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  1. Question on vehicle noise levels
  2. Lady looking for job
  3. Question For LEO's near moreno valley/badlands
  4. Just got my results back from the POST test for SDSD.
  5. officer standing guard for a construction job?
  6. Can one of you Fine Officers help out a Public Safety Student?
  7. concealed weapon
  8. Can you fire a .22 in the city limit?
  9. FAQ's on becoming a Police Officer
  10. SoCal LEO paintball team needs players for WSPF Games
  11. CHP question
  12. swivel holsters
  13. Sac Co SO and POST questions
  14. LEOs only - Sig Sauer P226 9mm 20rd mags
  15. What is the funny arrest you ever made?
  16. What is your departments policy on Tattoos
  17. LASD level III reserve
  18. just a question or 2
  19. Western States Police and Fire Games
  20. Border Patrol CASS system
  21. Really considering the justification for LEO's to participate here
  22. Keep fighting the good fight
  23. LE Discount and then doing a PPT
  24. BAC Question
  25. Lower Back pain
  26. Ankle Holsters
  27. Hypo Questions Regarding Police Report Filed
  28. No serial # on an AR
  29. delete
  30. Traffic stops and guns
  31. Recording a Traffic stop
  32. Plain Clothes Holster w/Light?
  33. On 60 Minutes last night
  34. Question for you CDCr guys.
  35. Yet Another Entering Law Enforcement Question
  36. CCW policy for Reserves?
  37. Leo to Leo sale
  38. Please help the LAPD Patrol Rifle/Tactical Shotgun Cadre
  39. He did it again!
  40. Badge Vs. Badge
  41. CDCR hiring process??
  42. Riverside Sheriff Layoff's
  43. Priors
  44. Traffic Question
  45. undershirt recommendation
  46. Question to all LA county sheriffs deputies
  47. pepper spray
  48. LC9 vs S&W J-frame
  49. Question for San Diego PD or any other LEO
  50. NM =)
  51. Great Experience with Riverside Police!
  52. Riverside Knife question
  53. Another knife question
  54. RIP Officer Andrew Garton EOW 5/26/11
  55. anyone here with riverside p.d.??
  56. Question regarding handgun on school property
  57. scenario question???
  58. Be safe out there guys(Video)...
  59. Really weird situation...
  60. Taser Activated by a Radio
  61. Any stockton PD?
  62. Chambered-round-while-transporting Question
  63. Truck driver tries to run motorcyclist off road
  64. Liner belt knife
  65. Belgian Malinois vs German Sheopard
  66. Drunk guy arrested
  67. How Do CA LEOs Feel About CA Not Allowing Non-Residents To Carry In CA
  68. LASD recruiting videos
  69. New LEO with New AR-15
  70. Duty/Off-Duty Gun
  71. Taking P.O.S.T tomorrow!
  72. God Bless You LEO's
  73. Someone stole $2000 in cash from me. Do I have a case?
  74. R.I.P: Deputy Kenneth Vann
  75. PORAC CCW Insurance for Retiree's
  76. traveling
  77. Armor/M4
  78. Arizona plates
  79. Free Dark Blue BDU's (XLR) for LEO ONLY
  80. CCW and LEO?
  81. CA Legal AR on duty?
  82. transporting assault weapons
  83. Gunsmith...
  84. Shoulder Rig - For Air Operations (Just Curious)
  85. Radio Scanners? Any restrictions?
  87. 22 years old. Weird if I request ride-along?
  88. Pretty excited with our Range!
  89. Who said Universty people are smart???
  90. Rialto (CA) Officer and Lawyer Charged with Bribery
  91. Would being a bounty hunter affect your chances of becoming a cop later on?
  92. Weapons Training
  93. Motorcycle L.E.D. illegal?
  94. 1911 holsters i want your opinions
  95. Police Motorcycles
  96. Question on a CVC 24601 Violation
  97. Car accident, who's at fault?
  98. Surgery for me
  99. Retired LEO's, if your looking for a Range Master job, here it is.
  100. Duty rifle question ar15
  101. POST Written Test
  102. Got a call from a Deputy DA last week....
  103. Remember the awesome "Will to survive" LASD series videos?
  104. Crime committed. Arrest made. No prosecution... ?
  105. Lexipol
  106. I hate it when....
  107. Buying a firearm from a LEO...
  108. Sad Day...
  109. Out of state traffic tickets?
  110. Did anyone compete at WSPFG in LA last week?
  111. Question WRT notices from SDSD for orientation meetings.
  112. PD vs. SD vs. CHP
  113. Police Story
  114. Retired officer keeping pistol upon retirement?
  115. Freeze info
  116. Cobra Tactical - Law Enforcement Equipment Solutions
  117. Provoking?
  118. Pima Co DA clears PCSD Entry Team
  119. I'm testing for my agency's Hostage Negotiation Team. I would like some assistance.
  120. Duty Vests
  121. Good deals for LEOs
  122. Police Academy Incident
  123. Privacy of personal info during traffic stop? Scanners hear it all...
  124. are these good police boots
  125. proof or residency?
