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  1. WTB for my wife?
  2. My Girl, My .45
  3. Female self defense ..pepper spray or taser/
  4. Lady in the Gun BIZ --(@
  5. San Jose second Saturday event tomorrow
  6. Pictures from Cherry Creek this past weekend
  7. S&W Lady Smith vs. Charter Arms Pink Lady - Or Any other Revolver for my Wife?
  8. Its just funny!
  9. Ear Muffs for a small child
  10. Ear Muffs for a small child
  11. Calgunners of the Fairer Sex - You're Needed
  12. Nightime
  13. Thought I would share my Girlfriend's B-Day gift
  14. Looking for a pistol for the woman.
  15. Need advice on a 9mm
  16. Training
  17. Upcoming Matches
  18. How long does it take to clean your guns?
  19. Range Trips and helping others
  20. Mother In Law Wants to Come to the Range!!!
  21. Anyone women from Southern California?
  22. Shoot n BBQ Nov 7th
  23. buying the wife a pistol for christmas
  24. I am itching for a new gun
  25. Do any of you ladies reload your own range ammo?
  26. Need a womans opinion on a gun purhcase for my GF
  27. Glass Factory Clean-up
  28. Need Help Finding a Gun for my Wife.
  30. Ladies only training 2011
  31. Combat Focus Shooting
  32. S&W Bodyguard 38
  33. Question for the ladies. Looking for a gun for my gf what do you all like?
  34. CA Ladies Only Appleseed - Nov 27-28, 2010 - West End Gun Club
  35. Drop holster
  36. 2nd Saturday event at 10th Street range
  37. new firearm cleaning product for women?
  38. Training
  39. Girls with Guns
  40. SOUTH BAY: no SJ outreach shoot for December
  41. Gun Store girl new to the ladies forum
  42. New Shotgun
  43. Corona Ladies' Only Shoot - January 29, 2011
  44. BABES with BULLETS ™
  45. Ladies only poll.
  46. Lady shooter poll
  47. Shotgun ammo
  48. IMHO---training for ladies
  49. Hot ladie with her Howa 1500 cal 223
  50. Ladies any1 interested
  51. Taking Les Baer For a Spin
  52. San Jose "Second Saturday outreach" event continues.... : )
  53. Shooting range Happy Halloween with Tannerite
  54. After 3 range trips, and hours shooting my wife finally selected her first handgun
  55. Womens Training in Sac Area??
  56. Training Class for Women in San Diego
  57. The unstoppable Sherri Gallagher
  58. Rock Island 1911
  59. Thanks guys
  60. Tactical Shooting Course this Sunday
  61. Safety First - girls, giggles, and guns - Article in local paper
  62. First 1911 .45
  63. Corona 01/29 Ladies Only Shoot After-Action Report(s)
  64. My new .357!
  65. Women-only firearms training in Manteca calendar
  66. Tulare Ag Fair
  67. Front Site Questionj
  68. 38 or 357?
