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  1. Officer Down, Mendocino County
  2. 2 ICE Agents shot in Mexico
  3. Does Brown's state gov hiring freeze include police departments?
  4. Buying used police cars
  5. Any Watsonville PD Officers in here?
  7. POST 832 PC & buying handgun
  8. Rio Hondo Assistant Rangemaster Position
  9. Ride-alongs
  10. moral questions w/ answers
  11. Any Tracy cops here?
  12. Oakley Assault Boots
  13. fix it ticket for no tag light... light works?
  14. Western States Police and Fire Games PPC events
  15. High capacity mags?
  16. Two registration tickets in the same month
  17. LOST AR-15, please help!!!
  18. City pulls plug on police legal bills
  19. Do you accept Gratuities?
  20. Help me get GS-7
  21. CA LEO Job Opportunities
  22. Treatment of seized weapons?
  23. Overtime and budget cut
  24. trade schools & online universities
  25. Reloads in PPC
  26. Fix it tickets
  27. Question about license plates.
  28. Domestic Violence Arrests Your Experiance Past and Present
  29. who does the hiring at an agency?
  30. Final Goodbye for Firefighter Glenn Allen
  31. Thanks to the guys over at Escondido P.D.
  32. My Friday Funnies tribute to y'all
  33. SD Sheriff reserves?
  34. Need a fillable PDF form GL-07 for federal law enforment
  35. window tint
  36. San Diego Sherrifs Dept.
  38. Ride along tonight.
  39. Ride alongs for RPD
  40. Leaving California upon retirement
  41. ka-bar pepper spray legality (non LEO)
  42. are any agency's still willing to train you
  43. Personal History Statement Question
  44. Gun Vaults in Trucks
  45. Reasonable Suspicion vs. Probable Cause
  46. Marijuana
  47. LEO exemptions to purchase non-list handguns
  48. Need LEO help, transporting a Bullet Button rifle.
  49. BP Ride Along
  50. thinking about joining the PD
  51. Transporting my CA legal AR to the range
  52. LEO's and open carry question?
  53. Question Bad Accident Report
  54. Anybody use TeraLUX flashlight upgrades? Converts bulb to L.E.D.
  55. After a moderately serious car accident...
  56. Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Reserves
  57. What would be the best way to handle a traffic stop while a taser is holstered...?
  58. Ticket procedure
  59. CA DMV driving permit valid out of state?
  60. San Francisco PD Narcs Accused of Lying
  61. Asking in a civil manner?
  62. Fake ID's... dinner convo w/ family
  63. LEO 10% OFF On all gear @ SBR With Valid ID
  64. Anti LEO
  65. Russian Swat OMON take down
  66. LEO handgun purchase
  67. Using gun to defend neighbor
  68. Can a friend borrow my rifle?
  70. What do you think about my plan?
  71. Have any of the LEOs on here been on the show COPS?
  72. Another facebook issue.
  73. So I want to be a LEO
  74. Magazines
  75. Interrogation and Interviewing Questions.
  76. going to the next exit when lit up on the freeway
  77. Active Duty LEO DISCOUNT THread
  78. folding stock with pistol grip
  79. Consequences to lying about weapons during traffic stop?
  80. Is there a word for "that guy" in the LEO profession?
  81. Passed Orals but have a Question
  82. Removed
  83. It will get better...
  84. The reason you decided to be a LEO
  85. Fire fighter/EMT discount?
  86. CA Police Using Mobile Fingerprinting Tech?
  87. Parking lots
  88. academy personality check
  89. thoughts on L.A.P.D Chief Beck's decision
  90. CCPOA reaches contract agrement.
  91. Handgun transfers for LE - shipped to agency
  92. truck driver ccw gun in cab?
  93. Question for CDCR Guards
  94. Los Angeles Hispanic Gangs (60's & 70's)
  95. Anyone teach live fire active shooter courses in California?
  96. CJ Degree + misdemeanor conviction = No chance at ever being a leo?
  97. Anyone else in process?
  98. answered
  99. Any game wardens here?
  100. RIP Officer Jermaine Gibson
  101. Camera Ticket Question, Glendale, CA
  102. how's the job market looking for leo's in socal
  103. Best glock 19 duty holster?
  104. Anyone shamed by Phillip in Survivor?
  105. Anyone Using the Bluetooth Adapter for Moto Radios?
  106. Attn: Dept. Purchasing Managers
  107. Want to go into the Army *question*
  108. Oakley boots t8
  110. security firearms permit
  111. Connecting 10 round mags.....
  112. Getting out of car during traffic stop?
  113. Traveling out of state with gun
  114. Question about military using Hi Cap Magazines...
  115. Question for LEOs
  116. L.A. State Dept. LEO opening
  117. Dodge Charger AWD
  118. Irvine PD
  119. Video Captures Territorial Pennsylvania Officers Brawl
  120. Great reading for my fellow LEOs on murdered Dep
  121. Los Angeles County Peace Officers Memorial
  122. Date issues
  123. Training Magpul Vickers
  124. New Surefire for Remington 870
  125. Esee Knives for LEO's/Military
  126. LEO Tax write off items
  127. False accusations against LEO's?
  128. Question about obtaining armed gaurd carry permit
  129. Looking for a LEO Dealer in Sacramento Area that can help me find a couple HKs
  130. Veterans Recruitment Appointment
  131. Forest Service LEO
  132. Happy Retirement Ron-Solo!
  133. Does restricted magazine capacity make you feel safer?
  134. Any LEA hiring in CA & abroad
  135. ? for NORCAL LEO's
  136. Bay Area LEO's, WTS Sig P226 9mm
  137. Richmond PD
  138. DL Restriction 47 questions
  139. LEO on gun laws
  140. *UPDATED AGAIN**See 1st Post* For you guys that get to carry your personal weapon....
