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  1. Woooooooooooo - Ruger 10/22
  2. 80% 10/22 Build Party in N. SF bay.
  3. Introducing my "Anti" wife to pistols, suggestions on single stack, easy to shoot...
  4. Eyes & Ears for the GF
  5. Donna Lowe AssemblyWomen Candidate Hosting a Fundraising Shoot @ Burro Canyon
  6. Cal Expo Gun Show this weekend??
  7. Shoe on the other foot
  8. First time Lady Pistol Shooter
  9. Dilemma - Roommate leaves door unlocked
  10. Google's nod to International Women's Day
  11. HSC is now in hands
  12. Paladin Professional Training's Women's Pistol Clinic, Sac Valley, April 15
  13. Tactical vest for women?
  14. Women On Target Event After Action Report
  15. Why do you go to the range? FEMALE REPLIES ONLY.
  16. How long does ammo keep for?
  17. RIP Rusty cat
  18. Vallejo Gun Show this weekend??
  19. Just stopped by...
  20. Turlock, CA Salvation Army Charity Shoot
  21. GF likes 1911 but..
  22. I got 100% on my handgun test!
  23. CCW Monterey Bay
  24. G19 or G26 for new lady shooter?
  25. She Safari camo clothing
  26. First Gun is on the Way!!!
  27. welcome to Beaker650
  28. Mother's Day Special
  29. CCW Interview On Thursday :)
  30. New G19, Want to Make it Pretty
  31. Looking for a class for my GF and mother.
  32. 50 Years: Priceless [tuesday LOL!]
  33. Pet Food Recall Info
  34. and yet another pet food recall 5/8/2012
  35. Lil question for the ladies on kids and new baby
  36. Brought my baby home...
  37. First Time at the Range
  38. Happy Mother's Day
  39. My wife is darn accurate
  40. New Here, First Range Trip, Kimber 1911s
  41. Hammer down?
  42. 5/18/2012 more Diamond pet foods recalled!
  43. Groupon discount/El Cajon pistol training
  44. dog safety at the beach
  45. 2oz pepper spray holder
  46. What ammo used?
  47. Taking a class
  48. Dealing with a Gun-Unfriendly Spouse
  49. Your reason
  50. Does the grip safety bother you?
  51. Hooray!
  52. Hooray!
  53. Flashbang / Marilyn holsters
  54. Any East Bay ladies want to go shooting?
  55. Suze Orman's 5 tips on what women must know about money
  56. Need the ladies to help!
  57. Free speaker on Domestic Violence
  58. Well Dressed Walmart shopper
  59. SF Pride parade, June 24
  60. Thinking of getting a gun...
  61. Monterey Bay Shooting/Edu
  62. Shotgun with less recoil for my wife
  63. Transitioning my wife to center-fire?
  64. Another Range Trip
  65. Do 40yo+ women really want/expect to start families at that age?
  66. Handgun for my 55 y/o mom
  67. Wearing a dress? Holster?
  68. New Here
  69. an ambitious project
  70. Inherited Gun
  71. Advice please ladies
  72. Shotgun Skeet Clinic: Ladies Welcome Here
  73. planning my 4th date to the shooting range.
