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  1. Any one do Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?
  2. Electrician Needed. Chino Hills
  3. Need Plumber, Chino Hills
  4. So Cal Gunsmith Monterey Park
  5. Bay Area Home Improvement Contractor
  6. Steel Rain Gunsmithing Auburn, CA
  7. Home improvement contractor wants work
  8. Chiropractor
  9. Aerate and Dethatch My Lawn $$$
  10. Pasadena/Monrovia area-looking for a Jeep mechanic
  11. 15 year experienced telecommunications/infrastructure and IT tech ISO new position.
  12. Need plumber in NORCAL, SAC area.
  13. Need A machinist
  14. Need a loan to Buy a Business!
  15. Special Inspectors/Deputy Inspectors
  16. Looking to replace tires on Acura RSX
  17. Nokia phone unlocker
  18. Wanted: Sales or ? Position
  19. Need work during the week..
  20. Looking for Film/TV Production Job or Temp Gun-related Job
  21. Plumber in the east bay
  23. ...
  24. Looking for a welder
  25. Desperate for work- Nobody wants to hire a new US ARMY recruit!
  26. Wanted: Explosives handling, rocket motor build/test, explosives classification, haz
  27. Need fuel pump in my 1997 Chevy 3500 changed
  28. Industrial Electrician needing work in the East Bay?
  29. Insurance and registration services
  30. I need a web designer too
  31. Need Copper Electroplating
  32. Let me refinish your furniture!
  33. Commodities Seller
  34. EE Major with Customer Service Experience Looking For A Summer Job (Bay Area)
  35. Event Photography Services
  36. Anyone looking for a recent MBA grad in the Sac area?
  37. Need services of Computer Geek (Anaheim)
  38. 1st time homebuyer, Looking for broker/agent
  39. Centra Coast Tactical, Santa Maria, CA
  40. Downtown Los Angeles --> I'm hiring!
  41. web developer - 14 yrs experience - will trade for guns
  42. Artist needed
  43. Real Estate/Credit/Finance Attorney Needed : Bay Area
  44. Services Offered.....Need duracoat in the Sac area? I'm cheap.
  45. Need Engine Rebuilt
  46. Auto painters, anywhere?
  47. Mechanic : Valve Adj for 01 Honda Civic Needed - Bay Area
  48. Rhino Lining?
  49. economy sucks life kinda sucks
  50. Good idea or am I dreaming?
  51. Welder Needed for some projects
  52. Utah CCW Permit Class in Imperial Valley!!!
  53. Better People Make Better Employees…
  54. Resume Guide for Security Officers
  55. Services Wanted: Company to assist with drafting Disaster Recovery documentation
  56. WTB: Web Designer
  57. 4 Equipment Techs needed
  58. I Do CAD Work (large pic inside)
  59. 24" .22 cal barrel walter lutor needed asap!
  60. Home Appliance Repair
  61. Looking for some work, general labor or anything really, getting out of the Marines
  62. Need an electrician.....conduit bending
  64. Any CPA's in Bay area to do Audit for HUD approval?
  65. Jobs: Sr. Firmware Engineer(s) for digital camera/imaging device design...
  66. Delete Please
  69. Duracoat services in San Jose
  70. I.T. Networks, Servers, Computers, Etc
  71. brush clearing
  72. Smog Test and Brakes/Rotors Needed for 4Runner in San Diego
  73. Commercial office furniture / Cubicles / File Cabinets, etc. - Sacramento
  74. gunsmith needed
  75. Donate car/truck springs for targets, SF or nearby
  76. Need help moving in Santa Rosa
  77. Need body shop in orange county area
  78. Duracoat offered at J&J
  79. Licensed Engineer
  80. need a plumber in Fremont
  81. Anyone need a carpet sales and installer?
  82. Helicopter Tours!
  83. Looking for a reputable modeling/acting agent for a child
  84. **Solid waste disposal**
  85. Caption this Obama photo..
  86. Outside Parts Sales Person Needed.
  87. Brocade Networks job fair July 15, Santa Clara
  88. Range Saftey Officer
  89. I'd love to photograph your products!
  90. I need a CPA
  91. I NEED a job.
  92. Photographing your girlfriends nude!!!
  93. Parking Enforcement (Richmond, CA)
  94. A/C & Heating So Cal.
  95. got two open reqs (jobs) in Irvine, PM me
  96. MCLB is hiring 600
  98. Service offered-Concrete Construction
  99. Credit related questions? Derogs/BK/collections?
  100. Exp Construction Superintendent in SoCal looking for new job.
  101. Computer support & Repair - Sacramento
  102. Needed: HVAC Professional for Server Room located in San Jose
  103. I need a Sales Person! ((EAST BAY)) Firearms Retail
  104. Service Wanted:use of bead/sand blasting cabinet, Elk Grove
  105. DELETE
  106. Any tig welders in the socal area??
  107. Realtor seeking work
  108. Thanks-no longer looking for work!
  109. Need work done on a M35A2 (duece and a half)
  110. Armed Security
  111. ........
  112. Need Commercial Insurance - General Liability, Commercial Auto, Work Comp and Bonds
  113. Any traveling notaries in SoCal?
  114. Recommened a good AC installer in San Diego
  115. Professionally unemployed jack of all trades seeking immediate hire
  116. Looking for some one to do Duracoat, Gun Kote or Aluma Hyde in So Cal
  117. Need Bridgeport Mill Service/Repair
  118. Class B Driver in SD
  119. ACPA certified concrete boom operator
  120. saiga conversion.
