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  1. Business IT/Network Support offered
  2. Spot weld in Bay Area
  3. 5% off gun collector and dealer insurance
  4. Looking for work in SF Bay Area
  6. 2005 Toyota Tacoma 2wd Engine Tap- IE
  7. Engineer, Pilots, job fair Camarilo
  8. May need a PI to do some work in Bay Area (NorCal)
  9. Ammo Bros is Hiring!!
  10. Does anyone have access to a lazer or water cutter for metal stuff?
  11. Need A job in South OC
  12. ...
  13. Need Brakes looked at on my M35A2 (duece and a half)
  14. Want to borrow mosin nagant headspace gauges south gate
  15. Current jobs in north/east bay?
  16. Gunsmith Needed: Mossberg 500 sight change
  17. Marketing Job Wanted
  18. Home Buyers!
  19. Weldor for hire
  20. Need C.B. radio fixed
  21. AR-15 Magazines wanted
  22. Marketing/Promotional in San Diego
  23. electrition needed san dimas area
  24. Any electricians out there do sidework in Sacramento
  25. Got the news today everyone dreads this time of year.. :(
  26. WTT: my welding skills for your gun stuff.
  27. Question about transmission on a volvo s60
  28. Services Offered: Payroll Service
  29. I need a good mechanic Santa Rosa Area
  30. WTT: my welding skills for your gun stuff.
  31. Wanted: San Jose/BAY resident who will CONVERT a SAIGA
  32. Need a good mechanic that can work on a Mustang GT 2003
  33. Credentialed teacher available to tutor - Brentwood (NorCal)
  34. PCM tuning for late model efi cars and trucks
  36. Need someone to cut install granite countertop for commercial bar
  37. looking for someone who does custom camo jobs
  38. Motorcycle Mech needed, 626 / 909
  39. Need Harley Mechanic
  40. Sacramento Area--Work
  41. heavy equipment mechanic-lay off's
  42. DELETE
  43. Roundleaf INC Debt Settlement (EXPERTS) and Credit Repair Free consultation!
  44. Roofer- San Diego North County
  45. Network Services Manager - Los Angeles
  46. Montery County Range Master. (closes 12/22/09)
  48. Anyone in bayarea that can help with AK:(muzzle pin,headspacing,barrel press in)
  49. Range Saftey Officer needed for indoor shooting range
  50. need car mechanic (Volvo) (SF-Bay Area)
