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  1. Looking for somewhere to shoot near Havasu Landing (Chemehuevi Valley)
  3. CWS-KCAL Poker Run 5-23
  4. Places to shoot near San Luis Obispo/Central Coast
  5. Burro Canyon 5/22
  6. Bay Area (Oakland) Ranges Open On Tuesday?
  7. Lytle Creek 5/22/10
  8. Any CG'ers going to LARG tomorrow? Sunday May 22nd
  9. San Francisco Shooting - Bachelor Party
  10. Lytle Creek Range
  11. I've got a private range 5/31 at burro - pics on post 70
  12. Need a place to practice
  13. Chabot 5/23 awesome day!
  14. Tuesday, May 25, 6:30pm 8:30pm: Tactical Pistol Clinic Series II
  15. Son's range day
  16. East Bay Riflemen's group.. dead in the water?
  17. Angeles shooting range
  19. Friday Night Firing Line w/ Soopafly
  20. Shooting in SLO County
  21. South Bay Rod and Gun Club - Rifle Range Report
  22. (bay area) Jackson Arms indoor range compare to Reed's Target Masters
  23. Anybody going to Germany???
  24. ZOMG ! Cabela's? Bass Pro? You need to step up your game!!
  25. I love .22's - had a good day at the range
  26. Tuesday, June 8, 6:30pm 9pm: Tactical Pistol Clinic Series III
  27. Zombie Hunter Academy Shirt
  28. Looking For Outdoor shooting range Near Nor. Cal -San Ramon CA
  29. Calguns Hosting a Statewide "Shoot in yer Kilt Day"
  30. Sad day at YSA (Yolo Sportsman's Association, Woodland)
  31. First time to Angeles - Good or bad to go on the 31st?
  32. Anyone in Riverside/Corona area wanna go shoot right now?
  33. BLM shooting areas
  34. is circle s open on monday(memorial day)
  35. angeles 5/30/10 anyone going?
  36. Shooting stuff in slow mo...
  37. Fire at burro canyon 5/30
  38. I may have found a spot in the Lancaster area.
  39. Memorial Day shooting at Chabot.
  41. Panoche Hills vs. Tumey Hills?
  42. Friday Night Firing Line w/ Soopafly, Part deux
  43. Bee Canyon
  44. CRPA will be at RAAHAGUE's! Come by and say HI!
  45. Is steel madness still on for Sunday 6/6?
  46. San Fran. Friends of NRA dinner: 6pm Wed Jun 9 [atty Chuck Michel attending...]
  47. Ranges around Alhambra?
  48. Lytle Creek Road Closure, June 5,2010
  49. blm or desert around fresno
  50. Livermore Pistol and Rifle Range Thursday Night Shoots
  51. Great morning at USI
  52. Los Angeles South Bay Open Carry Interest
  53. Outdoor Ranges (Orange County)
  54. SSZS Archives
  55. Friendly Warning To Those Who Shoot on BLM Land
  56. HELP!! Where to shoot pellet gun in Corona/Riverside Area!
  57. ATTN: Panoche and tumey shooters
  58. Target Shooting on BLM land in Socal
  59. Get Together At Center Mass?
  60. Can You Target Shoot In Yosemite National Park?
  62. socal motorcycle ride this sunday 6/13 *updated*
  63. Anyone going to Burros Saturday and have a private range?
  64. Inland Fish and Game
  65. LARGC (bay area) tomorrow 1:30PM
  66. Burro Cyn July 3rd SCOTUS/Independence Fruit shoot: Calgunners welcome
  67. Angeles Range on Fire !!!!!!!!
  68. EGSW Indoor Range Orange,CA
  69. Saturday June 11th, Bay Area ranges?
  70. Big inventory at American Shooting Center
  71. LA/OC/IE Steak or BBQ Meet Up, Tonight?
  72. Got busted at Forest Road 1N09 East of Highway 330
  73. Dude, sign me up!
  74. Where to shoot AR/Uzi/etc at in SoCal?
  75. 1N09 Shooting Area in Socal
  76. Williams Hill-BLM location
  77. Help finding an outdoor range!
  78. anyone have space at a burro private range this weekend?
