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  1. Receptionist / Administrative-Executive Assistant / Social Networking position wanted
  2. any resume
  3. Seeking work
  4. Hvac techs needed
  5. I need a job
  6. Any CalGuners work in a furniture store? - San Jose area
  7. Would like to use hydraulic press for 10-15min in SF during the day - Oct 20th...
  8. AR gunsmith wanted in the SoCal 626 area
  9. Real Estate Agents/Acqusitions Specialists - Bay Area
  10. Looking for a Lawyer for some legal advice maybe a case
  11. Looking for an HVAC guy with industrial/data center experience in LA
  12. FOR HIRE General Contractor on the Peninsula
  13. Looking for wharehouse/receiving people in Sac
  14. save
  15. Ammo Bros is hiring...both locations!
  16. In Dana Point hiring for Jamba Juice
  17. Need Work or help learning a trade
  18. Need Electrician in Sacramento
  19. Gun Nerd Productions : Basic Pistol Full Day Course + SHOOT-STRAVAGANZA!!!!
  20. RV Technician in San Diego
  21. Honda TEch in Bay Area (SJ) wanted
  22. Need a Job.. My company just let me go...
  23. Sectran Armed Security NOW HIRING (California)
  24. More Jobs @ CA Technologies
  25. CoLocation
  26. Referral Group. Offer closed. Thank you.
  27. need a job asap in sacramento area
  28. thanks
  29. Mobile DJ / Licensed EMT
  30. BMW Airhead / Boxer Motorcycle
  31. Need to hire a Honda, Mazda, Toyota mechanic in the SF east bay
  32. Need A Smog Check. We can Smog any Vehicle
  33. Looking for part-time IT help
  34. jobs
  35. Job searching Sacramento
  36. I need a job
  37. Technology Jobs @ Mitchell International San Diego
  39. Needed! Hardwood flooring installer San Diego
  40. Joined the ranks of tthe Gainfully unemployed
  41. $500 for Closed Deals on Solar
  42. Freelance Audio Engineer Available
  43. Need to Hire Paralegal in Fresno
  44. Located
  45. Civil Engineer looking for work
  46. Wilderness/Remote Medicine CALGUNS DISCOUNT!
  47. Reviewers Wanted - Strike Industries/JTech Gear
  48. Commercial/Residential Electrician
  49. Looking for a home inspector
  50. Global Shield Security Inc. Armed & Unarmed (NOW HIRING) SFV/SGV/LA
  51. Trying to start a small business, need help!
  52. Looking for a CPA (Downtown Los Angeles)
  53. Looking for PT Student Job in Long Beach
  54. Machinists wanted!
  55. Monkey Spit Mobile Detailing and Supplies
  56. Motorcycle / ATV / Watercraft Mechanic in Simi Valley
  57. Ag R&D Engineer Position - Central Coast
  58. looking apprentice or just a job in a gun shop
  59. Wanted: Someone who can Cerakote parts
  60. I am 100% here for your 80% build...
  61. Seeking P/T gunshop or range position So Cal
  62. Looking for apprenticeship or gun shop or range job
  63. Airsoft Tech Service in OC Available
  64. Looking for p/t marketing help to promote my new site
  65. Franklin Armory is looking to hire 2 people
  66. Armed & Unarmed Security Companies Hiring
  67. Found - Draftsman needed - South OC
  68. Anyone know a good babysitter (roseville/rocklin area)
  69. Help Wanted: Forum IPB Moderators/Admins
  70. Delete
  71. Strike Industries and JTech Gear Vendors Wanted
  72. Certified electrical work And concrete coring
  73. C.A fugitive recovery services
  74. Local gunsmith wanted
  75. Interior painter needed,San Diego ,North Park
  76. Hiring Office Associate for Gun store/Auction Service
  77. Heating and a/c contractor
  78. Job Filled
  79. Barter Drafting Services for.......
  80. Firearms Instruction - CALGUNS DISCOUNT!
  81. General Contractor-NorCal
  82. Promote The $100 Gift Certificates Package(ID 18555)
  83. ...