  121. Inside Sales Position - FT - Dublin, CA
  122. Industrial Security Rep
  123. Want to get into Bounty Hunting/Repo, need help
  124. Looking for quality decals
  125. need a spray job done on my bike
  126. looking for contractor for home repair
  127. Mechanic shop in Sacramento?
  128. Service: I'll parkerize your stuff in Sunnyvale/San Jose!
  129. Mission Motorsports Hiring!
  130. LF WORK pt/ft
  131. Deck, Fence help needed
  132. Looking for sandblasting service.
  133. Looking for Sales Position with Defense Contractor, Manufacturers, etc.
  134. Easy mechanis job Sunland
  135. Range master San Luis?
  136. Strength coach: trade for hunt
  137. AK 47 Build
  138. Need a job.
  139. Out of State Transfers $85
  141. Need ball-joints installed
  142. Experienced Machinists and Gunsmiths wanted
  143. I need reloading assistance.
  144. commercial plumber needed in OC
  145. Concrete Contractor in Sacramento
  146. Clean up / Trimming / Landscaping
  147. Home Improvement Sales in 909 951
  148. need someone to help me assemble my OLL in OC (already have all parts)
  149. Need job in Sacramento now..
  150. House Cleaning: Well Paid Cinderella Scrubbing
  151. wanted-home theatre in-wall install in Ocenaside
  152. Easy On The Pocket Home Heating/Air Conditioning Done Right.
  153. Buying a house..need a good FHA lender
  154. For Hire: new grad Registered Nurse-bay area
  155. Best security company In Socal(In/nearLong Beach)
  156. Firearm detail strip and cleaning services, reliability packages
  157. Looking for New/Used Office Furniture
  158. Satellite Telecommunications
  159. I need a pool replastered in the O.C..
  160. PC Tech / Deskside Support Tech Looking for work
  161. Need paint ceiling scrape and txture
  162. Need a transmission teck rebuild my trans, so cal
  163. Dog Hiker/Walker LA
  164. ..
  165. Computer tech needs employment
  166. Need Automation Tech/Trainee
  167. I need landscaping work/laborer near Fresno area.
  168. *FOUND*
  169. Graffiti Removal
  170. Services Needed -- Graphic Designer / Web Developer
  171. aerospace industry
  172. Wanted- Plumber North County San Diego
  173. Does Your Mortgage Co. Need a Loan officer with Experience, or Processor, O.C. Only
  174. NEED WORK! south OC
  175. Hiring - Industrial/Petrochemical
  176. NEW GUNSTORE NEEDS employees
  177. pinball repair needed
  178. Journeyman Plumber available orange county
  179. Now Hiring at the CIA
  180. RifleGear is hiring - immediate need for warehouse shipping clerk
  182. Equity partner for approved residential subdivisions
  183. Web developer offering web design services to my fellow calgunners!
  184. Need Locksmith to open safe( Fresno Area )
  185. Looking for work in S.D. area--multiple skills!
  186. Hi all.. need 2 guns refinished
  187. Auto repair san diego area
  188. Mechanical Engineer looking for work in San Diego
  189. Scientist looking for work
  190. IT Consultant in bay area
  191. Iam looking for someone to install my flash hider. East Bay
  192. anyone know of a place that fixes LCD tvs?
  193. Bull riding class?
  194. Looking for temporary part time job at a Gun shop in the East bay area.
  195. Boat insurance needed
  196. looking for a full time job
  197. Journeyman forklift mechanic
  198. Cabinet Door Installation
  199. doors, windows, crown moldings, cabinets, gates
  200. Custom Duramax Diesel Tuning in SoCal
  201. Corrections will be open for 1 day.
  202. WTS Phantom Finishing 10% discount sale on OD and FDE
  203. anyone knowledgeable in tunning carbureaters??
  204. Need a great private investigator?
  205. endever to perservere
  206. Looking for work.
  207. Need a used vehicle inspection
  208. Yard work, trees and shrubs trimmed: Rocklin
  209. Retail Sales and Clerical Experience in need of work.
  210. Motorcycle maintenance help needed in Mira Mesa
  211. T-Shirts
  212. Need computer tech help, east bay area Nor Cal.
  213. looking for a good paint and body man for CUSTOM JOB NOT A CAR THOUGH!!!
  214. Painter Needed
  215. P/T Systems Admin/IT opportunity in Irvine
  216. Security cameras and communication network installation
  217. UCI students with work study???
  218. Any Former US Forest Service Employees Seeking F/T or P/T?
  219. Technical Recruiter looking for work
  220. I need Basketball jerseys made!
  221. Diesel Technician in San Bernardino
  222. Past or Present CCW USA Students
  223. need computer help in so cal
  224. Need Help!
  225. Calgunner's...this family needs help....
  226. Looking for overnight/early AM work
  227. Need T-shirts/sweatshirts printed
  228. Need Help!!
  229. BAIL BONDS! special for calguns users
  230. Looking for a metal Fabricator?
  231. Looking for someone to do some consignment sales of model trains on ebay
  232. Anyone do glass?
  233. Residential HVAC recommendation Fremont/Newark area
  234. Temp computer job, South San Francisco, field technician
  235. I need a graphic designer in Modesto - Sign shop
  236. Job for someone with OpenWrt expertise
  237. Computer Programmers? I have some questions. . .
  238. Wife and I are looking for a realator
  239. Looking for someone to prime my reloads, Concord/East Bay
  240. done
  241. New San Diego gun store looking for gunsmith
  242. San Jose area: need fender body/paint work on my F150, scraped my rt. fender
  243. garage door in long beach ca area between LA and ORange County
  244. Windows Web development contractor needed ASAP (SF Bay Area)
  245. Inexpensive Duracoat or Cerakote for Calguns members...
  247. Experienced cabinet designer / maker / installer
  248. Need a Duracoat or something similar
  249. Lf reloading services
  250. Asistant General Manager, Sac Valley Shooting Center