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  1. Delete please.
  2. Garage Doors?
  3. Need Mechanic/Tinkerer for Motor Mount Installation in the SFV
  4. Wanted: Someone to mount AR Barrel in Valley
  5. Got Art?
  6. Polymer Frame Customization & Modification
  7. Former Marine looking for emplyoment
  8. Offered: EMS Personnel for standby
  9. Commission Only Opportunity - Solar
  10. i need a job in Red Bluff
  11. Looking for a gunsmith in LA
  12. I Need Help With Saigas
  13. Looking for a skilled wood worker
  14. A/C residential and commercial service/installs in the inland empire
  15. Need Help
  16. Experienced Retail Sales Manger Looking for Work
  17. Different approach to shooting posture
  18. Need pinball repair in El Dorado Hills
  19. web designer (flash coding)
  20. Looking for a Realtor San Bern. Mtn area
  21. Car speaker install in Sacto needed
  22. delete
  23. Service Wanted: Building a Suomi kit
  24. Looking for a "Better" Job in Sacto./Bay Area
  25. Duracoat
  26. Wanted: Carpet Installation
  27. Got Tile?? need a new shower, counter top, back splash, floor???
  28. Need: Tile installer- floor and bathtub surround Sacto
  29. Parallax Tactical is looking for an administrative assistant
  30. Looking for a Lawyer(Criminal)
  31. disregard
  32. Need a machineshop that can make a semi-complex part for me
  33. Internet Sales
  34. Remington Model 10 (shotgun) refinishing needed
  35. Offered: Medics for ANY EVENT / OCCASSION
  36. Need Attorney in the Business Firearms Practice
  37. Looking for anything (619)
  38. Multiple Part time or full time job positions available
  39. Looking for job/apprenticeship that can turn into a career!
  40. Electrician will work for guns!!!
  41. Need powder Coating ??
  42. Quality Professional Tattoo Artist SF Bay area seeking new clients!
  43. muzzle break job needed
  44. P-14 45 wanted for AR-dpms
  45. Commercial Truck Rental/Leasing
  46. Bay Area Combat Arts And Pistol Course May 19
  47. delete
  48. Looking for work in San Diego
  49. Solidworks / autocad drafter wanted - Ontario
  50. Duracoat/Cerakote in Inland Empire
  51. Anyone need a Corpsman (Medic)
  52. Help w/ AK parts kit demill in S.D.
  53. Norcal East Bay Painters/Texture Quote Needed
  54. Bakersfield: LF Barrel Threading
  55. South San Jose: Looking for Accounting or IT work.
  56. CA Technologies is Hiring!
  57. Cameron Park gun shop openings
  58. Need Life Insurance?
  59. Mechanical Engineering Student LF Job/Internship
  60. Cashier position available @ Cerritos
  61. Need aquarium moved - liftgate needed
  62. Real Estate Attorney Services, Orange County
  63. Anyone know where I can get some CNC training near Los Angeles?
  64. Getting back into truck driving..may need a team partner
  65. I need a diesel mechanic TRACY CA
  66. Looking for Software Developers
  67. Part time AR/AP? San Bernardino, Riverside area
  68. NcSTAR Tech Support/Warranty Rep
  69. Looking for a smith / trigger job on an XDM Competition in the Oceanside/San Diego
  70. Looking for professional in San Diego area to Cerakote glock 19 frame in Coyote Tan
  71. Concierge Psych Services for Anxiety Disorders - complimentary consultation
  72. EDM Machinist Wanted - East Bay
  73. Looking to get a quote on a car paint job
  74. Job offer: Office staff/receptionist
  75. Licensed electrician and carpet installation...if offer accepted (NorCal)
  76. Sacramento media blasting?
  77. Opening @ Firing Line - Burbank
  78. Anyone need aerial photos?
  79. Custom auto body/paint Bay Area
  80. Special offer for CalGuns members
  81. BSIS firearm requals offered - SF Bay Area
  82. Surfacing on Automotive Manifolds NEEDED!
  83. Manual Labor
  84. Dog Training bay area/sac
  85. looking for welding jobs around orange county
  86. Looking for laser engraving in OC or SGV
  87. marysville job wanted 10$/hr
  88. Helicopter Tours out of Burbank Airport!! THIS WEEK ONLY $20 off just say....
