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  1. Question for those retired from Military
  2. Best banking options?
  3. Utah/Florida Non-Resident CCW
  4. Going downrange in 90 days
  6. How to get better with small exercises?
  7. Happy Birthday Devil Dogs! 11/10/11
  8. Got Quota?
  9. 11-11-11 Veterans Day
  10. Loop Hole around PTS for filling 9502 Orders!!!!!
  11. What is a Vet?
  12. Experience Keeping Weapons in Armory
  13. Vet's day
  14. NAVY Replacing Beretta with SIG SAUER P226?
  15. Check out this POS Poser
  16. Some questions about VA dental ...
  17. Taking the Leap
  18. Active Duty AW Permits in California?
  19. Question about bringing guns to California
  20. Former Marine looking for contractor work...
  21. Single Military Personel, Spend Thanksgiving With Us (San Diego, Encinitas)
  22. A-TACS Camoflage
  23. Navy working uniform. Blue camo?
  24. Memo for an AOW from the CO
  25. Hey USMC, just read this for the fun of it (USMC Poser + Seal Trident)
  26. Ebenefits.va.gov
  27. Wife gave birth while deployed?!?!?!?!:(
  28. Military Service Record
  29. Where do you go to take your Army DA photo in Nor Cal?
  30. Veteran owned business!
  31. New moto tattoo
  32. Showtime Show: Homeland
  33. sleeping on duty... UCMJ
  34. Meyer Sues BAE Systems
  35. Army Rangers vs Navy SEALs: Who would win in a one-on-one or squad-based fight?
  36. Question: Do our troops get a lot of trigger time?
  37. SWAT Shooting from a few months ago
  38. Cell Phone Donations
  39. Ft. Hood
  40. Anybody shoot distance in 29 palms area?
  41. West Virginia Band's Halftime Show
  42. Anyone with the 163d Recon Wing?
  43. Question about how soldiers hydrate (US Army specific)
  44. kind of makes me want to throw up
  45. Sailors returning to the Utah and Arizona
  46. Army vs Navy
  47. Marine Combat Fitness test?
  48. Found A Marine. Please Read interesting story
  49. Swore in yesterday
  50. Is being mechanically competent required?
  51. Prayer Needed
  52. Disrespecting Co's Wife
  53. Can my employer take away my full time benefits because of my military training?
  54. A Christmas Poem
  55. A Soldiers silent night
  56. Educate me on MARSOC!
  57. Deploying to Afghanistan...will this work?
  58. Another poser...
  59. Questions about the ACU/ASU
  60. Is a CA legal Colt made M4 as close as I can get?
  61. Ft Polk....
  62. anyone with 129th rqw?
  63. 1916 Luger my AIT grad present to myself.
  64. Happy New years!
  65. When did you Blue Phase?????
  66. Trying to find my Dads BCT Buddies
  67. reserves question
  68. On-post housing question
  69. Navy Seals Shoots Himself in the Head
  70. President announces cuts.....how long till we are all gone
  71. any gunshop discounts?
  72. I'm thinking of going AirForce Reserve
  73. Army Selects New Camouflage Patterns
  74. Enlisting in Marine Corps while still being part of a business?
  75. Calling you out
  76. Is the Humvee being completely phased out of service?
  77. Over 3,000 man hours cleaning barracks.
  78. Just one more week of civilian life
  79. Any good, no BS Marine recruiter in the bay area?
  80. Meritorious Promotion during liberty
  81. American Sniper
  82. An indignant poser
  83. So I'm 99% sure I'm getting PCS'd to Great Lakes...
  84. Ranger Up clothing
  85. BMW motorcycles are offering special incentives to Military personals
  86. Phased up to phase 5(Gold phase tonight)
  87. Marine accused in killing of 24 Iraqis in Haditha makes plea deal
  88. Anyone ever work for BAE Systems?
  89. Sea World free for military.
  90. High Ranking officers/NCOs that haven't deployed
  91. Phony soldiers raising money for support our veterans
  92. I'm a little late lol
  93. delete
  94. secret clearance with expunged dui
  95. Marine Shop or Marine Corps Exchange?
  96. Heading to VA
  97. Tet 1968
  98. Hhhhh
  99. Weep for the future of our Navy ...
  100. Action Figure Therapy ...
  101. APB For Stolen Military Equipment
  102. Rust
  103. Any CGN members a recrutier?
  104. joining so cal national guard infantry unit
  105. ACH / MICH helmet sizes...?
  106. Am I out of line thinking this is crappy.
  107. Possible LEGAL bullet button work around?
  108. How to voluntary separate?
  109. Gun shops that might offer a Military discount?
  110. Another jacked up phony for ya'll
  111. Joining CA National Guard and long break from prior service
  112. Inspection Arms with an AK?
  113. Baker Boys documentary
  114. Vet in trouble after calling VA for help.
  115. San Diego Active Service Folks Offer
  116. Questions for reservists (preferably Air Force)
  117. What happens immediately to reserves after AIT graduation?
  118. Getting married, want my brother to be there
  119. Anyone else applying for Officer Programs?
  120. Ft. Huachuca rental range kind of sucks.
  121. "You're only a veteran if you served in combat!"