  79. I need a place in San Diego to shoot my AR
  80. Friday Night Firing Line - 6/18/10 edition
  81. Annual post 4th of July Shoot N Que?
  82. Ranges that offer moving targets?
  83. Independence Day 2010 Shoot n' Que
  84. Plinking spot on BLM land off of Hwy 88?
  85. Coyote Point Closed on 6/28
  86. BBM 6/19
  87. want to go shooting?
  88. BLM
  89. Whats with the investigation at Orosco Ridge today?
  90. Orosco Ridge, Ramona closed for shooting incident
  91. Shooters Paradise Incident-Oxnard
  92. Anyone going shooting for "Fathers Day"? (SoCal) Seriously? no one?
  93. Fathers Day @ Chabot, who's going to be there?
  94. (bay area) Reed's Monday after work
  95. Cherry Canyon status?
  96. Sacramento Valley Shooting Center
  97. Tool for policing up your brass
  98. ASR meet 6-27-10 (SoCal)
  99. Friday Night Special at Oak Tree Gun Club
  100. Huntington Beach 4th of July Parade
  101. lake tulloch area for shooting
  102. What do You keep in your range bag? (besides the obvious)
  103. American Shooting Center-San Diego
  104. Ukiah BLM Saturday 06/26/10
  105. OC outdoor target ranges
  106. (Bay area) Reed's after work next Monday 6/28
  107. Angeles Shooting Range This Sat. /26
  108. CSSA Championship
  109. lytle creek
  110. fresno gunshow
  111. Post-Ruling McDonald SoCal Get-together
  112. Resume of Bay Area Plinker
  113. Results with my steel target from another thread
  114. Clark County Shooting Park, NV?
  115. Tables @ Burro Canyon
  116. IFG website suspended
  117. BLM In OC?
  118. Macdonald Microparties in San Diego
  119. Is there a place to shoot near Bodega Bay
  120. Trijicons went Ninja Stealth Mode on me while shooting
  121. SSA 4th of July Steel Shoot-Save $5
  122. What type of bullets at Tumey Hills
  123. Competitive Shooting...Where?? Orange County
  124. Coyote Point
  125. Anyone else know this BLM spot
  126. Lake Pillsbury
  127. Downtown LA Gun Club
  128. Orosco is Closed.......
  129. OC Monthly Meetings Posted In Solano County Group
  130. 1N09 In San Bernadino Mountains
  131. Where to shoot Rifles around Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree/29 Palms
  132. SOCAL Chapter Meeting July (Friendly Reminder - Chapter meetings this weekend)
  133. Shooting in Bishop, CA. Casa Diablo Rd Area
  134. Angeles on the 4th?
  135. LA area Youth air rifle shooting classes/matches?
  136. Circle S 7/11/10
  137. SSA Family Rimfire Match this Sunday Norco
  138. Pachanga Resort and Casino Gun Show - WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!
  139. San Jose second Saturday 'newbie shoot' tomorrow
  140. Lemoore sportsman's club - Fresno Area
  141. Fairfield, CA Shoot
  142. (SF bay area) Long distance .22LR pistol shooter?
  143. where are free/paid gun range for shotgun?
  144. www.youthsafariday.com
  145. Angeles Range 7/18th?
  146. Anyone here shoot prado IDPA
  147. Shooting at Richmond R&G tomorrow - Anyone want to meet up?
  148. delete
  149. san jose Pink Pistol shoot sunday july 18
  150. Las Vegas range locations
  151. a good place to practice for a beginner around sac?
  152. Friday Night Firing Line - 7/23/10
  153. Brokeback Mtn San Diego Long Range Target locations
  154. Bummed out at a local indoor range.
  155. Any ranges in NorCal with large gun rental selection?
  156. Bay Area: 2010 Friends of NRA dinner, USS Hornet (Jul 24, 6pm; in Alameda)
  157. A place to shoot in central CA
  158. Burro? Steel targets/Steel ammo?
  159. Which Range Would This Have Been In or Near the San Fernando Valley?
  160. San Leandro Rifle Range: could use some shooting tips
  161. Lytle creek range
  162. These spots legit BLM spots? SD county (Jacumba update)
  163. Any AR Friendly Ranges in Santa Maria Area?
  164. any good outdoor ranges in socal area????
