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  1. Honey, I am going to AFG again...honey?....honey?
  2. The Time has come
  3. Prior Service AIT (Army)
  4. High Functioning Autism/Aspergers Syndrome = No go for enlistment?
  5. GovX <- ?????
  6. Haunted WWII Wing and Prop Lapel Pin
  7. Need advise retiring soon but id says 2014
  8. Window decals
  9. Personal Handgun Importer Law. New Numbers: Did they drop the exemptions section?
  10. Edwards AFB PX - Gun Counter Open
  11. Anyone know of site where I can post job openings for veterans?
  12. Question for Marine NCO'S
  13. Time to Leave
  14. Coming to CA as a recruiter
  15. New blog on the VA
  16. Do we still use Airships (Blimps)?
  17. Free college or military reserves first?
  18. Fort Bragg shooting.
  19. Is the US Army "Ground-Only"?
  20. How do people on the GI Bill survive?
  21. Delete
  22. Any Engineers or Sappers out there?
  23. Am I the only guy that doesn't like fireworks?
  24. Chia seeds legal in the Military?
  25. can we "trade" MREs
  26. For you old farts SPC5, 6 and 7 ranks.
  27. where on ft irwin can i catch the fight?
  28. Buying guns with PCS orders process?
  29. USMC trolling me
  30. Getting screwed by the Army?
  31. good ol' field chow!
  32. AD troop cost $158K a year?
  33. Close call for one of my old joes
  34. *$%& SWOs say
  35. Marines May Have Selected Colt 1911 for Service
  36. Question for Sea Duty Sailors
  37. Has anyone gone after the excellence/distinguished shooting badges?
  38. Army soldier loses battle with cancer
  39. Compassionate Reassignment / Family hardship discharge
  40. Interesting Article
  41. Found my old Marine Corps Rifle Databook
  42. M9 Love it? or Hate it?
  43. USMAP
  44. i think some people need an education
  45. Funny Atlantic Firearms Mistake
  46. You didnt earn that, Someone else made that happen
  47. Signing Up
  48. Should someone actually be in the military for veteran plates?
  49. Multicams looking to buy
  50. For those in the Bay Area, an August deal on oil changes
  51. VA Apeals for disability
  52. Congressman Duncan Hunter on the KIA Service Members Treatment !
  53. SO Cal veteran shoot and greet.
  54. National Guard/Reserves Expanding Training
  55. Has anyone transferred from Active Duty to the Guard before EAS?
  56. Issues in starting up a veteran-owned firearms training company
  57. My handgun safety card expired, but I’m OK now, correct?
  58. 230 Years ago today....
  59. Honoring a fallen hero, Sgt Matthew T. Abbate USMC, 10 Sept 1984 - 2 Dec 2010
  60. Tricare claim help
  61. Need to vent.
  62. Coast Guard Reserves question.
  63. A Fallen Hero Captain Matt Manoukian
  64. How To Read Old Documents
  65. 31st Bomb Squadron Pearl Harbor survivor passed away
  66. 1st Duty Station (Army) - Help?
  67. Amending a DD-214
  68. Is it easier for veterans to purchase guns?
  69. help me get a CA Machine gun Permit
  70. The Duffel Blog
  71. Happy National Airborne day!!!!
  72. shooting range in sacramento
  73. Finally have an appointment for the VA hopsital
  74. can u actually get the job u want(thinking of signing up)
  75. Guard/Reserve - How's balancing work/reserve time?
  76. Wounded Warriors Benefit Silhouette Rifle match
  77. Being stationed in CA, Questions RE: Bringing my weapons.
  78. Rifle range
  79. How do you guys feel about this?
  80. National Anthem
  81. New PT test dumped.
  82. Does being a vet still get you anything?
  83. Civilian ACUs?
  84. UFG sucked balls glad I'm heading home soon
  85. Stolen Valor video
  86. Dismount Soldier Training System
  87. Camp Ravenna in Ohio
  88. we the military own the nation not China
  89. Would the United States Military be better off with a SMG???
  90. WISH YOU WELL 2/7 GET SOME!!!!!!!
  91. Without a congressional budget we aren’t getting orders for next year.
  92. SELRES info for a 8404 Corpsman
  93. GEN Petraeus Speech
  94. Just Got DD214
  95. Females in Army Special Forces?
  97. Base clean up next Friday
  98. VA dental care....anyone get it?
  99. Afghans Attack Base, Kill two Marines, Destroy 6 Jets
  100. What do Marines eat?
  101. I wonder
  102. Looking for a Guardsmen near the Buena Park (OC) area to talk to.
  103. Buying guns while in the military, bringing guns to CA, CCW
  104. Off to OSUT!
  105. Deals on Ammo
  106. Got broadsided with a surprise APFT last drill – I passed
  107. WWII Records
  108. VA Home Loan
  109. Army National Guard Questions.
  110. Question to servicemen: Are your guns and gear still marked "Property of US Govt."?
  111. BBC series Our War
  112. Old dude in ACU's at Gunshow
  113. Military might take your guns
  114. If you were offered free breakfast between 7 and 9 T-F, would you go?
  115. A legend has died today
  116. Hot warrant officer!
  117. Anyone have trouble breathing/excersing after a deployment?
  118. Any AF Security Forces here?
  119. Its official:
  120. any grunts want raider tickets
  121. SFAAT
  122. Recruiter issues.
  123. California Residency
  124. 1/184 IN
  125. Injured Marine Vet kicked out of Resturant..
  126. army nurse corps
  127. Off to greet Sandy
  128. VA Disability claims
  129. New Ford?
  130. CSMR DUI's and Branch Insignia
  131. Where To Buy Military Surplus?
  132. Best militarybranch family friendly, any california national guards??
  133. Well boys say good bye to your 2nd amendment
  134. Police Officer Psych Eval
  135. Tribut to Ssgt. Martin
  136. The holiday that hurts-Veterans Day
  137. Happy 237th Marine Corps Birthday!
  138. Monday. Free lift ticket with Mil ID @ Bear Mountain
  139. on "JAG" they showed a USMC AAV landing troops on beach and...
