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  2. Welcoming the New Forum!
  3. Well, I'll be dam-diggity-ammed.
  4. HD handgun suggestions for my wife
  5. Wednesday night is Ladies night at Bullseye Range
  6. gun slings
  7. NRA Women's Wilderness Escape
  8. What guns do you have?
  9. What got you interested in firearms to begin with?
  10. The Wife, Burro Canyon, and an M4-Gery...
  11. Good way to build upper body strength for women?
  12. Recommend an OWB and IWB holster for my wife
  13. Hurrah!
  14. Women's Self-Defense Course in Oakland
  15. What is your favorite hand gun?
  16. Do you carry any weapons for self-defense?
  17. Ladies self defense course in Norco Socal
  18. My wife's anniversary gift
  19. Girls And Guns
  20. Any ladies joining this Sunday for the shoot meet?
  21. Breast Cancer Awareness AR-15
  22. My Willow Springs BLM Adventure
  23. Guys and Guns
  24. Where do you shoot most often?
  25. Compliments at the local shooting range
  26. For further reading ...
  27. Guns marketed at females
  28. Convincing the Wife?
  29. HELP, I Need a pink firearm!
  30. Suggestions On Target Loads?
  31. Rifle Clinic: Ladies & youth DISCOUNT!
  32. Female Frendly FFL in San Jose Area
  33. Pay shipping, get a Calguns cap
  34. We have another Ladies Self Defense course 24-25Jan09 at FTA
  35. O/U Shotgun?
  36. Gun as gift
  37. I just want to introduce myself
  38. Revolver or Semi for my mother?
  39. S&W 4inch 686 Grip Question (for mom)
  40. Want to be a (web) TV star?
  41. Heart of a Military Woman: get your story told
  42. Trying to help the lady pick out a gun
  43. Pink Grips?
  44. Is there a Bay Area defense class for ladies??
  45. Free Make-up
  46. Inquiring Minds Want to Know
  47. Is a First Date to the Firing Range not a good idea?
  48. For Angie
  49. What I want for Valentines Day...
  50. PURCHASED a pistol! update re: ? for Annie. others feel free to chime in also.
  51. Ladies Sound Off! Calguns Gun Show Booth - Would You Go?
  52. Barneys Warehouse Sale
  53. Calguns apparel for women
  54. CGN "Adopt-a-Highway" UOC "Armed Ladies Clean Up" Teams!
  55. Best holster for ccw a G27.......
  56. delete
  57. A Saturday evening range event in San Jose?
  58. Black caps have arrived
  59. Those of the female persuasion... let's go shooting!
  60. She Likes a big Boom. (Effects of different calibers)
  61. delete
  62. My wifes new Walther p22
  63. CGN at the Del Mar Gun show
  64. I'm new to Calguns.net!! Hello!!
  65. Help me pick a HD gun for my wife.
  66. Girls and Guns Documentary
  67. Need female support for AB357.
  68. Navy SEALS shirt
  69. shooting while pregnant
  71. Men piss me the eff off sometimes
  72. ATTN: ladies of help with mothers day gift
  73. Shamless plug: Ladies Self defense in SoCal
  74. Need help locating female shooter to speak at meeting in San Jose
  75. Need a lady's perspective
  76. Happy mothers Day
  77. Just finished a rifle for my GF
  78. S&W ladysmith pistols and revolvers
  79. I HATE getting stood up!
  80. Need some input here...
  81. Paxton Quigley
  82. HELP! Boyfriend's Birthday...
  83. Female Friendly Gun Stores
  84. Ladies With Guns
  85. Plug here for BOW - Becoming an Outdoor Woman
  86. New Lady in the Bunch
  87. Cleaning guns. A Woman's point of view.
  88. youth or compact shotgun for girlfriend
  89. Took my sister shooting for the first time!
  90. First time with a semi-auto
  91. Pregnant and shooting question
  92. Best range in the bay area to take classes for birthday party.
  93. I'm glad there are ladies into guns. It's tough to tell a girl you shoot sometimes.
  94. T-shirts for Lady Calgunners (Pics)
  95. "Beware Domestic T" T-Shirt for the women of CalGuns Available!
  96. first time gun owner Looking for a new gun
  97. Need Female Opinions Please
  98. Good for gifting?
  99. A girl and her car & gun
  100. San Jose 10th St. range "Second Saturday" event
  101. S&W 642- anyone?
  102. Shoot like a girl, San Diego!
  103. A Hello from north-central California
  104. A possible project....is it worthwhile?
  105. T-shirt evals?
  106. PLEASE READ Elk Grove FNRA 2nd annual dinner
  107. Calguns Town Hall - Burro Canyon (shoot-n-que) 8/29/09 (follow the link)
  108. Need Advice on a 9mm
  109. Steel Madness
  110. Is there a "woman card"?
  112. new here, connecting in San Diego/Inland Empire
  113. Just a newbie saying hi!
  114. Lytle Creek Shoot-N-Q - Saturday, September 26th
  115. Need Thoughts On Buying a Gun
  116. Need help finding my mom a pistol
  117. "Tip Sheet" for how to properly get women into shooting.
