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  1. Vegas Ranges?
  2. LA C3 Monthly Shoot 05/25; 7PM @ The Firing Line (Burbank) *Win a Magpul MS3 Sling*
  3. Field time target and try
  4. Field time target and training
  5. Cool Pic of 50 BMG Shot at Burro Canyon Shoot-N-Q 5/19
  6. Meetup OC Gun Club
  7. Desert shoot club 1st meet-----> POSTPONED
  8. NEW Indoor Shooting Range In Beaumont
  9. BLM land with shade
  10. hard ejection
  11. Orovill Clay Pits (OCP), Friday - May 25th.
  12. Just what do I have to do to get a response from Chabot?
  13. Dixon Range Rumor
  14. Semi-auto tactical match 05-27-12 North County San Diego, CA.
  15. IS Manzanita Flat area below Running springs still around?
  16. Tactical Tuesday at Brea OC Indoor Range (05/29/12)
  17. Private Range rental?
  18. LDF PALA 300+ this Saturday!
  19. Range - Grant Park, Ventura
  20. Jacumba closed, where now?
  21. Need some info on Steele Peak..
  22. a place to shoot (Saugus, so. cal) this SUN 5/27
  23. Some Lessons Learned Prepping For CAPRC Match Tomorrow
  24. Parallax Tactical (San Diego)is hosting a steel shoot!!!! June 3rd, 2012!!!
  25. Hodge rd
  26. Wounded Warrior Project Memorial Day Fun Shoot
  27. CAPRC Match at Angeles Yesterday - Proud as Punch
  28. USFS Looking to pull Winchester Canyon Gun Club's Use Permit
  29. shooting on BLM land near Eureka/Arcata?
  30. Zombies????
  31. Garand as issued matches
  32. ****
  33. Confrontation at the range
  34. open shooting ranges/shooting camp sites
  35. Shooting in New Mexico
  36. Are there any ranges near Big Pine Creek?
  37. Tards are the range
  38. wo ho steel at san leandro
  39. Shooting off Hodge Rd and the 15 freeway
  40. Will anyone be at Angeles June 2nd (saturday)
  41. Interest in Griswald hills shoot/potluck? June 8th
  42. certified instructors in my area?
