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  1. Gun rack in pickup
  2. Finding police reports?
  3. Scholarship for LEO in training
  4. AB 48 Skinner and PORAC
  5. Wow I messed up---Vent
  6. Future of pension system for LE.......?
  7. Would this work
  8. Lightest, best smelling concealable 3a vest/carrier
  9. Ride along attire.
  10. Anyone here from Chino PD or Chino area?
  11. WTT Cast bullets for POST academy acceptance info/advice
  12. CCW on Private Property
  13. Police in the carpool lane.
  14. Becoming a LEO after back surgery...
  15. Need some info: Re-arrest/72hour -not me-
  16. What fraction of seized guns are investigated?
  17. Reserve Officers and California Gun Laws?
  18. Holster help - S&w shield
  19. Reserve Officer application question regarding listing training.
  20. called police yesterday, now a question.
  21. V.I.N. Numbers
  22. Quick fix-it ticket question (window tint)
  23. Guns taken off suspects?
  24. Leosa
  25. We lost a Brother and a friend
  26. Deadly force question
  27. LEOSA - Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act (H.R. 218, 2004)
  28. CCW encounter......
  29. Does anyone know how to get a point off your DMV record?
  30. I hope my local LE share the same feeling
  31. Application, work history
  32. M&P 9 Compact Mags
  33. Sac County POST Academy
  34. My friend found a Ruger. What can we do?
  35. Random calls during the day?
  36. Any gun shops in the SoCal Area?
  37. Selling an AR Lower I Machined Myself
  38. OIS in Riverside...
  39. Question for Sharp shooters
  40. BOOTS: Danner Acadia vs thorogood trooper
  41. What should we do during an enforcement stop?
  42. back ground DQ?
  43. Assault Weapon Registration Application question.
  44. Question for Cal Hiway Patrol Officers
  45. Turned
  46. Police equipment in the valley
  47. Assault Weapons for personal use by LEOs
  48. Is throwing a person considerd deadly force?
  49. Magpul M3 pmags in stock
  50. Do you need a Stinger flashlight charger?
  51. Fish & Game
  52. CCW questions
  53. CCW - LASD/Hawthorne
  54. Dorner Sighting - Shots Fired
  55. Triple EEE in San Diego...
  56. Anyone else having trouble buying ammo for training?
  57. 80 percent lower
  58. OC sheriffs hiring 200
  59. question about civilians & rubber shotgun slugs
  60. CA Dept of Corrections to be opening testing soon
  61. Good article on PE.com RE: LEO and Dorner case...
  62. AB109...whats your take?
  63. LA Co Probation accepting applications for Deputy Probation Officer I
  64. We lost two brothers this past few days
  65. tattoos and L.E. careers?
  66. LEO off duty cary..critical defense or critical duty?
  67. For all the LEO calgunners
  68. Marijuana use and a career in law enforcement
  69. Working under the table???
  70. Bail Enforcement Agents and Firearms
  71. Oath Keepers Movement
  72. Financial crime
  73. Acquiring Off Roster Handguns?
  74. Benefit fund for the family of Detective Jeremiah MacKay
  75. Delete
  76. SDSD 11-99
  77. How much ammo in your ride?
  78. Kubatons?
  79. Private party transfer ?
  80. Am I getting old? :(
  81. Swat robot question.
  82. Federal Bonded .223 vs Golddot Bonded .223
  83. Border Patrol Petition
  84. Police Recruit Question
  85. Taking POST next weekend for Sac PD...
  86. Background Investigation Question
  87. Federal Reserve Police ?
  88. Question for Cal LEOs
  89. 30 day wait on handguns?
  90. Hogan Personality Imventory? Done one before?
  91. CPK fundraiser Mon-Thurs, Feb 25-28
  92. ride along questions
  93. Step dad on parole in same house with a legal gun owner?
  94. California Police Equipment no longer SIG IOP dealer?
  95. Help With FTO
  96. OIS Santa Cruz
  97. LEO????? dating my sister
  98. Gardena PD Issue or Option
  99. Magpul LE only Pmags
  100. Keeping a "truck gun"
  101. LE patch collecting??
  102. Are handguns allowed on campsites?
  103. delete
  104. How rewarding is your career?
  105. No More Wilson Combat 1911s for CA Govt
  106. Providing LE With Identification
  107. So what do LEOs' think about all this "Don't sell to LEO" stuff?
  108. I applied to SFPD and....
  109. Any SFPD Calgun members??
  110. Bluementhalls in Sacramento off of Arden
  111. Any LEO willing to help?
  112. A question for LEO's/BP
  113. agencys hiring?
