Is it legal to simply own a vertical foregrip in California?
  234. Transfer from washington to california
  235. deleted
  236. How to sell personal stock?
  237. 1925 Colt, Transferable to CA?
  238. Handgun ID Requirements Question
  239. FFL for interstate interfamily off roster handgun transfer
  240. CA DOJ sites down, or is just me?
  241. Taking in used guns with no serial
  242. FFL 06 or FFL 07?
  243. Legality of Person to Person Transfer out of state?
  244. Refuse a Receiving FFL a Copy of Your FFL
  245. ITAR is unconscionably vague :/
  246. Pawning question
  247. FFL Inhereted Firearm Registration Question.
  248. how to get whole sale reloading equipment
  249. What to enter in A&D for a stripped lower
  250. Dad in IN, I am in CA