  43. Angeles Range 6-6-12
  44. Where to shoot in Cameron Park/El do county?
  45. san diego shooting range free help please
  46. Zombie Themed 3-gun Competition
  47. Lake Chabot Gun Club
  48. Evans suicide.
  49. Whats with Target masters lately?
  50. Family friendly Ranges near Carlsbad?
  51. Indoor GSSF Match Bakersfield, CA June 10
  52. Norcal Skeet Clinics at Metcalf June 16th
  53. roseville shooting range
  54. Rifle range options in OC
  55. USPSA at Norco
  56. Great Balls Of FIRE!!!!
  57. Done with Jackson Arms and their closing early crap.
  58. Burro Canyon rifle range question
  59. LDF 5th Saturday ALL STEEL MATCH June 30th at PALA!
  60. Outdoor ranges
  61. Anyone heard of Redlands Shooting Park?
  62. Shoot House @ Burro Canyon Shooting Park
  63. Any outdoor ranges near Vacaville?
  64. nice shooting range
  65. Range near or in Hemet??
  66. Centerfire rifle ranges in so cal?
  67. Field Time Target and Training Range
  68. Sledgehammer
  69. PSA: Burro Canyon will be closed this Monday, 6-18-12
  70. Today's clay shooting experience
  71. raahagues
  72. JULY 28th SOCKS for HEROS Fundraiser
  73. JULY 28th SOCKS for HEROS Fundraiser
  74. Where to shoot near Copperopolis?
  75. Private Ranges in Northern Cal?
  76. Chabot 4th of July on July 7th Shoot N Que
  77. Long Range Rifle Match 6-24-12 North County San Diego, CA.
  78. Hodge Road in Barstow off the 15 Fwy
  79. Went to SLOSA, had a blast!
  80. Playing Games with Poker Targets? What to Play?
  81. will be going to williams hill blm this weekend
  82. Shooting in South Lake Tahoe
  83. Went to Carson Sink, NV...
  84. Anybody going to the Reno Gun Show 7/28-7/29?
  85. Nice thing about being retired
  86. Indoor Rifle Ranges in OC/LA
  87. I think I've created a monster
  88. San Diego Blm
  89. 1N09 Range Question
  90. Whats that range off highway 65?
  91. CANCELED: Griswold Hills Range Day
  92. Ah the fun of teaching new people to shoot
  93. 2nd Indoor GSSF Match July 8th in Bakersfield
  94. Shootin' & Grillin'- San Diego Public Land
  95. "Garand Group" Sac Valley tomorrow (6-30)
  96. Went to a Swiss shooting range! (pic heavy)(necrothread lolz)
  97. Guns on Sale at American Shooting Center..San Diego
  98. beware ranges advertising with groupon
  99. Bass Lake range anyone?
  100. Angeles Ranges -- Shooter Capacity?
  101. Capital city gun club
  102. Appleseed in Corona July 14-15
  103. AK party's?
  104. Vehicles drive onto and through HOT range
  105. First trip to Berdoo Canyon
  106. oroville clay pits 4th of july!