  118. Shooting Jacket for women
  119. Finally found the one I want
  120. OC Chapter - Calling all OC Calgunners
  121. Final Week to Register - Single Friends of NRA
  122. good training course for my wife
  123. Sandra Froman Speaking Thursday in Orinda
  124. Accessorizing...
  125. TEACH ME
  126. please help get a good girl into shooting!
  127. Girls Girls Girls
  128. Women of Calguns Calendar: call for photos and female calgunners
  129. Need input, am I off base?
  130. Would you be interested in a Shoot + Extra
  131. First time CALGUNNER
  132. For Angie (and her studded semi)
  133. Full Guide: How to convert any DVD and videos to iPod Touch/Classic/Nano
  134. Ladies learning shooting 11/22/09
  135. Pics of my little girl's first rifle
  136. Women-only firearms training in Manteca
  137. New Here
  138. Dec 19th TAC Concepts Shoot and Range Shoot
  139. BAD HAND
  140. So it's no big secret... women have a weird stance while shooting...
  141. Lady Avatars
  142. My new Toy!!!!
  143. Trying to get a womens pistol 1 class going
  144. Wife wants a handgun
  145. Embarassing, but I'd like to know...
  146. Zombie Hunter Academy Today!
  147. Flashlight as a gift for women?
  148. This is what I call women's lib! ;)
  150. As a female, do you find when you go to the range...
  151. question
  152. Second Amendment Sisters? Armed and Female? Liberty Belles? WAGC?
  153. Wet behind the ears!
  154. Ccw
  155. Carrying a Gun and a Baby
  156. Central valley area
  157. Need advice on a pistol class for my wife
  158. Lady Calgunners
  159. High heels
  160. Free Pistol I&II Class for Women this Saturday - Manteca Sportsmen
  161. Reload safety
  162. Wife and her CCW inquiry
  163. Rifle marksmanship and heritage weekend
  164. Concealed Holsters for Women
  165. What programs would you consider for your Daughters?
  166. From Luby's to the Legislature
  167. IDPA and USPSA
  168. Looking for a .40 automatic to fit my wife's small hands
  169. My little girl officially has a new name!
  170. March 20th Shooot n Q - Basic/Intermediate Pistol & Rifle Courses
  171. My new shooting partner....soon
  172. Lady Calgunners!!! I need your input!
  173. Need help ladies, non gun related
  174. Can you guys help me out? *dating*
  175. Realization hit about people who are anti-gun
  176. New to CalGuns
  177. You Go Girls! (video link inside)
  178. Bad news....re San Jose Second Saturday event.
  179. Request for suggestions on making my wife's range trips better
  180. Just saying hello.
  181. greetings!
  182. 2nd Amendment Sisters in SD,training
  183. Scentsy stuff
  184. 9mm semi-auto for small hands
  185. saying hello...
  186. Advice from Girls for Girls Interested Law Enforcement
  187. Ladies Vote: Most Handsome Men
  188. Any interest in PINK Hammerheads?
  189. Ladies Only Open Carry Day: April 17th in Fremont
  190. What do ladies think of manscaping?
  191. Interest in guns/shooting
  192. Need opinion on a Wifey Gun
  193. Anyone Else Here The Bigger Gun Nut Than The Guy?
  194. Friday, April 9, 6:30pm 9pm: Shooting from Disadvantaged Positions
  195. San Jose Second Saturday event tomorrow
  196. Wanted: shooting buddy
  197. Hey So Cal ladies! pullnshoot25 needs your help!
  198. SCT / Woman Only Handgun Course
  199. Embroidered Slings?
  200. Tactical Advantage Concepts Calendar
  201. Anyone know a good stun gun?
  202. lost my boyfriend to calguns
  203. Happy Mothers Day
  204. Showing appreciation
  205. Free camo hat, you pay shipping
  206. So my Wife just made my week!
  207. Ladies, what size shirt are you?
  208. Somebody Help! My Flowers are Dying!!!
  209. Babes with Bullets in SLO
  210. Females and Reloading
  211. Mom uses firearm to defend against dog...
  212. I finally decided on a new rifle,
  213. Did this turn the girl off?
  214. Ow! My Nails!
  215. Women and the range
  216. Am I an insensitive bastard?
  217. Calendar?
  218. Delete
  219. **Delete**
  220. Lady Calgunners Your Assistance Please
  221. Buying my first handgun!
  222. Need help
  223. WOO HOO!!! My AR is done!!! Pink camo ftw!!!
  224. Handgun for mature woman?
  225. Ladies, before you buy your first handgun...
  226. Training with men
  227. "Team Estrogen" showed the Boys how it's done!
  228. Cool Ft. Worth Texas Range ??
  229. Good movie, "the other end of the line"
  230. Can you spare a picture... or two?
  231. Lady's self-defense/handgun class in bay area
  232. Maneva Gill - Vallejo Female Air Rifle Champion
  233. Need help finding nice handgun for sister.
  234. Gun Poetry
  235. Hey Ladies
  236. best slimline PINK earmuffs?
  237. Nesting
  238. Ladies help requested
  239. All women shooting class for my wife.
  240. A great purse...
  241. Edge Weapon / Self defense course
  242. Woman on Target Instructional Shooting Clinics
  243. Second Saturday event in San Jose
  244. Lookout her she comes!
  245. ...
  246. Driving
  247. Hello, new here :)
  248. Advice from ladies on situation
  249. STI Elektra
  250. Wife's First Trip to the Range