  89. Home Security Video Surveillance System Recommendation & Install, San Bernadino, CA
  90. Fire Sprinkler
  91. Looking for part time work
  92. Seeking individual with managing/reconcepting Restaurant/Chef Bar experience
  93. Seeking Airsoft Repair Technician
  94. Info on the Gun Range in North Highlands?
  95. Recommend Gunsmith for installing new Safety Button
  96. need to Pin and Weld muzzle in los angeles area
  97. Help with 80% AR-10/AR-15 - L.A/O.C/Riverside
  98. american rifle depot ard looking for office assistant
  99. Looking to hire full time Gunsmith!
  100. Need a Web Designer
  101. Looking for a Digital and Cell Forensics Expert
  102. Looking for a Driving,Security,Sales, Ect.... in the Sacramento area..
  103. Free speaker or consult on child custody or child abuse prevention
  104. Wanted: Airsoft Purchasing Personnel
  105. Need Tile & Stone Contractor in East LA/SGV
  106. Need Home Security Professional/Co. in E.LA/SGV
  107. Looking for a Part-time or Full-Time
  108. Looking for Full-Time Retail Employment LA-SGV-OC
  109. Valkyrie Arms new location and new business hours
  110. Web Guru Wanted
  111. New indoor range opening in Las Vegas
  112. WANTED: Help building 10.5"-12" .308 uper (dpms compatible)
  114. Any carpenters for deck work in San Diego?
  115. Gun Safe Moving in San Fransisco - July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
  116. Professional Looking for a New Opportunity
  117. Humboldt Area
  118. Looking to get my Firearms Permit for security jobs
  119. Needed: handyman to bolt down a small safe (bay area)
  120. Foxwell Motorsports
  121. Looking to hire electrician, nor cal & so cal
  122. Electrician (C10) needed to oversee LA project
  123. Anyone with a 5.56 NATO reamer in the bay area?
  124. IT Jobs: Network Engineer, IT Director, Oracle Middleware engineer
  125. San Diego - Need lots of work done in my backyard! Grading, Fencing, Mason and more
  126. Machine Operator - Technician
  127. Any cad monkeys on here :D
  128. Looking for driveway gate and installation.
  129. Web graphic design, computer hardware help for ...
  130. Web Designers Wanted
  131. Job NEEDED part or full time in Fresno CA
  132. Gas turbine (jet) mechanics - Bakersfield
  133. Looking for a mechanic in the Fresno area.
  134. looking to have exterior windows re-caulked
  135. Bullet Guide Install for Saiga 7.62
  136. ...
  137. Need a plumber for sewer lateral replacement in Oakland
  138. Photography Service
  139. delete
  140. Your Dentist should be a Calgunner - Fresno
  141. Calgunner with 1st baby on the way needs work!
  142. Looking at a possible refinery job (BATC - bay area training corp?)
  143. Need a Bathroom or Kitchen Remodeled? Tile Contractor here!
  144. Land Surveyor
  145. Looking for Part Time Work in North San Diego County
  146. Need approx. 550 sq/ft of tile laid in kitchen/family room/entryway in Livermore
  147. Need Private Investigator
  148. SOLVED: Someone adept with Gallery 3
  149. Welding/Machining in North Bay
  150. Basic Pistol Workshop
  151. Anyone hiring in el cajon area ( east SD)
  152. Auto Mechanic Needed near Ramona
  153. Anyone in OC/LA area can put a convex edge on a knife?
  154. Super PAC Partner - Modesto Area
  155. We need someone that can do 3D manufacturing drawings
  156. Need plasma cutting - need a fair amount done now..!
  157. WTS | GSG-5 1st Anniversary Silver NEW
  158. ...
  159. Burr Hand / Machine Shop Helper needed in East Ventura County
  160. Experienced Purchasing Agent/AG Degree
  161. CA BSIS Security & Exposed Firearms Permit
  162. Looking for Web / IT Part-Time
  163. Part time work - San Jose Area
  164. Labor/Employment/Transactional Attorney OC/LA/SD
  165. Retail Manager
  166. New Career opportunity Orange County area
  167. Sacramento area Real Estate agent
  168. Custom Printed T-shirts, Business Cards, Flyers, Logo's & More!!
  169. Help you get a job.
  170. ....