  114. Insoles?
  115. close
  116. Threats at Home
  117. Moved into a Pro gun, Pro Homeowner neighborhood.....
  118. NRA Life of Duty
  119. Stun gun possession and HS 11550
  120. Heckler & Kock MR556
  121. Selling personal excess ammo in a parking lot..
  122. Bay Area LEO's
  123. Calguns LEOs - any other outlets you can think of to help?
  124. Shady Officer (Comedy Central video)
  125. Traffic laws question
  126. PoliceOne Survey
  127. Dismissed for lack of prosecution - question
  128. College Student Looking into Law Enforcement
  129. Misto ?
  130. loaded weapon with 7 year old in house
  131. Santa Cruz PD Memorial Services Today
  132. LEO switchblade
  133. Takeover robberies of restaurants in L.A.
  134. Just wondering what I can expect at my "Medical"
  135. What can be done in CA in regards to mail fraud? Camarillo anyone?
  136. Dupe
  137. Defense of property question
  138. LE careers and credit score
  139. LEO awards, citations question
  140. Sacramento PD and now SFPD have my handgun
  141. Any OCSD LEOs Willing to Help a Student?
  142. Ventura County Reserve Academy?
  143. Misdemeanor possession of loaded firearm in vehicle
  144. Surefire X300 Ultra & Duty Holster Compatability
  145. H&k pistols on & off duty
  146. Volunteering, good or useless ?
  147. Precheck before I buy
  148. hypothetical, ex claims domestic violence, restraining order, can they take my guns?
  149. intoxication and guns
  150. Traveling from CA to NV with firearm
  151. San Diego Sheriff question.
  152. Brother says work partner planted gun in car.
  153. POST academy non affiliated
  154. Perps need a taste of this
  155. Peacekeeper RCB baton vs straight stick
  156. Gift for newly sworn in officer
  157. Duty belt picture thread
  158. 80% ar lowers
  159. Transcon / Zavin's Uniform - Still in business?
  160. Traffic accident. Lady took my door off. Who will be held liable?
  161. Question about open carry
  162. Loading an AK to an LEO
  163. Anyone know if Proforce has the sig 226 in stock?
  164. LEO background Check
  165. Can you legally kill a dog attacking your dog
  166. S&W M&Ps available for LEO only
  167. oc spray
  168. Home Defense question..
  169. Law enforcement careers
  170. Retired LEO carrying concealed
  171. I recieved a drinking in public ticket while painting my business.
  172. Driving record concerns?
  173. Good Samaritan Law
  174. Blue Label Guns
  175. Gun on residence on school property.
  176. LEO RAW Question.
  177. Belts, holsters, gear.. Bay Area
  178. Gun carry laws while camping in middle of nowhere?
  179. Under the knife again
  180. Anyone participated in a gun buy back or will be participating in one anytime soon?
  181. City of Riverside says they will not pay their part of the reward
  182. Magazine question
  183. Opinions On New Police Interceptors
  184. Sad scenes
  185. Submitted application for San Bernardino Explorer scouts, what to expect?
  186. Any RCSO that can answer shooting law questions
  187. DOJ background check requirement
  188. Riverside Probation is hiring.
  189. LA County Probation open application for DPO II
  190. LC Action Glock 30s
  191. Lopsided county funding
  192. Question for LE-my name wrong plate
  193. I passed my POST!!
  194. Retirement and death
  195. Cops bark like dogs, trick burglary suspects into surrendering
  196. Is this how you treat a lady
  197. delete
  198. air rifles, pellet/bb guns considered firearms
  199. Retired Out of State LEO question?
  200. can and should i file a report
  201. Dispatch question
  202. transporting ammo, magazines and guns
  203. Early Releases Post AB109
  204. Any riverside PD?
  205. Does your department eschew high IQ applicants?
  206. Video shows unsupervised New Orleans inmates with drugs, loaded firearm
  207. POST certified Patrol Rifle Operator Course- Morgan Hill- May 13/14/15, 2013
  208. Gun ownership BAD for applying for LE career?
  209. Can you target shoot on the delta
  210. I'm a very proud father!!
  211. Bought a new gun for duty use.....small problem
  212. The Newhall Incident
  213. What can off duty Border Patrol agents carry in CA?
  214. Got called back for my second interview...
  215. Corrections Deputy 830.1(c) - Off Duty Carry/CCW?
  216. Well A first for Everything. Stop Sign Ticket
  217. Fingerprinting Firearm/Fired Casings
  218. Sheriff D'Agostini at COUNT DOWN TO SHRED 2nd
  219. Did anyone else see this on Police one.com
  220. POST Level III Reserve Academy cost
  221. Recommend joining PORAC?
  222. For those of who you have been involved in a shooting.
  223. LEOSA and magazines
  224. Police Sacrifice
  225. San Diego...Triple EEE
  226. flashlights
  227. Huge problem regarding my Sig P226 TACOPS (update: problem fixed)
  228. Carrying at Lake Arrowhead
  229. CDCR Background Info
  230. training website help
  231. Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association
  232. Any MPs or DOD cops interested?
  233. Massive Explosion in Texas at Fertilizer Plant
  234. SCOTUS Says Warrant Needed For Blood Test
  235. FTO Goodies.....
  236. Stolen Handguns ?
  237. Past arrest and LE career
  238. Transporting Ammunition across state lines
  239. Open carry within residence during search?
  240. What are your boot shining "SECRETS"???
  241. Securing a firearm at a Courthouse
  242. ,,,,,,
  243. Police Recruit Questionnaire
  244. I can't score high enough on a oral board :/ tips?
  245. San Diego Sheriff weapons?
  246. Two Pound Fatty?
  247. CA confidential plates
  248. delete
  249. Guard card and related permits
  250. Questions on VCSD Reserve Deputy program