  126. outlawed ammo
  127. Questions for LEOs pertaining to Parole Officers
  128. RE: Consent to search of a vehicle? (Odd situation)
  129. Self Sponsored Academy Gear Question
  130. Costa Mesa PD Interim Chief resigns. Yikes!
  131. I think they're all wrong
  132. Is there a warning ...?
  133. California Travel
  134. Is it illegal to carry ammunition in a buttstock carrier while travelling?
  135. Question - Undercover Private Vehicle? Strobes? Tint?
  136. Duty shotgun question
  137. Patrol Car guns
  138. Does LASD allow DCAEK in a M&P?
  139. Bad Cops on Netflix...
  141. bad day for a rookie
  142. New LAPD cruisers
  143. Dealing with the homeless
  144. Black Defense System Suspenders
  145. Deputy Sheriff uses profanity
  146. Myth Debunked
  147. Prayer request for one of my deputies.....UPDATE post #79
  148. CDCR Application Accepted! Process info?!
  149. LEO Holster/ Duty Gear Summer Savings
  150. Noooo!! Chief Jerry Dyer retires!
  151. Giving non LE Citizens a LE Officers Point of View
  152. Alto, TX - No Money for Police
  153. Departments allowing Facial Hair
  154. thank you
  155. CHP 3 Gun Competition
  156. What is up with the CHP swerving traffic slow downs?
  157. ...
  158. Talking Smack to Kids
  159. LEO Recommended Duty Flashlight
  160. volunteering
  161. Reserve Recertification Program?
  162. Expired/Suspended Registration
  163. can you be denied to purchase a firearm due to...
  164. Potential Illegal Discharging of Firearms
  165. New patrol car idea
  166. Kid got on with Irvine!!
  167. Duty belt question
  168. Cold steel recon 1
  169. Legal opinion needed.
  170. Good reads on Body Language?
  171. I got a speeding ticket today...
  172. Life after service??
  173. Active shooter bags
  174. Anyone need an M9 basket weave holster?
  175. POST academy that is the most convenient from the SFV
  176. Any Palm Springs LEO's Here?
  177. Biodata test?
  178. Good Glock Parts Dealer
  179. Probation Officers - Questions about a Graduate Degree
  180. Ammo Selection
  181. Night Sights G22
  182. Just got accepted as a Border Patrol Agent
  183. zdd
  184. Watch your driving! - Alhambra Officer killed enrt to a Call
  185. OC Cert
  186. Question about carrying firearm after work?
  187. any game wardens in here?
  188. Help me with the Dog Next Door
  189. shooting on property...help?
  190. Handgun Policy, Pasadena PD
  191. Deputy Probation Officers
  192. SOCAL Shooting Ranges
  193. Fish & Game reserve officers
  194. Officer rescues man from wreck.
  195. Burglar alarm suggestions
  196. hi-point
  197. Taking the doors off my SUV
  198. Questions re PIQ & Polygraph Portion of the Hiring Process
  199. Is a CSO Job a good start?
  200. Police shooting incident SF ca
  201. hi-cap magazines
  202. Arrested with gun.
  203. OC Sheriff's Dept physical fitness test
  204. Marin County deputy killed off duty
  205. Any LA SD in the house?
  206. Oral board tomorrow for Signal Hill PD
  207. Yolo area Calgunners should jump on this
  208. What to expect during the initial sheriff dispatch "exam"?
  209. Bullet-Button AR Magazine Question
  210. Alameda County Sheriff's Testing Process
  211. What do you (LEOs) think about this?
  212. OC handled by a pro!
  213. Yikes! Did traffic fines go up (a lot)?
  214. Fix it ticket
  215. Watch out for other asking to got you on Facebook LEO list...
  216. helicopter pilot questions
  217. Organizing trips to local ranges
  218. Phone apps on the JOB
  219. LASD backup weapon?
  220. Any LEO-friendly FFLs for transfer in San Gabriel Valley area?
  221. LE Ammo
  222. Blocking your caller ID... Doesn't always work...
  223. PO Boxes on drivers license's? Other private options?
  224. Question for CHP
  225. Los Angeles County Sheriff accepting applications for DST.
  226. Posting Surveillance Photos of Shoplifters
  227. CHP academy: any info?
  228. is VC 5200 still a "fix-it" ticket?
  229. Traffic Law Enforcement On Private Property?
  230. Stop sign/limit line question/opinion
  231. Level 1 Modular Academy.
  232. Drama at the RV Park
  233. Did anyone see Paso Robles is hiring LEO's?
  234. LASD Helicopter call sign
  235. Hard card fingerprints in San Diego area.
  236. CCW ??
  237. Law Enforcement Non-Profit Classes
  238. PC 832 Laws/Power of Arrest certificate
  239. Officer and accidental discharge
  240. Age limitations?
  241. Recert schools
  242. Realistic distance....
  243. "Posted: No Trespassing" vs "No Trespassing"
  244. L.E.G.R
  245. LAPD written test
  246. Riverside County Probation
  247. why arent more non violent offenders sentenced to home detention?
  248. Martial Arts Training For LEO in SGV/IE ??
  249. question for San Diego LEO's
  250. Held in custody....