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  2. Welcome -
  3. Which service kicks more arse?
  4. Pictures of you in Uniform.
  5. Combat Engineers in Action...
  6. USAA
  7. List your important and frivolous titles in the military
  8. Current and former servicemen/women
  9. FPO to FPO gear swap sticky?
  10. For you older guys, can you still remember this?
  11. Boot Camp photo dump.
  12. Best chow hall you ate at?
  13. Worst chow hall?
  14. This brother might need our help
  16. 3.9 % raise
  17. 20 years of service
  18. USMC joke
  19. ultimax 100
  20. Has anyone joined the VFW
  21. Toby Keith - American Soldier
  22. Follow Soldier415's Deployment Thread *UPDATED 12-5-08*
  23. I'm sure most of you guys have seen this already...
  24. Mortuary Affairs in Iraq for Contractors
  25. 100 feet of flight line...
  26. being a troll isn't cool
  27. Blow out bags
  28. Stormfeather Deploying To Iraq, Pics Added!
  29. Help! Need Access to 81 mm Mortar Sight
  30. From a old 11BP
  31. Tribute
  32. Numbers for '09
  33. A mother asked...
  34. Honor Vets
  35. Iraq Power Inverter
  36. Marine Captain Recognition Bonus
  37. Best way to ship stuff to Iraq
  38. Checking in from MCGACC 29 Palms
  39. Ret MIL
  40. Just got issued my SHTF gear today...
  41. Good winter boot?
  42. Finally back home!
  43. Happy 233rd Birthday Marines!
  44. Happy Veterans day
  45. Thanks to all America's Servicemen/women past, present and future
  46. USO of Northern California
  47. Knotts Berry Farm
  48. An ARCOM by mail?
  49. TF Shadow D-CO 6-101 GSAB
  50. Why do you serve?
  51. question about hearing protection
  52. Attention Service Members, can you help?
  53. Correct Boresnake size for soldier
  54. Funny things that happend to you when you served
  55. Local Guardsmen say goodbye (Soldier415's unit)
  56. New GI Bill questions...
  57. Operator v Logistician Conflicts
  58. Dec. 7, 1941 67 years ago Let's all take a moment to remember
  59. Airports Near Ft. Benning
  60. Any NG SF 19th Group on Calguns?
  61. Gift suggestions for those deployed/deploying?
  62. Why did you chose the... Navy, marines, army, uscg?
  63. Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation
  64. Thinking of going active
  65. trying to find this poem
  66. So I'm joining the Marines.. going to OCS
  67. Cal Military AW permit, point of contact?
  68. Can you keep/buy your service sidearm?
  69. army together we served web site
  70. Friend deploying to Afghanistan soon... what to get?
  71. YAY online Army traffic school
  72. New Navy Uniforms
  73. Enlisted Yesterday
  74. Thank You, and Merry Christmas
  75. How can my wife get her military ID?
  76. restructure the military
  77. California deployment
  78. What to send?
  79. Where can I buy my own IFAK?
  80. The night before boot camp
  81. BCT + AIT = Residency?
  82. Looking for pen pals
  83. Quick question: what ammo do you use?
  84. is this possible? 30 round mag to 10 round conversion.
  85. If you want to send Sand Sailors care packages.....
  86. Looking for an update on deployed CGer Gowking.
  87. CA guard Cav units?
  88. Trying to download kid rock song...
  89. Give me the low down on Afgan delpoyments
  90. So I had to fill out a form the other day...
  91. HBO Show
  92. Who else is currently posting from OIF/OEF?
  93. Maximum age to join Marines?
  94. Joining the Army!
  95. hey marines
  96. GONE to a good home!
  97. anyone here eod?
  98. my son
  99. THEY GOT ME! 3 more years! lol
  100. Army National Guard Inquiries
  101. to everyone with a military signature pic
  102. Questions about Distance Learning school through military.
  103. Recruiters Lie.
  104. Proposed Tricare Cuts Could Cause Problems For Military Families and Retirees
  105. Anyone been with Guard EOD?
  106. My recruiter lied...
  107. 2008 Battle "E" winners
  108. Who lied to their recruiter?
  109. To all in Service
  110. A tear in my eye
  111. For all who are serving and have served...Thank you
  112. Anyone from 301st PSYOP, 426th CA BN, 217th EOD or 140th Aviation?
  113. Reserve to Active duty... How is Lejeune? :P
  114. Anyone at Camp Parks?
  115. What not to do....
  116. Getting promoted, new belt.
  117. RIP LTC Garnet "Gary" Derby
  118. Arlington West
  119. Need help with some questions.
  120. Anyone use Tricare Reserve Select?
  121. Headed to Ft. Benning for BCT
  122. 3RD Civil Affairs
  123. Obama plans to charge wounded veterans for treatment
  124. Anybody been to China Lake?
  125. Anyone have a spare or know where to buy FM 7-8
  126. Air Force TBAS
  127. Biggest Gun I ever Fired
  128. so what do you guys think of MP?
