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  1. Is this normal in a psych eval?
  2. Novel post of Riverside Police showing up at my house for 911. Comments?
  3. would this be considered concealed carry
  4. area command
  5. T-Score Pallet B-help
  6. Armed guard "unbuttoned"
  7. Need to know how to protect myself
  8. Suspicious person call
  9. Gun "mistakenly" taken at range
  10. Glock issues
  11. off duty holster
  12. 23 years left, planning now...
  13. Feedback on this situation (from NH), but in CA...
  14. do LEO's still carry revolvers as their primary weapon?
  15. March 3-4 Advanced Tactical Handgun, Sac Valley Shooting Center
  16. Got a fix it ticket for tint, complicated situation.
  17. Just a reminder to all LEO's here
  18. Discounts for LEO's
  19. SJPD applicants
  20. Retired LE keeping AW's
  21. Legal to have a rifle in rear storage area?
  22. Proceure for sales to CZ Leo?
  23. Help me out with Aimpoint PRO
  24. "Colt" brand vs non listed brand AR
  25. 15 years ago today... North Hollywood Shootout
  26. State Employees with federal time
  27. Tips for POST academy?
  28. Any SDSO applicants?
  29. LASD written test march 14th
  30. How’s the reserve market?
  31. Need opinion on inverstigation/Interview
  32. Spud-Guns, Dart-guns, Combustion vs. Compressed air
  33. What do you think?
  34. California Police Youth Charities?
  35. Links for Duty Gear at Good Prices
  36. A few upcoming written test.
  37. Joining a Federal LE Agency Questions(USSS)
  38. ? For current LASDeputies.
  39. A FELLOW LEO NEEDS SUGGESTIONS...Red Dot or Laser for work?
  40. Food for thought
  41. Dashcam helps convict cop killer
  42. Just deleted a thread on Bwiese TV appearance
  43. Torrance PD is testing.
  44. Recommendations for Boots
  45. Parents were robbed by a cleaning company.
  46. Any LEO do a PPT w/ Dept Letter ?
  47. Orange County LEOs Ammo Question
  48. ....
  49. My vote for Officer of the Year....
  50. Home security
  51. Police & Fire Championships @ San Diego 2012
  52. earpieces
  53. OCSD Written/Prebackground/PAT
  54. Fundraiser Sale LAPD Baker 2 Vegas Jail Division Running Team Shirts
  55. Retired LEO buying Hi-Cap Magazines?
  56. Retired Leo fix it ticket
  57. Is Correctional Officer a good step?
  58. State&Local LE, and "Federal Law"?
  59. CALPERS rolling back retirement?
  60. Delete
  62. 'No-Knock' defense bill in Indiana supported by NRA & Republicans
  63. California Criminal information(CCI)
  64. Are there any Garden Grove PD members here? I need some help from you guys...
  65. La Sheriffs
  66. CHP Duty alternative for practice.
  67. gunfightinginc.com training
  68. Police Livery color experts needed!
  69. Got the Call Today! LASD
  70. A Little Prayer
  71. Mag Pouches
  72. AR15 Pistol question
  73. Stockton Officer Shot
  74. Carry gun
  75. Possession/Consumption of Alcohol while fishing/hiking
  76. HR218 and alcohol
  77. CCW holder on a ride along
  78. Door to door solicitors
  79. Anyone?
  80. Anybody know of an agency in/around Norfolk, VA that has a reserve program
  81. Why?
  82. LEO holster question****ADVICE!!
  83. why Dodge Charger instead of 300?
  84. Dispatcher Authority
  85. LASD tests passed!
  86. any cops know Security Guard "Exposed Firearm" laws?
  87. Officer, is this a rumor or for real?
  88. I have a dog problem... need some input from LEOs
  89. Arresting an individual in a large hostile crowd? (videos)
  90. Hats off to these fine LEOs
  91. Anyone here have experience doing backgrounds or admin decisions at the hiring level?
  92. LEO Searching a Person
  93. Need help from a Fresno SO Deputy
  94. Riverside Sheriff's Department
  95. Gun Free School Zone
  96. Hammerhead CA-Legal AR-15 Grip - FREE LEO / LEA Sample
  97. small town meth houses - plumas county
  98. real estate signs being taken down
  99. 1911 vs glock 21
  100. Legal placement of a firearm in my car
  101. Tactical saint patty's day
  102. Police gun buy back program
  103. ACLU approves new force option for police
  104. Illegal ar 15s??
  105. Questions about duty belts.
  106. Any leo's work with CRST?
  107. Thanks
  108. Got a parking ticket in front of my house.
  109. Gun in locked container.
  110. Letter from LAPD background stuff. Confused.
  111. any thoughts on hinged handcuffs VS chain?
  112. what "generally" happens to guns seized during an arrest or
  113. TA caused by emergency vehicle response.
  114. CHP new issued pistol soon?
  115. LASD Written Tests April 18th
  116. Retired LAPD not needing CCW?
  117. so i failed My PAT today :/
  118. Question about LEO attempting to enter my car...
  119. Considering law enforcement, not sure if I'm eligible
  120. Should I have called 911?
  121. State Employees, LEOs in particular: VEt Pref correction
  122. Thank You
  123. Tattoo Policy
  124. Police exam book
  125. Any Fresno Area LEO's here?
  126. mec gar p226 20 round magazines.