  74. Real Life Use of a Defensive Knife
  75. Calguns So. Cal Skeet Clinic
  76. wife is 10 days out on her first gun.. she bought a block.. i mean glock
  77. Rebeccaguns.com
  78. Women against guns :(
  79. Women's Forum
  80. The Ladies Forum
  81. Time to treat myself
  82. Have you ever met up with a Calgunner you didn't know?
  83. groupon for firearms training SFBay
  84. Saw this today and it infuriated me.
  85. Women Against Guns Part Deux
  86. Looking to employ a female firearms instructor.
  87. brief and funny moment
  88. Should the lady's forum be locked to women only
  89. So here we are, talking about our favorite subject
  90. Appleseed Ladies only shoot!
  91. Would like some quick advice on bringing ladies to the range
  92. Billboard Advertisement
  93. Why Are Women Better Shots?
  94. Question Before Purchasing 1st Pistol
  95. Sportsman Channel- Guns & Ammo TV: Caliber and firearm choices for women 9/10
  96. Going to do the Nacho walk...well modified Nacho walk...
  97. treated myself
  98. and i did it again
  99. Bodyguard 380
  100. Ladies, did training and turned in targets yestererday...
  101. Looking for a bug-out revolver
  102. Women only Rifle Class Sept 22-23
  103. Share your recipes!
  104. My New Baby!!!!
  105. Almost Carjacked - by MrsKitty
  106. So, I was at the range today
  107. NRA Life Members !
  108. My gf, her mom and I have a conversation about men buying women guns...
  109. Women-What grips do you all prefer?
  110. What Women Want
  111. Update on jamming 1911
  112. new Ladies Category
  113. For my sister in law.
  114. Question for women who shoot AR-15's
  115. Tools for Better Shooting
  116. If you could
  117. Savannah Shotgun?
  118. Links for ladies to good products...
  119. Need training advice from women, for women
  120. Just saying hi
  121. What the heck is a C3? or, the spirit of volunteerism
  122. Tactical Zombie Shoot UPDATED - Nov 3rd - brought to you by CGSSA
  123. What is "CALGUNS Community Chapters (C3)"
  124. How to go from using one eye to both?
  125. Ladies, I think I handled this badly....
  126. Ladies, would you look down on a man who...
  127. Assaults on women in parking lots
  128. New use for crystal Tidy Cat
  129. rape as a tool of war
  130. NorCal Women !
  131. I am an evil mother and I claim it freely(updated The Eagle has Landed)
  133. Thank God for her father
  134. Newbie
  135. Why its important to teach about guns not hide them
  136. Female Jurors giving Longest Sentences?
  137. Need advice from Lady Smith owners
  138. Handgun for my wife
  139. There is an AR in da house!!
  140. Sacramento C3 Monthly Shoot
  141. What did we do before YouTube?
  142. How to convince my mom that guns aren't scary
  143. What "Non-Gun" Women Think of CCW?
  144. Re-holstering dilemna...
  145. Why I want a license to carry!
  146. The new Beretta 3901
  147. A True Friend
  148. women and shotguns
  149. Bad News, Good News
  150. if you havent heard already we had our home broken into
  151. Open Carry in Oklahoma
  152. Favor to ask of any women shooters in San Diego?
  153. Women's Only Defensive Pistol 101, Sunday January 6th, 2013 Morgan Hill CA
  154. welcome to remay6!
  155. Reasons I hate winter!
  156. Wife out of the blue hits me up about CCW. What guns?
  157. Which 9mm for the Wife?
  158. Women in the SF Bay Area!
  159. Proud of Myself
  160. Range Date
  162. Strange reaction from shooting
  163. I was wrong about PINK
  164. Producers of Duck Dynasty casting female hunters!
  165. Do More Women Support Gun Contol?
  166. Ladies, how do you hide it?
  167. SF Bay Area Training offer
  168. Women Hunters, A Beautiful Sight
  169. What is "the wife" ?
  170. What is the Ideal CalGuns Women's Shirt?
  171. I need a little help for my mom
  172. Looking for a Kydex holster (19110 for my wife
  173. For the Handyman in Your Life
  174. Looking for instruction in Santa Cruz
  175. Body armor question
  176. Merry Christmas to the Women's Forum
  177. Which of you ladies wants to be my guinea pig??
  178. family member recently widowed.
  179. Wife wants a small handgun - advice?
  180. Shooting jackets for women...
  181. Ladies here's ur chance to take action
  182. Ladies only poll, Should you be allowed on the front line?
  183. happy new year!
  184. XD9 for my daughter
  185. New Years Resolutions- Fitness/Transformations?
  186. CALGUNS-SSA-FIRE DRILL: Call and Email Glendale City Council Members BETWEEN 12 and 3
  187. Women in the Sacramento Area (+or- 35 miles)
  188. Pregnant spotter
  189. SD North County meet- Iron Sights, Oceanside 1/30/13
  190. Housewife - problems with proof of residency
  191. Private place for wife to learn (near Fresno)
  192. Resolutions
  193. Ladies Pistol Clinic- LMS Defense
  194. Forward Stance for Women?
  195. Join the Official CALGUNS/CGSSA Email Action List
  197. Join up and get Sassy!!!
  198. Sacramento Gun Show - Need Volunteers for CGN Booth
  199. Home Defence Shotgun
  200. recommend a mace/pepper spray
  201. First gun - advice on ranges/coaches?
  202. Question for moms
  203. How important is it to date someone into guns?
  204. Ambi-ocular
  205. Sacramento C3 National Holiday Shoot - President's Day - Feb 18
  206. SACRAMENTO C3 MONTHLY SHOOT - Saturday, March 2
  207. Sore neck from shooting rifles?
  208. New to guns
  209. The Rising Tide of Gun Ownership is Female
  210. Hi from central CA.
  211. Charter's "Lavender Lady" ??
  212. BLM San Diego
  213. I swear I'm not a pervert...
  214. My key-word free search for a coach for my wife
  215. San Diego Women - Check in here!
  216. Welcome, Mrs BigFatGuy and becciboo!
  217. LOL: never argue with a woman
  218. SD North County meet - Iron Sights 3/6/13
  219. Kathy Jackson (Cornered Cat) has a blog!
  220. Where are my lady shooters???
  221. Ladies Handgun Clinic in SoCal May 12
  222. What is a chronograph?
  223. Biometric gun safe
  224. So it's done, my son is now officially in the Army...Updated...That Brat!
  225. reminder re NRA $300 lifetime membership
  226. SD East County meet - P2K Range 3/28/13
  227. Sacramento / NorCal Women Check in Here
  228. S. San Francisco "Shoot & Meet"
  229. The Sacramento CalGuns Mobile Billboard Project is moving forward.
  230. MomsRising.org - Anti Gun
  231. Bay Area Women - Check in here
  232. Any one else have their ccw?
  233. Handgun suggestions for my wife
  234. Got a letter from the Army boy! Sort of....Update, coming home..
  235. Good holster for a short-waisted woman?
  236. Looking for several NRA Women Instructors
  237. TWO new NorCal CGN Chapters !
  238. Just had a visit from The Reason I Have A Gun - UPDATE
  239. Oh My Sweet Jesus........./
  241. Free PAST recoild shield for women
  242. Another thing guns are good for
  243. Hello from newbie in San Jose
  244. home defense/safety with children underfoot
  245. Guns and Patriarchy.
  246. Tips/guidance for my wife
  247. Women on Target, Sunday May 26, Burro Canyon
  248. Question about a new gun for mom....
  249. APPLESEED FOR WOMEN ONLY in Northern California - May and June
  250. Any ladies out there with their CCW?