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  1. Specialist Creed
  2. 3-505 pir
  3. Authority/Influence of a Sgt Major
  4. USMC OCS and OCC-R
  5. Does this make sense?
  6. drinking in Iraq
  7. number of generals?
  8. WTF is this? **UPDATE Post 134 (OWNED!)**
  9. Army's 31E info
  10. Restrepo
  11. Combat vets, ever feel like this?
  12. ATTN National Guard members: Border Mission now OPEN!
  13. Re: Promotion Marines/Army Reserve
  14. USAR recruiter in the Los Angeles area?
  15. New Afghan Documentary
  16. USAF tattoo regs
  17. Army suicides hit record number in June
  18. Naval Officer - Worth it or waste?
  19. So Cal National Guard Infantry Units
  20. Soldiers as "the scum of the earth"
  21. Retroactive Stop Loss
  22. Need a proof reader for an anymouse to my base CO
  23. Life in Afghanistan
  24. deficiencies in U.S. military strategy in Afghanistan, and ways to counter I.E.D.
  25. PTSD Counseling
  26. xxx
  27. So I went down to MEPS today...
  28. Money for Military on Stop Loss
  29. Storage while in Service?
  30. Any active duty recruiters? Army reserve to AD
  31. National Guard Recruiters......
  32. Private Military Contractors.
  33. The Tillman Story
  34. Military input needed
  35. Saw this and thought I would share
  36. BDUs Off Base
  37. Letter in the mail....
  38. Joined the Army Q's for buying guns
  39. "Thank you for your service"
  40. MICH helmet question
  41. Urgent - Seeking Member of Coast Guard or Coast Guard Reserves
  42. How does it work when you are stationed in CA?
  43. Opium production
  44. can anyone reccomend a good site to order danner boots from
  45. Honor Flight for Robert (Bob) Hacker USN aboard the "Lucky" USS Mendocino (APA-100)
  46. Favorite posts?
  47. buying a HARLEY when DEPLOY
  48. afghan war hero murderded while on vacation.
  49. Grandson Joined
  50. Questions before joining...
  51. Ninjas and pirates aint ****
  52. xxx
  53. Pit-bulls and on base housing
  54. Standard loadout within the past couple years....
  55. Looking for AT/FP Level II class. Anyone know?
  56. Finding TM's online?
  57. PCH APFT score of 428 on the extended scale?
  58. Becoming an Officer: Questions
  59. Any military people know info on UVB-76?
  60. Military AW Permit
  61. The Navy small craft community
  62. Army MOS Suggestions?
  63. All Combat Vets
  64. Questions regarding past drug use...
  65. Just got selected for orders :)
  66. Question to All Branches Precision Shooters/Rifleman/Snipers
  67. Classic jeep disassembly/reassembly video (4 minutes total real time)
  68. 9/11 memorial armed forces giveaway
  69. Honoring Army Sgt. Raymond Alcaraz from Redlands CA
  70. URGENT!! question about IRR admin mustering
  71. Non-melting chocolate????
  72. -----
  73. Orders to Beale AFB
  74. Loose VA disability when joining reserves?
  75. USS Essex
  76. No more buying guns
  77. quiet SEAL validation needed... (Coronado??)
  78. Army Recruiter pics up a hooker in his GOV. Oh...priceless....
  79. If you're ever in Morro Bay...
  80. 25U MOS, what to expect
  81. Any Air Force Reservists here; What is the max age to join??
  82. ....
  83. I met a FAKE WANNABE MARINE today!.UPDATE!
  84. Startled an Airman
  85. army reserve nurse corp
  86. Question(s) about the army and joining
  87. Seinor enlisted advice....
  88. Any members in the air force?
  89. High & Tight in Moreno Valley
  90. Infantryman or Cavalry Scout? What say you?
  91. Ask a Recruiter.
  92. General Amos affirmed as CMC
  93. Deployment Question
  94. Ok, I know this is B.S. but I need help with this one.
  95. Medal Of Honor recipient Staff Sergeant Robert J. Miller
  96. Questions about the reserves
  97. Everyone who's been/going to the Sandbox needs to hear this:
  98. Marine?
  99. Smith & Wesson Offer for Active or Retired Military
  100. joined the army. any advice?