  84. Wanting gunsmith work done
  85. Drywall Contractor / Acoustic Removal
  86. Looking for a new job Lincoln Roseville auburn
  87. City Planner in Bay Area looking for work
  88. I want Concrete work in Riverside County
  89. Top Ranked Bed Bug expert is a CalGuns forum member.
  90. Quality Plumbing Work
  91. Delete
  92. Job Hunting Tomorrow - College Student
  93. Delete
  94. Looking for an apprenticeship/internship for gunsmithing
  95. Parallax Tactical is looking for new sales associate
  96. Armorer Apprenticeship wanted! Learn about AR-15s and have fun doing it.
  97. Help me go Green!
  98. Southern California Photography
  99. I need a pinball repair person in Folsom area
  100. Looking for a metal shop to shear and break some s/s in San Diego
  101. Dura-coaing / stock restoration
  102. I Need my AK Sandblasted and Parkerized. SOCAL
  103. Wanted: Sand Blasting steel targets in San Diego
  104. Suggestions to help me find a better job
  105. sacto bodyman to help me line up door/fenders
  106. need new gates
  107. Sacramento area photography
  108. Firearms distributors
  109. Looking to hire an Electrician
  110. Tech support - looking to hire NOW 15 techs in January
  111. SEO Internet Marketing - FREE Analysis of Your Competitor
  112. Life, disability, health insurance and Financial Planning
  113. Job Opportunities
  114. Custom Brass Processing Reopening
  115. Stucco repair needed - Bay Area / San Jose
  116. Looking for a hardwood floor installer - Orange County
  117. Anyone in the law field? Need a new grad attorney? Sacramento/East Bay Area
  118. Exhaust Emission Reduction Specialists
  119. Targets From US Barters
  120. Need Fence Repair
  121. Riveting and metalwork experience? Airstream experience? SoCal
  122. Looking for Gunsmith Apprenticeship and/or Firearms Related Job
  123. general contractor will work for 1911
  124. 32' Boat Charter for Firearms / Ammo / Cash
  125. Motorcycle fairing in need of repair and repaint.
  126. Nissan Titan needs header repair/replace in OC
  127. Wanted: 03xx Marines & 11x Soldiers
  128. Mobile Income Tax Preparation & Planning (SoCal)
  129. METAL FABRICATION, (gates, fences, custom parts etc)
  130. Private Investigative Company / Process Server
  131. Service offered-Interior/Exterior Painting(Pasadena,Monrovia,Sierra Madre,Burbank)
  132. Need An Experienced Web Designer/Developer
  133. Looking to hire Firearms Instructors LA/San Diego/Bay Area
  134. Looking for security gate / roll downs...
  135. Anyone Calgunner does fire sprinklers?
  136. Need A job in San Fernando Valley
  137. Water well or septic systems?
  138. Need cleanup and haul away service
  139. CNC Plasma Cutting/Welding/Powder Coating
  140. Vinyl lettering for your windows, banners and signs
  141. Bookeeper needed in Orange.
  142. Looking for professional car electrician for fog light wiring and switches.
  143. Electrical Contractor - IE & So Ca
  144. Photography services for my fellow Calgunners!
  145. HVAC Installer San Diego area
  146. Service offered Tattoo in San Diego
  147. WANTED: Concrete work in Elk Grove.
  148. Absolutely no way to obtain any type of employment in this area
  149. Who does Duracoat in the Bay Area or Sacramento?
  150. Plumbing/bath valve help needed: Sacramento
  151. Solar contractor able to Barter
  152. Any motor control electricians looking for employment?
  153. Armed Guard Job Now Hiring - Contracted MTA
  154. Service Needed: Highly Skilled Electrician
  155. Looking for someone to do minor body work
  156. Craftsmen in the Socal Area..want a video?
  157. Truck driver and other positions needed. Nor Cal Bay Area
  158. Looking for office job in San Fernando Valley
  159. Need to get a car shipped from Denver, CO to sunnyvale
  160. Casting clear poly resin and embedding in lucite
  161. Armored Truck Drivers/Transporters? Looking For.
