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  1. Why did police departments switch from revolvers to semi-automatics?
  2. Is there a new chipped windshield law?
  3. Highway Patrol
  4. Had my Ride Along
  5. Speed limit signs...
  6. LOOKING FOR: Photo of Cop w/Upside Down Mag in M16/AR15
  7. The irony of Maurice Clemmons arrest - Officer safety
  8. Regarding traffic/driving
  9. PA Officer killed
  10. Eatin the Evidence!
  11. Fusion centers
  12. Support Officer Danita Marsh.
  13. Very high T-Score = bad?
  14. Voilence Against LEO's
  15. Home invasion question
  16. The police circle
  17. Support the families of the 4 Officers murdered in the line of duty...
  18. Use of Springfield Armory XD-9 for Training?
  19. New Years ride alongs
  20. Assault Weapon Reg
  21. A little humor..
  22. Knotts Berry Farm anyone??
  23. Magazine Article
  24. CHP Story
  25. Assault Weapons License For FFL In Los Angeles
  26. LEO brothers, give me some advice on CCW
  27. question for leos
  28. Another CHP story -- and this is one about women
  29. Curious About Police Academy
  30. Question for LEOs About Frangibles
  31. Need Xmas gift suggestions for cop buddy?
  32. glock 27
  33. Cops and privacy in the workplace
  34. 1987 Escondido
  35. Ride Along and potential career in LE
  36. my old dept.
  37. Interesting Shooting Video - not in CA
  38. Walking to the next town is illegal ?
  39. Furlough Days Overturned!!
  40. My first positive LEO traffic experience
  41. Funny LEO Story On Another Forum
  42. GPS on the Windshield
  43. Local Yokes may know/remember him
  44. Knott's Day today.
  45. Merry Chistmas to the Sheepdogs...
  46. Situational Awareness
  47. Let's count the LEO's
  48. LEO's and the MAGPUL MS2
  49. Looking for firearms training from LEO
  50. Pierce County deps take fire again, 2 "seriously wounded"
  51. 12 days of LEO Christmas!
  52. Non-CA friendly LEO store
  53. Lights and LEO's
  54. San Jose cops will be required to record all civilian interaction
  55. Share the craziest & most moronic thing you saw on Christmas eve
  56. current CHP issue handgun?
  57. Sheriff employment questions for the experienced...
  58. Anyone Else See This Story?
  59. Magazine question for the LEO's
  60. A question for you LEOs- How would you react?
  61. Reserve CA peace officers may now purchase >10 round standard cap mags.
  62. Smog check points???
  63. Thinking of applying to be LEO in CA, would this be a problem?
  64. Cop stereotypes
  65. Opinion on becoming an LEO
  66. Tactical light model???
  67. Sig P226 holsters
  68. K9 units are made of awesome
  69. Need advice on harassing type behavior...
  70. Happy New Year to all Leos!!!!!
  71. New Law Question
  72. penal code?
  73. Help- Reserve Officer Training in the SAC area?
  74. Routine Traffic Stop
  75. LEO only guns...P226 TacOps, P238, P226 Combat, P226 SCT, LCPs
  76. Proper Handcuff technique
  77. CCW Question
  78. Reserve Officer
  79. Who handles the IT infrastructure of Police departments?
  80. ...
  81. Question regarding "J" walking.
  82. Home Alarm Question
  83. Interesting Airport Screening Story
  84. Any Leos here work in or used to work in recruitment?
  85. Attention California felons: Get your body armor
  86. Glock or XD ?
  87. LASD vs LAPD?
  88. LEO's Input on # of .45 magazines carried. Options for Quad Mag Pouch.
  89. Another LEO fatality
  90. Humorous Story
  91. juridstiction
  92. Ha! ...worth a laugh...
  93. How Long Do LEO Depts Keep Police Reports?
  94. Opinions on civilian ride-alongs?
  95. Happened again
  96. El Dorado County Sheriff Race??
  97. funny but serious video
  98. Thank you, taser cam
  99. Open Carry in CA threatened by A US marshall
  100. Pa. state trooper shot, killed
  101. Couple of questions about getting hired
  102. Morning funnies
  103. LASD Reauthorizes the M&P
  104. Looks like I just might be starting my life as an LEO also
  105. Firearms hiring question
  106. Speeding Violations
  107. Revolver Reloading Question
  108. knife questions
  109. Looking for POST info
  110. March 21, 2009 Oakland Police Shooting
  111. Lookin for a HK45C
  112. Fastest Cop Alive!!
  113. Monadnock batons
  114. CA Handgun Listing
  115. County SO Issued Fix it ticket ??
  116. Question regarding warrant served
  117. Green police interceptor?
  118. How old is too old without prior LEO service??
  119. Important questions to LEO!
  120. Daughter Stabbed in Fullerton
  121. What happens to my PIQ?
  122. Minors under the influence
  123. Transfer question
  124. help me choose a weapon light
  125. LEOs have info on firearms?
  126. Thinking about LAPD
  127. Just had my Oral interview
  128. Notification of firearms on traffic stop?
  129. any san diego border patrol agents on here
  130. Placerville CHP - Profilling Question
  131. Can Police officers use high cap magazines?
  132. Driving too slowly
  133. Off duty handguns for LAPD & OCPDs
  134. Am I Eligible?
  135. New Holster
  136. Eviction Questions: Updated 2.4.10
  137. Anyone hiring??
  138. Onion Field killer denied parole
  139. Shipment of ammo seems to have been misplaced by UPS
  140. Say Someone Is Breaking Into My Car
  141. I didn't realize our budget was so bad
  142. Unloaded Open Carry q's
  143. Questions for CHP...
  144. Are people going collectively bonkers in traffic lately?
  145. Oregon Concealed Handgun License and Applying w/ LE Agencies
  146. one of my leagally owned guns came back stolen?