  127. Knife question
  128. any practical LEO applications for .22lr?
  129. 9mm
  130. Deputy Killed
  131. Five Officers Shot, One Killed in NH
  132. Another standoff
  133. BLM land night shooting
  134. My wife was pulled over
  135. Donut question...
  136. Taser X26 Holster Choices
  137. Firearms missing in transit
  138. Considering Reserve Deputy, where should I begin?
  139. How much does an ounce of pot cost?
  140. Hard plate armor -size preferences
  141. Pulled over quite often...
  142. Range Qualifications and Real Life Training Scenario?
  143. Skeet shooting from a Boat
  144. pro force-brea
  145. How good is 911 at locating cell calls for help that don't have
  146. Moving your car after a minor T/A
  147. Question for you LASD guys (past and present)
  148. Any Game Wardens?
  149. Sac area LEO's, some business questions for you.
  150. High cap mags
  151. TSA Screening: Empty magazine question
  152. would full-time, real-time smart-phone video streaming to web-based remote
  153. Legal to carry or would wife be bailing me out
  154. Shoot, Loot & Scoot '92
  155. need advice on a duty holster for glock/sig with a tlr1s
  156. any such thing as Level II or III holster for revolvers?
  157. Driving with vintage, legal, semi auto 1919 machine gun exposed
  158. Right turn on Red, with multiple lanes going right.
  159. Check handgun registration?
  160. delete
  161. felony
  162. Do you think this has a dollar value?
  163. 22454 and 21806
  164. is it fair that citizens can't lie to cops, but cops may lie to citizens?
  165. Single Shot HK45
  166. Cheap leather gear
  167. Will ticket affect CCW appt?
  168. Interesting LEOSA/HR218 case decision
  169. is the only required DUI test the one at station?
  170. Project Childsafe Gun Locks
  171. Double blade knife
  172. leo question
  173. legal rifle transport
  174. Take your kids
  175. Consealed pepper spray legal?
  176. www.privacyforcops.org
  177. AB2460 Your thoughts? No off roster PPT.
  178. How old is too old.
  179. Gun storage while camping in CA
  180. Santa Clara County CCW
  181. is this knife legal for me to carry?
  183. Can LEOs put crimson trace or anything on the on duty?
  184. HR 218 (retirement question)
  185. Wear your vests ladies and gentlemen. Kern County CHP Officer shot
  186. Dispatcher ?
  187. non-lethal question
  188. San Diego Sheriffs Dept
  189. Would an Agency consider/hire me?
  190. Closed
  191. Question for Santa Ana PD
  192. Favorite CCW
  193. Retired Carry Qualification
  194. Can LEO members wear Under Armour V neck t shirt?
  195. Transporting Cap and Ball Revolvers
  196. Pepper Spray Question
  197. Seizing the Weapons After an Incident:Your Thoughts & Experiences
  198. Question RE: 20mm ammuntion
  199. I am fighting a Ticket, tell me if I even have a chance
  200. Police memorial week in DC
  201. Should Community Service Officers be permitted to carry firearms?
  202. What is LEO/DA take on this SingleShotExemption, then SSE undo biz?
  203. How do I get ...from 1978
  204. Firearms purchasing
  205. Knife carry question?
  206. Ammunition = Probable cause?
  207. LA County Gun Buy back
  208. Questions about plates that you don't rate...
  209. Suggestions on what actions to take.
  210. K9 Shot In Sacto...
  211. California Expandable Baton Laws
  212. Finding open positions
  213. What handgun ammo is issued to Long Beach PD?
  214. LEOs and high capacity AR magazines
  215. Carry Gun RSD Question?
  216. Brother joining the LAPD
  217. How much discretion do LEOs have?
  218. ...
  219. Judge enforcer
  220. Had a Scare Today
  221. Graduation
  222. PD vs. Sheriff job differences
  223. Door reinforcement
  224. officers please help, appearing in front of judge at 930
  225. FALEO's 1st Pistol Duty Match & Fundraiser
  226. Is there truly another universe?
  227. Reserve Officer
  228. question
  229. "Hi-Cap mags" ?
  230. Sac county deputies charged.
  231. Bath Salts
  232. Chiefs interview?
  233. How to contact an officer
  234. well now i have a decision to make....
  235. Probation Officer Training
  236. Serpa Level III Issues?
  237. Possible coyote ate my pet in LASD jurisdiction
  238. ? for CHP
  239. Reporting stolen property after vehicle theft
  240. "Specialized Investigator" gigs
  241. Two questions for LEOs
  242. Does CHP have juristiction in Nevada?
  243. Reserve Officer Testing for OC
  244. your LEO pension cut
  245. OCS or POST, which one should I apply to first?
  246. Appealing a Parking Ticket
  247. Law Enforcement Technician yea' or nay?
  248. Please Delete
  249. Sac County Wrist lock test?
  250. Traffic question for a LEO