  107. Roll call! How many of my calguns brothers were at Cordova today??
  108. Looking to shoot a Saiga/ AK variant 7.62x39mm
  109. Where to shoot in South Lake Tahoe?
  110. Metcalf
  111. Getting shot at - Hodge road July 4th 2012
  112. New indoor range Sacramento area.
  113. 1st and 2nd last night at Laguna Seca
  114. First time at Angeles Ranges... AWESOME
  115. Anybody want to go shooting tomorrow?
  116. THE Official Fresno/Central Valley Meet Up
  117. Jackson arms no longer allows .223
  118. Morgan Hill AK Class. read first..
  119. *Planning Stages*Official Monthly AV(661) Meet,Greet, and Eat
  120. LA gun Club, DAMN!!!
  121. Shooting Range in Whittier Narrows
  122. Was planning on going to Foresthill this morning... any other options?
  123. Spenceville Status
  124. The Awesome Coon Creek Trap and Skeet Range
  125. Shooting areas near and around modesto, ca
  127. SOCAL, Anyone Going to OnTarget?
  128. Redlands Shooting Park
  129. The Gun Range *North Highlands*
  130. Pacific Rod and Gun Club loosing lease?
  131. Outdoor shooting/BLM Land near Murrieta/Temecula
  132. Sat 21 July: NRA Voices of Freedom Dinner: USS Hornet, Alameda, CA
  133. I wish I hadn't seen/heard this...
  134. Let me know a place (as close to the 5 as possible) in kern county
  135. Antelope Valley shooting trip
  136. Los Altos Rod and Gun - Loaded Shotgun Pointed At My Group
  137. Nate Harrison Grade
  138. Sycamore Canyon/ Marron Valley San Diego Closure
  139. Angeles range
  140. Appleseed - Piru and other places
  141. Coach Don Ziegler's Skeet Trainees
  142. Sunday Afternoon Shooting
  143. BLM/Open Shooting Land Closest to the San Fernando Valley
  144. Ontario gun show!
  145. Private Range Shoot at angeles aug 12th (Shooters 1 : Microwave 0) Video by Yugo
  146. Good, safe firing ranges in LA or SF.
  147. Rental Guns
  148. LA C3 Monthly Shoot 07/27; 7PM @ The Firing Line (Burbank)
  149. CalGuns Gun Show Booth ,Costa Mesa,Aug. 18 &19,2012
  150. Plinking in Fort Bragg
  151. 3 x 1000 yard shoot at pendleton sunday august 5
  152. bothered over hi caps at Angeles range
  153. Places to shoot in the Palm Springs area
  154. Going to "A Place to Shoot" in Santa Clarita this weekend (7/29)
  155. SB County Shooting map for Google Earth
  156. Lol someone got mad on BLM
  157. Shooting range that allow steel core ammo
  158. Glendale Gun Show
  159. Dulzura Closed
  161. Fine day at Los Altos Gun Club
  162. Defensive safety at the range
  163. Free place to legally shoot by Fresno
  164. Winchester Gun Club in Santa Barbara - Anyone shoot there?
  165. This Week end
  166. Beaumont indoor shooting range
  167. Hybrid Class - Prado Sept 1-2
  168. BLM shoot/meetup in SD on a weekday next week?
  169. Angeles Shooting Range Incident.
  170. Does anyone know what happened at the HB Firing Line today 8/2?
  171. Candy Rock Quarry
  172. Anyone in San Diego want to carpool to Norco's Steel match Sunday 8/5/12 ?
  173. Need a glock left hand smith for Norco steel 8/5
  174. Imperial Valley shooting
  175. Steel Slappin' Birthday Goodness
  176. Colfax BLM area
  177. First time shooting range
  178. First Time at Lytle Creek Firing Line
  179. Went to the Target Range in Van Nuys for my birthday
  180. USI & Diablo Action Pistol
  181. Wounded Warriors Benefit Silhouette Rifle match at Sac Valley Oct 20
  182. Went shooting out on New Idria
  183. Shoot'n'see too large, RO removes target
  184. Fire in El Dorado Forest
  185. Iron Sights Oceanside
  186. Dulzura BLM land closed for the season
  188. Pacific Rod and Gun Status?
  189. Visiting Moreno Valley this weekend
  190. Advantage in becoming a member of a range?
  191. Chabot Gun Club - SKS rule
  192. Is there a range that allows for dusk/night shooting near Los Angeles?
  193. Calguns.net teams up with LAX Firing Range (10% Discount Ammo & $10 Off Reloads /1K)
  194. American Guns / Gun Smoke Visit
  195. A deer wanders onto the range
  196. We are not alone in our opposition to SB249
  197. Shasta Shooters - This Saturday! And Every Tuesday
  198. Range find: weird looking R-P 30-06 SPRG round.
  199. IronSights, 1830 tonight 8/10
  200. If Angeles is crowded
  201. Where to find San Diego / Pala IDPA results?
  202. Great morning at Angeles Range
  203. Great day at the WV range
  204. Calguns monthly range day at Burro 18Aug
  205. Can't Shoot on Rural Property?
  207. new shooting range
  208. Planning next group shoots
  209. Bass lake shoot
  210. Planning on the Clay Pits tomorrow morning
  211. BLM near Reno
  212. Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Tues night
  213. Where to shoot near OC without being hassled?
  214. Open Shooting areas near Los Angeles
  215. SF/Bay Area nearest open shooting area.
  216. Family Fun Shoot 8/25 ....Full Auto! :)
  217. THE SECOND Official Fresno/Central Valley Meet Up
  218. CRPA Family Fun Shoot this weekend
  219. Watch yer time at P2K
  220. SLOSA Range Question
  221. Fourth Sunday at Metcalf 200yd range
  222. Any ranges in Bakersfield?
  224. Livermore-Pleasanton Rod and Gun Joins Facebook
  225. Muzzle UP or muzzle DOWN?
  226. SOLVED - I needed a favor
  227. Angeles IS the Bees Knees!!
  228. Yolo Sportsman Association NRA/CMP Match 9/8/2012
  229. Frustrated in North SD County! Nowhere to shoot outdoors!?!?!?!
  230. Ladies Trophy Buckle Trap Shoot
  231. CRPA Family Fun Shoot - VICTORY!!
  232. YMCA "Break the Bird Fun Shoot" Sept 29th@Raahauges
  233. first time shooting some distance
  234. where can i shoot
  235. Accident @ Evan's Gunsmithing Shooters World
  236. SKS Range Time (Pics Included)
  237. Converted a border line anti
  238. Shooting Range in NYC
  239. Yolo Sportsmans Range question....
  240. My IDPA match - I went left - my sights went right
  241. USPSA- Los Angeles
  242. SLOSA Tomorrow? (9/20/2012)
  243. Burro Canyon Question
  244. Bay area folks.. Reed's indoor next Weds...
  245. Rimfire matches in San Diego...?
  246. Shooting near Santa Maria
  247. Good place to skeet shoot in the Eastbay?
  248. fieldtimetargetandtraining
  249. BLM-Barstow
  250. Is there anywhere at Panoche or Tumey to get to 500+ yards?