  141. Deployed Guys: Need Any ****?
  142. Poser shows up at Marine Corps Ball
  143. Any Active Duty Army Recruiters in LA area?
  144. Happy Thanksgiving
  145. M234 Launcher
  146. Looking for a 1980s dirty Jodie/Cadence
  148. Danger Close A10 and firefight.+ new added vid
  149. Camp Pendleton Weapons Regulations
  150. Combat Veteran's Waterfowl Association
  151. The story of two brothers, Real.American.Heros
  152. Always remember the 7th of December
  153. CCT poser Richard Naylor. MACVSOG fraud from Laos
  154. delete
  155. We lost another brother overseas
  156. Is it true that the National Guard is a joke , no offense
  157. If you were given the order.......
  158. So I was in 1st Sgt’s office……………
  159. Girls and Guns
  160. Merry Christmas to all you who are deployed or
  161. Belated...
  162. Stormin' Norman has passed
  163. My "HOOAH" counter story...
  164. Happy New Year
  165. Anybody a Navy Recruiter?
  166. Volunteering for a deployment?
  167. Lt. Col. (Ret.) Dave Grossman Speech
  168. son being deployed ..
  169. USAR MI BN looking for 35M's in the SF Bay Area area
  170. Reuniting a cross with a marine
  171. Convoy movement along I-5.
  172. Does deployment reset your stabilization time?
  173. My Step Daughter is getting sworn into the Air Force Tomorrow
  174. 4th living MOH recipient from GWOT
  175. Anyone here do Counter-Drug?
  176. Anyone had a VA reexamination for an existing service-connection? What was it like?
  177. Military LONG GUN purchase problem - HELP!
  178. Women in combat MOS: It's a GO
  179. SO is deploying in 3 short months
  180. Camp Roberts
  181. Camp Pendleton ops
  182. My direct commission package is complete.
  183. Pilot Jobs in the Military
  184. Newspaper article of my inlaws in WW-II
  185. Marine to Army ROTC
  186. Navy Seal Chris Kyle Murdered at Gun Range in texas
  187. Blue Falcon
  188. Joining the Military after college...??
  189. Attention Disabled Veterans!!! Have you been mistreated by your VA Hospital Staff?
  190. Some cool tshirts on sale. $20 for $40 credit
  191. Security Clearance Jobs in San Diego
  192. Thank A Vet claims 22 vets commit suicide a day
  193. HEROmatchmaker.com
  194. Distinguished Warfare medal...please
  195. NRA for all the military calgunners...
  196. Head to MCRD in 2 weeks...
  197. Figured it out
  198. Thinking about Joining....
  199. Veteran Needs Forgiveness
  200. Letter from VA...
  201. Leaving AD, moving to CA Guard. Qs on bringing AWs into state.
  202. Military Spouse Needs Help Buying a Glock!
  203. Remembering a classmate....Gunnery Sergeant Figone
  204. First There...That Others May Live. PJs, CCT, TACP, Combat Weather. STS. Air Commando
  205. MCX Gun sales
  206. Service Stripe Sewn on
  207. Random question for Navy vets,
  208. Sharing some kind words to our vets.
  209. Unemployment and night school question
  210. combat rescue
  211. Losing College Credits if I Enlist?
  212. What does "Wounded Warrior" mean to you?
  213. Leprechaun trap in the sandbox
  214. NRA membership for vets (need a rated disability)
  215. 10 years ago, today...
  216. Please delete.
  217. USMC The Basic School
  218. What items should a new recruit take with them to basic training?
  219. Any prior EFMB candidates here?
  220. Framed Finally
  221. Thinking of visiting a recruiter
  222. Happy Birthday Chiefs
  223. Dupe, disregard
  224. This struck me...
  225. Delete
  226. NK
  227. mk48 nutsack
  228. Beale Rod N' Gun Club
  229. Long shot but does anyone have an aquired CVC with audio they are willing to sell?
  230. Looking for a gunsmith to assemble my sons upper before he returns..
  231. Veterans PTSD/ Firearms at risk
  232. Anybody here currently a Navy recruiter? Or know of one?
  233. Latest Medal of Honor Recipient
  234. Nurse Corps
  235. Mods delete. Wrong forum
  236. Honor Tommy Mac- Saturday, 20 APR
  237. Memorial to some good men who died 6 years ago today
  238. Suprise IRR promotion!
  239. Help the Veterans of 2/4 Marines!
  240. MAWP
  241. help with selling weapons while on orders
  242. delete
  243. Anyone filed an appeal with the VA?
  244. Any current recruiters?
  245. Next up in the rotation
  246. OFF base gun use or registration
  247. Transfers between family members
  248. ...
  249. Thank You
  250. We Remember