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  1. Off list
  2. College Degree
  3. Do Officer's or Det. knock on doors solo?
  4. DSG Arms
  5. It's about respect and honor to the fallen...
  6. Federal marshal's description of fatal shooting conflicts with video footage
  7. LEO Question about transporting S&W handguns in the Plastic Factory Boxes.
  8. Retired? PORAC LDF
  9. police fire at backfiring van
  10. LEO caught red handed
  11. using "defered compensation" for home purchase..?
  12. Not California, but another fallen officer.
  13. Becoming a LEO
  14. Transportation of firearm in truck toolbox
  15. Impound Storage Fees Daily Charge Limit
  16. Services for Fallen Riverside PD Officer tomorrow.
  17. Citizens' Academy
  18. Do we still 'Belong' here?
  19. A Question for LEO'S?
  20. GLOCK 21 VS GLOCK 31
  21. Student Protesters Beat Cop With His Baton at USF
  22. Patrol rifle
  23. LAPD authorizes 1911 .45's for their patrol officers???
  24. Legal Alien
  25. Accident in parking lot victim is being blamed
  26. Any chance for becoming an affiliated cadet in the current econ?
  27. Deleted due to lack of support
  28. backyard gun range question
  29. question about getting pulled over and rights of passengers
  30. Anyone work at Banning PD?
  32. Thin Blue Line Bumper Stickers??....Really?
  33. Anyone interview with the CBP recently?
  34. Who do we contact? Oceanside PD
  35. Going on a ride-a-long. Need advise.
  36. Signing off
  37. Challange Coins
  38. LEOs that carry a 1911
  39. LEO Moving to CA
  40. Conversation between me and my trainee (my trainee and I).
  41. AR question
  42. OFF DUTY
  43. Buying ammo online and buying ammo across state line
  44. DUI question?
  45. South Bay Officers
  46. trespassing??
  47. Citation question
  48. Stopped by cops for no reason in my own neighborhood
  49. Legal question about firearm in a car
  50. Question about transporting a handgun
  51. Police Report Lifespan?
  52. Cops and snitching
  53. California CCW Shall Issue
  54. Pulled over but was never told why
  55. Sobering Video
  56. New Vest
  57. How to tell where a cop works
  58. Disposing of junk gun frame??
  59. Long gun in Evidence locker
  60. Miranda Warnings - Language Barrier.
  61. another question about transportation of a firearm
  62. "911 Open line" - what do you usually find?
  63. is it legal to own a kubaton with fingergrips on a keychain?
