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  1. LV Costco shooting of CCW holder
  2. My stolen 228 might have been recovered (SF)
  3. Gun SALES or TRANFERS FOR LEO's H.I.T. us up!
  4. Considering becoming a Reserve Deputy
  5. San Diego (Poway) Gun Shop - very LEO friendly
  6. LEO owning an Assault rifle.
  7. If I hit an illegally parked car, is it my fault?
  8. What is the current state of Search and Rescue (SAR) units?
  9. What to wear/bring with/know before a ridealong
  10. corrections officer
  11. Catch 22
  12. Need help deciding on a holster
  13. Reserve LEO
  14. H.R.413: Nationalization of Law Enforcement???
  16. Crime scene photos? Or not.
  17. LEO help on child molester
  18. Carrying on Private Property?
  19. Please pray for them. 3 Chandler, AZ. PD officers shot
  20. Gentlemen....
  21. DMV form??? which one is it?
  22. Officer requests assistance
  23. Karma - One for the Good Guys
  24. Police Harassment Explained
  25. Prayers for the two officers.
  26. When can a cop check you for weapons
  27. Total Cost of a single LEO?
  28. your on patrol and someone gives you the finger
  29. Need Application Advice from LEOs
  30. wearing a KA-BAR knife on my belt?
  31. Wasnt sure where to ask this, but...Driving former cop car legal Q.
  32. LC Action San Jose Glock Days
  33. Parking a squad-car in a fire lane.....for coffee?
  34. Can you get in trouble for carrying mace?
  35. Was I Justified in Drawing My Weapon?
  36. Is it legal.....
  37. tazer question...from non-leo
  38. true or false: NYPD uses ONLY DA 9mm pistols?
  39. Question for current SFPD?
  40. Retired LEO Carry, With Belt Badge??
  41. How not to wear the uniform
  42. HR 218 apply to Fire Investigators
  43. Maximum age for LAPD recruits
  44. Vegas Metro is hiring, posting closes Friday 13 AUG
  45. Traffic school fraud
  46. Any of you guys care to give the real scoop
  47. Need a LEO for CMP Marksmanship in socal
  48. Agility Course
  49. LEO Funny Stories!
  50. Questions about Law Enforcement
  51. The 55 mph speed limit
  52. Pet peeves
  53. Sunset Ford Westminster?
  54. What are the opposite of your Pet Peeves?
  55. Can LEO's have automatic knives?
  56. High Cap Mag Pouch for Sig 226?
  57. selling daggers/ knifes in CA. Legal ?
  58. What is an "X-Ray"?
  59. ARPOC
  60. Tasers and stun guns
  61. can I ship a handgun to my self from out of state
  62. when you pull someone over
  63. I need some advice about a confrontation with a neighbor
  64. ticket for going too slow
  65. LEO's, please share your 23152 stories
  66. Just completed the initial testing for CBP, have a question about age limits.
  67. non-sworn officer and off roster hand guns ?s
  68. What options LEO has to sell Aslt Rifle
  69. AR15 or UZI stored in safe
  70. wanting to joing sbc sheriff
  71. tasers at home question..
  72. We have any CA Probation / Parole officers around?
  73. I am about to arrest my spouses ex. (166.4)
  74. Favorite Off-Roster Guns- lets hear them...
  75. 15.5 yo with drivers permit, towing a trailer allowed?
  76. Injured Police Officer
  77. Can male cops frisk females here in CA?
  78. Frontline Expose' on New Orleans
  79. How would you respond to this statement?
  80. Awesome Come-Backs?
  81. Transportation of a handgun question
  82. School Me on ID
  83. Storage of AW Away From Registered Owner
  84. ID Yourself off duty.
  85. Fremont police officer shot.
  86. Taiwanese Gangs new Weapon!
  87. illegal h.i.d. headlight conversions
  89. Not LEO but have a question
  90. Too much bass..(like base) not fish
  91. Internet credit card fraud..questions
  92. Another Shooting in Oakland....
  93. City Cops Jurisdictions
  94. officer shooting stats
  95. Transportation of Ammo.
  96. any SFV cops working reseda today?
  97. Bakersfield P.D. Finally......
  98. Ten day waiting for LEO's in CA?
  99. Question about Academy & Schooling
  100. Search question
  101. Requalification for off duty gun
  102. LEO on YouTube... Video and discussion thread.
  103. Old Timers - Helmets in Patrol Cars?
  104. Ventura county LEOs
  105. Were they allowed to do this.
  106. Duty Weapon: Carry what you want, or all the same.
  107. Quotas?
  108. shooting tactics in vehicle
  109. Anyone know the rules on Cal Highway Patrol and Tattoos?
  110. CA LEO Vs. AZ LEO?
  111. Is it weird that I'm going to kinda miss it?
  112. police officers & their shotguns
  113. Ford's SUV Interceptor
  114. What to wear to physical agility test?
  116. Pocket Knife Law
  117. RO- access to gun question
  118. Advice for brother who lent his shotgun and never got it back.
  119. Tinted front windows
  120. Verbal confrontation yesterday evening (long)
  121. CA. OC ammo question
  122. Who wants to be Chief?
  123. Female officers and small frame officers
  124. Did I test well?
  125. Fix It Ticket Help
  126. SLC Officer prevents mass shooting
  127. Lost a Brother Yesterday
  128. Reactions to NYC ticket quotas story?
  129. Pistol Grips on a Pump action shotgun
  130. Why Cops Are Not Civilians
  131. Glock Instructor Course??
  132. Gosh, they got old
  133. Corbon DPX Ammo
  134. Carrying a concealed handgun
  135. 22mph speed limit??? points? price??