  51. Live Scan Services in San Diego
  52. Intellectual Property Lawyer needed in Los Angeles area
  53. Network Engineer\Computer Engineer with 14 years experience with Fortune 500s
  54. Carpenter for hire
  55. Any Lexus mechanics/techs here?.
  56. Delete
  57. Smog needed
  58. Quality in-home Child Care (L.F., Portola, Foothill Ranch, R.S.M, Irvine area)
  59. lots of jobs offered
  60. College student looking for anything in east bay
  61. Drywall repair in 909?
  62. Photo or document scanning
  63. Need Gunsmith in Fresno area
  64. santa cruz: delivery driver needed ASAP
  65. A & P Technician/Inspector Services
  66. NOC Engineer Sacramento area
  67. Job Wanted, Bakersfield Area.
  68. Anything Computer Related - SD
  69. Any part time work in North Bay?
  70. CLOSED
  71. Please Delete
  72. Job wanted-530,916
  73. SW - Chrome plating (not gun related) - so cal
  74. Looking for a job Pasadena area
  75. CNC milling engraving?
  76. Looking for Author for Publication re Ammunition/Firearms Laws
  77. Business Professional looking for Marketing or Sales Opportunities - SF/Bay Area
  78. Any Inventors/Mechanical engineers in the house????
  79. Any San Diego gunsmiths here?
  80. Realtors needed in the Los Angeles area!
  81. Visalia, Fresno area looking for a job!
  82. Homecare worker.
  83. Please delete
  84. Looking for a Web developer and SEO/SEM
  85. Custom Cabinetry - New Homes & Remodels (Norcal)
  86. Looking to rent a room in the East Bay (Concord Area)
  87. Looking for a welder and duracoat service.
  88. I need a job, but I'm bored so if you want free help..
  89. Part time/weekends/evenings... looking for a job! :)
  90. Drafting Services for Room Additions / Remodels
  91. Tactical Advantage Concepts Website
  92. Job wanted Yuba City / Marysville
  93. Looking for full-time work in or around Long Beach, Resume inside.
  94. WANTED: Part-Time Notary Public - San Diego
  95. Part time college student here looking for some work in/around Folsom
  96. Webhosting/Design services
  97. Video & Film Production Offered
  98. Wanted: Electrician in SGV/SOCAL
  99. Wanted: Housekeeper - Once per week - Escondido
  100. Looking for a contractor to build a covered patio.
  101. RDD tools expert needed - San Jose area
  102. Security/Building Contractor Needed (San Diego)
  103. Salesperson and Cashier WANTED! Turners Signal Hill
  104. ...
  105. Licensed Roofing Contractor Since 1985
  106. Drywall contractor / Acoustic Removal / Water Damage
  107. Logo Design
  108. Mad Money/Class A TPX
  109. Electrician wanted
  110. Wanted Fast- A web pager Desinger in the Sac area.
  111. New CCNA looking for work
  112. Any concrete guys in the Napa area?
  113. Loking for a Pest Inspector, East Bay
  114. roofing leak
  115. Need a Fence or Patio Cover?
  116. College student looking for p/t job in Marin county
  117. Looking for some work. Los angeles
  118. Part time work in Sacramento
  119. Entry Level Financial Analyst
  120. HVAC Tech company needed.
  121. Finding a Job...some helpful hints
  123. Glass
  124. M1 Restoration Recommendations - So Cal
  125. Electrician Wanted (Torrance/Redondo) Area
  126. Want to build guns for a living?
  127. Wanted gun sales job
  128. Calguns military veterans job opportunity
  129. Looking for Full Time work in Elk Grove/Sac
  130. Looking for a full time job near Fremont CA
  131. any "filemaker pro" people here? (so-cal)
  132. Any of our attorneys need a litigatio paralegal?
  133. Videographer Services Offered
  134. clear up misdemeanors for $500
  135. Gun and Rifle Manufacturer looking for a P/T employee. Flexible hours
  136. Need Sacramento contractor to install kitchen hood vent
  137. Need heater fixed in Hayward.(NO LONGER NEEDED)
  138. Oracle Architects needed in San Diego
  139. college student looking for job in OC
  140. Licensed Mechanical Engineer, Title 24 and HVAC design
  141. College Student Looking in the SF Peninsula
  142. JOB OFFERED: Shipping clerk (Whittier, CA)
  143. Machining needed
  144. Forest rangers recruiting
  145. Part Time Security Officer - Inland Empire
  146. ...
  147. Bay Area Calgunner Needed On Film Set....
  148. please delete
  149. Company is Hiring Security in San Fran Area
  150. Help Wanted / San Diego
  151. Plumbers in San Diego
  152. Security Guard Handgun 6 month requalification help (San Diego)
  153. Need work to support family !!!
  154. Machinist wanted - East Bay
  155. T-SHIRT printing, Calguns discount
  156. Toolmaker wanted East Bay
  157. Need Mechanic in Sacramento
  158. Need electrian
  159. Experienced EHS Safety Tech
  160. Santa Barbara looking for machinist/internship
  161. got stickers?