  129. Marine Corps FMs ?
  130. What to do about guns if stationed abroad?
  131. Preferred type of shirt stay?
  132. MOS Bonus... does this sound right?
  133. Soon to be stationed in CA
  134. Debating on enlisting (Officer)
  135. How to get a Meritorious Mast noted on MOL/SRB?
  136. Navy "IS" Rate
  137. GWOT medal
  138. Navy G.C. medal question
  139. New G.I. Bill vs. Old G.I. Bill
  140. 'care' package for Soldier415. Help with a Question
  141. Care Package
  142. KNow of a good website for military style tattoos?
  143. We are not your sons or daughters, whom you must protect or defend
  144. Anything still going on in Kosovo?
  145. Zone B PTS affecting any squids here
  146. good gloves and knee pads
  147. Marines... What Naval vessel were You on?
  148. PTSD and Firearms
  149. Need some advice on relationships guys (about to deploy)
  150. Need help identifying service ribbons
  151. Former Marines that Joined the Army roll call
  152. Any of you guys in a Tank, You know driver,gunner,etc.
  153. NEED a sailor to grade targets
  154. Best liberty ports/"place" visited
  155. A Few Q's
  156. Where and when did you graduate from BOOT CAMP ?
  157. please delete
  158. Crap day at work
  159. God Bless Our Service Men and Women
  160. Want to join but not sure if I can.
  161. Signature Banners
  162. Replacing the SAW
  163. Veterans scholarships
  164. How did you convince your wife?
  165. Defend us in battle
  166. marines i have a question
  167. What was/is your MOS in the Service?
  168. Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program
  169. So proud of my brother
  170. Returning Warrior Workshop
  171. Question for any Officers or Recruiters...
  172. M16A1 vs M16A2
  173. Picture of Soldier415 fighting the enemy in Afganistan
  174. anyone know where to buy m16 qual targets?
  175. Military Challenge Coins **** NOW WITH PICS****
  176. Question for fellow reservists/Nat'l Guard:
  177. Cav Scout?
  178. A Thank You to all Veterans today.
  179. snip
  180. All gave some - Some gave all
  181. Anyone ever go to Fort Eustis?
  182. Going to MCRD June 1st
  183. Uncle Sugar's Flyin Circus. Let's see some pics
  184. When and where was your last DUTY STATION?
  185. Got orders. Leaving travis
  186. Proof Of Service
  187. Soldiers killed by Political/Religious motives in Little Rock
  188. USMC T.A. and gunsmithing?
  189. VA letter saying Ill get a check for 250$
  190. Bring on the rain. USAF CCT video
  191. RIP LCpl Joshua "MD" Whittle
  192. "Oh yeah I'm Special Forces"
  193. Return to Makin Island to claim their brothers -
  194. Building a shadow box
  195. Steppin' off on a 15 miler.
  196. Plank Owners
  197. A Brother has passed...
  198. Project EEZOX? What do you guys think?
  199. Leaving for Basic Training on the 23rd
  200. have a question about becoming an Officer
  201. e-mail scam alert for Vets regarding Concealed Carry permits!!
  202. What to send to Afghanistan?
  203. Nevada Army National Guard unit has nine sets of siblings
  204. Care Packagaes for our Troops on Independence Day
  205. So what happens after i ship out??US ARMY question
  206. Anybody ever wonder about those MEPS tests?
  207. high cap mags.
  208. What's your typical day?
  209. Spyderco drawing for service members in Iraq/Afghanistan
  210. Pilot Heaven
  211. Happy 4th, A Grateful Thank You for Standing the Watch
  212. ....
  213. Good rugged camera for deployment
  214. Guy Clark - Randall Knife
  215. Now its the last day
  216. Thinking about joining the Guard
  217. Ranger Ad (not work safe)
  218. Petty Officer
  219. 95% Shouldn't Even Apply
  220. Anyone with the Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve?
  221. Do you keep in touch with old buddies?
  222. Any other 74D's here?
  223. Why are Marines such good folks?
  224. OH YEA!
  225. Darrel "Shifty" Powers Dies
  226. Gettin promoted
  227. What is the "True" origin of the Wetting Down?
  228. Marine in need!
  229. The Blue Falcon
  230. I saw fire in the sky. Goodbye to the fighters at Lambert
  231. Marine Corp OCS
  232. Going on the meritorious Corporal board coming up
  233. USS Dunham honors Marine MOH awardee
  234. Navy Capt. Michael "Scott" Speicher.
  235. Veterans too? and new GI bill?
  236. Did I serve?
  237. Branch Poll
  238. Mail to Okinawa?
  239. This is long overdue on my part..
  240. Camp Scania
  241. US Navy IA Orders
  242. EDit: NG 11B
  243. Cousin in EOD training, and I want to give moral support :)
  244. anybody lie @ MEPS?
  245. Super excited to interview a friend of mine in Calvalry....
  246. Returning from Country
  247. Euro Training
  248. Feelings about National Guard
  249. 15W - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operato
  250. Thinking about the Reserves... any tips/advice?