  162. Bookkeeper (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) - FILLED
  163. Can you paint vehicles?
  164. Part time person needed for Gun store
  165. JFC Xpress Auto Service Orange County-Calgunner Discounts
  166. Looking for a Desktop Support Engineer
  167. Copper welding job
  169. Colt Revolver Barrel Swap (gunsmith inquiry)
  170. Need a meat processor - wild pig butcher - near Conrord
  171. Who Needs an Experienced Flight Instructor???
  172. Welder/Fabricator in LA area needed
  173. Strike Industries and JTech Gear Vendors Wanted
  174. Gun Shop/Range Volunteer
  175. New Dental Office in Sacramento
  176. Glock/XD/M&P stippling work, & photography work
  177. Concrete services, long time family business
  178. Design & Photography Available in Ventura County
  179. Job Fair - Poway today 02.24.12
  181. Free security guard training for veterans
  182. Any web page people here?
  183. Plumber here to help out in SD
  184. Aquarium install and maintenance in San Fernando Valley and Conejo Valley
  185. Cerakote Business in Monterey, CA
  186. Three Job Openings Available!
  187. Need AK gunsmithing services
  188. Looking for a job - Orange County
  189. DuraCoat services in LA, SGV, SCV or anywhere
  190. Job available in gun shop
  191. Looking for a new job
  192. Programer,machinist,CNC,Gibs,
  193. Parallax Tactical is looking for a sales associate!
  194. Need a GOOD real estate agent Santa Rosa/ Windsor area.
  195. Greater Irwindale and San Gabriel Valley Job Fair
  196. “Get Back to Work Now” Job Fair
  197. Upholsterer needed for MC & Quad
  198. Service Offered: eBay, Craigslist and Garage Sale seller here *** I can make you $$ *
  199. Gear designer / graphic designer looking to move teams.
  200. Looking for a job in the Bay Area.
  201. Inland Empire: Contractor/Carpenter Needed
  202. Sales Associate Wanted
  203. CPA needed near the east bay
  204. [Deleted]
  205. *OC* Looking for AR-Lower Engraving Service
  206. Need more Welders I am Trying to find a Welding class? to get a CERT
  207. Welder wanted in San Diego
  208. Private basic AR-15 instruction wanted in SAN DIEGO
  209. Need freelancer w/ HTML expertise
  210. Please ignore
  211. Commercial bulb replacement-Sacramento
  212. Custom Kydex Work
  213. Hydro dip...LAR-8 308...Mossy Oak Obession
  214. Line cook in Ojai urgent
  215. Is anyone looking for a career opportunity in the Orange County area?
  216. Looking for security employment -- SoCal 626 SGV, LA
  217. Commercial HVAC Installer needs work
  218. Machinist needed/east bay
  219. Wall Mount Builder
  220. Glock Frame Customization
  221. Motor Escorts Needed/ Sacramento & Stockton Areas
  222. Need Service/Maintenance for Your BMW in Humboldt Area?
  223. plumber in SoCal
  224. ...
  225. Anyone in LA area looking for an apprentice?
  226. Looking for Daily Deal Insiders
  227. GC Heating and Cooling - OC & LA
  228. Professional Video Services
  229. Looking for job in the Bay Area
  230. Looking for part time 707
  231. Close Combat Training in Bay Area from baytac.com
  232. Cal Poly Engineering Grad Looking for Work
  233. Classic Car
  234. Computer Services - Repairs/Upgrades/Networking - Fresno/Central Valley
  235. Combat: A Skill or a Behavior?
  236. Wanted Airbrush Artist
  237. Wanted: Media Blasting and Powder Coating Services
  238. Polymer Frame Customization
  239. Custom Embroidery Shirts and Hoodies
  240. Safety training OSHA 30 hr
  241. Blackhawk Limousine in Vta, S.B. counties
  242. Im looking for a pyrotechnician for fireworks display - NORCAL
  243. AK Gunsmith in Southern Cal (south San Diego area)
  244. Delete
  245. Full time work Sacramento
  246. Will work or deal for AMMO! In SOUTH San Francisco
  247. Want any gun related job for experience. Humboldt Eureka Arcata
  248. Wind energy in Kern
  249. New MLM. Great opportunity. No obligation Free Info
  250. Delete please.