  136. Not a CA resident but have an apartment in CA -- registration question
  137. 2 points dmv
  138. LAPD Approved accessories list for duty weapons
  139. Stopping on the freeway question
  140. LEOs' thoughts on bullet buttons?
  141. No trunk in the car...transporting a handgun?
  142. storing guns for a military friend
  143. CDCR clothing- where to get
  145. Rialto PD SWAT Murder Trial
  146. How to find out if you can own a gun
  147. Any K9 Handlers here?
  148. Freeway vehicle code question
  149. What percentage of your day is focusing on traffic violations?
  150. Even Off duty you still need situational awareness
  151. Can someone please define "Promiscuous Shooting".
  152. CHP writing tickets in residential neighborhoods
  153. Charged versus convicted.
  154. Is there a record of who runs your drivers license?
  155. Willing LEO to be interviewed by pm/e-mail
  156. I'd Like To Say Thank You After All These Years
  157. LE Officer Safety Act Improvements
  158. State park ranger academy
  159. LEOs Only Please
  160. Traffic cam on Romona Expressway
  161. Rebuild kits
  162. please read
  163. -----
  164. What happens to LEO owned AR15 status after LEO retires?
  165. Cops in Ca. question? 30 round AR15 mags....
  166. Private Road question
  167. Handguns off DOJ list.
  168. LASD Training
  169. Northern Idaho
  170. Anyone a member of SFPD?
  171. awesome job by non-LEO
  172. Any LEOs start as CSO?
  173. I'd appreciate any thoughts on this by LEO
  174. Ride-Along
  175. Policy on perp recording arrest
  176. Anyone hear about Rio Hondo?
  177. Citizens arrest question
  178. Question on Political Campaign
  179. Commuter Lane and Bench Style Seats
  180. Transporting
  181. New LEOSA court case and S 1132
  182. Policequiz.com
  183. Do you write tickets for incidents you did NOT witness?
  184. Frustrated with patrol rifle
  185. Decompression
  186. LEOs Moonlighting
  187. Any CBP candidates in N. San Diego county?
  188. Search Question
  189. Glock case used for transporting
  190. Ok partners, need some input on Taser holsters and Collapsible Batons
  191. Good books for LEO's?
  192. Looking for some advice
  193. OK, I am Tired Of Yelling At The TV...
  194. HR 218 Guidelines
  195. Just another day in Russian Law Enforcement
  196. Need info about becoming LEO
  197. Criminal justice question
  198. Going back to school
  199. ld28 / traffic enforcement
  200. FBI Report - Line of duty (interesting stats) 2009
  201. question regarding kids sitting in front seat of vehicle (specifically a pickup)
  202. EOTech vs Aimpoint question?
  203. R.I.P. Sergeant Sean Drenth, Phoenix PD
  204. BP exam
  205. LEO AW letters
  206. It is with great sadness...
  207. Owning body armor in California.
  208. Question regarding POST Certificate expiration...
  209. 26 inch ASP baton for sale, LEO only $50
  210. Silencers in California
  211. tax deductions for firearms?
  212. Settle an arguement.....
  213. Looking for Federal LEO Job Recommendations
  214. leo lends buddy an off list gun handgun
  215. CBP & University
  216. Getting hired as LEO...tips?
  217. Armed security carrying in community center?
  218. Good or bad. Dedicated video for Law Enforcement
  219. Where to start?
  220. Duty boots
  221. Q: What are the rules for splitting lanes w/ a motorcycle?
  222. Credit Card balances, backgrounds, and DQ
  223. Background Checks
  224. R.I.P. Ofcr. Christopher Wilson - S.D.P.D.
  225. reserve sheriff / police? how do i become one?
  226. LEO's and court appearances
  227. LEO's and AB962
  228. riverside police dept..anyone here from that dept.?
  229. I was in a TA last night.
  230. DUI checkpoint Vs Saturation patrol.
  231. Flash suppressor trouble at the range? Really??
  232. How often do you go to the range?
  233. Work related injury (To LEO)
  234. QUESTION for LEOs please!
  235. Question
  236. Handcuffs and Off Duty Weapon
  237. Titan Gun Vault, CA Legal in a car?
  238. LEO Rifles
  239. Aargh...when your spouse just doesn't get it.
  240. Letter to every single LEO on calguns
  241. Checkpoint Question
  242. sooo LEO jobs
  243. stole vehicle..!!
  244. LEO Career Advice Wanted.
  245. SIG 226 Tac Ops
  246. FBI and Border Patrol are Hiring
  247. UOC under jackets?
  248. Update>Gilman Springs OHV ticket< Case DISMISSED
  249. Riverside PD Officer Killed - Ryan Bonaminio
  250. Meth? Or white Crystalline substance resembling meth?