  141. Cheating/Fraudulent Bingo Players
  142. LEO needed for Western States Police & Fire Games Paintball Event
  143. Any LEO's from the City of Glendale here?
  144. Pomona (Los Angeles) Sheriff's and Police... help.
  145. Question (LEO gear carried/worn)
  146. Need 2 Way Radio recommendations
  147. Parking Violation Ticket - same plate but wrong car
  148. helping a friend
  149. School zone question....
  150. Taxes: write off competition gear?
  151. CHP Academy Graduation Gift
  152. handgun imports?
  153. firing a gun out side city limits
  154. Alright LEO's I have a question for you
  155. LAX Checkpoints
  156. Is it possible to get old crime reports for a specific address?
  157. Does the disinformation AMAZE you??
  158. Traffic ticket question for LEO's.
  159. Is it illegal to drive down a street more than once?
  160. Background Interview Question
  161. Good deal on a Aimpoint 3x
  162. Got accepted to the Academy.
  163. owning guns before applying for LEO
  164. Advice request, for an aspiring LEO
  165. Parking Ticket Question
  166. Training videos
  168. Engineer thinking about joining LE
  169. Driver's license check and gun permit
  170. Question on a CVC 24601 Violation
  171. Navy Blue Calguns T-shirts, yellow screenprint are here
  172. Question about defense
  173. thoughts on baby squirrel pepper spraying?!
  174. Rialto Ca Recent Shooting
  175. oral interview question
  176. Teachers for Cop Killer
  177. Trespassing and Use of Force
  178. Carry Question
  179. Ca Supreme Court Rules on Pensions
  180. Active shooter bag
  181. Social Security
  182. LF LEO Suggestions on how to deal with school that wants us defenseless...
  183. About to take the POST test
  184. Burglary vs Unlawful entry
  185. Do Narcotics/Undercover Officers use drugs?
  186. Credit Card Fraud
  187. MI State Police Using Cell phone 'Extraction' Devices?
  188. Two Officers injured, one shot, police K9 killed, Suspect dead...
  189. Interview on Tuesday any last minute advice?
  190. Question on visiting California?
  191. Turlock Police.
  192. Shooting at Venice Beach
  193. Right turn on red?
  194. Home Defense Issues
  195. C.A.M.P
  196. Driving with your feet.
  197. ,,,,
  198. The die is cast, took the POST entrance test for SDSD today.
  199. fix it ticket question
  200. Are There A Lot of Full-Auto MG's On the Streets?
  201. I used to hate/dislike LEO
  202. Napa State Hosp Police
  203. Military CCW
  204. Dan Wesson Model 14 2-1/2"
  205. Right Turn Lane Question...
  206. I love when good police work pays off.
  207. Travelling with protection...
  208. Can an out of state LEO bring his duty weapon (AR15) into California?
  209. Taser training in the bay area?
  210. Question (ask LEO about duty weapon)
  211. Do these cop shows (ie:cops) get consent from the suspects to air the tapes?
  212. LEO Views/Opinions on CCW
  213. RAW: active military vs leo in calif
  214. Question About a Video
  215. Concealed carry w/ fishing licence question..
  216. Bother to call this in? yes/no
  217. policy on long guns
  218. LEO's come onto my property without permission?
  219. Some P.O.S. tried to scam my elderly grandmother today...
  220. d.u.i
  221. Totasak polymer Knuckles Legality
  222. restrictions for PPT?
  223. Hi cap mags
  224. How to Deal with CCW Holders article
  225. Do Departments issue holsters for your sidearm?
  226. Respect the general public?
  227. Help finding CVC regarding parking lots
  230. CRAP! (PORAC member database hacked)
  231. Locked container hiking/fishing/non-vehicular travel?
  232. Atlanta IHOP video
  233. When can a LEO "order" you out of your car during a traffic stop?
  234. Got pulled over on the way home from picking up a gun
  235. Knife on a Moto
  236. Does possession of firearms in a locked trunk allow a search
  237. Napa Sheriff Mounted Posse
  238. Entering Law enforcement
  239. LEO's i need some advice on neighbors rooster......yes rooster lol
  240. Correctional Officers
  241. Why would a LEO want a DOB & full legal name from the reporting party in DD
  242. Any Federal Air Marshal in here?
  243. Quick question about becoming leo?
  244. L.A.P.D Pocket Test
  245. Girlfriend got a VC.21809A Violation??
  246. Any CHP officers here? LA county?
  247. Traffic Question
  248. Questions on becoming a Police Officer
  249. DUI Checkpoint Clarifications?
  250. Anyone in here Amtrak police