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  1. LEO had to sign safe handgun demo? And.....
  2. Need FFL Opinion on Out of State Purchase
  3. Age requirement for class 3 AW?
  4. First off roster/non c&r pistol transfer
  5. Info needed by out-of-state sending FFL.
  6. SWI firearms in Santa Ana.
  7. Pair of SA Ruger Vaquero Revolvers
  8. Roster questions.
  9. Received 03-FFL Today
  10. Question about drinking at home with a Home-FFL.
  11. Off Roster Transfer to personal Collection
  12. New FFL Question About Place of Business
  13. PPT on a off roster gun ?
  14. "30 day rule" question
  15. PPT 1 handgun and 1 rifle DROS Question
  16. CDL Expiring during DROS period
  17. Need an FFL in Northern California around Sacramento
  18. 01 FFL ???
  19. who's going to 2012 SHOT? want to meet up for lunch/dinner? Tues dinner announced
  20. CA DOJ storage requirements for Class 3
  21. Purchasing and Selling question
  22. DOJ Slow Rolling Permits?
  23. storing a firearm drosed and never picked up
  24. DROS PC
  25. How to DROS a Single Action Revolver
  26. Advice of FTF, Cash and Carry Transactions
  27. FUD on KSG's by RSR
  28. Been gone so long!
  29. FSD ID Help Please
  30. Just a Rant!
  31. handgun inheritance question
  32. A little help here? (half rant, half cry for help)
  33. Which FFL License Do I Need?
  34. Handgun Safety Cert question
  35. Background checks on new employees?
  36. need to show an FFL that he can receive a receiver from a CA private party
  37. **Update: MENU, TICKETS LINK (Official CGF/Cal-FFL/Jason Davis SHOT Show Dinner 1/18)
  38. What do I need to build and sell suppressors?
  39. Is renting reloading eqpt manufacturing ammo?
  40. What are the current lock requirements?
  41. Chain of custody, 07 Compliance questions
  42. Few Questions: Sales limits, AR15 upper, UZI Parts
  43. Shipping firearm to out of state FFL...
  44. I just had an epiphany! I can build up pistol lowers since I don't DROS!
  45. Is it possible for my FIL to gift me 2 long guns from out of state?
  46. Handgun Model # question
  47. Selling in excess of 5 handguns
  48. Circuit Judge Tactical
  49. Class 7 FFL Listing (San Diego)
  50. Finally got my COE!
  51. 2012 CFD Renewals and LCM Permits
  52. Private party shipping a Curio to another private party
  53. Centralized list intial inspection
  54. FFL NOC
  55. Shotgun PP/ DROS ?
  56. T/C Encore frame assembled and sold as pistol?
  57. A/D Book Question
  58. Navy Master at Arms Count as LEO in CA
  59. ATTN: Cali FFL's!! Home based and B&M!
  60. Question for FFL, Glock Gen4
  61. Customer wants to import his collection from South America
  62. DD and AOW Purchase requirements
  63. Glock Armorer class in Vegas?
  64. About to begin DROS process and my DL expired, am I screwed?!
  65. ammunition distribution ... which license?
  66. I need to find a SSE FFL in the IE
  67. C&R checklist
  68. PPT question/ Quick help needed
  69. Tips for a new FFL?
  70. Having shotgun shipped from Maryland...
  71. Non-Issued HSC Certificates - Do they expire?
  72. CFLC website is down (1/16/12)
  73. Remington 700 ss milspec 5-R 308
  74. 1 handgun a month question
  75. Looking for SoCal FFL to import a rifle from the Philippines.
  76. Tactical Solutions...Pac Lite for Ruger?
  77. How many AR15 in combination with Handguns can be purchased per month?
  78. Do pay tax to a FFL on a used gun?
  79. Re: LA city 1 in 30 restriction
  80. Is the FFL legally wrong for this?
  81. Any Private FFL dealer or C&R in Orange county?
  82. Colt M1991A1 custom finish, out of state purchase ok?
  83. Odd question for you guys
  84. Dealer question....
  85. Cousin?
  86. Muzzloaders
  87. PPT Question
  88. 1971 Colt SAA exempt to certified list???
