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  1. LASD written exam question(updated)
  2. FBI duty Load
  3. what "Level" would a Old West SA holster be?
  4. Expunged Juvie Records and LE BI
  5. Practice fence/wall
  6. Juvenile Records and Gun Purchase?
  7. Knife law
  8. Big Sky ELS gun racks?
  9. Question for a LEO
  10. FOP v POA/PORAC Orgs?
  11. Questions on applying for LAPD
  12. LEOSA, HR 218 for 28-year Reserve Officer
  13. Can you own your very own FireMan?
  14. Oral Board Opening and Closing statement,
  15. Orange County ride along
  16. SWAT AR-15's full auto?
  17. Shot Spotter?
  18. RCFL thoughts?
  19. LEOSA and U.S. territory
  20. LAPD code 3 video
  21. CA LEO: Question about AR pistol
  22. PC 832 P.O.S.T class question
  23. Retired LEO CCW at ATT Park
  24. Riverside Sheriff and location of assignment
  25. Dispatch Q
  26. What was this CHP officer doing?
  27. Pistol? Rifle? What is it?
  28. CRPOA Counsel's Analysis of LEOSA Relating to Reserve Peace Officers
  29. Stockton PD in the news
  30. Rare radio calls
  31. Reserve Police officer / Sheriff
  32. Longest Deployment in the field? What lessons did you learn.
  33. "Some of" LE angency's internal policy's seem to be irrational
  34. What's up with homeland security & Border Patrol?
  35. Firearm course for officer's spouses
  36. Danner and Rocky Boots
  37. Need PI
  38. question about new law to arm probation officers?
  39. Wife has warrant for fix it ticket?!?!?!
  40. advice on sheriff written test please
  41. Eye Pro -Not just for firearms?
  42. Out of state LEO visiting CA
  43. LEO Advice Please
  44. Nevada Highway Patrol troopers sue over bogus K-9 program
  45. Getting a new chief
  46. Background/hiring officers
  47. My 160$ burger
  48. Glock 21 and 230JHP+p
  49. Unit Checklist
  50. Danner Boots for Academy Training
  51. Loaning a shotgun to a relative
  52. Question about how to answer an LEO...
  53. 830.1(c) What does it cover?
  54. Quick question about SCC Sheriff Deputy Cadet scoring.
  55. College Degree for LE job?
  56. Home Visits
  57. Quick question for LEO.
  58. South Beach Tow Capiobera!
  59. Language Encounters
  60. Riverside Sheriff's Dispatcher Killed in Collision
  61. Stockton PD Shooting
  62. POST database via MDT?
  63. Computer Security
  64. Buy a handgun for police academy?
  65. Need advice from a LASD please!!!
  66. confused on 1* meaning
  67. This ever happen to you?
  68. Riverside County Correctional Deputy Academy
  69. SLO PD
  70. OC Sheriff applicant question about disclosure
  71. Gun confiscated by police 18 years ago
  72. Guns Criminals Use, Vol. 2
  73. Warrant and safe searches
  74. Who was the LEO who started a thread about a new shop in Alpine?
  75. Fix-it ticket for no front plate?
  76. 10/11 codes
  77. past standard issue pistols
  78. Another question for LEO (san diego)
  79. Alcohol/carrying off duty
  80. Possible stolen vehicle question
  81. A few questions regarding apply to LEA
  82. Trying to find a poem I once read...
  83. I am really bothered by this...
  84. LEO experience I had awhile back.
  85. Question for police officers.
  86. yuba county S.O.
  87. SJPD question
  88. What is the classy way to approach the department of cops who died protecting me?
  89. Question on checking status of probation
  90. CHP ticket question for Calguns LEO's (110+mph)
  91. delete
  92. Handcuff keys?
  93. CCW for Reserve Police
  94. Nike SFBs
  95. Question for LEO that are BI's
  96. LEOSA?
  97. Weird sight on the freeway
  98. Trespassing or B&E?
  99. I made it!
  100. Academy compared to Basic Training
  101. another "I want to be a cop" thread.
  102. What the HECK happened on the 605 in Lakewood this morn?
  103. Equipment violation for out of state vehicles?
  104. Need advice from LEO members
  105. How much influence on hiring does........
  106. cop killer released
  107. Need opinions from LEO
  108. Refused to take a report?
  109. G19 "wobble" in Serpa Level II Holster?
  110. Finishing College & Considering LEO: Need INFO Please
  111. At what age did you become an LEO?
  112. Reporting a theft that is caught on video
  113. Law Enforcement Office Jobs..
  114. Best running shoes for CAPS?
  115. Pee-On crushed Cop cars with Tractor!
  116. Next social upheavel
  117. Suspected drug dealing across the street. Anything I can do?
  118. LASD custody advice
  119. Glock 21sf or Sig P226 .40 for use in CSM Police Academy start this October
  120. FED AGENT Gun Policy
  121. Need Recent LASD Advice
  122. CHP or traffic officer question
  123. Officer gets some help
  124. Looking into serving as a LEO
  125. Question for LEO's regarding burglaries.
  126. high cap mags for retired LEO's?