  101. range at which army zeros rifle
  102. question about FAFSA and GI bill
  103. Experiences in the Helmand Province?
  104. Reserve to Active Army - What would happen if...?
  105. Receiving dental care through the VA? Possible to use external provider?
  106. I signed my contract and swore in.
  107. National Guard GED program
  108. New here
  109. Should I join the Army or Marines?
  110. 9/11 Cadence
  111. PCS to Cali.....need help
  112. Tough week for the "DarkHorse" Battalion
  113. The dumb things we do in the Military thread
  114. Veterans Day Discounts 2010
  115. Familiarization with the AR platform needed?
  116. I met a Navy SEAL yesterday
  117. Why's Bin Laden Alive?
  118. Issued M-16 Mags for personal use?
  119. Medals and ribbons
  120. LA Meps Experience
  121. oops please delete
  122. Overseas time
  123. Identify this service 9mm round.
  124. I swore in today! Thank you everyone in this sub forum.
  125. AppleBee's and OutBack Steak House
  126. XXXX
  127. Happy Birthday USMC
  128. USMC - HBday Video - Kicks Azz....
  129. Happy Veterans Day
  130. Happy Veterans Day, my brothers & sisters
  131. Any gun stores in the San Diego bases?
  132. Honor And Remember flag
  133. The Pacific
  134. Marine runs marathon with gas mask on
  135. Witness To War
  136. I think everyone needs to spend some time here!
  137. Medal of Honor presented today.
  138. 3/1 WELCOME HOME
  139. USAF Security Forces
  140. PCS to SOCAL (AW ?)
  141. Shipping weapon accessories to APO
  142. army warrant officer program
  143. USMC help
  144. Showing Support
  145. Service members, please give us gift ideas
  146. William G. Hillar Special Forces FRAUD. SF Col. & Delta claims. MIIS. Movie "Taken"
  147. Can you help me get my nephew enlisted?
  148. dicount code for henderson defense???
  150. Ft Hunter Ligget. Anyone work there?
  151. FUBAR
  152. Q: Can't ship pork and playboys to Afghanistan?
  153. Free membership to USCCA for servicemen
  154. State department cable leak
  155. VFW and American Legion
  156. Legalities of admitting service during job interviews?
  157. Full body scan
  158. Marksmanship classes for those stationed in or around K-Town...
  159. MOS Help
  160. USMC Name Patch ?
  161. supporting the murder of American troops?
  162. 2011 BAH Rates out, another drop for some...
  163. Question about finding open deployment slots
  164. Just a thought...
  165. Army UCP is dead. the search for a new patter begins.
  167. Army Reserve
  168. Crossed rifles for grunts only!!!
  169. need help with idea
  170. adopting a unit
  171. Trannies?
  172. Don't you just hate MPs?
  173. My Son was Born Today
  174. Cross Country to Ft. Irwin. Good Morning!
  175. Proud Dad
  176. Attention on deck
  177. Where to donate to aid soldiers
  178. XXX
  179. Naval Special Warfare Foundation Raffle - custom 1911 package
  180. good bye cali, hello ft. Leonard wood.
  181. Happy New Year
  182. What Branch did/do you serve in?
  183. FMF Dwell Time ?
  184. Spiritual Fitness, FUD?
  185. Why the military sucks now.
  186. The USS Enterprise video Scandal
  187. Army schools
  188. So I might be going to the Reserves
  189. security clearance question
  190. rifle parts i.d. ...
  191. Need help finding a military holster
  192. Marine Corps training nowadays
  193. Any former military officers or former enlisted with a 4 yr degree unemployed?
  194. RIP Major Richard Winters
  195. Some final questions before i sign ??
  196. side arms and rifles provision in next months budget
  197. Richard Winters Dies at 92; Led ‘Band of Brothers
  198. How does one get schools in the Army?
  199. xxx
  200. Funny vid CQB MAN
  201. Quick question
  202. Can I get some input on Army mos 13F
  203. Supplies for bootcamp
  204. Becoming a pilot in the AF? AF Academy Help
  205. Airforce MPs
  206. If you like Oakley Gear .. This place is pretty cheap.
  208. Campus Carry - LEO input, please
  209. Anyone know what this Army shoulder insignia is?
  210. MEPS
  211. Little rant about military discounts
  212. VFW
  213. need to interview ex or current contractors + ex or current special forces operatives
  214. Customs rules for military returning from deployment
  215. Non-combat jobs allowed to go shooting?
  216. Marine pistol competition
  217. The search for a M-4 Replacment
  218. Post 911 GI bill 2.0 reform robbed me $154,000
  219. LEOSA Precedence Set in San Diego
  220. VA Education benefit question
  221. wow..just found my grandpas dd214...holy cow!!!
  223. PTS
  224. DD 214 (service record on CD)
  225. ,,,,
  226. Army National Guard Stripes for buddies Question
  227. Any 18Xrays? I have questions..
  228. Anyone see HBO documentary "Battle for Marjah"?
  229. ROTC while getting Masters
  230. Need advice/help
  231. Recruiters head or the ADOS/RC?
  232. Anyone have any insight on 35M...
  233. For my Brothers In Arms
  234. Glock Blue Label Dealer
  235. Applying for Army SF. Anyone serve SF? I have questions...
  236. San Francisco Area Veterans
  237. 8 year contract... I scribbled on the dotted line.
  238. I want to help our boys over seas
  239. military discount abuse
  240. Looking for an Army OSO
  241. Just a link...
  242. Anyone familiar with the Officer career path?
  243. Proposed new Army PT Test
  244. Joining the French Forgein Legion
  245. WWII Sniper
  246. What To Believe (or Not) from a Recruiter?
  247. Anyone else ready to not get paid on the 1st?
  248. Leaving for BCT in early May (intro)
  249. online source for nametapes
  250. Who made board?!?