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  1. Red light camera ticket
  2. i drive a crown vic
  3. transporting firearms to the range
  4. Police Academy
  5. laws of carrying a pocket knife
  6. FBI phase 2 prep advice
  7. On Duty Back-up Gun?
  8. are knives that flip out from shoes legal?
  9. do those "ceramic" knives get past metal detectors?
  10. How to Prepare for Interview.
  11. Retirement final Radio Broadcast
  12. Win a Smith & Wesson MP9 Pistol and Free Training Course
  13. Took off one badge for the last time...
  14. Sigh..... chemical agent this Monday
  15. New law enforcement store opens tomorrow!
  16. Oral board interview this week
  17. Is there anyone familiar with academies on East Bay?
  18. I've never claimed to be LEO
  19. Question for LE armorers or others in-the-know (research project)
  20. Depart issue pistol vs. Your own?
  21. EMPTY IWB concealed carry holster/Is it legal?
  22. Traffic School
  23. "Legal" gun collection confiscation
  24. ...
  25. Firearms and duty gear
  26. Finally, I get to retire from the career that has brought me so many memories.
  27. All State Police Equipment has new hours
  28. on duty back up gun // LCP vs BDYGUARD vs PM9
  29. Body Armor Plate Inserts (protech impac plates)
  30. Solano County Sheriff Gary R. Stanton retired today
  31. Background ?, HELP!!!!
  32. Border Patrol Question
  33. 8 Months to be assigned a BI for LASD
  34. LASD Jail Tour/Ride Along Attire
  35. Martial arts???
  36. I thought "Warning Shots" were strictly Hollywood and big
  37. Weaponlight duty holster
  38. enjoy
  39. LEO to PVT Party Transfer
  40. Questions about trying to be hired by a LE agency
  41. weird vehicle question
  42. How long before...
  43. Assault Weapons Dealer in Central Valley
  44. would like to get some questions answered...
  45. I'm looking forward to meeting you all in SD this Saturday
  46. Hey guys taking my pellet B on Dec1st CoCo vs. San Joaquin Pro/Cons?
  47. Wouldn't I know about a 40508A VC?
  48. security camera system
  49. Security Drawer = "Utility Compartment"?
  50. Colorado officer killed by friendly fire
  51. Have you guys noticed so many "ghetto" people driving Crown Vics
  52. What does it take to satisfy a bogus 911 call?
  53. How would I go about getting a Range Master POST cert?
  54. Springfield XDS
  55. Any BI's here that would like to listen to me ramble?
  56. CoCo County Sheriff Carry Questions
  57. What trends in hiring may we see in CA over the next couple years?
  58. Can My Friend get in Trouble
  59. If anyone is intersested: CHP will be taking apps.
  60. Resources to prep for the academy?
  61. Tribal Officer
  62. AR acquired while an LEO, now what?
  63. revolver class
  64. CHP Question
  65. Duty Light,
  66. What knife do you carry?
  67. Anyone work for El Dorado Sheriff or Stockton PD?
  68. so who's your favorite?
  69. Ride along: What to expect?
  70. Demilitarize equipment
  71. Worse 5 seconds of my life
  72. Law enforcement Flashlight
  73. SDSO Interview
  74. Alright CG LE - What would you have done?
  75. legal gun question
  76. Wife got a ticket, but its not in the system?
  77. Written and Physical test in 10 days, what should I prepare?
  78. Speed Camera?
  79. Non Resident Transport Questions
  80. Applying for CoCo Deputy Sheriff
  81. Need to buy a shot timer for my department.
  82. Thinking of trying again
  83. Red Light Question Foster City
  84. Blue light project
  85. stolen gun question for leo's
  86. Any RSO deputies on here?
  87. Is an Arson Investigator for the Fire Dept considered a LEO?
  88. Police cars used a crime deterrence
  89. Stopping for school bus
  90. QUALLIFIED FOR P.O.S.T. exam!!!! :D
  91. Plate Carriers?
  92. Shortage of Qualified Applicants? Hmm...
  93. Knotts Berry Farm
  94. Should I become an LEO?
  95. Good stuff
  96. How important is credit when applying?
  97. Satan called to complain about the cold...
  98. Random Acts of Kindness
  99. Ten Years Later, 134T1 End of Watch
  100. Benchmade 50% off
  101. DUI or Not?
  102. LASD VPAT
  103. riverside so
  104. do cop cars get Winter Tires swapped on during winter?
  105. leupold disccount
  106. Duty gloves
  107. Tinted CHP car. Bay Area
  108. Starting ICI core course soon. What should I expect?
  109. Coast Guard Chief killed
  110. San Francisco PD hiring
  111. How to tell where a cop works
  112. 22100A Question
  113. Dog attack question.
  114. Any LASD staff here?
  115. What do you need to claim being a minority?
  116. Cops with prior drug use?
  117. Pocket carry of folding knives in CA?
  118. Please take a moment...
  119. Cross Examination
  120. Pulled over in different county
  121. what happens if you shoot a gun on someone else's property w/out their permission?