  127. Hey LEOs, what's your opinion on gun-control?
  128. Question for San Diego LEO on 5150
  129. Coco SO deputies?
  130. Quick question about CHP speeding ticket.
  131. CO I
  132. Freakin' cop harassing me about my Jeep...
  133. Hilarious!! Anybody seen this video, retired or Ron solo?
  134. Gregory Powell, one of "The Onion Field" killers dies in prison
  135. Any of you guys ever use this bag??
  136. Karambit Style knives while on duty
  137. COPSWEST? Worth it?
  138. Flashing spotlight on my face while driving at night
  139. What happens when you are pulled over and have firearms in the car?
  140. PT 500
  141. FINAL CALL!!!!
  142. 626.9PC question for LE or attorneys
  143. Cops shoots bank robbery suspect in the back. (Question)
  144. Transporting firearms.....
  145. Foreign LEOs
  146. LASD and the .40 s&w
  147. AWESOME!! Generous SJPD Officer
  148. old
  149. Rifle meet saturday, august 25 at pendleton
  150. Something that always confused me...
  151. How does the medical and psychological test goes?
  152. Rules of the Road--Directed Traffic in a Construction Zone
  153. Another guy seeking advice about being a LEO
  154. LAPD Off-Duty Carry
  155. Are CA LEOs exempt from NFA SBR laws?
  156. Question regarding response to 911 calls
  157. Police Tattoos
  158. Anyone ever attended a Pitchess motion?
  159. Rangemaster for off-duty qual?
  160. You get what you pay for
  161. Would you try to become a LEO at age 40?
  162. Report Writing
  163. LAPD SWAT Kimbers.....
  164. Citation of Penal Code : Street sweeping sign visibility ?
  165. Best way to fly?
  166. Instructor Cert/ASP Baton & Handcuffing - Reno NV ( Oct 02- 04)
  167. Appropriate response to threat?
  168. Here is an easy subject,,,
  169. One step closer, many steps further away
  170. Stupid question
  171. Damn Hooligans :)
  172. LA County Sheriff Question
  173. Question On Car Registration
  174. Brendlin VS California (passengers detained during T-stop)
  175. POST certificate
  176. Probation Officers and the Roster/Magazine Limitations
  177. CHP OIS Contra Costa County
  178. How do LEOs feel about sportbike riders waving to them?
  179. LEOs involved in Vallejo Shooting
  180. Surefire X300 and DG switch
  181. Response to Distracted/Drunk driver call?
  182. CHP Kenyon Youngstrom Memorial fund
  183. Youngstrom fund raiser in Sac 9/8
  184. My first week academy experience
  185. Officer Kenyon Youngstrom Funeral Details
  187. CHP Ride Along
  188. Gun Free School Zone
  189. Just took the POST exam
  190. Anyone carry pistol/light combo in a pancake?
  191. A couple of questions from a concerned teenager
  192. Anyone carrying Sig P226 Tacops for Duty?
  193. throwing cig out the window
  194. Whats more dangerous? Cell phone use or drunks driving
  195. LEO only handgun purchase - Code Section?
  196. Wife also officially retired!!!
  197. Riding with ear phones??
  198. End of Watch *no spoilers*
  199. Arrested for Nunchaku: How serious is this?
  200. Question for Sheriff's
  201. A little awkward
  202. ? about shoplifting
  203. Book about Compton PD
  204. Youngstrom Fund Raiser Mary's Pizza Shack
  205. anyone seen this yet?
  206. Citizen arrest 847 (A) question.
  207. 9/25/10 11-99 Two SDSO Deputies shot.
  208. What's the haircut, mustache and beard grooming standards?
  209. Here's a new law for you
  210. Reporting unregistered vehicle
  211. Fighting discouragement
  212. Question for SFPD officers regarding CCW holders
  213. Can my friend on misdemeanor probation be with me hunting he is prohibited from guns
  214. Popular Duty Gear
  215. OC sheriff and handgun choice
  216. Need carry advice..
  217. Cheat Sheets
  218. Edited to Protect Privacy
  219. A video tribute to the CHP
  220. CLEO's in Ca looking for change,,,
  221. Did I ruin my chances to be a LEO?
  222. Sheriff patches
  223. Approproate Attire for Written Test.
  224. Fish and Game Code 2006
  225. Filling out my Sac PD employment application; How important are references?
  226. First LE Job. Any words of wisdom?
  227. A question for any OCSD
  228. Officer Involved Shooting in Chino Hills last night.
  229. ,,,,,
  230. Rest in Peace, "Sheriff" John
  231. Color Deficient = No go with a LE career?
  232. Quick question on 'searches' to our friends in LE
  233. what you LEO think about Mirkarimi keeping job?
  234. where & when did the "Leos & dougnuts" stereotype begin?
  235. Are grooming standards for Correctional POs the same as LEO?
  236. Home Built AK Legal?
  237. Failed Poly
  238. How to handle an odd situation.
  239. Locked container in vehicle
  240. Thinking about joining the US Marshals after the Army...
  241. Interested in becoming a LEO
  242. CopsWest
  243. stop signs on private property parking ltos
  244. Transporting firearms to the range
  245. M4 with 20/30rd mags
  246. Hours on duty question
  247. Should I buy additional retirement credit?
  248. New LEO, Non Roster Gun Question
  249. "Armed and Dangerous"
  250. The fun of Oktoberfest