  165. Frazier park shooting area
  166. San Diego area ranges
  167. Barstow BLM Shoot 7/24
  168. Ferndale riverbar access closed
  169. Going to Angeles tomorrow
  170. Angeles on Sunday 7/25
  171. Tannerite available at SJ Gun Show!
  172. questions about the glass factory...
  173. Steel Madness 8/29/10-Ron's Bday Shoot
  174. New to oc area
  175. just for fun! does anyone get rob while shooting in gun range?
  176. San Joaquin Rifle and Pistol- anything goin' on there?
  177. Major jerk RO...
  178. Burro notes and a question
  179. Angeles Shooting Range
  180. Bonehead ammo move at angeles today
  181. Angeles Gun Range Store
  182. went shooting yesterday
  183. Firing line burbank today?
  184. Range report - GSG-5 SD, Sig P226, USP-9, S&W AR15-22
  185. Rep. Duncan Hunter proposes leg. to reopen MCAS Miramar range for public use
  186. Old Palm Springs LE Range is FILTHY!
  187. sandiego blm spots to shoot at?
  188. Zombie Shoot Video!
  189. When does Panoche reopen?
  190. Good BLM ?
  191. Burros on Thursday
  192. bay area 200yd+ range? (you high power shooter?)
  193. Goint shooting tomorrow near Lytle Creek - SoCal
  194. Oak's 49th Birthday THIS Sunday at Chabot 8/1/2010
  195. Directions to The glass factory?
  196. Anywhere to shoot in Palm Desert?
  197. Orange County ranges
  198. Lytle creek tomorrow 8-1-2010
  199. Good experience at Jackson Arms.
  200. Angeles Tomorrow (8/1)
  201. Heading to Vegas!! Need Range Recommendations!!
  202. Good Day at Steel Madness Sunday
  203. Indoor Rifle Rance in OC?
  204. Anyone been out to the BBM area recently?
  205. San Francisco Skeet / Trap Shoot
  206. Oroville Range Morning Meet and Greet!
  207. San Luis Obispo Hogue Range
  208. Pistol Range Etiquette
  209. Yolo Sportsman Association
  210. Appleseed shoot questions
  211. C3 shoot @ Ontarget on 8/6! brought to you by Ontarget and Dark Paladin
  212. POLL Who here has shot with the SSA & Steel Madness
  213. Roseville FNRA dinner. *NorCal*
  214. Burro Canyon [STRIKE]1st timer. Advice?[/STRIKE] Review
  215. Anybody shooting at Metcalf
  216. Need a place to shoot my new AR in Central Valley
  217. First PPC!
  218. Angeles on 8/7
  219. ,,,,
  220. North County (San Diego) Meet and Shoot. Anyone interested?
  221. PPC match at Chabot 8/8
  222. barstow secret spot
  223. USPSA at Norco
  224. Meet Up @ Stone Brewry Bistro in Escondido - Canceling for Now
  225. directions to Camp far west range near greater Sacramento area
  226. Phoenixm Arizona place to shoot
  227. Anyone up for a private range at Burro Friday August 13th??
  228. M4 stolen at Angeles shooting range
  229. Barstow riding\shooting
  230. West End Gun Club-Lytle Creek
  231. Glendale Gun Show
  232. 2010 Californial State IDPA Championship
  233. 2010 California State IDPA Championship
  234. San Diego - midnight showing of "The Expendables"
  235. Angeles this sat - 8/14
  236. Does anyone shoot .50 BMG at Coalinga?
  237. Steel Core Ammo
  238. Place to shoot in or around Temecula???
  239. CORRECTION to 2010 California State IDPA Championship Posted Yesterday
  240. San Jose second Saturday event.
  241. Burro Canyon which rifle range to reserve?
  242. Glass Factory in Santa Barbara. Still open??
  243. SJ Pink Pistols
  244. XD45 to the range
  245. BLM Shooting Checklist
  246. Did anyone shoot Camp Perry CMP week this year?
  247. Another Death @ Burbank Firing line !!!!!
  248. Shooting spot near Concord/Walnut Creek area
  249. Anyone participate in Appleseed?
  250. Brokeback shoot Location