  171. Map & Compass Land Navigation course CALGUNS DISCOUNT 25% off
  172. Bay Area french drain installation
  173. Have an Idea, or need something designed?
  174. I need a new job.
  175. Commercial Contractor Wanted in Anaheim
  176. Nevermind
  177. Car shopping? VW Representative here!
  178. Looking for a job. Honest, hard working, and willing to learn.
  179. RifleGear is looking for a full time sales associate
  180. Looking to hire a korean female maid/housekeeper [bay area]
  181. edit: Need contractor for gate & painter
  182. Pistol course Wanted
  183. IT Security: Bay Area
  184. Purchasing Manager - Looking for Next Opportunity
  185. Looking for a carpet guy in North OC
  186. Concrete Contractor needed in OC
  187. need someone with auto body experience
  188. Looking for a car mechanic in OC
  189. Forest Lawn Advance Funeral Planning/Cemetery
  190. Gun Safe Moving/Installation. Northern California september 1-5
  191. Hiring two-way radio installers (Motorola) SF Bay Area
  192. Entreprise Arms in Irwindale CA, looking for Part Time Sales Associate
  193. xxxxx
  194. Barrel contouring
  196. Looking for Cerakote service near me
  197. Security Training - Northern CA/ Redding
  198. Looking for an excellent southern CA based Labor Lawyer
  199. Layoff Notice recieved. IT Manager Culver City.
  200. Massage Therapist (Sacramento) 20% off for CG'ers!!! ~Bartering~
  201. Anybody hiring in the San Diego area?
  202. Part time firearm instructor
  203. need metal worker
  204. Car/Motorcycle Detailing Services in Bay Area.
  205. Logos, Business Cards, Flyers Packaging Graphic Design! CG DISCOUNT
  206. Sport Aircraft ferry pilot
  207. Thordsen Customs has positions available.
  208. Free Insurance Quote to save you $$$
  209. Residential/Commercial Environmental Testing, SoCal
  210. Counter Person wanted for Gun Shop in Roseville, Ca
  211. NEED: custom grill fab
  212. Any ME's with experience want to move to New Hampshire?
  213. Central Coast Ford Dealer
  214. Any Subaru salespeople?
  215. NEED=Teacher 4 Radio Controlled Plane/Chopper+Camcorder AKA Civilian Drone
  216. Send me Referral I send you $$$
  217. Anyone hiring for gun sales positions?
  218. does anyone live in or azusa CA
  219. Looking for a Web Content Manager
  220. PG&E is hiring
  221. Look for a room in LA city or close...
  222. ...
  223. Rats, fleas, ants, bees, bedbugs? I can help!
  224. plz delete
  225. Private Math/Physics Tutor
  226. rentable gantry crane or back hoe or fork lift?
  227. Vet needs a job.
  228. Weekly cleaning help needed for our office and for common areas in residential home.
  229. Photobooth Rental
  230. Need to Save $$ With Electricity ==> Try Solar!
  231. Need some tires
  232. I NEED a job
  233. I am in need of a cash job.
  234. someone work on my A4.
  235. Offered: Affordable Tutoring, one on one--High School and College. Orange County.
  236. I'm Looking for a new adventure in finance (investment banking?)
  237. Class 8 FFL (Dangerous Weapons) in Santa Barbara area
  238. Experienced Gun Salesperson Looking For A New Job, Relocation
  239. I need professional Refinish/paint job on my Bass
  240. Looking for part-time assistant at auto shop
  241. Meineke Car Care Center
  242. Experienced Licensed Roofing Company
  243. Armed security job wanted, recommendations?
  244. Warehouse and Software Developer
  245. Cabinet Installer needed!!!
  246. Nevermind. I will be doing my own media blasting! :)
  247. Auto Body Work needed in the SF bay area.
  248. Anyone do EDM?
  249. Update: Home AC Died, Need Advice
  250. Multimedia Design- Hated Inc.