  89. Why FTF PPT's?
  90. Employees Conceal Carry?
  91. Looking for FFL in LA area to accept Colt SP 6920CA
  92. Interesting FFL Experience Today
  93. home based 01FFL???
  94. FFL that can convert sig p229 Elite SS 40S&W to single shot
  95. FFB in So Cal
  96. collecting tax
  97. classic arms ffl
  98. NV to Ca PPT
  99. What Book to log into? C&R or FFL?
  100. Type 07 FFL, FAET, and ITAR
  101. Firearms Friendly Merchant Credit Card Accounts
  102. Selling gun not registered
  103. Need FFL in 92673
  104. FAQ from Customers to FFLs - Check here first before making a new thread!
  105. Rifle receiver only transfer and BB
  106. Question about out of state purchase
  107. individual ship to ca ffl for transfer
  108. question for FFL DROS---ANSWERED
  109. Robert Venkus- FFL in Sacramento
  110. Interstate Intranfamilial Transfer, my FFL needs a little help!
  111. Can an 07 "import" a stripped lower w/o BB ?
  112. FFL Rules for Military
  113. Barrel Sources for SSE
  114. FFL will SSE AR/AK pistols but not 'traditional' pistols ???
  115. Shipping a handgun to a gunsmith with an FFL?
  116. ftf/PPT overlapped and opportunity for custome build 1911 in california
  117. Customer Fighting with Manufacturer
  118. Business Cards?
  119. Best way to handle this...
  120. out of state purchase question
  121. Is an FFL exempt from the roster mandate?
  122. Shipping an off roster pistol to another FFL
  123. Non owner transfer question
  124. Dual residency question??
  125. Shipping disassembled saiga
  126. What Would You Do?
  127. Selling an "altered" handgun question
  128. HK MSG90 clone can I have it in CA? FFL please advise.
  129. FFL Shipping Ammo...
  130. Out of state gun for sale in ca
  131. Out of state handgun transfer DROS ?'s
  132. Exemptions to safe handling demonstration
  133. My brother and his off list pistols
  134. Looking to PPT in Ventura in next week or 2?
  135. Gun Store questions
  136. Pistol + Long gun DROS fee.
  137. Large Cap Magazine Permit and Rebuild Kits
  138. Buyer prohibited. Firearm disposition?
  139. rifle transfer fee!!!
  140. Can an on-list pistol be purchased from out of state dealer?
  141. selling ammo components FFL?
  142. Estate firearms collection question
  143. DOJ going after Single Shot exemptions and Rebuild Kits?
  144. any FFL 7 around Studio City, CA?
  145. Worst FFL's ever
  146. BOE response: out of state private party sales tax
  147. Penal Code's 26500 26520 16730 PPT "transaction" question?
  148. Dual Exemption DROS Question
  149. Giving a Gift as an FFL
  150. Will sales tax be cahrged?
  151. What happened to Independence Armory in SFV?
  152. 3 years statute of limitations on high cap mag violation?
  153. DROS down
  154. Multiple off roster gun sale to LEO...
  155. Looking for a vendor- Draco AK Pistols
  156. 07 and ITAR Question?