  162. Manufacturing Planner wanted - East Bay
  163. Any local window install company?
  164. need: plasma cutter + tig welder
  165. Need Sacramento Contractor for Bathroom
  166. Need Automotive A/C Machine in San Gabriel area
  167. Nothing here.
  168. will provide mechanic work for trades have a shop in Sunland
  170. Need a plumber in the IE (then a drywall guy)
  171. Custom Cabinetry and Remodels, Norcal Area
  172. Nor-Cal Photographer
  173. Looking for a room to rent in Concord area.
  174. lookin for a little extra work around Sacramento
  175. Searching for Custom 1911 artwork
  176. Lending, Banking, Sales Manager Looking for work within an hour of Modesto
  177. Need a welder for production---Visalia
  178. looking for an appliance handyman in the East Bay/Oakland area
  179. Looking for roommate in Escondido - large master bedroom.
  180. Media Blasting and BedLiner Service
  181. Senior Oracle DBA - position in Reno, NV
  182. Looking for a little extra P/T work in Sacramento
  183. O.C. need small weld performed
  184. Need an IT job (San Diego)
  185. welder needed
  186. Swim Instructor (Sacramento)
  187. Looking for a Mazda automotive technician
  188. Employment Opportunity!
  189. Gun storage WANTED
  190. Systems Admin III job in Los Angeles area
  191. Need parts put on my XD
  192. steel targets
  193. Wanted: AutoCAD & OEM O&M manuals guy, engineering position, Ontario, CA
  194. Rifle Bedding needed
  195. **ELECTRICAL FREE ESTIMATES NORCAL**24/7 **LICENSED**916-236-7546**
  196. Electrician, general contractor, plumber needed in SD
  197. Web Design needed for new website www.leftcoasttactical.com
  198. Public Utility job opportunity.........
  199. Volvo Mechanic wanted Bay Point/Concord/Pleasant Hill
  200. Need an accountant to provide consultation and maybe do taxes
  201. Looking to get a stock refinished?
  202. I'm looking for a realtor in Glendale
  203. Residential/Executive Protection Security Team Member CA South Bay Area.
  204. Ammunition Retail Sales and Manufacturing Position - Ventura CA
  205. ++ Rust and Paint Removal - Sand/Bead/Abrasive/Media Blasting Service ++
  206. Sales Position - Downtown Los Angeles
  207. Anyone in Sacramento do heavy landscaping?
  208. WTB: 10,000 to 20,000 rounds of 62gr 5.56 Once-fired Lake City Loaded
  209. Machine Shop services
  210. USP / USPc / P2000 / P2000sk night sight installations
  211. Looking: Computer IT, Legal, or Forensics
  212. OC - Electronic Discovery Analyst
  213. Anyone looking for a Security Guard job (unarmed)
  214. I am looking for a Driver/Bodyguard/Security Guard job.
  215. Looking for work LA & OC, resume & cover letter inside will take anything.
  216. looking for antique appraiser
  217. looking for owner financed property...
  219. Looking for New Job in IT
  220. Looking for construction work!
  221. Need an Attorney?
  222. Mechanic / handyman / jack of all trades looking for work - East Bay
  223. Looking for tattoo artist in South Gate/Central LA county area
  224. Do you work for Nvidia or know sombody that does?
  225. Private Tutoring Available, Cypress, Cerritos, and Lakewood area
  226. Looking for Motorcycle mech near 91/605fwy
  227. Project Job for Highly Skilled Gunsmith - Trigger Work
  228. house painter needs work Bay Area
  229. Looking for Work - San Diego
  230. Looking for part time job. Baby on the way.
  231. Anybody work for Google?
  232. Need help moving (Military a plus)
  233. Journeyman Plumber available orange county
  234. Unemployed Engineer
  235. GOT GUN PARTS? FFL GOOD WHOLESALE CONNECTIONS? Let me drop ship on ebay for you!
  236. ANYTHING, ANYTIME! 4th generation SF resident
  237. WTB: Commercial metal door install in San Diego
  239. College student looking for work Modesto/Turlock
  240. Looking for Gun Painting Service in L.A.
  241. Electrician-mechanic-handyman
  242. metal fab in socal
  243. Got a lathe? Need some work? I need help!
  244. Wanted Service: Duracoat for my SR9 frame (SoCal)
  245. looking to get a damaged ar15 muzzle counterbored
  246. Need office space in Sacramento area
  247. !!! Rapidblast Rust and Paint Removal is now offering Cerakote Ceramic Coatings!!!!
  248. Need some labor done? Let me know (East Bay)
  249. Web Site Designer
  250. College student interested in P/T or weekend work.