  64. Which eotech for on you duty ar?
  65. Thought Id Share
  66. Hit and run question
  67. DMV Investigations? - Neighbor Situation
  68. Dear Applicant...
  69. Police Service records / Oakland PD
  70. seeking current member of LAPD
  71. LEO's, tell me how this was legal/illegal...
  72. Is there justification for a LEO to enter My truck in this manner?
  73. Two questions for you all.
  74. Up coming interview for armorer. Need assistance
  75. Question for Officers: Handcuffing for "safety".
  76. R.I.P. Agent Brian Terry
  77. For those looking for jobs (lateral)
  78. Red Light Photo Ticket....LEO reply only
  79. LEOS will you help other LEOS
  80. How would you articulate to your Chief to get a letterhead for a AR-15?
  81. To all my Peace Ofcr. brothers and sisters..
  82. Is it legal to bring my wife's gun ?
  83. keeping your guard up at home deputy attacked
  84. Using my own legal gun for self defense at in-laws or friends home ?
  85. High Capacity Magazine
  86. Bringing guns owned into CA after living in CA for years
  87. San Mateo County SO "Absorbs" San Carlos/Half Moon Bay PDs!
  88. CA legal AW and legaly owned hi cap mags
  89. DA Shooting
  90. Need a LEO for advice
  91. Uncorrected Eye Restrictions for Border Patrol
  92. Merry Christmas LEOs
  93. IA investigation question.(opinions form other states are welcome)
  94. Modifying issue guns?
  95. Have your agency buy a suppressor from me.
  96. I am concerned about the LEO forum being a legal advice forum.
  97. Season's Greetings
  98. Chp cadet applicant
  99. Mounting a GPS to front window
  100. Disassembled firearm question
  101. Oregon LEO Question
  102. SLOC Sheriff's Office called me early this AM
  103. New cop has a past, is he a liability?
  104. 1911 quad mag pouch
  105. Correctable violation question
  106. Blue Label Glocks in Stock.
  107. Line of duty deaths increase again
  108. HR 218
  109. 3 strikes window tint
  110. What goes up, must come down...HAPPY NYE !
  111. BP exam
  112. Can a LEO legally carry a fixed blade knife?
  113. Speeding LEO's
  114. To LEO's
  115. LEOSA question
  116. Question about open shooting
  117. How does LEOSA define firearm
  118. Officer walks into my backyard
  119. Ruger LC9
  120. Who's gotten a ticket even tho they were LEO?
  121. police log and acronym
  122. Define Excessive Use of Horn
  123. Badge collecting?
  124. Not the way to start the New Year...RIP Sister in Blue
  125. Ride alongs
  126. Help with Moving Violation
  127. FERFRANS Weapon System for LEO/Military?
  128. CDCR Officers
  129. Temporary residence?
  130. Honoring our fallen
  131. Looking for an LEO or attorney to teach a portion of a class - Feb. 19th
  132. Did the AG just throw retired LEOs under the bus?
  133. Questions about reserve officers/deputies...
  134. Ride along request denied?
  135. Name that agency!
  136. Military expeirence?
  137. S&W Bodyguard 380 $270 @ Express police supply
  138. Whats the deal sheriffs doing chp's job
  139. Jerry Brown ordered a new rule for LEO and their privately owned AW's? True/False?
  140. Lateral Status
  141. Settle a debate for me
  142. To the Police Officer who pulled me over last night
  143. Martial Arts
  145. Not a firearm question
  146. LASD E.LA Deputy shot in E.LA
  147. shooting off list wepons
  148. The CLAW!!!
  149. Oxnard area LEO's
  150. Double Standard ? Dept wrong?
  151. Jailed NYer's Suit: Rodent bit my Penis
  152. Poll: Duty Weapon Brand/Caliber
  153. Animal Control Officer gave ticket for not taking livestock to vet
  154. Recommendations for firearms training
  155. Hi capacity magazines
  156. LAPD's "Initial background review"?
  158. Rodney King The Musical???
  159. Foundation For A Better Life.
  160. Surfire E2D Light
  161. Q: What is needed for a track car to be street legal?
  162. Is bulletproof stuff legal for civilians?
  163. Want to interview a couple LEO's
  164. issue ammo in the SFBA?
  165. Any agencies hiring?
  166. 21453(A) Violation Cost?
  167. Negative encounters with Roseville Police?
  168. AG decision and OLL's . . .
  169. Passing of one of my academy instructors...(Homicide investigator & SWAT member) RIP
  170. OFF DUTY
  171. BS in Criminal Justice=More Oppurtunities?
  172. LAPD reserve officer program?
  173. Is this true?
  174. Interesting Cruiser number
  175. Lost a buddy on the 19th
  176. Best MA Degree?
  177. Anyone go to Union Institute and University???
  178. Hiring Question
  179. Challenging a police officer to a fistfight
  180. LEO's only: No knock warrants
  181. Surefire 60 and 100 round magazines
  182. A new duty watch,
  183. War on Cops?
  184. The polygraph..
  185. Question for LEOs concerning Carry on-campus
  186. carpool tolls on 680?
  187. Private Party Transfer Leo to Non-Leo Off List
  188. Firemen with Sidearms
  189. Off List Purchase
  190. Raids
  191. Neighborhood Drug Lab - Need help
  193. Hey guys, any comments on event?
  194. Need help from knowledgable people...
  195. Chicago
  196. Anyway of checking a serial number to see if a gun is stolen?
  197. Latest and Greatest Law Enforcement Ammunition?
  198. What would you do about someone using hi-caps?
  199. Do we...
  200. Now that I keep a video camera on me 24/7...
  201. HELP!!! I lost my "Fix-it" Ticket
  202. I need a distributer of less lethal munitions
  204. please delete
  205. Heard about getting sponsored.
  206. Legality of video survellance in a neighborhood/
  207. Female C/O murdered on the job
  208. A Candidate in progress, has a question for LEO's.
  209. Ventura County Sheriff
  210. Fresno Police Department Duty Pistol?
  211. Sacramento County Duty ammo.
  212. 30 day wait
  213. Proforce customer service
  214. Agencies relations to security
  215. 2011 will always remember contest
  216. OPEN CARRY in Los Angeles County
  217. LEO only AR15 transfer
  218. ...
  219. ASP Baton Experience
  220. Need advice on a new pair of search gloves...
  221. "Fix it" question, googled and not found.
  222. Traffic question, maybe CHP?
  223. LEO's can buy non Calif approved Pistols.
  224. Police Academy..
  225. PC 832 Class starts tomorrow!
  226. keychain mini baton legal??
  227. Sex in a Car. Illegal?
  228. I decided to become a Reserve Officer
  229. DPO (Part Time/On-Call) CCW?
  230. must read for LEO
  231. We sell Large capacity mags to LEO & LEA
  232. whats in your assault vest
  233. Officer Safety
  234. Expandable Baton Instructor Course (RCB)
  235. Service weapons
  236. Registration Issues???
  237. help
  238. Officers who are Reserves in the military?
  239. If you think your job is stressful, try being a police officer.
  240. Any BLM on here
  241. Any Fresno County S.O.'s or LEO's that carry or have carried S&W 4506??
  242. Is it worth the time/effort to report road hazards & hazardous drivers?
  243. why I am not a cop
  244. snip
  246. SFPOA President is OUTSTANDING!
  247. Best GPS for patrol?
  248. What was your funniest traffic stop?
  249. Reserve Officer and Academy Question
  250. Any San Diego SO SAR on here?