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  1. Perspective in Respect
  2. My Experience with Firearms PPT in San Diego Area
  3. Victory Point
  4. ,,,
  5. Local gun laws of Georgia [scary...]
  6. AKO site down?
  7. Wounded Warrior Project bike ride and support
  8. Benning here I come
  9. How do you respond
  10. Navy Federal Credit Union vs. USAA for a mortgage
  11. The Airline Captain
  12. On War the Book
  13. DD214
  14. To all you turds (Marines) from 3/1 and any other unit
  15. Recruiting Question
  16. Enlistment Numbers
  17. Is there a recruiter I can PM?
  18. DADT gone anyone got the speech yet?
  19. Korea Vet Grandpa passed away....awards MIA
  20. aimpoint
  21. Question for the Active Soldiers
  22. gov shutdown
  23. Can I get some info on Thrift Savings Plan and related
  24. Guard or Reserve?
  25. terminal leave or not
  26. Mypay
  27. Most Heavily Decorated Soldier
  28. The 213 things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the U.S. Army
  29. My Searchfoo Sucks - was this that one shady military unit?
  30. Welcome home 3/5
  31. Got my ASVAB scores in!!
  32. Shooting in OC?
  33. How to simulate a submarine
  34. Bro in law's cousin receives purple heart
  35. To anyone considering military service..
  36. Ghost riding video
  37. Whos heard of Butterbar Bill?
  38. Military Security Clearance
  39. Laser Engraving
  40. Watch out for the CA Franchise Tax Board
  41. ....
  42. Air Force/ AF Reserve Recruiter?
  43. Marine Corps or Army?
  44. Posers
  45. Transferring Reserve Units
  46. Military Design Signature Question
  47. My son just got appointed to the Naval Academy - Advice?
  48. Advice on how to build mental toughness
  49. Advice on how to build mental toughness
  50. Military Discount
  51. Tax write off's for Reservists
  52. Question for those of you in the Air Force
  53. Any PT studs out there?
  54. Boxing in the Army
  55. Some have earned their rights ...
  56. Would a international counter terrorist team work?
  57. D368 Conditional Release Extension?
  58. Kinda last minute , but what do i need to take to BCT/Reception?
  59. Happy Victory Day
  60. Navy seal work out.
  61. Any NAVY at San Diego TPU/PSD
  62. Looking for an Army recruiter...
  63. PTS/ ERB
  64. Camp Roberts, CA
  65. Signed my contract and sworn in!
  66. Which AR Is Currently Used In Marine Boot Camp?
  67. Side Arms
  68. Enlistment disqualification question.
  69. trying to join the USCG BUT..........
  70. College
  71. SO-CAL Get together
  72. Free Chick Fil A for VETS Tomorrow May 25 between 1600-1900
  73. Insanity workout?
  74. NVG
  75. War Movies all Weekend
  76. On Memorial Day
  77. LASD recruiting videos
  78. Thank You all!
  79. Info on the CSMR
  80. 050111 patch
  81. nonresident vehicle purchase
  82. I only seek the impossible in life...
  83. Marine from San Clemente selected for posthumous Navy Cross for heroism in Afghanista
  84. off to Ft. Irwin tomorrow.
