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  1. anyone a m1 armorer crewman(19k) or know much about their job?
  2. Any Phoenix Ravens here?
  3. Just finished basic
  4. Tell me about your SoCal NG/Reserve unit
  5. Mexico starts its own navy SEAL program
  6. what you do while not deployed?
  7. SEAL logo AR lower
  8. New Army Recruit
  9. Marine Drill Team
  10. SoCal ANG units?
  11. what watches you guys using in the sandbox?
  12. Army suspends IV training?
  13. TTOS Fort Huachuca
  14. Any ANG guys from the 146th Airlift Wing?
  15. ARMY Guard or Reserves?
  16. Clearance issue
  17. edit
  18. Double post Please delete!
  19. Anyone ever been to NAS Fallon
  20. Anybody use the new GI bill yet?
  21. Word from SoupNazi
  22. Secret Clearence
  23. Fleet Forces matches in Pendelton
  24. Shocking injustice in the military - LONG
  25. im so mad at the army!!
  26. California newly enlisted aviation Sailors/Marines in aviation MOS's
  27. Personally Owned Weapons on Post?
  28. Anyone gone through OCS?
  29. Shipping to Basic
  30. Anyone with NG Aviation?
  31. Schofield Barracks
  32. Being a Veteran
  33. Visalia Tulare area Marines, Young Marines Unit to start up
  34. Free pheasant hunting opportunity for military
  35. silver and bronze star question
  36. Interest in Mil. USPSA type matches?
  37. Basic training attrition rates.
  38. NOT work/kid safe (LONG shot)
  39. This rocks.
  40. Remains of Long-Missing WWII Airman Given to Family in California
  41. Question for combat veterans or those still serving about NV...
  42. Afghanistan so im here
  43. Marines needed this sunday!!!
  44. Happy Birthday Fellow Marines
  45. USMC boots
  46. Anyone with experience in the Nurse Corps?
  47. Fort Hood shooting
  48. No more stabilization?
  49. Military movies...
  52. Whos Mission is Space
  53. lol... So I had to get casevac'd today...
  54. Anyone USAF security forces or Navy master at arms?
  55. Anyone have any experience with Rangers or SF?
  56. Let's say thanks to our Troops
  57. OCS questions...
  58. IRR Reactivation
  59. Thanksgiving
  60. "We are doing this to you because we can..."
  61. *UPDATE*Kicked out of Marine Corps Bootcamp
  62. Hiring an " 11b p....."
  63. ANY W/O's around here?
  64. Ways to help our service members in battle.
  65. Anyone regret not going into the service?
  66. Got some questions on joining the navy
  67. Anyone recently go through Ranger school?
  68. Crusader Patches
  69. Tattoo keeps man out of U.S. Air Force basic tra
  70. Opinions on Army or Air Force Commission Officer
  71. Real quick question
  72. Anyone with 129th RQW?
  73. prior service personel look here
  74. Military Related Books
  75. Pearl Harbor Day
  76. Hospital corpsman...any one else out there?
  77. OCC 203- Anyone on Calguns going?
  78. What socks for Marine Corps OCS
  79. Free NRA Membership for Active-duty Armed Services Personnel
  80. anybody stationed in honolulu HI?
  81. Need a good rackbuilding website for ribbon rack
  82. Identify this structure
  83. Hi, Uh...I got in trouble for carrying ammunition
  84. Message boards / chat rooms for active duty military?
  85. Blades for Soldiers Giveaway
  86. ResQ-Paks
  87. Dealer for Military/Law Enforcement
  88. Anybody been an NBC NCO or been to NBC school?
  89. Full Metal Star Wars
  90. Re: the capture of Ahmed Hashim Abed
  91. Sea Stories
  92. Drop with it!
  93. Wishing All You Serving A Merry Christmas
  94. what boots do you wear?
  95. 2010 BAH rates...dropped?
  96. 2010 Navy matches at pendleton
  97. Military Signature: How to?
  98. pay changes 2010
  99. H.R. 3752
  100. Wife want to join military
  101. Oakley Military and Governmant Sales
  102. Highly Motivated...
  103. USAF Experiences/Advice
  104. snip
  105. No H1N1= discharge???
  106. advice
  107. Reclass to 21B?
  108. Pt Scores?
  109. Retro Stop Loss Pay?
  110. gone.
  111. Ah the dreaded "Dear John"
  112. My plan
  113. **** CID!!!
  114. question, Having a debate with a buddy.