  147. Guard taser training?
  148. City of Riverside Chief of Police
  149. Do you ever ticket bicyclists?
  150. LEO's required/issued bluetooths?
  151. Guns seized from search warrant, how can i get them back?
  152. illegal stop and search?
  153. CA Post to Nevada?
  154. OK fellas, my Sig p225 was stolen from my truck......
  155. Electric Scooter Questions
  156. Citizens Arrest - Pro and Con
  157. POST transfer
  158. What shotguns do you use as LEO?
  159. KCSA
  160. L.A. County Deputies to Avoid Chasing Armed Suspects!
  161. So if someone becomes LEO can they legally convert their rebuild kits to hicaps?
  162. Louder than Words...LEO Disaster Preps
  163. Transporting loaded magazines...
  164. Can an LEO use Hi-cap Magazines
  165. Nepotism in LE
  166. Looking to trade
  167. Would Appreciate Your Expertise
  168. Cigar Littering Question
  169. Driving in the rain
  170. Boker Jim Wagner RBB Knife Question
  171. CHP Officer Mark Saylor
  172. Good deals and great service from Yzernie
  173. Law enforcement officers
  174. Berkeley Riot
  175. Right to sell?
  176. Does purchasing multiple handguns as an LEO require multiple Dros?
  177. Gun rigged to fire at Hemet gang task force members
  178. Sheriif demands to see receipt?
  179. What to do at a red light?
  180. Radios
  181. 10% OFF LEO and Active Military
  182. Q: Two quick traffic questions -- about turns
  183. Searching bags for weapons on unrelated suspicion
  184. Law regarding slowing down on freeway if traffic stop in progress
  185. Questions for CHP regarding LIDAR
  186. Exercising right to trial on traffic tickets
  187. 27315.3
  188. Bringing guns fron CO to CA
  189. Raid aftermath
  190. LEO Question
  191. can I ship ammo to NAPA?
  192. The Final Inspection-Poem
  193. Feeling honor and pride in a time of loss
  194. interested in law enforcement
  195. LEO on-line shop
  196. The police and "underage drunkenness"...under what situations are you ****ed?
  197. Keeping Pistols Loaded at home - Legal and Liability?
  198. How does a LEO buy an off-roster handgun?
  199. Warning - email Phishing Attack - Nuclear attack on Japan
  200. i got a ticket today...
  201. Say a guy builds an AR...
  202. Job Prospects
  203. Transferring a non-registered handgun?
  204. Which one of you (LASD) pulled me over today?
  205. Law Enforcement Gun Shops
  206. Comfortable boot that holds a good shine?
  207. E-mail threat
  208. armed security and parking question
  209. Respectfully, Enforcing CA Gun Laws is a Violation of you Oath to the CA Constitution
  210. On the trolling threads lately - good job fellas!!
  211. Caught on Camera......Is it worth contesting??
  212. Let's get to know each other!!
  213. interested in joining chp any tips
  214. Which duty gun would you use.
  215. Are civililians allowed to own the taser x26
  216. Expired Driver's License Question.
  217. What duty guns would you carry if you had a choice?
  218. Anyone familiar with Gilman springs???
  219. Any one taken the LAPD written test recently?
  220. Home Alarm shopping, what would you guys reccommend?
  221. Question for LEO's
  222. Where to get notepad refills for highway patroll ticket book (just blank/lined paper)
  223. Female Officers Retiring
  224. Ford Introduces New Taurus-based Police Car
  225. Finally got the call....
  226. email to report crime
  227. Academy starts in 2 weeks, quick advice please!
  228. Building search with a shotgun - question?
  229. TAD Gear? Any experience with this company?
  230. Q: Another traffic question - headphones
  231. ....
  232. Federal Way police officer collapses, dies at shooting scene
  233. old police guns
  234. How to correctly wear sam browne gear and uniform cap.
  235. Need help from my LEO bretheren purchasing a duty rifle.
  236. firearms for destruction
  237. Any of my fellow LEOs have a sig p226r w/ surefire x300 holster I can borrow?
  238. Hand Gun Transfer
  239. Is a patrol rifle highly recommended?
  240. Tragic loss for the Marines, LAPD, and METRO
  241. CCW? Damaging to my prospects?
  242. Retired LEO
  243. Santa Clara Co. Sheriffs Dept.
  244. New police car?
  245. How do you feel about being the target of anti government hate?
  246. Q for LEO's in or near Riverside CTU
  247. advice for situation
  248. Raven Concealment for off duty??
  249. Mini 30 Mods, Hassle or No Hassle