  85. Drivers License
  86. D-Day Anniversary
  87. Always remember this about our comader in chief
  88. Delta Baggage charge video...
  89. Stone Cold Campers
  90. When is the MRAP going total use?
  91. ca national guard
  92. 11B1P needs a little help with resume
  93. I'd like to share something with you guys. Grand dads draft card
  94. Service members being polled about guns?
  95. Beret
  96. Civilians in the Military
  97. "Black List' USMC FY 2011 GySgt Selection Board Results
  98. Good deals for military
  99. How many are here?
  100. Care Packages
  101. Marines, current and past, some questions.
  102. Request for any Army recruiter
  103. Poser of the year?
  104. USMC Female PFT...Pull Ups to start in 2012
  105. Coming home.
  106. Private Military Contractor job.
  107. AAFES.COM
  108. Cobra Tactical - Special Operations Equipment Solutions
  109. Dog Bless You on Facebook.
  110. Marine DEP question
  111. might of heard some fud about CLS
  112. *****Pre Happy July 4th...*****
  113. Armed Forces Medley-Intro by Lt. Dan
  114. Is this real?
  115. Need some help convincing parents
  116. Mortgages and Security Clearance Acceptance/Denial
  117. Anyone joining the Army or other branch?
  118. Army Reserve
  119. USMC: Looking to make a lateral move
  120. Enlistment question
  121. Protection Training to California Military Personnel
  122. Why does Resident PME attract so many stupid people?
  123. Military Time vs FERS
  124. Grandson in Okinawa
  125. Enlisted grunts
  126. So I kinda just realized...There are a ton of perks!
  127. Anyone have info on Army 15T MOS?
  128. CGN Marine recruiter out there?
  129. MOH
  130. Working dog jumps from Helo. wtf?
  131. Air force+ bachelor in criminal justice= officer?
  132. I want to buy a gun in AZ and bring it back to CA after AIT.
  133. suggestions around Benning
  134. Any teachers here in the National Guard/Reserves?
  135. In Iraq... Private Party Transfer... how
  136. Home defense (non firearm)
  137. Hello from Afghanistan!
  138. GI Bill
  139. What's the most ridiculous thing...
  140. Transferred to Air Force Reserve.I've got Questions
  141. Air Force it is. Update page 4
  142. Helo Crash - Seal Team Six
  143. Marine Corps to Air Force
  144. This candidate is going to OCS!!
  145. What do you have in your go bag?
  146. Staff selection results
  147. Work pics!
  148. I finally swear in!
  149. Major update post #2: Constitution Day Shoot Sept 17 and 18 - Military Shoot Free
  150. Supervisor hates ur *** & vows to impede advancement
  151. it's hot over here
  152. Riot Questions for LEO
  153. Enlisting in the army
  154. Another poser...
  155. PMC Question
  156. Marine F/A-18 Hornet crashed, both Marines rescued by..
  157. Getting a Job with Specialized Military Training Can be a PITA
  158. California Army National Guard.
  159. infantry resumes
  160. Anyone know of Motor-T platoon currently deployed?
  161. New to Firearms (CVN76)
  162. Kandahar Air Field
  163. Help for a buddy trying to go from ARNG to Reserves
  164. Looking for Retro CWO-4 bars.
  165. Satellite Phones for Deployment
  166. Air Force Band, Sidewinder Very Impressive! Watch Video of Adele Cover.
  167. PTS
  168. Army dumping M9?????
  169. Mustang
  170. CSMR Question
  171. Young Marines Spaghetti Feed in Elk Grove, CA
  172. Confusion over issued magazines.
  173. Free calls home for service personnel through Gmail
  174. fail APFT twice and you are OUT of the Army.
  175. l.a.county fair next weekend..$1 for military
  176. Funny video
  177. Can officers wear NCO Professional Development Ribbon?
  178. Current issue uniforms
  179. Professional Development
  180. Funny deployment stories
  181. Air commando SSgt. Robert Gutierrez up for Air Force Cross. CCT, JTAC, STS
  182. Steve “Snake Eyes” Jordan, MSgt Soup Sandwich’s retarded cousin
  183. Poser rack challenge.
  184. First seargeant humor
  185. Help with Air Force Reserve Recruiter.
  186. Any tips / tricks / advice for a Future Soldier?
  187. LA Times article on California Guard Unit
  188. WAY!!!!!!!! worse than a poser.
  189. Finally swore in today
  190. Time to say goodbye to the military!!!
  191. VA wont respond
  192. So it begins. MEPS lost my finger prints
  193. Marine poser busted...by 3 Marine D.I.'s
  194. My wife got approved for PTS
  195. Whats the difference between Cavalry scouts and Infantry?
  196. Ganjgal hero recommended for MoH
  197. I LOL'd at this when i saw it.
  198. I get BAH too?
  199. i have a marine corps question..
  200. Need Advice from a Marine OSO
  201. SSgt Black List Anyone?
  202. How are handguns carried in the .Mil (one in the pipe, etc.)?
  203. Camp Kinser ?
  204. First Annual “Jesse MacBeth Stolen Valor Awards” competition nomination thread
  205. Predeployment Party Hosting ?
  206. Edwards AFB PX?
  207. Be Honest
  208. Military Pay
  209. thieves!!!
  210. Force Protection Warning regarding Crips
  211. US Marines Reserve or Navy Reserve?
  212. Seabee shoot?
  213. Advice Needed.
  214. To all my brothers and sisters this should not be allowed to stand
  215. CA warning for military about "crips" warnings
  216. "Cult of the uniform"
  217. Marine recruiters reach out at gay pride event in Pasadena
  218. Thanks
  219. Question answered......
  220. Buying Guns from Camp Pendleton Gunstore
  221. Military Pay
  222. Enlistment Bonus
  223. Spc. Ricard Cerros Jr. KIA
  224. Almost PCS time...
  225. American Legion now allowing gang bangers?
  226. Any tips on filling out an SF86?
  227. 18 Oct, LtCol Anthony Wayne Gale Day
  228. A show of Support and Thanks for our armed forces.
  229. Sel
  230. NEWBIE Buying first firearm while on deployment!!!!!
  231. I wanted to share a funny story with my fellow Calgunners...
  232. Any Mike Golf's or Tankers? Need some AFVID info.....
  233. Air National Guard?
  234. Found a cool little peice of Marine equipment today
  235. Wikileaks scares me
  236. best option
  237. Oakland Marine War Vet Fraud
  238. Any JAG officers here?
  239. Signed up with employer trouble!
  240. PCS Orders with Firearms
  241. off duty medics
  242. closed MOS
  243. Beale AFB
  244. VA Lagging on Post 9/11 Tuition Payments?
  245. How do I find my grandfathers WWII service records?
  246. Any Bay Area Army recruiters on CG?
  247. Occupy Movement
  248. Veteran Appreciation
  249. enlisted to OCS Selection question
  250. Questions about Exodus and travel to first duty station