  115. disability evaluation
  116. camp pendlelton gun range
  117. National Guard questions.
  118. Military VA home loans help
  119. For those who were stop lossed
  120. Any Marines in the 61 field?
  121. ASVAB studying.
  122. Wanting to go back......
  123. mypay/dfas
  124. A good Marine was laid to rest today...
  125. TSP (Thrift savings Plan)
  126. CG checkin in
  127. Tatoo regulations.
  128. U.S Army MP Questions.
  129. Care Packages for Cousin Deploying to Afghanistan
  130. Can anyone in the 160th Hit me up?
  131. opps. please delete
  132. army and marine packs
  133. Some opinions please.
  134. Are there any Marine officers in here?
  135. Afghanistan su(ks
  136. Tips for Brewing Coffee Overseas (Afghanistan)
  137. Anyone from C/1-126th GSAB (ARNG) or 129th RQW (ANG) here?
  138. Portable Armored Wall Systems
  139. Cali flag pic
  140. Perceptions
  141. camp pendelton Gun shop
  142. Mags for Deploying Son
  144. Marines pistol
  145. We missed A Date of Rememberance
  146. College
  147. National Call to Service Initiative
  148. A few ?'s about warrant officer program
  149. IAVA event in SF March 3rd
  150. Marine uniforms - knee/elbow pad inserts?
  151. Smith and Wesson mil program Dead. Military forum.
  152. New Cav Scout with some questions
  153. MRE go bad after opening?
  154. Medals/ribbons Picture in sig.
  155. USFF Rifle and Pistol Champonships - 23-30 APRIL CAMP PENDLETON
  156. Active Duty purchasing long gun in California
  157. when good idea fairies attack
  158. Same story, different war...USMC in Afghanistan
  159. I hate the Army sleep system
  160. Any 37F's or 38B's here?
  161. Need MA and MP input....
  162. Service Confirmation
  163. Iraq Campaign Medal campaign stars
  164. JAG interview - Need help/suggestions
  165. What's the critiria for honorable discharge in USMC??
  166. Best place to get *93* code calling cards???
  167. TAD Gear? Any experience with this company?
  168. CA Military members, Do you register?
  169. The Greatest Generation!
  170. I miss it!
  171. Camp Spann, Afganistan questions
  172. SFC Modesto Cartagena---RIP
  173. Our troops to march in May Day parade?
  174. Two fallen Marines
  175. Springfield Armory discount?
  176. R.I.P Private Kyle Simpson US ARMY
  177. ranger ad #2
  178. Saying thanks to our troops
  179. Aircraft down: VAW-121
  180. Meredith from "Millionaire" loves a man in Uniform
  181. Fallen Marine's family requests your attendence to show support along funeral route
  182. The Show the Pacific and no credit to the ARMY
  183. I missed being in the SERVICE.
  184. Kindle in Afghanistan????
  185. 2 possibilities, only 1 choice...
  186. What the H*LL
  188. Going Army, a little help please.
  189. vfw bars (bay area)
  190. Board knowledge
  191. If you are ACTIVE DUTY here is a website for you...
  192. Custom Paint on issued weapons
  193. Fundraiser for our wounded vets
  194. Ranger Up shirts
  195. Laser eye surgery and the military?
  196. Military Channel Mission Demolition
  197. I'm doing a PPM (or DITY, do it your self) move and have a question
  198. Nonresident registration of vehicle
  199. Humor. Military Rank Structure (for the uninformed)
  200. More Humor- The Differential Theory of US Armed Forces (Snake Model)
  201. Thinking about the USMC
  202. xxx
  203. Those of you who made it through WOFT.
  204. 12 years down... 8+ to go
  205. Don't ask don't tell
  206. Recommend a 123 volt battery for deployed son
  207. Anyone on Ft Bragg?
  208. attn: calguns army recruiters & and any other recruiters.
  209. An Iraqi vet's toughest assignment yet? Finding a job
  210. post 9/11 GI Bill?
  211. Rifle Marksmanship Clinic in San Diego County
  212. Tactical Gear Stores in SoCal?
  213. Aspiring Marines are being denied enlistment into the Marine Corps because of confede
  214. Ask a deployed soldier anything
  215. I'm going to enlist, any Army 31B's (MP's)[or 11B/19D] out there that have opinions?
  216. **Attn: Wounded/Disabled Vets and all Vets job hunting In San Diego Area
  217. How many Bubbleheads onboard?
  218. Anybody ever apply for this??
  219. Any Air Force Reservists out there?
  220. Any info?? national guard
  221. Okay, tell me if this is true or not..
  222. Whats the Navy Like?
  223. For those of you that are thinking Army OCS
  224. So what is open for these scores..
  225. A look Back, Our Women of the Service
  226. Free Knott’s admission for military this weekend
  227. Cammies and Training Question
  228. Infantry question...
  229. Memorial Day Greeting 2010
  230. While visiting the American cemetary in Normandy....
  231. Would like to Thank those that keep us safe.
  232. Welcome Home!!!
  233. Let us remember this day.
  234. reserves
  235. Any Pilots Here?
  236. WHat kind of watches do you guys wear?
  237. ,,,,
  238. GI wins in SC...for the lulz!
  239. This is it.
  240. Army guy to answer questions
  241. Q for recruiters about waivers.
  242. national guard
  243. Rough Day
  244. Active Sailors, new firearms NAVADMIN out!
  245. Career Question
  246. Question about Marine MOS
  247. Need some help on Class A uniforms from the 60s-70s
  248. Is it alright to feel shame?
  249. Military Jokes on Junior Soldiers
  250. Noncombatant Uniformed Services