  69. San Jose "Second Saturday range outreach" event
  70. Yoohoo! Ladies!
  71. Any ladies with Mini-14's or AR's?
  72. The womans gun shirt challenge...
  73. My new Ruger GP100, .357 magnum
  74. Ladies only Training Class in O.C.
  75. Positive Aspect of an Armed Community
  76. Where is NorCalMama?? :(
  77. NRA Pistol Instructor Course in March
  78. Ladies, have you ever fantasized about....
  79. I'm depressed now....
  80. Women only gun training
  81. Ladies, am I missing something here...
  82. Shotgun question WRT female anatomy and my wife
  83. I need help planning my GF's birthday
  84. NRA-sponsored opportunities for females
  85. Help me choose a 9mm !!!
  86. A question for the ladies about my lady
  87. Buying a pistol for a smaller lady?
  88. Looking for a Female Range Buddy - Sacramento
  89. Women FFLs
  90. 3-Gun Shooting
  91. Handgun Training
  92. Yay new gear!
  93. CWC Ladies Only Fun Shoot April 30
  94. Holsters for Women
  95. "awomansworld123" Youtube Channel
  96. Big 5 worst experience ever!
  97. Bay Area Classes
  98. new gun owner
  99. New to Calguns....
  100. Birthday gun for my wife?
  101. Happy Mothers Day Ladies
  102. CBS 5 news on guns and women
  103. I've Been Bad
  104. new gal on the block
  105. Finally!!!
  106. Ladies poll
  107. Sara Dunivin Wins USPSA Single Stack Women’s Title
  108. How to make female comfortable with loaded ccw
  109. Project Appleseed shoot this weekend at West End Gun Club (aka Glen Helen)
  110. New woman here on Calguns :)
  111. No more firearms
  112. Fun times in the desert
  113. Ladies' Molle favorites?
  114. Women of Caliber
  115. Hello. I could use some advice
  116. She wants to learn to shoot. Do's and Dont's?
  117. So have any of the women on here built an AR-15?
  118. How to get more women, esp young single ones, to get CCWs?
  119. Bullseye Humor
  120. Ever had a casing go down your shirt?
  121. Looking for a padded shooting vest for my wife.. found something else
  122. Another new girl on the block!
  123. A New Toy! Ruger Mark III
  124. CSC Ladies' Only Fun Shoot July 30
  125. I'm Supposed To Post This Here, Sayeth the Guys...
  126. Do you clean your own guns?
  127. Review of the Ruger LC9
  128. Ladies, I got shellacked!
  129. New Vanguard Shooting Club starting up soon!
  130. How a man should teach his GF/Wife about firearms.
  131. Makeup Gun
  132. So proud of my wife!
  133. female celebs that hunt
  134. Looking for Shooting Ranges that offer "Ladies Night"
  135. I Will Be Making Potato Salad
  136. New to Calguns!
  137. Hello?
  138. Handgun safety course
  139. Mom used to be afraid of guns...
  140. Smith and Wesson 686 4'' or 6'' barrel?
  141. How many Ladies on Calguns own a Firearm?
  142. India's sharpshooting granny
  143. Good method for conceal carry while running?
  144. thought I'd share...
  145. Holster for my daughter
  146. New Gun
  147. I'm getting that ansty only 2 days left feeling!
  148. Mosin pics
  149. Women on Target - NRA Clinics
  150. I'm slightly offended...
  152. Helped a New Female Shooter at the Range!
  153. countdown for LuluSS
  154. South Bay gun enthusiasts
  156. 9mm
  157. Gun show in Vallejo
  158. Pepper spray/legal carry self-defense
  159. Pepper spray at work???
  160. pregnancy and guns...
  161. Just found this...
  162. Tip to help my wife rack the slide
  163. Hello!
  164. Lush
  165. Not afraid to admit it...
  166. I'm so happy :)
  167. UPDATED! Calguns Sponsored: Constitution Day Shoot Sept 17 and 18 - Ladies Shoot Free
  168. Flashbang Bra Holster
  169. I love my gun!
  170. Ladies I need your help, GF pistol selection
  171. where in the world?!?!?1
  172. Lug Around
  173. Rings on the ring finger
  174. Good range pistol for a small lady
  175. Ladies.... Do you compete???
  176. New Women Friendly Fresno Gun Store
  177. If It Happened to You
  178. I'm so proud of my wife!
  179. Who's already signed?
  180. "Chicks With Guns" Book Article
  181. Proud of my Wife!
  182. Bored at the indoor Range ....
  183. Ladies... Event in Fresno - Fun Day Shoot at the Range
  184. CSC Ladies' Only Fun Shoot
  185. Hey!
  186. Hello!
  187. South Carolina Sheriff says, "Protect yourself!!!"
  188. S&W MP .22
  189. Local Radio Show: Women & Gun Ownership
  190. Rental suggestions
  191. Deadlier than the male? More women are hunters
  192. ---
  193. Help! G26 vs. LC9 Can't decide!
  194. Mace/Pepper Spray. You ladies carrying?
  195. Parallels with OHOD
  196. Female Firearm Friend(s)??? :]
  197. Shooting with my Wife
  198. Xmas present for hubbie hmmmmm
  199. Just some thoughts
  200. First Revolver for my wife....what do you ladies suggest??
  201. Seriously TSA?!
  202. Guys telling the same old stories and jokes
  203. Your Actions Here Fund Meals For Homeless And Hungry Veterans.
  204. I need a woman's advice for a gift.
  205. Anyone watch House last week...?
  206. Central Valley's Newest All Women Gun Club
  207. More Ladies
  208. Help Me Be Cute and Creative for My GF for X-Mas
  209. AR15 buttstock
  210. Please help us out with this photo contest
  211. My funny Holiday story, thought I would share
  212. humor for those of us that don't do Facebook
  213. All Women's Gun Club in Central Valley
  214. First rifle
  215. Selecting a 9mm for my GF...
  216. Product Review: GoGirl
  217. Training & Shooting Clinics List for New Shooters/Women and Yout
  218. Pink/black Sig Sauer Mosquito .22 LR pistol w/ 5 mags
  219. Women’s Only Introduction to Pistol Training - Sac Valley April 22, 2012
  220. 2012 Pistol Schedule Posted
  221. Need your opinion please
  222. humor for today: The Computer
  223. Cow Palace Gun Show this weekend???
  224. Whats a girls favorite way to conceal carry
  225. single woman? have a cat? LOL!
  226. SHOT SHOW
  227. "Debutante Hunters"
  228. Bling
  229. Are there any womens shooting clubs in the El Dorado County or Sacramento Area?
  230. Back to Basics
  231. Ladies In the Outdoors
  232. Where would I find this patch? (pic)
  233. New Bag Option
  234. Ladies, I have a question about men.
  235. Tactically tailored??
  236. Sundance films best short!
  237. for the women who don't make it to OT
  238. Looking for a womens shooters club in Orange County, CA
  239. Madness (Steel) for the ladies!!!!
  240. Ruger 10/22 carbine
  241. Gun Cleaner Preferred by Ladies?
  242. My early Valentine's present!
  243. The God of Cake
  244. Ladies: How do I help my wife overcome her fear of guns?
  245. Pink range bags
  246. Questions for the ladies of the forum...
  247. New Glock 26/ Misfires
  248. Fur Coat With Valentines In Mind
  249. Women On Target - Free Shoot @ Burro Canyon - March 24th
  250. youth stock