  122. LASD Question
  123. Join the LAPD?
  124. New East bay area LEO's I have questions
  125. Deferred Comp or IRA
  126. 511 tactical boots
  127. LEO and loaded long guns?
  128. Prayers Needed
  129. Graduating in the Spring and considering law enforcement - Questions
  130. Traffic warrant; Need advice.
  131. i went thru toll bridge with no fastrack got a ticket from cvc 22302 cant find
  132. Is this normal for LEA (rape in my apartment complex)
  133. Firearm Training
  134. Any Contra Costa County S.O. here?
  135. To resign or be released from probation.
  136. More Police Officers at Schools.
  137. Illegal but in Parts, Legal?
  138. Officer Down. :(
  139. Can I keep my guns
  140. LASD Annual Christmas Eve 903-L Broadcast
  141. Two kansas officers killed...rest in peace my brothers
  142. Looking for P.C. 832 classes
  143. LEO input requested.
  144. D.O.J Hold on Gun
  145. Will a ccw affect my chances of being hired as a LEO
  146. What paper work should I bring for oral board?
  147. Have any LEO's spouses been successful in obtaining a CCW?
  148. Shot Show
  149. wire tapping signs?
  150. Christmas funny
  151. Any CHP OFFICErs in here?
  152. Anyone know where I can find an LEO store with AR-15 mags in stock
  153. LEO Northern Cal
  154. What is the LE 'management' view of bars that have repeated police visits?
  155. Gunman fires at off-duty sheriff's deputy's car in Altadena
  156. Going to the range on my bicycle?
  157. For the CHP officers
  158. how old is too old?
  159. What is this foot chase course?
  160. Tweekers and rocks
  161. Radio Traffic from the Four Fire Fighters being Shot in NY
  162. Am I Getting My Gun Back?
  163. When are you supposed to call the cops during a traffic accident?
  164. Confidential license plates
  165. Handgun Registration
  166. Jim Wagner training vid
  167. LEO advice requested
  168. LEO's & Bullet Button
  169. LEO POLL, Confiscation,what if?
  170. Buyback question
  171. I left my Bullet Button in Socal - Removed Mag Catch + Mag Release Entirely
  172. citation question
  173. Gen 4 or Gen 3 Glock 22?
  174. Has anyone used Allstate Police Equipment for an FFL recently?
  175. PC 186.22(a)
  176. Lodi LEO's
  177. LEO Firearm law exemptions.
  178. Law requires doctors, etc to report any child abuse, gunshot wounds, etc.
  179. FBI meet and greet
  180. Bomb Squad
  181. Springfield Armory 2013 Officer's price list
  182. Grand Slam anyone?
  183. Anyone have a line on off duty work around LA?
  185. How to obtain an armed guard and CPL
  186. I have a question regarding INS
  187. Police Confiscated Weapons
  188. Chat With Security Guard
  189. Well Done
  190. Is this right?
  191. Registered Assault Weapon
  192. How do(did) cops find addresses so fast? (pre-GPS)
  193. fresno related ccw question
  194. Alameda county sheriff department
  195. MPs covered under LEOSA now?
  196. CHP ordered SIG M400 rifles?
  197. End of Watch now available on iTunes
  198. Elite Tactical Unit
  199. Theft on Calgun!!!!!!!!
  200. Does it "wash" DMV back fees if you instead do "letter to last reg owner"?
  201. FTO all done
  202. It's interesting
  203. new SF and now San Mateo main jails VS Elmwood.
  204. Personal Patrol Rifle policy
  205. New Ford Interceptor
  206. Santa Ana Police Department College Programs
  207. Duty to act?
  208. Retired LEO Question
  209. Part Time Carpool Lanes
  210. CHP
  211. pepper spay laws in ca
  212. what about shining a gun lazer in someone's eyes?
  213. LEOSA and Possession of an AW while visiting CA.
  214. Requal My Retired CCW
  215. Galt Officer Killed In Shooting
  216. LASD M&P revisited...
  217. Gun Use Advice
  218. Radio ACC Question
  219. Taken in on a 5150, released within 1 1/2 days question
  220. Post 832 for Building Inspectors?
  221. ride along with lapd
  222. After You retire?
  223. In Case You Were In The Market For a Beretta
  224. Online police report.
  225. Lt. interview suggestions
  226. Ticketed for Passing a Cop??
  227. Contesting speeding tickets by mail
  228. Ticket
  229. Utah Sheriffs Speaking Out
  230. Deputy Detentions
  231. how do LEO's feel about civi's and "assault weapons"
  232. Private Investigator Exam
  233. cell phone law question/ticket.
  234. Duty firearms
  235. ARs and Magazines
  236. SB 1367 Archery Deer Season, firearms,
  237. Going into law enforcement
  238. Social Security "benefits"
  239. LEO opinions on ridealongs
  240. Magazine question.
  241. Self Sponsored P.O.S.T.
  242. What's your experience with stolen guns?
  243. Private Powder/Primer Sale
  244. The System
  245. Any members here in the LAPD?
  246. Anybody doing Riverside sheriff hiring process?
  247. Next step: oral boards
  248. transporting a firearm
  249. Are dogs effective home invasion deterrents?
  250. Driving a comercal tanker without tank endorsement