  122. heading BNCOC phase 2 and 3 for mechanic
  123. VA Compensation
  125. Deliberately shoot down a friendly, get promoted to RDML!
  126. Air Force Special Tactics "Send Me" Video by Max Impact
  127. Anyone here a Seabee?
  128. DFAS savings deposit program-Thoughts?
  129. Dependent ID cards
  130. C&R Applications with "stationed" Active Duty
  131. Free Tac Pistol class for AD Military,Vets,Reservist Socal Date Change !!!!
  132. Happy 70th Birthday Navy Seabees!
  133. One would think the Army invented PowerPoint
  134. I need suggestions for a bag going to Astan
  135. US Army Prior Service = 18X?
  136. Army Guard aerial gunners?
  137. Need to Order ARMY ASUs
  138. NEED HELP quick please!!
  139. Trying to wear an ASU correctly.
  140. Active duty non CA resident applying for CCW
  141. Anyone On KAF?
  142. Nephew's next deployment fears
  143. Staff Duty
  144. 49th MP Brigade Ball (2012)
  145. Beyond Band of Brothers tours
  146. Fort Drum NY?
  147. BOF 4082 Military Assault Weapon Permit Application
  148. Swore in today!
  149. Last week
  150. a good charities to donate to?
  151. D-Day planning question.
  152. Driver's License
  153. Anyone in the Air National Guard or used to be?
  154. Too much false motivation EAS dates!
  155. Wife's Getting Ready To Deploy...
  156. Anyone get Involuntary Separation Pay and the VA
  157. Dealing with the VA
  158. PTSD
  159. We drew weapons yesterday (for FTX prep)
  160. The S is ready to hit the fan...
  161. SoCal Marine KIA - Patriot Guard Riders standing by...
  162. Grandson is on the Move
  163. Full discharge DD214?
  164. WWII vet assaulted
  165. Graduated BCT yesterday
  166. All I have to do now is clear CIF and walk across the stage
  167. Special Forces claim
  168. Rest in Peace Levi
  169. Ca NG
  170. Applied for job, Guard Required
  171. Budspolicesupply.com order info
  172. DD 214 question
  173. haha jokes on me, we still have CQ duty
  174. I miss the corps!
  175. Any other nasty girls ride sport bikes?
  176. Meritorious Sergeant (almost)
  177. GI BIll Related Q
  178. QRB board is coming
  179. My best friend wants to transfer to Coast Guard
  180. Did anyone witness these in AIT
  181. Joined the Navy
  182. Describe your "first time" with a grenade!
  183. Help with format for a overseas military address
  184. EAS coming up?
  185. Where Did Standards Go?
  186. California National Guard
  187. Need info Navy spouse
  188. AD non Ca resident purchasing handguns from home of record
  189. Epic Military Photos
  190. This is what I got myself for BCT/AIT “graduation”
  191. Well. . . I did it now
  192. Marine Corps kids respect on the playground. COLORS!!!
  193. Where do you use your military discounts?
  194. UCP.... does it blend in well in the high desert?
  195. Benefits from joining the national guard?
  196. Questions about chaplains
  197. Final proof Airborne is best
  198. I guess I will be learning to drive the LMTV and HMMWV
  199. 5th Deployment
  200. Any ATVs in active service in any of the branches?
  201. Anyone know the story behind this picture?
  202. might be a repost, but this is the most bad azz photo ever
  203. Joining the Air Force, how long can Delayed Entry take?
  204. Joined AF reserve, prior Marine, can't stand AF reserve anymore ....want to go USMCR
  205. Vet assistance
  206. being stationed close to home/family
  207. Thinking about joining up any help/advice is appreciated
  208. Hey Guys and Gals
  209. Vet Housing?
  210. Eagle Industries Rhodesian Recon Vest
  211. Personal firearms in the military..
  212. Traumatic SGLI
  213. Question about the Afghan National Army
  214. Anyone been on 31st MEU
  215. Active Duty Wounded VET Has Guns Confiscated & then Thrown in Jail in D.C.
  216. Tips on AFOQT?
  217. stupid god damn military is pissing me off thread
  218. Free Passes to Yosemite for Military
  219. News
  220. Selective service Q
  221. CA Resident W2Buy firearm & bring back
  222. Help feed a Vet
  223. Knives on base?
  224. Plumbers union
  225. Boot Camp question. Last minute advice appreciated
  226. Where can buy ACH cover (COVER only)
  227. Army Strong Over 40!!!
  228. ppt of off-roster gun from ad member (idaho resident) in california
  229. CSMR Processing
  230. How can I send my read magazines to the deployed?
  231. Just saw "Battleship"
  232. Pics From Okinawa
  233. Memorial Weekend 2012, FREE airsoft for all veterans
  234. MEPs question.
  235. Women Do Not Belong in the Infantry
  236. Army to Ban PMags - High Performance Magazines WTF!
  237. Undiagnosed Medical Issue & Enlisting
  238. Solider Of the Month help?
  239. IVE Military Appreciation
  240. DFAC Meal Card?
  241. Job Placement for Family of Fallen Military...?
  242. I’m learning about the Army bureaucracy.
  243. 11
  244. joing up question?
  245. Sponsor Package Firearms Letter
  246. Disability Claims
  247. S&W promotion for vets and active duty
  248. California State Military Reserve
  249. Bronze Star...a few years late
  250. Who wants to surf (or learn how to)