  157. Using California Seller's Permit as 2nd proof of residency?
  158. Shipping striped lowers to CA
  159. Out-of-state individual ship to CA FFL?
  160. Meet in person at CA FFL Nevada seller Cali buyer off roster gun
  161. PPT and Locks
  162. OLL tranfer from out-of-state to Los Angeles
  163. Quick Books 2012
  164. Friendly FFL recommendation
  165. Mosin purchase shipping question
  166. High Cap Mag Permit without FFL?
  167. Tranfer questions
  168. AR Estate find/liquidation questions
  169. long gun gift from out of state dad
  170. Intrafamily transfer from stepchildren
  171. Original seller necessary for Re-DROS after 30 day period?
  172. wrong/misspelled name on dros
  173. Abandoned PPT guns.... maybe
  174. What actually happens during the 10 day wait?
  175. Online Gun Sites
  176. FFL in LA/SGV for interstate/intrafamilial transfer of off-roster handgun?
  177. CFD Licensing Requirements - Letter from Attorney General?
  178. AR Pistol transfer in Vallejo, Vacaville, Fairfield area
  179. Question for FFL holders
  180. Looking for a FFL in the East Bay/North Bay - NorCal
  181. Cali online tax on gun (modification)
  182. Residential room lease agreement - question
  183. Drop ship?
  184. When does 10-day jail time start?
  185. Another question on sales tax????
  186. Legality of extra HSC fee?
  187. Possibly buying a gun shop questions for FFL's
  188. Q: Can I give AR15 lower to pal?
  189. Is it worth it getting a C&R FFL & DOJ COE?
  190. Acquiring Off-Roster Handgun?
  191. ON ROSTER handgun ....BUT!
  192. Looking for a FFL in the LA/OC to register an AW
  193. uf i swap magazines does it make it legal?
  194. ? on non ffl sending rifle to me for transfer
  195. Can an 01 assemble and sell AR lower
  196. ffl question
  197. Inherited pistol from deceased family member
  198. Obtaining FFL in Los Angeles
  199. California FFL obtaining/selling restricted rifles.
  200. Out of state Intrafamily off-list hand gun transfer
  201. Inner state commerce
  202. Quick question on threaded pistol barrel
  203. Clarification on 11-30 day pickup period
  204. FFL transfer tax
  205. Looking for an FFl in Modesto Area
  206. Mag lock on Saiga 12
  207. Can I do a FTF rifle trade without using FFL.
  209. FFL app?
  210. Out of state from Gunbroker.com to FFL
  211. Cobra Tactical - NEW FFL DEALER - Santa Clarita Valley
  212. What is your best response to customers who ask for a deal or discount?
  213. Home based FFL
  214. PawnShop FFL Dealer East Valley PawnShop Yucaipa Inland Empire
  215. 4473 and California Questions
  216. 4473 eForm - do you use it? And how do you file them?
  217. HSC?
  218. Friendly ffl close to Modesto
  219. eForm 4473: are there any better alternatives to the ATF's program?
  220. Question About a Will and FFLs
  221. Using DROS Number for 4473/logbook Transaction Serial Number?
  222. Gun storage?
  223. Sales Tax (Again)
  224. How long from receipt of your license was the first DOJ inspection?
  225. Is the panic starting already?
  226. Permissible to use a Signature Stamp?
  227. Which distributor for reloading equipment?
  228. Interstate Transfer TO Az (by dual resident)
  229. FFL Question: Gun Show Sales Process
  230. FFL Specific Question RE: LEO PPT...
  231. Long Guns Skipping 10 Day Wait?
  232. Falsified sales receipts - what would you do?
  233. I need an FFL near Montebello CA
  234. DOJ Berthold retiring
  235. What happen LG firearms in Sacramento????
  236. Is this Mag lock legal?
  237. Have you heard this one?
  238. Intrafamilial/peace officer HSC exemption...
  239. First DROS denied, Second one proceed - how to file paperwork?
  240. FFL Near Stockton for SSE Transfer
  241. Can this type of transfer happen...
  242. Licensee Seminar...
  243. PSL/AK reciever question
  244. Child Safety Labels
  245. doj contact ffl
  246. FFL loses his license
  247. Iron Sights in Oceanside FFL?
  248. Transfer question, thx,
  249. FFL who will convert DA to a SA revolver
  250. Shipping antique Shotgun to private party